Saturday, October 31, 2009

FensePost Review "Thom Yorke: The Man can do no wrong"

Thom Yorke: Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses (12" Single Review)
By Fense* at
October 30th 2009

The Man can do no wrong. Capital M: He deserves it. Thom Yorke’s latest project finds him slipping further into experimentation; the avant garde. As if we haven’t seen this coming since 2000’s Kid A, easily one of the most prolific albums of the decade. “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” and b-side “The Hollow Earth” are a play on the hypnotic. Both leave the listener with a true experience. click here to read full review



Ron Trembath said...

Yes, another display of perfection from! I'm so proud!

Goldie Davich said...

He is one of the reason's why I don't bother writing reviews :-)

Jess Gulbranson said...

If this little puff is all that's keeping you from writing reviews, dear Goldie, then it is my duty to waft it away.

  /prəˈlɪfɪk/ [pruh-lif-ik]
1. producing offspring, young, fruit, etc., abundantly; highly fruitful: a prolific pear tree.
2. producing in large quantities or with great frequency; highly productive: a prolific writer.
3. profusely productive or fruitful (often fol. by in or of): a bequest prolific of litigations.
4. characterized by abundant production: a prolific year for tomatoes.
1640–50; < ML prōlificus fertile. See prolicide, -fic

Related forms:
pro⋅lif⋅i⋅ca⋅cy  /prəˈlɪfɪkəsi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [pruh-lif-i-kuh-see] Show IPA , pro⋅li⋅fic⋅i⋅ty  /ˌproʊləˈfɪsɪti/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [proh-luh-fis-i-tee] Show IPA , pro⋅lif⋅ic⋅ness, noun
pro⋅lif⋅i⋅cal⋅ly, adverb

1, 2. teeming, fecund, abundant. See productive.

1. barren.

Don't get me wrong, I love T-Yizzle, and this new stuff sounds great, as if he were some gingery Eric Cartman telling the Greenwoods et al. "Screw you guys, I'm going back to Kid A."

But who is this Fense, and why is he getting adulation for a review that seems to have been produced in between snooze button hits?

leg said...

Agreed, Jess! This review is quite tossed-off, and the misuse of "prolific" stuck out at me right away too.

Plus, he calls Nigel Godrich "Nigel Goldsmith". Weak!

Dr. Something said...
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Dr. Something said...

I initially also agreed with Jess, until I learned that Kid A gave birth to millions of baby albums. Who knew? Apparently Fense!

Jess Gulbranson said...

Merest sophistry, Doctor. Remember that we're supposed to have a higher standard here at Crappie.

And if you're going by sheer number of 'offspring,' "Kid A" is still only the Radiohead clan's fourth most 'prolific.' Even with that they remained hopelessly outmatched by the likes of NSync, Linkin Park, Britney Spears, and (shudder) The Beatles, whose albums released the same year as "Kid A" clocked in a combined 41 Platinums, compared to the 1 Platinum that Thommy boy can claim that year. So it ain't just number.

But for the record, Fense, I knew what you meant. And for the record, bite me.

randy said...

Why would anybody say it that way, you can easily get your point across in a polite and courteous way. Lets all just get a long.
wow gold

Jess Gulbranson said...

In explanation, I'd like to quote the Buddha: "Monks, a statement endowed with five factors is well-spoken, not ill-spoken. It is blameless & unfaulted by knowledgeable people. Which five?
It is spoken at the right time. It is spoken in truth. It is spoken affectionately. It is spoken beneficially. It is spoken with a mind of good-will."

And in summation, I'd like to quote Bo Hopkins: "How'd you like to kiss my sister's black cat's ass?"

Goldie Davich said...

I lika the way Andy maka da blog. I think this blog post is cute! I'd rather repost his blogs then write my own.

Randy - who cares? Music blogs are assholes every one of them needs a wipen now and again.

Goldie Davich said...

Oh yeah Fense is my friend. Ben also knows him and has written for Fensepost :-)

Jess Gulbranson said...

His site is pretty cool, actually.

Dr. Something said...

I like his blog a lot, too, but I think he can do better than this particular review. :)

Goldie Davich said...

did anyone happen to love the video?

Dr. Something said...

Oh, yes it is a very fine video, and it works really well with Thommy's music, which is also very fine.