Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Question of the Week: Island Edition

Many of you are probably familiar with the game Island, wherein one poses a hypothetical question involving being stranded with three people (often people the players know, or sometimes celebrities or fictional characters) on a desert island. Everyone must choose which of the three they would a) send off the island for help, b) talk to but never touch, c) touch but never talk to.

Some of my friends and I created a version of Island involving bands instead of individual people. Say you're stranded on a desert island with three bands, which do you a) send for help, b) get high with/talk to, and c) have a total band love fest with?

So this week's question is Island: Portland Band Edition.

Who would you pick for each of those three scenarios if you were stranded on a desert island with the following three bands:

Red Fang

Loch Lomond

...and because I get a kick out of always throwing giant ensembles into this game (my friends always roll their eyes at me as I inevitably pose something like 'The Cleveland Orchestra' or 'The Mormon Tabernacle Choir' as a choice), the final band is...

March Fourth Marching Band

Also, feel free to use the comments section to pose your own Island band scenarios.


Goldie Davich said...

I would send Loch Lamond far away for help. Get fucked up with Red Fang and sexy time with March Fourth.

Dr. Something said...

Judging from that photo, I bet they could use Ritchie's body as a raft.

Ben Meyercord said...

This is so hard. I guess though it is obvious not to send out Red Fang for help. And, no offense Red Fang, I don't really want to have a love fest with them either.

I guess I would send out March Fourth to retrieve help. My guess is that a circus afloat in the ocean would draw more attention than Loch Lomond. I would totally hang out with Red Fang. It would go like this, "sup guys?. I really dig your tunes. When we get off this desert island, you should totally have my band AristeiA open for you guys." Then I would sexily get down with the Loch Lomond folks.

Jess Gulbranson said...

"Sharks patrol these waters (x2)
Don't let your fingers dangle in the water
And don't you worry about the day-glow orange life preserver
It won't save you (x2)
Swim for the shores just as fast as you're able
Swim like a motherfucker
Fast as that scene shifts to now
The ever glorious now
The ever present now
Dredged in flour and deep-fat-fried
And cooled on paper towels and then devoured
You know I spent 15 years in a life raft
15 years in a life raft
Now I got something to say
Stay in your life boats people (x2)
It's murder out there, murder out there
Sharks patrol these waters
Sharks patrol these waters hey
Don't you worry about the day-glow orange life preserver
It won't save you (x2)
Swim for the shores just as fast as you're able swim..."