Friday, May 30, 2008

[Real Talk] Fuck Journalists

I guess it's fashionable for journalists to tell the truth right now. Weird. As a blogger it is my civic and MORAL OBLIGATION to keep it real in times of war. So to jump all over this "McClellan Tell-All Exposes Media's Propaganda Problem" this is my official response:

Journalistic integrity?

Really? Fuck off..

Fuck you Scott McClellan.

Fuck you in your fucking face.

And just for good measure:
Fuck you Anderson Coooper and ALL OF THE VANDERBILTS!!!

PS -- to make this post music related:

I went to two shows last night. My friend Janna Blue's friend Ava who incidentally, has hosted a radio show, Severe Exposure, on KPSU (portland's college radio, 1450am/ for five years, was DJing at Ground Kontrol (it was free game night and Janna and I rocked the Simpsons pinball for a good 20 games) and it was the bomb. And then we went to Holocene and I tranced out for an hour... I have no idea who the DJ's were... but it was fun.

PPPS -- if you believe in signing online petitions this one might help with the whole "try to regulate the industrial war complex propaganda machine also known as the media" thing:

CNN's Jessica Yellin revealed that news executives at MSNBC actively pushed her not to do hard-hitting pieces on the administration during the run up to the war in Iraq:


Fall of Snow books some Show?

So some of you may know of my friend Stephanie aka Fall of Snow. You know that she uses lots of pedals and looping and such to create music. What you may not know is that she knows how to set stuff up. I ain't talking about cables and shit either. I mean she can set up a show in no time. She just emailed me some shows that are going down next week that she booked for her touring friend Otem Rellik (Fort Collins, CO) in almost zero time.

  • The first is on Monday, June 2nd, and is an almost all local all awesome line up of Cars and Trains, Otem Rellik (Fort Collins, CO) Alexis Gideon and Colin Jones. If you know any of these names then you are probably freaking out. Cars and Trains makes some awesome electronic and acoustic based music. Sounding equally influenced by glitchy electronic stuff and lo-fi indie-folk, Tom Filepp creates some very very fresh tunes. Alexis Gideon has a very unique and entertaining take on hip hop which now includes a full blown video show that he made himself (claymation for life!). Colin Jones has a very progressive lyrical take on electro-hip-hop. In a very anticon vien of hip-hop is the very impressive Otem Rellik. Seriously check his myspace. You will not regret it. It all goes down at the East End for FREE. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • The other show is at The Red and Black Cafe on Thursday June 5th. This one features Two Ton Sloth, Letdown, and of course Otem Rellik. Two Ton Sloth make really awesome weird hip-hop kinda like Clouddead. Let down makes really awesome music that is mostly instrumental and builds layer upon layer until it is almost too gorgeous. And I have already talked about Otem Rellik in the previous paragraph (as but as a brief summary he is awesome). The doors here are at 7PM.
Seriously, these are kick ass shows. So much so that I made a special post aside from my usual posts so that you can keep them in mind.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for May 29th to June 1st

Hello Dear Readers,

So, here I have compiled a list of shows that I either really want to see or am curious about or look like it would be fun. This is the second half of the week and so there will be more shows. You may have some tough choices. Or maybe you don't want to go out at all. Perhaps you just want to go out and see the new Indiana Jones flick. Well I got news for you, they play movies during the daytime. There is no need to miss a show unless you are a complete wuss (it should be noted that I am often a complete wuss and that this statement is mostly directed at myself). So here are the shows I have picked for the end of the week.

Thursday, May 29th

Portland is a town of many music genres. One of its staples however is good ol' indie-pop. Tonight we find two shows that celebrate this very inclusive and vague genre.
  • Berbati's Pan will be host to Three "The" bands. I know I know I know, "The" bands were supposed to die out like eight years ago. Take for example: The Joggers are now just Joggers. These bands did not get the memo. And I love them for it. The Morals, The Rainy States and The Maybe Happening will all bring their distinct take on pop music (in an "indie" way of course). I personally am really fond of The Morals. The songs are well written and sung so passionately that it is hard to not enjoy yourself. The cover for this show is $6. The music is set to start at 9:30.
  • The other indie-pop show is going down at Dunes. Deer or the Doe, Vanishing Kids, and New Century School Book will all be playing sets. I have not seen any of these bands but on one occasion was very close to seeing New Century School Book when they played at Backspace with Strangers Die Everyday at Ground Kontrol a while back. I met the drummer Steve. He was a very nice guy. Nice enough that I later went to their myspace and was pleasantly surprised by the little pop tunes that I heard. The show is $5. The doors are at 8PM.

Friday, May 30th

This is where it gets fun. There is a lot going on Friday night. But this is what looks good to me.
  • There is a Music in the Schools benefit concert being held at The Crystal Ballroom. This one features Blue Scholars (Seattle), Yacht, The Shaky Hands, Onlyone and Illmaculate (both of Sandpeople), Gray Matters, Typhoon, states of Mind, and Cool Nutz. That is a lot of local talent. The tickets range in price from $12 to $20. This may seem like some serious cash until you remember that there is a lot of local talent playing the show and that it is for a good cause. Plus this ALL AGES show starts early , so there is a possibility of doing things afterwards or during if you don't want to see all of the groups. How early you ask, 7 PM.
  • The most fun show looks like it is happening at Rererato. The description of the show from their myspace page. "On Friday May 30th, the newly re-opened Rererato Art-space will play host to a multimedia performance featuring the off-kilter music, collaborative stage props, storytelling and thespianism of local Portland bands Les Flaneurs, Dr. Something and the Poppin' Fresh Love Engines and Spirit Duplicator. Nathan Clark of Les Flaneurs, Jacob Anderson of Spirit Duplicator and Alison Dennis of Dr. Something and the Poppin' Fresh Love Engines have collaborated on a performance that features on-stage sculptures and manipulatable sets made primarily from scrap materials and found objects and stage lighting provided via the creative manipulation of every-day house-hold lamps and LEDs. In addition to musical performances, the event will feature dramatic scenes that portray the tale of a mad scientist confronted by her minions about her antisocial behavior and her subsequent experiences seeking therapy from a perhaps equally twisted Skinnerian behaviorist and an eccentric candy vendor with dreams of rock super-stardom. The Show will also feature quiz show interludes inspired by "You Bet Your Life" and hosted by the charismatic Paul Silveria in between scenes and requiring audience participation." Sounds awesome right. This ALL AGES event is only $4. The doors are at 7 PM.
  • Also going on in the space that used to be loveland which used to be Meow Meow, which is currently Branx and Rotture (downstairs and upstairs respectabley), The Future Arts Festival is taking place. I am not sure what this is about, but it includes Atole, DJ Girlfriends, DJ Jack, Chromatics, Mute Era (Minneapolis), Fleshtone, DJ Copy, DJ Rad, and DJ Jay Jack. So be ready to dance your ass right off. Even if you have a really big ass, I am telling you that you will shake until it is non existent. There is a $8 cover. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Kelly' Olympian is having a Rock show on Friday. The Ax is one of Portland's most RAWK duos that I am aware of. I saw them play at Someday Lounge back in January and was really impressed with all the rock that they brought to the table. Wow and Flutter, who seem to have been around for ever, are also playing. The show is probably $5 and starts at 10 PM.

Saturday, May 31st

Theses are the shows I am interested in attending. Will I make it to any of them? Only time will tell.
  • Seems like there is always a benefit. Which of course is great but it also makes it seem easier to skip them. Because it seems that if you miss you opportunity to do good this week, you will have two or three opportunities the following week. Whatever, you should go to all of them. is having one with The Slants, Sandpeople, and Paul of School of Rock. This benefit is for Ethos which is a a cool place that involves kids in music at an early age as a positive influence on their upbringing (or something like that). I caught Sandpeople at PDX Pop Now! last year and it was just really really really good (if you like hip hop, which I do). This ALL AGES show costs $10. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • Someday Lounge is having an evening of crazy-ass music (I think). I will be honest, I am only familiar with band in the line up. Caroliner Rainbow Bluembiegh Treason Of The Abyss, Honed Bastion, Daniel Mencle, and Evolutionary Jass Band are playing. I don't know about you, but I think I could always go for a little Evolutionary Jass (I will give you one guess as to which band I am familiar with).
  • Okay, continuing with my honesty kick. I will say that sometimes I list shows just based on the names of the bands playing. So a heads up to all bands, get a good band name and you might get written up by yours truly. Such is the case with the two bands that are playing at Chaos Cafe this Saturday. Where The Sidewalk Ends and The Feather Walls are both set to play that night. The first band is named after one of my childhood favs. The other band just sounds like something that I would want to listen to. I really hope that they are good (don't let me down guys or girls). All I know is that this show is ALL AGES and FREE. The doors are at 8 PM.

Sunday, June 1st

Holy Moly is it the first of the month already. Time seems to be going by so fast. Your youth is so fleeting. It seems that the only thing you can do is go to a show, right? That will keep you young, yes? Either way I found one for you.
  • Actually the one show I am interested in is an in-store at Music Millennium. Day of Lions will play songs off their new album, Come Down From the Mountain. Gina Gestaldi, the main songwriter of Day of Lions, writes very pleasant female led indie-pop songs. You can pick up the album while you are there if you are so inclined.

So that is the rest of the week for you guys. I look forward to other shows too. If you see me at any of these feel free to approach me and say hi.

Have a great weekend,


The Morals play it cool here. They play it live on Thursday at Berbati's

Monday, May 26, 2008

oh holy fuck! and no I haven't been drinking... well, okay, yeah, I have... but my point stands...

We just saw Dusty Santamaria at East End.


No, seriously. They're fucking AMAZING. And yes I admit I've been drinking, but not enough to be diverted from the Primary Directive: search for a band that hits the trifecta:

(a) I like them
(b) my husband likes them
(c) the crowd likes them

Usually we get at best ONE of three, but in this case... slam dunk! or is it hat trick? Shit, I'm SO not qualified for sports metaphors.

This band makes me want to pepper my sentences with expletives, as in "slam fucking dunk!" and "rock and goddammed fucking roll!"

I went because my guitarist works with two of the guys in the band, it was their first show (!!!!!) and I was sent to find out what the venue was like and if they were any good. So yeah. Venue's fine. Actually, its better than last time I was there (I think it was the Rabbit Hole then, maybe?).

But The band? Holy fuck! I was blown away! This is what rock n' roll is supposed to be.

Husband and I drove home discussing how best to describe them. Surf punk? 50s nuevo-rock? The Mermen covering INXS? Soundtrack to the bastard love child of Jarmusch and Tarentino? Husband said "modern version of The Modern Lovers" which admittedly I had to look up online.

The only link I could find for them was this one from myspace, and awesome as it is, it does not do their live show justice.

Seriously, just go see them.

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks For May 26th to May 28th

Dear Readers, now you might have noticed that I didn't post the weekend part of my music picks. I know I said I was going to but I didn't. I apologize. I also know that you probably were fine with out my picks. There is even a slight possibility that you did not notice. If that is the case, I would like to apologize to myself for pointing out my flaws. Any ways I am back and trying to get on track with the music picks:

Monday, May 26th

There are many good shows to choose from today. I have narrowed it down to the three shows I that make me wish there was only one show.
  • The Crown Room is having David Evan play with his full band. If you have not heard them play then I understand why you aren't freaking out. I know that a lot of people don't really like Monday's. Well, this show is a good reason to reconsider. Chica Y Los Gatos will also be playing. I looked her up and she comes where I come from. Neat. This show is FREE. The music starts at 8:30 PM.
  • Chaos Cafe will be having Down South Sallie perform tonight too. Sure she is great recorded but in all honesty, she must be seen live. It is quite a trip to see such a strong voice come from such a little body. She seems to have mastered her ability of channeling the place where blues, country, and jazz meet. The Ocean Floor whom I haven't seen, but I have heard and liked is also playing. This show is Also FREE. Plus it is ALL AGES.
  • The Towne Lounge also has a show worth checking out if you are in that area (this for you NW Portlanders). Alak Alas Alaska (CA) will be playing with Blue Cranes, and Afternoon Brother (CA). I mainly reccommend this for Blue Cranes. They make jazz that can be appreciated by Jazz cats and indie-rock cats alike. The show is $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.

Tuesday, May 27th

I got a couple of noteworthy shows to list for Tuesday.

  • First off we have the monthly Pix Patisserie Guitar Pix which features the adorable songs of Super XX Man. As with last month, Ali Wesley will open the show. The music starts at 8 PM and is absolutely FREE. The pastries are not free, but are very good.
  • Pela (Brooklyn), fresh from their performance at Sasquatch, will be playing at Doug Fir. The reason I list this is because suoer awesome locals, despite what their name might imply, We're From Japan! are opening the show. Good god I love that band. You should check it out. Highly reccomended. The show is $8 in advance and $10 at the show. The music starts at 9 PM.

Wednesday 28th

I have narrowed my picks to two choices for Wednesday night as well.

  • Holocene is having a half local show featuring Agent Ribbons (Sacremento), Autopilot is for Lovers, C.O.C.O. (Olympia), and The Ascetic Junkies. I have yet to see Autopilot, but I like the music that I have heard. I hear that Agent Ribbons are kinda of a Vauvillian female duo (this sentence probably seals the deal either for the show or against the show depending on your tastes). At $5 you aren't gambling too much. So check it out. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The Towne Lounge is having Problems?, Honey Taker, and 40 Hundred Thousand Locked Up Guns play as part of the Pop Tomorrow! series. This series is awesome because it allows you to see good music that you may not be familiar with for FREE. The music starts at 9:30 PM.

So thats what I have up until Wednesday. I hope you enjoy. And I promise promise promise that I will try to have the rest

of my show picks up by Wednesday. If you see me at any of these shows come up and say Hi.

Have a good week,


Down South Sallie Plays at Chaos Cafe on Monday.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thunderstorms, power outages, and Matt Blodgett

It's a nice 3-day weekend to be out and around - never a dull moment with the weather around here, is it?

I spent Saturday night's thunderstorm at The Candy Store on 103rd and NE Halsey watching my friend's band, Gradience, play their monthly open-mic. I've been to this bar a lot - Gradience pretty much hosts the open mic, which is good because I don't think anyone else has ever shown up - and I love it for all of its perfectly divey video-poker-and-plastic-ashtray beauty. The big screen TV seems to always show ancient episodes of Funniest Home Videos or Cops. The clientele has a friendly last-call feel, chain-smoking in pink stretch pants and Joe Camel t-shirts. I sometimes wonder if I've stumbled into the Crab Shack from My Name Is Earl. The thunderstorm knocked the power out during the show, but it came back on before the video poker junkies started screaming.

The Candy Store don't seem to have a website but if you're in way-out NE Portland, drop in to sightsee and meet the nicest bartender ever.

Tonight was the Rosedrop Media Circus at 9 Muses. Usually there are at most 10 people downstairs and a handful more watching online in SecondLife, but tonight the place was bizarrely full and for some reason there was a huge dessert spread, I worried for a few minutes that I'd accidentally crashed a wedding.

Perhaps they were all there to see Matt Blodgett. Probably, since the guy sitting behind me was singing along and knew all the words. Matt was pretty good, and from the interview portion of the podcast seems to be an interesting person. For my tastes I'd prefer to hear him with a full band, but I have to admit I did appreciate his unplugged guy-with-a-guitar stuff.

Oh, and... During Matt's first song, someone in SecondLife seemed to be dancing with a sheep stuck to his cock.

Takes all kinds to party online, I suppose.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Fish Little Pond Meltdown

Dear imaginary friend,

Do you ever listen to Massive Attack's Mezzanine and freak out about how bad Portland indie music is?

I just did. I'm going to McDonald's to clear my mind.

Ste. Goldie

photo credit: Ste. Goldie

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rosedrop Media Circus

Hello, Loyal fans and readers of CIM-TB.

I'm Jinxie and it's been pointed out to me - quite vehemently, bless her heart - that I need to get off my ever-widening ass and post a fucking blog.

So here I am. Actually, I am literally here - at Gabriel's birthday Incubator show, drinking my gin & tonic, listening to a very lovely girl onstage with a guitar and a voice (I missed her name because I was distracted by having my slackerness pointed out to me) and writing this blog.

Here's a show that I don't think has been mentioned yet on CIMTB.

It's called the Rosedrop Media Circus, and it's one of those newfangled "podcasts" that all the kids are on about lately. The RDMC has been going on for a few years now at various locations around town (and, for a dark sad time, in Beaverton **shudder**). Currently, they are recording every Sunday night at the 9 Muses Acoustic Tavern on SE Belmont.

The host is Dan Linn (Does the surname sound familiar? He's got a sister in local government and another in local music. Yeah. It's a Portland show.) Dan's played out for longer than I can remember (which isn't saying much) and with very little prompting has blurry bleary stories to tell about playing with the likes of Lew Jones.

While the RDMC does tend to end up slogging around in the folky-hippy genre a great deal of the time, they've also had hip-hop, noise, grunge, jazz, and just-plain-rock.

Another aspect - and at times, complication - of the podcast recording is that it's also broadcast live in SecondLife. Now, I don't pretend to understand (or care much) about the whole SL universe - frankly, the first time I wandered through it I asked "so how many lives do I have and when do I get a gun?" - but I understand that those who are into it are REALLY into it. And, bless his heart, Dan delivers.

Past shows are available on their website - eventually... The turnaround time has a bit of a lag, as this is a labor of love for Dan and what little free time he has after a day job and playing live most nights. There's no vetting or audition; if you want to play on the podcast just contact Dan through the site.

Here are some of my favorite past shows (most text copied from RDMC site):

  • Trick Sensei's trick is the ambient interplay of dreamy guitar effects and throbbing rhythm. A hot summer night in a Portland hipster bar with only somewhat subdued passion. This is 'lose yourself' music, it builds and washes over.
    RMC #146 and RMC #147
  • Lew Jones comes back for our last music show recorded at our beloved Rose & Raindrop Pub. Lew is simply a songwriting giant who has quietly amassed a huge catelogue of widely varied and gorgeously lyrical work.
    RMC #118 and RMC #119
  • Rexella is a noise music band brought to the Circus by one of it's members Evan Hart who shows us this wildly experimental and creative eddy in music. Skirting dance music rhythms and flying in the face of pop, just listen.
    RMC #110 and RMC #111

  • See Emily Pray (no longer together) brought their darkness to the Circus with live unplugged versions and recordings from their demo. Discordgrrl finally convinced the band to come and they took us to a scary place. Love this band or it will hurt you!
    RMC #104 and RMC #105

  • David Lamkins is a long time RMC audience member who brings a beautiful custom guitar and cool recordings featuring 'Rat Boy' a song written about a sociopathic co-worker. This was a fun evening.
    RMC #102 and RMC #103

  • Sneakathon is the voice of the future. This is post-modern craziness no-holds-barred. This trio rocks hard, is insensitive to inhibition and are psychedelic, grungy, lyrically intense, and silly. DJ Shirley, Jess and Eric, DAMN!
    RMC #094 and RMC #095

  • Sandpeople is a NW hiphop crew with 10 different rappers. Almost all are featured here as the MCs rap live to clean and inventive tracks. Out of all the Sandpeople projects, tonight features IME and Debaser along with tracks from the Sandpeople compilation album.
    Part 1 and Part 2

  • Wolfpakk featuring Cache and Illizm bring the Circus our first hiphop. Our guests perform live over tracks, and discuss hiphop culture and history, their roots, influences and North"WET" music industry realities. Part 1 and Part 2

  • Cicada Omega defies categorization. Trance blues, primitive drum circle, jazz abandon, and soul shout, all exist in this refreshingly original and joyful mix. Found objects, practical art, and brilliant improvisation are just starting points. Like nothing we have ever heard. Part 1 and Part 2

  • Steve Kerin had a masters degree in classical piano when he discovered a collection of transcriptions of Dr. John classic piano solos. He is a true student of the style, and the playing is complex and dense. His voice has the required gruff quality for his New Orleans style piano songs. There are other treasures in the show. We are honored to present this recent transplant from the Louisiana to Portland. You will want to see him live.

    Part 1 and Part 2

The show officially starts recording at 7pm, which means it actually starts around 8pm. 9 Muses can get a little smokey, but it has a full bar and you can order take-out from the restaurant across the street. If you're a SecondLifer, I believe the live streaming broadcast is at someplace called Pannie's - though it's totally up to you to figure out where the hell THAT is!

(there! i posted! now I don't owe you a drink! nyah!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ben Meyercords live music picks for May 19th to May 21st

Hello Dear Readers,

I have been gone for what seems like forever. Forever and ever. I no longer have a mustache. I got a tan, I swam with a dolphin. I am changed. I got back in town but super busy for the last two days. So, I am going to give you a heads up of what's going down the first part of the week. Just a taste/tease really. Anyways, Check out what's happening.

Monday, May 19th

Heres what I am interested in:

  • Chaos Cafe is having a show featuring Down South Sallie. There are probably others playing but they are not listed. Down South Sallie is the sort of person you have to see to beleive. Cause if you listen to her recordings your are like, "yeah, this is really good". But when you see this little white girl belt out these tunes you're all, "WTF. Is this for real?". And it is for real.I highly reccomend it of you like that place where blues, jazz, and country meet. This ALL AGES show is FREE. I believe it starts at 8 PM.

  • Mississippi Studios is having LA's "neo-folk/ vagabond-pop group, Willoghby, play a set. I know, not local. But Graves, one of Portland's only really awesome soft'n'breezy pop bands, is opening. Greg Olin, the leader of Graves, knows how to write a good pop song. He also has gathered togeher quite a good band . Definitley worth checking out. The show is $7 or $8. The music starts at 8 PM.

  • Valentine's is having a show too. It will probably be good. Aan, Tunnels, and Merce Cunningham Duo are all playing and while I have not seen any of these bands, I am still recomending it because I really really like what I have heard of Aan on their myspace. Feel free to click on their link or any of the other links to see if you like it too. This show is Effin' FREE. The show starts at 9 PM.

Tuesday, May 20

Tuesday is voting day. Did you vote?

  • Speaking of which, Mississippi Studios is having a Democratic Primary Watch Party. The thing is basically a big hangout/ BBYOF (bring your own food) BBQ thing. Which will also have live updates on the Primary Race. It will feature the music of Jack Straw and Sarah King and more starting at 8 PM. The FREE event is set to last from 5 PM. until 10 PM.

  • Gabriel Darling, the sometime CIMTB contributor, is having a B-day Soiree at Someday Lounge! Basically it is The Incubator, which she normally hosts with the addition of celebrating her birth. I will definitely be stopping by to play some songs as Meyercord. Who knows who else will be performing. Or what they will be performing for that matter. It is an open stage after all. This is a FREE event. Things get underway at 9 PM.

  • Valentine's is having a show featuring one of my faves, Carcrashlander along with some bands I don't know: Sea Caves, and Themes (Minnesota). This bad boy is FREE. The thing starts at 9 PM.

  • Or if you are in North or NE, you might just want to check out who ever decides to play the Zilla Sake Open mic hosted by Y La Bamba. It usually has several stand out performances. This FREE event happens every Tuesday at 8 PM.

Wedndesday, May 21st

Wednesday is easy:

  • Mississippi Pizza is having Kristin Diable (Brooklyn) play. I don't know who that is but, Annie Bethancourt is playing. She has one of those "I can't believe that a real person in front of me is singing like that" good voices. And the last time I saw her she had written some very good songs. I will be there. The show starts at 9 PM.

So that is what I have for you until Wednesday. Hopefully I will have the rest of the week for you up on the site by tomorrow.

If you see me at any of these shows come up and say Hi.


Gabriel Darling Turns Older this Tuesday at the Someday Lounge. Or does She?
photo by Gabriel Darling

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Don't Believe The Hype

sally forth vampire weekend

Perhaps this a tired subject to some in the PDX music community, but I just felt I should chip in my double lincolns anyway.

Every year since their inception there has been lots of back and forth banter regarding the WWeeks "Best New Band" Poll as well as the selection of bands for the PDX-POP comp or the PDX-POP festival. As frequent readers of this blog know all too well.

Admittedly there's not much to add to this conversation that hasn't been said already, yet here I go regardless....

Perhaps I'm in a unique position as I am seemingly entrenched as a so-called "insider" as someone who has been involved in PDX-POP as a fan/volunteer since it's inception and have voted for my favorite new bands in the WWeek poll since it's impetus as well. And yet my very inclusion into this perceived "in-crowd" derives from the fact that when I moved to Portland from St. Paul, MN in 2001 I felt so isolated and disillusioned and disgusted by the local music scene that I went batshit crazy maxing out thousands of dollars in credit card debt in order to prove my point that my friends' bands were worthy of anything more than a one shot thursday @ the tonic lounge. And thus the label Lucky Madison was born. I'm not hating on the tonic lounge either, I've seen some amazing stuff there and made some great life-long connections to bands/soundpeople/friends/etc there. I'm just saying.

I don't know how many people remember newly minted post-millennium 503, but there was no local cut, no PDX-POP and virtually no local music coverage anywhere beyond a little local music zine called Music Liberation Project that had some printed copies scattered around record stores around town. (Remember 'zines and record stores? They were kind of like video rental stores pre-netflix.)

Anyway, the first CD I ever put out was a band who lived right across the street from me on SE 37th & Madison. Recent graduates of Oberlin, The Roulettes. So, it being pretty much the only game in town I submitted a CD to the MLP, who gave it 0 out of 5 stars and trashed it in such a vindictive way that in retrospect I can only attribute to jealousy. No need to reprint the mindless vitriol but a "letter to the editor" response can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the link here.

Shortly after, in "promotion" for a show @ Kelly's Olympian the WWeek called the Roulettes something equally offensive to me. I remember "man-hating" something something and I just lost it. I e-mailed the then music editor, Mark Baumgarten with a pissed-off rant and thought that would be it. Yet to my surprise he actually met with me at my house and drank coffee with me and explained how as a newly hired editor he was constantly trying to change the WWeek's focus towards championing local music. And to this day he is one of my heroes for succeeding.

Shortly after my next-door neighbor, a quirky looking kid named Kevin introduced me to his college friend Sam who worked together @ the now defunct Blackbird venue (Kevin as a cook and Sam as the soundman) and the rest is history. Oddly enough, my initial idea/motto for Lucky Madison was "Deconstructing the Art/Commerce Paradigm" due in part to my imagining one of them as the art devil on one shoulder with the commerce angel on the other. They also both started the PRA out of Sam's house in NE along with tech expertise from my boy Gus Elg.

Anyway, I've learned that if you don't like what other people are doing in this music scene or anything else, you can only benefit by creating your own thing. I work a day job 4 nights a week where most of my co-workers don't take local music seriously unless it's thrash metal/grindcore and that has taught me a lot. As much as I sometimes despise listening to it, I am equally in awe and respect for their passion towards it. Much as some of my indie-rock loving friends are perplexed by my hip-hop/nba basketball obsessions.

Anyway, long story short (too late) I could go on forever on this topic, but let's just say I admire people like Ste. Goldie for creating this awesome venue that I would never otherwise be able to ramble on in such detail. And I also immensely respect people like Casey Jarman @ WWeek/Local Cut as well as Cary Clarke and everyone else @ PDX-POP. As well as my boy Bill Brenght, who on Local Cut said, "It’s so political. Gross. I don’t understand why people care who Blah Blah Blah at Lucky Madison and Blooh Blooh Blooh at Marriage are listening to. ‘fuck outta here with this."

Speaking as Blah Blah Blah (thank god I wasn't Blooh Blooh Blooh!) I feel you dude.
Maybe I should do what my boy Mark B. did and try to befriend you and hear you out. What are your favorite local bands? Or anyone else?

All Ages Shows Saturday May 17th, 2008

School of Rockers Leah, Alan Singley, Sam, Taylor and Jules @ Barack The Vote* May 15th, 2008
Photo credit: Ste. Goldie of CIMTB

Here are two all ages shows I want to tell you about:

1. School of Rock Presents Woodstock @ Berbati's doors @ 6pm / $10 / 213 SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR

2. Old timey psychedelic Vancouver, WA rockers The Shivas rock The Grind Coffee Shop with classic rock inspired Vancouver music players Habertang. The Grind is a cozy coffee hang out in downtown Vancouver, WA. 611 W 11th Ave across the street from the Clark County courthouseShow starts at 7pm tonight!

*Barack the Vote was typical Portland non rock fair. There will be no rocking of the vote until someone actually Baracks the Vote with some FUN bands... remember when Portland used to be fun? I don't.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All Ages Show Tonight: Local Faves Barack The Vote!

Junk Face
Alan Singley & Pants Machine
Andy Combs & The Moth
All Ages / $5
Doors 8pm
Berbati's Pan
231 SW Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 248-4579

Check out what Sean Gothman's Post about Baracking da votes...

Monday, May 12, 2008

$30,000 to hear John McCain speak today in PDX...

The Oregonian...

When Republican Sen. John McCain is in Portland campaigning Monday, he'll hold quite a complex fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel out at the airport. If you're willing to fork over $1,000 you can go to a reception.

But for $33,100 you can attend a "victory dinner" with the presumptive Republican nominee/[...]"


It's a little disconcerting that there are Oregonians who would pay for that "honor". To them, this Victory Dinner means victory over YOU and ideals real Oregonians share, ideals like clean air and water, a woman's right to choose, affordable healthcare for all, civil rights for all, economic justice, and ending the war in Iraq and bringing those young men and women home. These people paying this outrageous amount, Victory to them means retaining the status quo of the policies of the Bush Administration. As always, they have money to burn, and don't care whose lungs the smoke ends up.

This is no time for Oregonians to lay back and allow cynicism over the past eight years to cause apathy and inaction.

You may be cynical over the Washington powers that be. To tell you the truth, I am too. But I see in Senator Barack Obama as a leader to bring people together and change the way Washington works. Just viewing the response to his campaign over the past six months and the outpouring of response to his message points to this.

I am just one person; I am speaking for myself. I cannot tell you what to do with one of most prized possession, your vote. But read up on Senator McCain's positions. Read up on his positions that, as Oregonians, will affect you.

And then read up on Senator Obama on
barackobama. com.

And if you want to hear more, you can come to a show this Thursday at Berbati's Pan, the first in what hopefully will be a series of Barack The Vote shows in PDX this summer and fall. You only have to donate $5 to get in and it's all ages.

Thanks, man.

-=-sean gothman


Friday, May 9, 2008

Tender Loving Empire : Something Rad In NW Portland!

A week or two ago, I got a message from the myspace of something called Tender Loving Empire. They said they'd heard that I wrote for Crappy Indie Music : The Blog and wanted to tell me about themselves. (I thought, Gee, these guys must think I'm WAY cooler than I actually am.) but I decided to take them up on it and Thursday morning before work, I ventured up to NW 18th and Lovejoy not knowing what to expect. What I got was pretty cool.
I found the store, talked to Brianne (who passed on Jared's regrets that he was busy with other stuff and couldn't participate, although I met him briefly on the way out) and tape recorded an interview. Unfortunately, it turns out that my tape recorder is a giant piece of crap, and every five or six seconds, there was a little zzt noise and three to eight seconds were missing. Fortunately, I have a decently good memory, so what follows is a long, and fairly accurate in meaning if not in exactness, (I hope) representation of our talk, I hope you find it educational, if random and disorganized. (THANKS BRIANNE FOR CORRECTIONS.) PS if anyone knows links to bands & things I haven't linked to , please comment and tell me.
*If you don't want to read the whole thing, read this - their one-year birthday party is Sunday, May 11th, at Berbati's, doors at 7, music at 8, 7 great local bands, all ages until midnight, $5. *

AD : when you guys (tle) first contacted me, I was under the impression that TLE was a comic book store, and now that I walk in here, I see that you're a lot more than that. Tell me about how you came to be.

B: we basically started as a record label to have an excuse to put out Jared's work, we just got the idea to continue it and really try our hands at running this storefront, kind of expand things.

al : so how long have you been in Portland?

B: We moved here about two and a half years ago, and that's when we started the label, then we've had this storefront here for about a year – it was actually last June when we started, but we're celebrating early.

AD : Tell me about this birthday bash you guys are throwing

b: Well, it's at Berbati's, it's on Sunday night, so there's not a whole lot competing with it, it's all ages until midnight, five dollars at the door, there's seven bands playing, Jared's group, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, and Super XX Man, who we're kind of celebrating his upcoming album release; there'll be a giant pinata guy that we're making, birthday hats and balloons and cake, doors open at 7 and the show starts at 8, the first fifty people through the door get a free copy of our comp that's coming out, friends and friends of friends it's called. So it should be really fun.

AD : How did (TLE) make the transition from being a small record label\press type thing to this storefront? How was that process?

B: That's a good question. I really don't know – it just kind of happened. I guess we'd been talking about doing something like this – Jared and I, we've been married about four years – and the whole time we've had this dream, and there's bigger versions of the dream and smaller, more realistic versions – we narrowed it down to something we could really maybe do, and it was this storefront, kind of a jumping off point. Neither of us had any business experience, neither of us had really worked in retail, but a lot of people have really helped us out, and we're just learning as we go I guess.

AD : So you've told me that Jared does music, that's his thing – what's your 'thing', if there is one?

B: I started out in the craft-y world years back, like years back I used to make purses and things like that, but mass producing them came to be a bit much, even though I still have a lot of respect and love for this kind of work and we have a lot of stuff from local crafts people in this store. I guess right now the store is my thing. Running the store. I play in a band, it's all girl, pretty cool, but it's not really my project, I just play keyboards a bit. It's a nice balance.

AD : What all do you guys have at the store?

B: I told you about the record label, and we have 5 cds out and are having some more pretty soon – then the small press with some comic books and short story books and that sort of thing – and we have a little bit of a t-shirt screenprinting thing going on – mostly just shirts for the things we put out – and we have a lot of stuff on consignment, we have 90 consigners, crafts and jewelry and books and we're starting up a local music section -

AD : Yeah, I saw that shelf back there

B: It's great that we live in a town where we can say “Hey, you're in a band, bring in your stuff” and we don't get a bunch of shitty stuff (laughs) there's a lot of good music happening here.

(little bit of ruined tape)

So that's the store, and we have first Thursday events, every first Thursday – especially now that it's nice – we open the garage door and have live music, and it's always free – and the birthday party – that's exciting. And we also do some custom screenprinting – it's like, how do we make ourselves the most crazy possible. (laughs)

AD : So what made you guys pick this location for your store? Was it just the most convenient, or did you like this area the best, or....

B: Well, we wanted to be on the west side. It just feels like there's so much already there on the east side, and so many people who have been doing stuff sort of like this for so long and have a real niche there – and there's still kids who live on the west side and want this sort of thing. And we like living downtown and all that.

AD: Yeah, I would definitely make it out here more often if I knew this kind of thing was out here.

B: And I get that all the time – 'We never come over here but I heard about your store and..' There's nothing else like this over here – the Pottery Barn and expensive restaurants, things like that – not that there's not a demand for that, but people get excited when they come through the door and see what's in here. And the ActivSpace building has been really good for us – it's a good place to start up when you're not really sure what you're doing, it's month to month, so we didn't have to sign a five year lease and break the bank or anything.

AD: So what Portland bands are you into?

B: We like – as does everyone else, apparently cause they just won that best band thing – The Builders and the Butchers – I really love Eskimo & Sons, Southern Belle, Jared, my husband, his band Jared Mees and the Grown Children - man, who else am I really into right now? There's so much music – there's just so many pockets of different things. boy eats drum machine, nick caceres, nadine mooney, ah holly family, world's greatest ghosts..

Super XX Man – we've been a fan of him for so long – we fell in love to his music, basically, and when he approached us and asked us to put his cd out, it was like -

AD : Hmm, let me think REALLY hard about that.

B: Yeah.. you're only one of my favourite musicians EVER.. We have a bunch of his CD's up there, you can listen to them later if you want.

AD: Yeah, I was looking up there as you were talking about it. So you have a listening-station type thing up here?

B: Well it's just the bargain-bin CD walkman, but it works. We have everyone drop off an extra CD that we can use as a store copy for people to listen to.

AD: I love that. I hate when you go into a record store and you can't listen to anything.

B: Seriously. It's kind of necessary. I mean, who's going to remember to go home and look it up later? If you're in the store, you see it right there, and if it's local music, maybe something nobody's heard of, how else are you going to know if you like it?

AD: So was there anything else you wanted to tell me about before you wrap this up -

B: Well, there's something weird with the space we're in, the ActiveSpace, we can't post our hours but we're usually open Monday thru Saturday, 11 to 6..

AD: What is ActivSpace, anyway?

B: Oh yeah – it's just the kind of space we are in, there's three of them in Portland, I think, they rent month to month and you can do pretty much whatever you want with them, you can paint it whatever, if we rented that space next to us and wanted to knock out the wall, we could knock out the wall. It's pretty cool. And I really want to pump up our music section. We have a good selection of awesome local music. It's small, but it's growing. I'm really into it.

AD: So if somebody had a band and they wanted to drop their stuff by they should do it?

B: Absolutely. Bring four copies. We love to get new stuff.

After that, I turned off my treacherous tape recorder, Jared came in and introduced himself, and I went to get some coffee and a danish before work - but I couldn't get out of there without listening to a bunch of music and buying a Super XX Man cd. Volume VI.
The moral of the story - These kids are doing something awesome. Head over to NW and show them some love.

** pps. here's the list of bands playing tomorrow : Finn Riggins
Jared Mees & The Grown Children
Super XX Man
Boy Eats Drum Machine
Nadine Mooney
Southern Belle

Thursday, May 8, 2008

[Group Hug] Portland Music Peeps Unite -- Infighting to contiue on Monday?

My name is Goldie and I am a blogaholic and a hater.

You guys I started a conversation that I will not be able to finish right now... I am friggin' TIRED. I haven't slept in 3 days and am having waves of nausea and heart palpations.

I am 100% grateful for the huge and timely response from the HUMANS at Willamette Week, the elite people and the readers of this blog. What a POWERFUL and stimulating conversation about media, music and madness!

See, blogs are conversations. Blogs are open, honest collaborations.

Blogs are beautiful.

Casey Jarman I am grateful for your contribution because I wanted to get your attention DESPERATLY. I am sorry for my attacking tone. Amy M from WW and Amy M from Colorado you get my best 'my bad'.

I wish I could respond to each thoughtful and inspired blog comment in kind. I wish Ben was here but he is (now I really think I am gonna be sick) is in St. Johns with his awesome family.

I know I am a fucking bitch, for ending it this way BUT IT’S NOT THE END!!! Can we all show up for a further discussion later on? I am sincerely disappointed in my physical and mental inability to continue blogging on this matter at this time. Just thinking about all of the awesome topics we’ve touched on is dizzying.

I could use a refresher course in online etiquette. Maybe we could all agree on some new rules like everyone has to link to CIMTB or something, not for me but for Ben’s sake...(Yeah I get it you love Ben Meyercord)

I just didn't want you all to think I surrendered.

I need a rest. I will be in Eugene at the farmers market for two days. If they don't have wi-fi I might go into withdrawals...

Sincerely with open arms and head raised with dignity and delight in the wisdom and grace of Portland, Oregon’s music junkies,

Ste. Goldie aka Goldie Davich
PS -- please feel encourage to leave comments, I personally hate to feel ignored. I don't want you to feel ignored. Mommy needs to lay down...

PPS -- here's what this post is in reference to:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Enter The Blog: How I can't wait for Portland, Oregon media companies to actually apply the awesome tools of Web 2.0

The internet means everyone can have a voice. The internet means "the powers that be" can take a breather and let the readers decide what is in and what is out, what is a radical paradigm shift, and what is an overly-hyped jab at the establishment.

Newspapers don't get to be the authority when it comes to music, literature, films, fashion, politics, social justice, or anything, anymore.

All newspapers, television and radio stations have credibility and censorship issues. But because they are the media you aren't going to hear about it from them. It's like how you never hear an ill word spoken of Jeff Gianola or Amy Mccullough. The journalistic integrity I keep hearing so much about is really about who can say what without stepping on you-know-who's toes. Yes, the corporate media is good at fact checking and will admit when they've messed up, BUT what they are presenting aren't always the facts the people are interested in.

Enter the Blog (omg it's like Enter the Dragon, only better!!!).

A newspaper or television station (OPB wants you to share what you know) can host a blog (topical, current, editorial or news breaking information) and let readers (humans) respond. It's free market research and information sharing, all in one!

Once the public starts to figure out they don't have to take what media companies are dishing, they can say goodbye to the internally selected and often ignored quixotic message in a bottle, i.e. "letters to the editor." They can simply join in the conversation. And if the writer of that particular blog doesn't see fit to respond to comments, then people will notice they are still caught up in the rules of print media. Writers aren't used to back-talk from their readers... Honestly, what could possibly make for better writing than to totally open it up? The brave new voices we will hear...

Ah the voices...

I want to hear new voices. I want to hear what COMMON PEOPLE have to say.

I hope to teach as many people as possible to start using their voice online. Crappy Indie Music--The Blog! is a group of people who aren't getting to paid* to write about Portland/Vancouver music they love and that is their culture. We consider ourselves authorities on WHAT WE LIKE and WHO WE LIKE. We consider YOUR comments interesting and inspiring. We post blogs because we want to talk to YOU, whoever YOU ARE. If you would like to post a blog or two or 100 here, please leave a comment and I will direct you on how to get started. - Ste. Goldie

PS -- this post is in response to my most recent meltdown regarding the WW's best band of 2008 thing

photo credit Enter The Dragon

* not that i totally wouldn't LOVE to get paid cash money to blog about Portland's increasingly out of control music scene... are you kidding me? Who wouldn't?

[I think I'm gonna be sick] Willamette Week

So the Willamette Week posted their Best New Band of 2008 thingy.

oh gawd.

The 400 people asked to vote for the BEST NEW BAND in Portland were "selected by our diligent team of local music scientist"... So does that mean they consider themselves disciples of the scientific method? They think themselves accurate? Or are they just going to share the blame with every booker, PR dude, and Label in town?

In the era of Web 2.0 they couldn't just post a poll on their blog or website asking the ACTUAL MUSIC GOERS OF PORTLAND OREGON?!?!??! What a huge disappointment to be told who the best band in Portland is by the industry instead of the fans. It's not like they don't have the technology.

Anyway, congratulations to The Builders and the Butchers. I'm sure they deserve the the honor if they got the most votes from the chosen 400.

"Despite its name, Best New Band isn't really about rankings; it's about recognition - a chance to give props to the artist who've knocked the socks off local music fans*" -- Amy Mccullough

How awesome would it be if the Willamette Week had turned the decision over to the people who PAY go to shows and BUY THE CD's...

Because I am depressed here's a cute picture from Ape Shapes last show Summer 2007

* label heads, venue owners, bookers, PR people, etc.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks May 5th to May 11th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last week, eh? pretty good right? I went to three of the million shows I listed. They were all great, but my favorite was the A Weather/Weinland show. Both are super good and had played three days in a row together. They were having a lot of fun and it spilled over to the rest of the audience.

This week I will probably not see very many shows because I leaving town (for a little bit). So you guys need to go out as much as possible to make up for my absence.

Monday, May 5th

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Hooray Mexico! Here is how you can celebrate:

  • The Crown Room is having a common variation on the holiday, Cinco de Mustache. They will have the a double bill of Portland Post-rockers AristeiA and Colt Vista. There will be mustaches a plenty. There will be righteous music. There will be a $3. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Valentine's is having a show too. Theirs will feature the music of Nurses, Inside Voices, Bret Gand is Dead (Chicago), and SingSing (Chicago). I heard good things about Nurses and Inside voices. Even though this is not an official Cinco de Mustache party, I am pretty sure you will see some mustaches present. The show is FREE (but donations for the touring bands are graciously accepted). The music starts at 9 PM.
  • If you prefer to dance, you might check out East End. They are having white hot Glass Candy, Hard Place (LA), and Gemini. This is again, is FREE. Doors are at 9 PM.

Tuesday, May 6th

Some good shows are going down on Tuesday. See:

  • Roseland is know for its terrible environment. Normally I would never recommend you go there, but there is the matter of the Grill. I have never been to the Roseland Grill and therefore have not gripe with it (yet). So The Kin, a national touring act whom I've never heard of, are playing through Portland on Tuesday. Jon Garcia and The Best Laid Plans is playing before them. I am going to suggest you go. This is why: Westfold is playing. Westfold not only are an amazing live band, they are also going to be selling very limited hand packaged copies of their new CD The Morning Commute. Awesome. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM. There is a $10 cover.
  • Speaking of National acts coming through with a local opener (if you are familiar at all with seeing live music you will realize this is a very common practice and I aplologize for using this sentence as a transition), you Doug Fir is doing the same as Musee Mecanique is opening up for Dark Meat (Athens, GA). I have been meaning to see Musee Mecanique for like...forever. I probably miss this time too (You know I'm all about Westfold). This show is $8. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Also there is always the option of taking it easy and checking out the open mic at Zilla Sake. It is hosted by Y La Bamba. It is worth it just to see her play but make no mistake, there will be other good performers as well. There is no cover, but may I suggest the Curry (it is soooo good). The music starts at 8 PM.

Wednesday, May 7th

I got two shows for ya:

  • Blue Cranes have been on my radar for a while. Though I have only heard the myspace songs, I like what I heard. Good jazz I must warn people I am not a jazz fanatic and what I think is good jazz might not be "good jazz". Anyway, they are having a CD release show for their new album, "Homing Patterns" on Wednesday at Holocene. Wow and Flutter is set to open. The cover is $6. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • Satyricon is a place I wanted to like when it first opened. I thought it would be nice to have an all ages club Then it seemed to have shows in the vein of Rock and Roll Pizza. Which is to say it would have like twenty bands play night and would prey on high school bands. However every once in a blue moon they will have a show that I am interested in. Wednesday is one of those nights. They have Air War, Design.Drift.Distance, and The War at Sea. I am drawn to Air War's description of themselves on their Mercury band page. All of the bands seem to have good influences and claim to be on the progressive side of rock. I think it would be worth $7 to find out. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.

Thursday, May 8th

This is the day I leave town. I will not be able see anything past this point of the post :( But you will. There are some really good ones on Thursday:

  • The one I would most definitely make is at The Crown Room where Y La Bamba will be opening for Ocelli as part of their video release party (not sure what video). Salvaged Romance is also set to play with DJ Global Rukas doing the DJ thing between sets and most likely afterwards too. Y La Bamba has recently grown to include a drummer/bells/backing vocalist, accordion player, and a second guitarist. It is a sight to see and hear. Ocelli is an impressive collective of musicians as well. They make the kind of chamber music (stand up bass, acoustic guitar, violin, saw, and piano) that doesn't have a drummer but someone who plays percussion. This will cost you $10. The good times start at 9 PM.
  • Alberta Street Pub is having quite a good show as well. Hearts of Oak (a Ted Leo reference?) and MBilly comprise a wonderful double bill. I have not seen either but would like to see both. I like what the recorded stuff I have heard. This show only costs $3. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Backspace should be mentioned too. They are hosting Telephone Jim Jesus (Oakland), Egadz (San Fransisco), Two Ton Sloth, and Cars and Trains. I have not heard of the others, but Cars and Trains is special. I think you should pay attention cause this one has potential. He already has his records distributed via Anticon (Telephone Jim's label). So if you like that sort of experimental electronic/hip-hop pop sort of thing, this is your show. There is a $5 cover. This ALL AGES show starts at 9 PM.

Friday, May 9th

As per usual most of the shows go down on Friday and Saturday. This is what Friday looks like:

  • Guess who's turning ten this year. That's right, The IPRC (independant publishing resource center)! To celebrate this amazing resource, they are putting on some shows or a "10th Birthday Party Rock N Roll Bash". The main show will be held at Someday Lounge. It will be what they have dubbed Superstar Open Mic Night. It will feature Brandon Summers (The Helio Sequence), Leigh Marble, Sam Coomes (Quasi), and more. There is a $10 that will cover you for the Someday show and...
  • Backspace is hosting the ALL AGES half of the IPRC "10th Birthday Party Rock N Roll Bash". They are having Ghost To Falco, Hutch and Kathy (The Thermals sans drummer), and Iretsu. I haven't heard Iretsu, but the rest of of this line up is awesome. Again you pay $10 you get into both shows. The doors at both are 8 PM.
  • Or there looks to be a pretty sweet house show at the Ugly Green Monster House (2268 Johnson, 23rd and Johnson). It will feature Jordan (Double Dutch), Shelby Sifers, Morgan Orion, and Megan (Old Money). I am not familiar with anyone except Shelby Sifers (shes amazing). But for a FREE house show, I would say it is probably worth checking out. The music starts at 7 PM.

Saturday, May 10th

Three shows you might consider:

  • I would highly recommend heading to The Waypost on Saturday as Randy B, Nire, and MBilly are playing. I really love Nire's very soft and subtle appraoch to music. I really like the songs I have heard of MBilly. I really have no idea who Randy B is, yet I really suggest you find out. The FREE show starts at 8 PM.
  • Satyricon, out of nowhere has two good shows. I already listed the one on Wednesday. On Saturday they have The Prids, Reporter, Strawberry Blonde, and Magic Johnson all lined up. These are all legit Portland bands. It looks like fun. There is an $8 cover. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • Or if you want to dance and generally get your crazy on, you can head over to Dante's where March Fourth Marching Band is playing. If your have never seen them live, I suggest going at least once. You will either love it or hate it. Either way it is definitely an experience. The show costs $10. The show starts at 9:30 PM.

Sunday, May 11th

There are a couple of shows I'd like to suggest:

  • The one I would hands down be all about and be super stoked about were I in town would is the Pink Widower, Church, and Baby Dollars show at Valentine's. I am only familiar with Church, abut I really want to see them again. I saw them at Valentine's a while back and was pretty impressed. Seriously, you should check out this show. I mean it is FREE. What else are you doing at 9 PM on a Sunday night?
  • But if you have to see a show other than the Church, then I would say check out Kelly's Olympian. They are having Jon Garcia and The Best Laid Plans play with a band I recommended last week, Wax Fingers. Since I have not seen them and have no other reason to think otherwise, I would say they look pretty promising. This show will set you back $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
So there you have it. Another perfectly good week for seeing shows. Please go out and support your Portland and Vancouver musical Brethren and see some of these shows. And as always, if you see say hi.


Westfold plays on Tuesday at the The Roseland...Grill.
Photo by Kelly

Show and Fashion Review : Chrome Wings, Hornet Leg, Cex, and Ecstatic Sunshine

Saturday night I headed downtown to check out this show at Backspace.
Chrome Wings, Hornet Leg, Cex, and Ecstatic Sunshine.
Chrome Wings played a really good show, and actually filled up a whole half hour or forty minutes of time with their music. I've been waiting for that!
Hornet Leg was pretty good - straight-ahead simple rock stuff, a duo, main high point I think is the singer's voice, although I couldn't really tell what he was singing, as is common with shows in smallish venues, it is a nice voice.
Cex bored the crap out of me. I guess dance music just isn't my thing. Every time there's something on with a simple, repeating four beat and little to no melodic variation, I feel like a spaceman, other people are dancing and getting into it and I think, "this sucks, I am so bored. I hope it's over soon." That said, he's good at what he does, and did a hilarious spoken word intro that made the rest of it kind of a letdown for me. I apologize that I couldn't find his website, if you know it tell me and I'll drop in a link.
Ecstatic Sunshine kicked total ass, they were really, really good. And nice kids too. Beautiful music made by a guitar, a synthesizer, and a wacky old-fashioned drum pad. Their set was over much too soon.
One thing I was seriously disturbed by - there was a fellow at the show last night wearing just a one piece long underwear outfit, a hoodie, and a pair of sneakers with no socks. and I kept thinking - what the hell is your deal, dude? You think you are cool? You just look like you forgot to put on your clothes today.
I think Portland's fashion choices have gotten a little too ironic. Ok, a tiny dinosaur shirt or some bling can be kind of entertaining, but you don't need to dress in all neon, grow your hair and beard out so you look like a mountain man in mid-nineties fashion, or otherwise put on the ugliest clothes and haircut just to look "cool". Maybe I'm a snob, but I'm just tired of the wacky.
Tonight, I'm heading down to the East End to check out Glass Candy. They've gotten totally awesome since I saw them last in 2002, and I'm excited.

FensePost Open Letter to Portland Indie Post Rockers AristeiA

Dear AristeiA,

It’s been too long. I’ve missed you. There’s a laundry list of things I’ve wanted to say but haven’t in the past year. I’ve been busy. Things are good; I just get distracted. I’m sorry I haven’t made it down to Portland to see any of your amazing shows and I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. I’d like to take a moment and rectify that because, despite my being vacant, I do have strong feelings for you. continue reading...

In other AristeiA news:
Today is CINCO DE MAYO. AristeiA will be playing their signature indie rockstrumental songs at the kinda fancy Crown Room with Portland band Colt Vista.
Tonight May 5th, 2008
Crown Room
205 NW 4th Ave,
Portland, Oregon 97209
Cost : Mustache or $3
+21 / 9pm

In regards to recommended reading FensePost:
If you are an artist who wishes to submit an album for review, send it to the address listed below. If they like what they hear, they will review your album.
Attn: Andrew Fenstermaker
1545 NW 57th Street, Unit 410
Seattle, WA 98107

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Indie Music Marketing Tip o' the Morn: Don't Self Promote Like a Jackass!

Reading Seth Godin's blog this morning reminded me of something I've been meaning to share with you.

When you post a Myspace bulletin don't start with the stand by:

I'm awesome so check me out!

Try as statement more like this:

The awesome was so strong that I had to surrender to the magic that was being created. Will you join me in the awesome?

  1. Don't assume people are going to think your music is awesome. Especially if you aren't even checking out their interests or your 'mutual friends'.

  2. If you go on a Myspace friends binge consider spending some quality time doing it. Get to know your neighbors and start building a network not just a large friends count. Ask them who their favorite local band is or something.

  3. Offer your new friend something in return. "if you are at the show come introduce yourself and I will get you a copy of our sample EP..."

image from i am bored