Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Sunday, November 1st

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I was all set to go out and party it up. I was trying to decide where to go and what to do and then....BAM. Laziness hot me fast and hard. I managed to make it over to my friend Adam's house with a plan to eventually make it out to a party, but we ended up watching The Mighty Boosh instead, when we did eventually leave the apartment, it was only about ten blocks to the Hawthorne Carts. Then after that sleepiness hit me even harder than the laziness. I fell asleep on my friends couch. I eventually woke up and went home. Halloween Madness! Next, year. I will do it right. Anyways, here is what looks good to me tonight.

Sunday, November 1st

Rontoms is having a show with Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, The Monarques, and Sean Flinn. Sallie Ford had a very distinct voice. A very good and very strong voice. She could probably do many things with her voice. She has chosen to do a retro-pop thing. It works wonderfully. Her band, The Sound Outside, is super good. It consists of a Stand up bass player, drummer and guitarist. They are all very solid and tasteful. While I am sure that they could totally do some crazy stuff, they let all their focus go towards how the song should sound as a whole. So, if that means the guitar player plays a catchy riff repeatedly instead of shredding that is what happens. It sounds so good. The Monarques is the band that Josh formed when the last incarnation of Oh Captain My Captain split earlier this year. It is dare I say an experiment in Power Pop. The experiment being how many cliches can be put in a song with out it actually sounding bad. They manage quite successfully to stay on the good side of the line that lies between good and bad. There are big choruses, two female back up singers, dramatic key changes near the end of songs etc... All and all it is a lot of fun. Sean Flinn is an amazing songwriter, he has kinda been in the shadow of all the people he has played guitar for. He currently plays for Y La Bamba (hey, I play in that band), Nick Jaina, and Jolie Holland. Many people don't know that he does his own thing as well. He used to front a band called Invisible Rockets (I totally missed that band before it disbanded). Anyway I have had the pleasure of singing back up vocals in his group along with fellow Y La Bamba member Luz Elena. I think it sounds really good. The songs themselves are always carefully arranged and have very interesting chord progressions and rhythms. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Sam Cooper, Alameda, and Adrienne Hatkin (of Autopilot is for Lovers). I know all of these people and they are all great musicians. Sam Copper has probably been at one time or another been connected to any Portland band you can name. Though I believe that currently he has widdled it down to just Horsefeathers and this his solo project. The man can play any stringed instrument with prodigy like skill. Though for his solo shows he relies heavily on the guitar. Last time I saw him play he played a tiny guitar like thing whose name I cannot remember despite the fact that he talked about it a good five minutes before playing the song he used it on. It was one of the only times I think I heard a audience member shout out "Less talk more rock" and somewhat agreeing. But despite Sam's often awkward stage ramblings, I find his songs to be sometimes humorous sometimes sad, but always endearing. Alameda is a new group that was put together by former Strangers Die Every Day member Stirling Myles (currently of Autopilot is for Lovers). I have not seen them yet but I ran into Alameda/Autopilot is for Lover's violinist, Emily Nelson, and she said that it was going to be good. I really liked Strangers strings with post rock rhythm section (electric bass and drums). I am hoping this is maybe along those lines. I know that Autopilot has been mentioned several times already, but its main singer and songwriter, Adrian Hatkins will be playing tonight as well. She has a love it or hate it voice that has a lot of vibrato. I am on the love it side of things. She unlike many many many (myself included) song writers, she does most of her performing either on accordion or piano. Also since she all of the other people have played with Autopilot at one time or another, I am wondering how solo her performance will be. Whatever the case, I believe it will be good. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at the Rontoms show, please say "Hi". I think I will wear black tonight. So look for the guy on stage who is singing and has a beard, cause that would be me.


Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside plays tonight at Rontoms for FREE.

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