Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ben Meyecord's Live Music Picks for Saturday, October 31st

Hello Dear Readers,

Happy Halloween! There is a lot going on tonight. Actually there is a mind numbing amount of stuff going on tonight. I am only going to cover the music and just thinking about it makes my mind hurt. Hopefully you have already decided what you are doing. If not, here are some options that involved some PDX tunes in the mix.

Saturday, October 31th

Redeemer Luthernan Church is having a show with Blue Cranes and Claudia Quartet. I love the Blue Cranes and their indie-jazz stylings. They never disappoint, but often go beyond expectations. They are seem to be very stoked about this Claudia Quartet. This is what someone said about the four piece, "The Claudia Quintet's music demonstrates that "Innovative jazz does not have to be harsh, angry, loud, shrill or grating; it can be delicate, witty, ethereal and radiantly lyric, as the Claudia Quintet pointed out..." (Chicago Tribune). Formed by composer/drummer/arranger John Hollenbeck in 1997, this NYC ensemble's sound explores The Edge without alienating the mainstream, proving that genre-defying music can be for everyone. Over the past decade, the group has released four CDs that are critically acclaimed world-wide and whose appeal extends well beyond, as well as including traditional jazz audiences. The group's first album, The Claudia Quintet, was released on the Blueshift CRI record label. The group has since established a long time relationship with the Cuneiform label." Sounds legit. The show is $8-$15 and starts at 7 PM.

The Press Club is having Michael Hurley play. This is not necessarily an exciting show. But it is a good one. Who knows who might join him? I know he has got some great folks in his corner. They are are folkers of the Appalachian type. Good stuff. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

WonderBallroomis having a show with Starfucker, Deelay Ceelay, Nice Nice, and Wampire. This is a killer lineup. The last show Starfucker will play before officially changing their name to PYRAMIDDD. They have some seriously fun energy live and the catchy numbers to back up the energy. Deelay Ceelay is all about the performance. It is essentially two drummers playing to pre-recorded music. Sounds kinda boring right? Well they manage to make i t not boring by doing it to an awesome animation show that synchs up ridiculously well and that they created themselves. Also they usually employ hearty doses of fog not to mention that the pre-recorded music is pretty bomb. Nice Nice is a duo that specializes in making post-everything music via a series of well planned loops. And Wampire makes very chill and groovy lo-fi dance rock. I really like it. It will be very strange to see them in this setting though. I mean I am used to seeing them in very small settings. Wonder Ballroom is relatively huge. This ALL AGES show is $14 and starts at 9 PM.

Disjecta is having a show with Copy, E*Rock, Atole, Guidance Counselor, and DJ Automaton. This is what Disjecta had to say about the event, "Experience the massive and mysterious Disjecta like never before this Halloween. Set design impresario Drew Foster and the Disjecta team have transformed the building into a labyrinth of ghoulish charm. You won't find a more elaborate environment anywhere with Portland's best party bands. We guarantee it will knock your clown nose right off!" This is what I have to say about the event. It's a rad dance party. Some of Portland's finest. The show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.

The Woods is having Baba Yaga Ball with Vagabond Opera. I will be honest and say that I am not that into what Vagabond has to offer, but his sounds kinda interesting. "Halloween in a real mortuary? Vagabond Opera presents a night of haunting music, ritual, art and the sincere honoring of those passed in their second annual Halloween bash! Whether you want to dance, party, pray, or channel your ancestors, this night is for you. The night will feature a stunning interactive altar installation dedicated to honoring the dead, an apothecary and museum of weird objects, a divination table and an ancient fire ritual in honor of Baba Yaga, the Slavic Witch! Part event proceeds will support The HeART of Healing project of the Archimedes Movement, a grassroots effort to spark positive health reform in Oregon and beyond. To learn more visit" The Show is $17 and starts at 10 PM.

Doug Fir is having Best Little Horror House in Portland: this includes Red Fang and The Bugs. This is what they are offering," HORRIFYING HAUNTED HOUSE-STYLE TABLEAUS AND SKITS FROM PORTLANDS FUNNIEST COMEDY TROUPES!
COSTUME (STRIPPING) CONTEST!" I was sold at Red Fang. Those guys make awesome ROCK music. I saw them play at East End a few months a go and left with prune-y hands because of all the sweat.The show is FREE with a costume and $8 otherwise.

Rontoms has a show with Black Elk and Diamond Tuck & The Privates. Rontoms would be an ideal place to see a show this Halloween. I have been in there recently as last night and it is looking good. There are several dead bodies hanging from the ceilings and even more severed body parts. I hear that there will be loads of fog inside tonight as well. Black Elk music pretty much rules it if you like aggressive metal-ish music. Diamond Trucks etc... seem like an interesting pairing, though they still rock albeit in a completely different way. The show is $5 and starts at 11:59 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say "Hi". I will be the one in the snuggie (yeah I'm gonna buy a snuggie and yeah, I am going to wear it in public).


I think I know what Red Fang is going as for Halloween. You can see for yourself tonight at Doug Fir.

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