Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Benefit for abused women" @ The Red Room April 11th, 2008

MF Magazine is having a benefit event for abused women. I do not know what organization the money is going to or if it is going into the pockets of an anonymous woman. The money you spend on food and drink will determine how much money is going to "abused women". Magazines will do/say anything to promote themselves...

It's a free fashion show with live music by:
ROLLERBALL, Abigail Adams and Hymns For The Drowning
April 11th, 2007
Red Room
2530 NE 82nd Ave
+21 / 9pm / FREE

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for March 24-30

Hey everybody,

Did you have a good weekend? So did I. Shows everynight. But then again, there are always shows everynight, which is why I do this crazy blog-post-thing. Check out the Awesome for this week:

Monday, March 24th

Okay, I might have gotten a little ahead of myself. There aren't any local shows that I can fully recommend. Not that all the local shows are bad for Monday, its just that I don't know them. So maybe you can check out Jens Lekman at Berbatis. Or better yet The Phosphorescent, Bon Iver, and White Hinterland show at Holocene. That show has a person who used to live in Portland, White Hinterland (She has cd out on local label Hush under her birth name, Casey Dienel). Anyways:
  • You can usually count on good music to be seen at Valentine's on Monday nights. This evening they will have Noel and Rush-N-Disco do their thing. I just checked out Noels thing. It is lo-fi goofy white boy rap. Rush-N-Disco do something pretty unique in that they reenact clips of tv shows etc... from their child hood (it is kind of like performance art, kind of). You can see you tube videos of them on their myspace page. Did I mention they are brother and sister. Well, they are. This show is FREE and starts sometime after 9 PM.
Tuesday, March 25th

There are some shows going down. This is the info:
  • The big show tonight is the band that just got huge over the past year, Vampire Weekend(NY). What makes this show special is that Portland's own Yacht is opening and set to tour opening up for the band on several dates. Who knows, he may be the next Vampire Weekend. Maybe hes already huge and I don't know it. Its so hard to tell who if a local musicians are big unless they are on MTV and add members from The Smiths to their line up. Anyways, this show is at Doug Fir. It costs $12 and chances are that it will sell out. If you want to go buy your ticket now. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • You also got a sweet show at Mississippi Studios on Tuesday. Musee Mecanique will be opening for These United States (D.C.). Musee Mecanique is awesome and about to go on tour until May so catch them now while you can. The show is $8-$10. The music starts at 10 PM.
  • Or there is always good times at the Zilla Sake open mic held every Tuesday. It is hosted by the very talented Y La Bamba. This is FREE. The music starts at 8 PM.
Wednesday, March 26th

Due to a bandmate going out of town, I am free to do whatever I want on Wednesday. I will not be attending the I am think maybe one or two of the following:
  • The first thing listed for Wednesday is not actually a show you can see, but you can hear it. I know this sounds lame, but check it out. You also don't have to pay for it either. So it kind of evens out. I am of course babbling about Y La Bamba playing on KPSU Portland State University's radio station. I think that there is also a interview taking place so it should be pretty interesting. You can listen on 1450 AM or online at the above link. Things get started at 6 PM sharp.
  • If you are in the 'Couve there is a show taking place at Pistols Skate Shop (2305 E 5 St, Vancouver, WA) . If you want to watch Lewd Acts (CA), I quit, Brain Eaters, and Building Failure, then get a Lincoln ready (that is $5) and stop by around 7 PM. It is an ALL AGES punk/hardcore show.
  • If you want to go to a underage punk show in Portland, then hows about checking out the new ALL AGES venue in North Portland called Exit Only. Altlases, Batman Vs. Predator (CA), and Tyrants will be playing. I know nothing about these bands but with a name like Batman Vs. Predator how could you possibly go wrong. The show might cost money? Show starts at 8 PM.
  • Perhaps you don't want to go to North Portland (its okay, I understand). Maybe you should check out Towne Lounge. Trespassers William (Seattle) is playing a bill with Tractor Operator, and The Coast (Toronto). Its all good stuff. This one will only cost you $6. The Music starts at 9 :30 PM.
  • Or if you are in the SE, by all means check out Rotture. They are having The Beauty, Brother Sister, Megadome, and Pipedream play. Four bands, $6; not bad. The music starts some time after 9 PM.
Thursday, March 27th

This is whats up with Thursday:
Friday, March 28th

You can go see Jose Gonzales play at the Aladdin or you can go see Bruce Springsteen at the Rose Garden Arena for like A Gazillion dollars ($100), but I think that maybe you're probably more into local stuff:
Saturday, March 29th

There are shows and then there are SHOWS:
  • The SHOW in I was referencing above is at the Ivy House (117 Ne Ivy St, Portland, OR) and it is all day ordeal. It is also a benefit for SMYRL (sex​​ual​​ minority you​​th resource center). You can read about it at A Modern Woman on the Move here. It will feature the music of The Vonneguts, The Taxpayers, Hey Tiger, Hugh Downer, and more. It will also be an art opening and a Risk Tournament. There a requested donation of $5-$10. The thing will last 2 PM to Midnight.
  • You could probably see some of the benefit and then check out other things like Sudden Anthem and Beliss (featuring sometime members of Pink Martini). They are playing at Chaos Cafe. This means is ALL AGES and FREE. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • Or you could go to The Waypost to hear Leonard Mynx, Shoeshine Blue, and Julie Rose play a set. Why not? Its FREE. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • But then again you could always head over to East End and catch Birds of Avalon (N.C.), Old Growth, and Hungry Ghosts play. That is if you like rock. This show has a cover.
Sunday, March 30th

This Sunday is all about FREE and awesome music:
  • Okay, I will be the first to admit that I am being biased, but I thing that the show at Towne Lounge on Sunday is the "show of the week". It is the WWeek sponsored Lounge Series XVIII. It will feature Meyercord, Per Se, and Laura Gibson. There will be three individual interviews and performances of all of the artists which will later be podcast via localcut. I cannot tell you how excited I am to play with these ladies. And its FREE. The event starts at 9:30 PM sharp.
  • The other FREE show is really good too. It goes down at Valentine's and features Jeff Brown (of The Evolutionary Jass Band), Plankton Wat, and Bob Jones. FREE! This starts at 9 PM.
So there you have it many shows for many nights. As always, say hi to me if you see me at any of these shows. Have a great week.


Laura Gibson plays for FREE at Towne Lounge on Sunday
photo by Jason Quigley

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for March 17-23

Hey folks,

A lot of good shows are happening this week. For real. Check it out:

Monday, March 17th

Its Saint Patrick's Day. You will probably be drinking green beer (I'm going to try and find some green root beer) and that will be that. But if you want some music check these places out:
  • Holocene is having two non local bands play, Beach House and Papercuts. I am super stoked to see both of them. I am really excited that local band, Au, is opening though. First of all it will be good exposure to local talent. Second of all I get to list this show for the blog. And third, and probably most important of all, Au is really cool. Everyone wins! The Show is $10 at the door. The doors open at 9 PM.
  • Of course Valentines has some fresh Portland talent to expose you to as well. This time it is in the form of Sabertooth, recent signees to locally based Arena Rock Recording Company label,Tractor Operator and Split Rail Fense. The show is FREE. It will begin sometime after 9 PM.
Tuesday, March 18th

You have options. Many many options.
  • Usually I personally head straight to Zilla Sake on Tuesday and I call it a night. They have a brillant Open Mic hosted by the brilliant Y La Bamba. It starts at 8 PM.
  • There is also the open stage event called The Incubator at Someday Lounge hosted by CIMTB contributor Gabriel Darling. This FREE event usually starts around 9 PM.
  • But there are actually some shows that are happening on Tuesday. Like at Valentines who is having four bands who you probably have never heard of playing for free. The great thing about the shows at Valentines is that even though you have never heard of the bands you usually leave thinking "Why have I ever heard of ____. They are so good." Tonight Everybody, JP Jenkins Sean Ongely, Alas Alak Alaska, and Whitman will be playing sets. The show is, again, FREE. The music will start sometime after 9 PM.
  • Or you could go to the Doug Fir who is hosting an all local bill celebrating the release of the new Day of Lions record, "Come Down From the Mountain", out on Yucon Records. They will be playing with Eskimo & Sons, who I have wanted to see for a while, and Dolorean, always a good show. The show cost $7. The show starts promptly at 9 PM.
  • Holocene has some local bands, System and Station and The Rainy States, opening up for the former Dismemberment Plan singer Travis Morrison. Travis solo is no D Plan show, but one never knows what can happen at a System and Station show. The show is $8. The music will start sometime after 9 PM.
Wednesday, March 19

A couple things are cooking on Wednesday. Like this:
  • At Moxies Soda Shop, made famous by We're From Japan!, is having another show for those of you in the Vancouver area. This time around you got two Portland bands on tour, Whitman and Alas Alak Alaska along with three bands from the 'Couve: The Shivas, Raw Tofu and Talking Backwards. The show is a low $5. Things get started at 6:30 ALL AGES.
  • Someday Lounge has something interesting happening as well. Check this out straight from the Someday web page: An All-Arts Extravaganza/CD Release Party for: BARONS IN TREES, feat. LESLIE KERNOCHAN of vagabond opera, vaudevillian clown JUSTIN ROSE, painter SEAN SAMUEL KELLY, film artist LUKE NORBY of the Video Girl Friday, and incendiary dancer Amy Hatfield —9pm, Barons in Trees invites local artists to perform their artwork as a response to the Barons' music while video captures the collaboration and projects it for the audience in real time. Sounds pretty cool to me. The show costs $7. The doors are at 9 PM.
Thursday, March 20th

Its pay day. Do you want to celebrate by going to a show? Heres what is happening:
  • There are early shows. One of the early shows is at Mississippi Studios. This being Point Juncture, WA opening for some band called El Olio Wolof (looks like they will be playing a few shows with Nick Jaina in CA). Looks like it will be a pretty cool show. The thing will cost you $8-$10. It starts at 8 PM.
  • The other early show is going down at The Know. It is loud rawk from A Gatherin' Storm and, assuming this is the right band, the electro rawk of A Pack of wolves. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.
Friday, March 21st

It is the day after payday! Want to continue the celebration? I mean I guess you could see Grand Archives at Dante's, but that wouldn't local. Here is what is happening in the way of local shows:
  • You can save some of that hard earned cash, by attending CD Baby's 10th anniversary show at the East End with AristeiA and Seti. This is awesome because it is a) FREE, b) AristeiA makes its official comeback show, and c) you can celebrate a company that helps all sorts of independent musicians release their records on good terms without the aid of a record label. Yay! And seriously, AristeiA is awesome. FREE. The show will start sometime after 9 PM.
  • There is also a really cool event happening at Audiocinema. It is being billed, "The Church of The New Mustachio". It features short films by the sketch comedy collective know only as Los Mustachios. It will also feature "Hymns" or music by The Taxpayers, Raised by Television, and Autopilot is for Lovers. This too is FREE. And it is ALL AGES, so it starts at 7 PM.
  • The Hush (the place you always hear about above the Tube at 14th NW 3rd) is having a show on Friday as well. They are having Church, Museum, Almost Nearly, and Electric Blanket (I am unsure if this is the right band link). I have only seen Church, but they were really good. The show did not have any cover listed. But it did say that it is ALL AGES and starts at 8 PM.
  • The Twilight Cafe and Bar is having a show featuring Here Comes a Big Black Cloud an experience to behold. They are playing with Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Reptilian Civilian, and The Taxpayers (they have a busy night). The show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM.
  • The Someday Lounge is also having a show that has Portland Bands. The Velvet Teen is playing a show with Crosstide (Portland), Aloha (Awesome), and Carcrashlander (Portland and Awesome). It is worth it to see Aloha and Carcrashlander alone. Plus I have heard good things about The Velvet Teen. The show is $8 in advance and $10 at the door. The show starts at 9 PM.
Saturday, March 22nd

There are some shows, on Saturday. All kinds of shows. For instance:
  • Berbati's Pan is hosting a heavy music festival , March into Darkness, all weekend. Saturday is day two and the only one I am interested in. I am not going to lie, this is not the sort of show I normally attend, but I will be there. Local band Agalloch, whom I have never heard of before, is headlining. The reason I am going is Red Sparrows and Russian Circles. Both excellent bands that make heavy music enjoyable for people who people who might not like usually enjoy heavy music. Grayceon from San Fran will also play. The show will cost $10 in Advance, $14 at the door, or you can buy $25 for a three day pass for the whole festival. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • The funny thing is, on the other end of the spectrum is, the show I would normally go to is the Headlights, and Evangelicals show at The Towne Lounge with local act Southerly headlining the night. It is some pretty poppy stuff (Headlights at least). This show is $6 at the door. The music starts at 9:30.
  • But back to the not as poppy stuff, over at Slabtown the band Air War is playing a show with Microtia, and Childlike Empress. From what I remember all are kinda heavy. I really like how Air War describes themselves.
  • Perhaps a house show is what you crave? The line up at Dekum Manor is pretty good on Saturday. You have Reporter, Fist Fite, Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!, and World's Greatest Ghosts. This is a super fun place to see a show. This is a FREE show (there might be donations?) and it is ALL AGES. It all starts at 8 PM.
  • Hot shows not your thing, how about hockey rinks? Head out to the Mt. Hood Sports Arena for the "Protect Our Precious Fluids 150 Minute Festival". The poster boasts a light show and "films?". The Hand That Bleeds and Party Killer are set to play. I have been wondering if Party Killer is a band or not I kept seeing their sticker everywhere. The event will cost you $5. It is ALL AGES and starts at 5 PM.
  • Or you could just go to a solid three local band bill featuring Ferocious Eagle, Reverse Dotty and the Candy Cane Shivs, and Junkface at the Tonic Lounge. This show is $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
Sunday, March 23rd

I only saw one show. Please comment if there is a show that you think I missed.
  • The Artistery is having some folks visit from Olympia to open for local act Kelli Schaefer. Specifically they are having Polka Dot Dot Dot and Ben Kamen. I have wanted to see Polk Dot Dot Dot since I first heard them many moons ago. This show costs $6. The show is ALL AGES Doors are at 7:30 PM; the music starts at 8 PM.
So please go out and support your local musicians. And as always, come say hi to me if you see me at any of these fine shows.


Point Juncture, WA plays Mississippi Studios on Thursday.
Photo from their myspace page

CD Baby 10th Anniversary Party March 21st @ East End

Celebrate with Portland's own little online record store
that sells albums by independent musicians.

CD Baby
This Friday March 21st
East End
203 East Grand Avenue
Portland Oregon
+21/ Free/ door 9pm

Music by AristeiA & Seti


Friday, March 14, 2008

Help decide the Track Listing for the 2008 PDX Pop Now! Comp.

This is the latest from the PDX Pop Now! camp:

PDX Pop Now! needs your help. We have received over 400 submissions for this year's 2-CD compilation, representing a fabulous cross-section of the Portland music scene. Now we need to listen to all this music. That's where you come in! We need people to listen to the music and help us decide what to include. As a Listener, you will be provided with a group of songs to listen to. You listen to the songs and vote "yes" or "no" on whether the track should be included in the comp. It's that simple!

We'll be doing listening starting next week, and the listening process will take no more than two weeks to complete. No meetings to come to; you can do this whenever you have time. The voting and the songs will be available on the web, so you can listen to them online or you can download them and listen to them wherever you want.

If you're interested please go to our
compilation page and get the listener info form, and email it to me or to Don't worry if you or someone you know has submitted a track for the comp, taken part in the festival, etc. As you'll see from the form, we'll work it out so you're not listening to your (or your roommate's/boyfriend's/girlfriend's) music.

Please pass this message on to all of your friends, family, coworkers, your dearest enemies, and anyone else you could possibly think of. We need all the ears we can get.


Seth Kaufman
Compilation Coordinator
PDX Pop Now!
http://www. pdxpopnow. com

This comes directly from a PDX Pop Now! myspace bulletin.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7 Questions for Jef B. of Evolutionary Jass Band (CIMTB Exclusive Interview)

Evolutionary Jass Band is working on a new album. It's going to be self released on vinyl. I got excited and asked Jef to fill out a questionnaire for CIMTB and here it is..

Ste. Goldie: How many musicians are in EJB right now? And will they all be on the record?
Jef Brown: There are 7 musicianers and we are all present.

Ste. Goldie: 3 minute pop jams? (sweet!)
Jef Brown: Yup, I wanted to challenge ourselves with limits. I like pop, allways have. I'd have to say Marisa really set the standard, she wrote songs that are under 2 minutes that say more than I can in ten. So much fun. If you listen to records from the thirties they had to wrap it up in 3 minutes or less so you really learn to economize. I myself failed miserably at my own test, but my contributions came out to be less than 5 minutes at least, better luck next time perhaps!

Ste. Goldie: Give us 3 words to describe your current experience recording EJB.
Jef Brown: Like A Dream!

Ste. Goldie: Where are you recording? Who's engineering etc.
Jef Brown: We are recording at The Steele Street Supper Club, which is Michaels dining room. I'm engineering it. It's all about working with what you got...

Ste. Goldie: Who are your favorite Portland musicians/bands right now?
Jef Brown: I dig Kusikia, and Cexfux. Davis Redford Triad is always tops! I don't really go out so much so I am not aware of what happens around me. It's a focused phase right now and my blinders are on. Seems to me though, so many bands are stuck on idealizing the 80's. I lived through those years and can't re-visit them, so I stay home....

Ste. Goldie: Did you see "No Country For Old Men?" and did you like it?
Jef Brown: No, not yet, but I will soon! I love Tommy Lee Jones, especially now that he looks as shitty and beautiful as he does!!!

Ste. Goldie: Your myspace headline is "Grieve and move on!!!!!" did someone die?
Jef Brown: No, it's about that 80's thing. Our culture has no devices for moving through experiences so as shitty as things are today, folks would rather make shallow 80's music with no real ties to that time, just like baby boomer's spend $20k on a guitar that reminds them of the time they saw Eric Clapton, got it on with a groupie and were happier. Today is full of opportunities to express yourself so why are so many of us stuck in the past? It's like we choose sleep over honesty dig? The Reagen years were horrible and the music made then reflected that brilliantly whether it was shitty-yuppie cocaine pop or some punk screaming about bashing Reagan's' brains in! I don't know where those voices are today, they seem to be too busy idealizing the past and making safe, ambiguous, pretty music that doesn't actually say anything. I guess it's safer that way but it's better to not make friends for your honesty than to be loved for trying to never make waves in my opinion. So that's what "grieve and move on!" means, get un-stuck!!!!!

photo of Fred (from Hazel) and Jef Brown taken August 17th, 2007 by me

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Menomena to be featured on Huey Lewis tribute!

One of my favorite bands from Portland is Menomena. One of my favorite movies is Back to The Future. On of my favorite bands of all time is Centro-matic. But rest assured dear reader, this is not a just a list of my favorites. These are actually all related. Let me break it down. Menomena is going to be on a Huey Lewis Tribute album. Will Johnson of Centro-matic will also be on the album along with others. Huey Lewis and The News wrote a couple songs for the movie Back to the Future. One of those songs "Back in Time" is covered by Menomena.

Thanks to Stereogum for posting this and bringing it to my attention.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rollerball: I didn't know and now I know

Oh my god you guys.

I knew there were things I did not know. I knew there were things I did not know I didn't know.

What I just found out was of the latter class.

Rollerball is my new favorite band in Portland, Oregon. Post-rock, jazz, whatever the hell-who cares it's awesome. Whatever, I suck at music reveiws. I just like what I like. If you feel like an online musical adventure visit the Siber Records site and check out some tunes. I particularly like the songs Rollerball has on their myspace. I've heard Cesena about 10 times today. Once again I have D.A.O.T.W. (can I call you that... are we on arcronymic terms?) and Girls Rock! The Movie... The inspiration to find new music has struck mighty hard.

Photo from Rollerball myspace: live at loop in italy photos by lorenzo

I look forward to the immediate chance to hear them play live.
This Thursday March 13th @ Holocene
with DRATS!!! and their good friends LICKITY
Free 21+

Ben Meyercord's Live Music picks for March 10-16

So my bi-weekly version was met with only one response, so I will give the reader what she wants. One full week of local shows coming right up:

Monday, March 10th

There are a couple of freebies that are going down tonight. Why don't you check them out?
  • Valentine's is having Graves playing with Lake (Olympia), and Swimming. Graves is good easy listening/indie-pop. So come by and get your breezy groove on. I have seen Lake play with the Graves before and they were better than good. The show is FREE. The show is set to begin at 9 PM.
  • The Hippodrome Circus Arts Center (yeah, you heard me) is having a show featuring the music of Glass Candy, DJ Beyonda, Caves, E*Rock, and Reggie Watts. I am very curious about this venue. I am unsure if any circus stuff will be going down. The show is to benefit the Tap Project, the UN sponsored effort for world wide clean drinking water. You can read what PDX Food Press wrote about the event here. It is FREE (not sure how it benefits at this price but oh, well). It starts at starts at 9 PM.
Tuesday, March 11th

Looks like you got some options for Tuesday. Look:
  • You always have the option of checking out the open mic at Zilla Sake. It happens every Tuesday and is usually hosted by Y La Bamba, but...
  • It is Y La Bamba's Birthday! She is having a little get together at her place. Music perhaps? Contact her via myspace for more details.
  • The Tonic Lounge is having a show featuring The Days, Pacific Ocean Fire (UK), and The Morals. I know nothing of the two bands that are not The Morals. But I do know I like me some The Morals. The show will probably cost something (my guess would be money). The show probably starts at 9 PM.
  • At the Chaos Cafe there are some names that I know I have blogged about before including Ali Wesley, Jack Elder, Leonard Mynx, Audie Darling (no relation to CMITB contributor Gabriel Darling), and Shoeshine Blue. All of the musicians are top friends with each other. This a) made it easier to do all of the links and b) means that this will be a fun show because shows where friends share the bill are the most fun to attend. I think this is all acoustic music related to Folk,Country and Blues. There is a lot of music and it looks to be FREE. The Music starts at 8 PM.
  • Rotture is having its reoccurring event that is Joe Preston's Mancampus. Today National Sunday Law(LA) will be playing it along with Nanda Devi. Should be awesome. If you're into this sort of thing. The show costs $6. Music starts at 9 PM.
Wednesday, March 12th

I only got a few to list here:
  • If you want to hear good songs and good voices, you should check out the Rotture. Y La Bamba has gathered some friends in Andy Combs and the Moth and Meyercord (Me!). It should be a good night. The price weighs in at $5. The show will get under way at 9 PM.
  • Or you could go to Holocene where a bunch of local bands that I have never heard of are playing. These bands are Ley Lines, Air War, and Crook & Nanny. The reason I list this show is because Air War looks like they might be good. The show will be $5. Things will start happening at 9 PM.
Thursday, March 13th

There are quite a few shows to choose from on Thursday.
Friday, March 14th

There are shows on Friday. Here they are:
  • The Know will be hosting Jakob Adler, and Paperbacks. The only reason I am listing this show is because Jakob listed some pretty good influences on his Portland Mercury ad. The show, like most shows at The Know, is FREE. Things start at 8 PM.
  • The Tonic Lounge has a show featuring Kleveland, Thee Loyal Bastards, and The Decliners. Basically I like the Country Rawk that is Thee Loyal Bastards (ex- I can lick any Sonofabitch in the House). This will cost an unlisted amount of money (probably cheap). The show begins at 9:30 PM.
  • Or you can go to Rererato at 42nd between Sumner and Alberta. Cause they are a great all ages/art/music venue space. On Friday they are having +Cnctd, Moderstate, and The Paper Ballet. There is a suggested donation of $4. The show will start at 8 PM and is ALL AGES.
  • Also, remember that Coffee House in Downtown Vancouver that was Blogged about a while back. Yes, The Grind. A friend of mine, Jon Hecox, wrote me to say that he was playing there on Friday. He found out about the venue via this very Blog. Yay! The show is free and starts at 7 PM.
Saturday, March 15th

A Couple of shows for a couple if dollars (realistically $5):
Sunday, March 16th

There are a grip of show on Sunday:
So there you have it. Another long post. Enjoy your shows. And say hi if you see me at one of these.


Here Comes a Big Black Cloud plays Backspace on Sunday. ALL AGES to support Basic Rights Oregon.
Photo by At Dusk Greg

LKN (oh now I get it)

Remember when I crying out in desperation for some substantial non-tit's-and-ass and infant voiced princesses with effect pedals women rockers? Remember that?

Well I think a year or so ago one of the bro's from AristeiA, Brandon Gordon, told me about Lauren K. Newman. I didn't listen. I didn't listen because I rarely if ever listen to Brandon Gordon. This time I wish I had.

After seeing Girls Rock! I was intrigued to find out who in the world was the woman who's rock and roll guitar playing and Metallica shaming hair tactics where simply the best I had ever seen in FOREVER AMEN.

Turns out is was LKN. (tip of the hat to Dragging An Ox Through Water for heads up on this rocker during my painful meltdown -- see i read your comments and listen to yoouse)

Photo credit: From LKN's myspace Bakersfield CA apr 2006. captured by Leslie Flores

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Girls Rock! The Movie = AWESOME

Girls Rock! The Movie is hysterically funny, poignant, beautiful and important.

Click here to find out where to see it.

Image of the Sonic Youth inspired 8 year old rocker Amelia from Girls Rock! The Movie

This is the first MUST SEE MOVIE of 2008!!!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Name the new Venue

So as you may, or may not, know Brainstains the former house show venue is under new management (CIMTB friends will be running it). The goal is to make it a new community center/venue. All it needs is a good name. If you visit you will notice a voting poll for possible names. You can even add suggestions. What cool idea.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ben Meyercords Live Picks Weekend Edtion March 6th - March 9th

Lordy Lordy are there a lot of shows in the next four days. So many that it is slightly painful to me think about. And even more irritating to write about. But alas, I love it. I love shows and going to them and knowing about them and writing about them. So here are those shows I mention earlier:

Thursday, March 6th

We got a couple of local CD release shows today and then some.
  • Music Millennium used to have a bunch of in-stores at the NW location, but that location has gone the way of Ozone Records (no longer open). Luckily for all of us on this side of the river, the East side location has picked up the slack. Today they will host a FREE in-store performance by Weinland at 6 PM. I like Wienland and if you like any kind of Americana, you might like them too. Badman Recording Co. liked then so much that they are putting out the bands newest album La Lamentor.
  • This will leave you plenty of time to head over to Holocene for another CD release show. This time for Panther who is releasing 14 KT on the Kill Rock Stars label very soon. Sharing the bill are one of my favorites Parenthetical Girls with Mattress rounding out the show. This show is $8. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Or you could go to Kelly's Olympian to see a three tiered local show made up of Chores, Swallows, and Deer or The Doe. Looks like it would be fun to see. The cost of the show is $3. The doors are at 9 PM.
Friday, March 7th

When I was talking about all of the shows, I was specifically referencing Friday. Check out the seven shows I want to go to:
  • Berbati's Pan has seen better days, but they will occasionally have a show that I want to see. Friday night is one of those nights. Little Beirut(not related to the regular Beirut), play a show with Derby and Lael Alderman. Basically, last week local cut had one of Little Beirut's songs as a cut of the day. It sounded awesome. Kinda like older Cursive. This is theit CD release show. It costs $7 at the door. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The usually pricey Crystal Ballroom occasionally (with the help of KNRK Alternative Portland 94.7 FM) will have shows for $9.47. They are having on such show on Friday featuring Helio Sequence, The Shaky Hands, and Pseudosix. It is part of the "I Saw Them When" series. So agian $9.47. The music starts at 9PM (doors are at 8 PM).
  • Also downtown, Someday Lounge is having an incredible show. Xiu Xiu and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are playing with CIMTB favorite Dragging an Ox Through Water. Up until recently I have decided to not like Xiu Xiu. I listened to his most recent album, Women as Lovers, and can no longer deny that Xiu Xiu is awesome. It should be amazing.
  • In the NW you got The Wherewithals playing with Jared Mees and The Morals at Slabtown. This is a CD release show for The Wherewithals. But threason I mention thos show is because I really like The Morals. Both for their song writing and endlessly entertaining live and sloppy live shows.
  • Or, if you like Neil Young (who doesn't?), you could head on over to the Mississippi Studios to catch the Neil Young Tribute show. It features Dolorean, Matt Sheehy, and Mbilly. It should be good times. The show is FREE. The music starts at 8 PM.
  • And also, just because I Know Goldie would hate it if I didn't mention it, Black Elk plays tonight at Tonic Lounge. Drunken Ladies and Pacific Ballistic are also playing the show.
Saturday, March 8th

There are some good shows going on this Saturday. These are them:
Sunday, March 9th

I could only find one show on Sunday, but it looks like a good one:
So I hope to see you at some of these shows. And as always, if you see me, come say hello.


Weinland Play a FREE instore on Thursday at Music Millennium.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Sun-Birds : These Kids Are Amazing!

Looking for a great band to see this Friday night? Confused because Ben's picks only lasted half the week and now you don't know what to do? Might I humbly suggest checking out the Sun-Birds at Towne Lounge. I saw these guys play with Chrome Wings at Chaos Cafe on Feb 18, and was too lame to write about it then, but here's my second chance. The Sun-Birds play great psychedelic-style tunes, and if that's not enough, all of them switch pretty much effortlessly between instruments, and they can't be older than 18. At first I couldn't decide whether to love them or hate them for being so ridiculously talented, but their music convinced me and I went for love. Their original songs are excellent, with a good dose of authentic psychedelic sound, and they have fantastic taste in covers - when I saw them, they did Elvis Costello's "Pump it Up." If you get a chance, check them out!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ben Meyercords Live Music Picks for March 3 - March 5

So, it has been pointed out to me that my weekly live music posts are long. Like Dickens's novel-long. There fore I have decided to cut it in half. Or as much in half as you can cut seven days. I will now list Monday through Wednesday as one post and Thursday though Sunday as another. A weekday edition and a weekend edition, if you will. So with out further ado, here is the Weekday Edition:

Monday, March 3rd

Usually Valentine's has something goin on on Mondays, but their music calender ended on Friday and has not been updated but it might be worth stopping by. But if you want some confirmed shows check these out:
  • March Fourth Marching Band is continuing their five year anniversary at the Crystal Ballroom. This will be a dance party. And I don't mean a bunch of hipster kids spazzing out while flailing their arms like crazy. I mean. there probably some of that too/. But I am talking about everyone moving. You will have your modern dancers, hippie swayers, normal people head bobbing, and probably so much more. If the Fourth don't supply enough of a party for you, your dancing needs will be covered by not one but two DJs (DJ Jooro and DJ Globalruckus)Plus Balkan Beat Box will make their first Portland appearance ever. Let me answer your next question. Balkan Beat Box, according to Wikipedia (get ready for a lot of wiki-links), "establish their own unique sound by fusing the musical styles of Jewish, Mediterranean and Balkan traditions as well as the cultural influences of their home turf of New York City with some hints of electronica." All of this for $14. This is ALL AGES, so the doors are at 8 PM.
  • Or you could just go to the tube and catch a very hip Portland band, Chromatics, play for FREE. This will go down at 11 PM.
Tuesday, March 4th

Much is happening on Tuesday. Can you handle it?
  • March Fourth Marching Band (get it March 4th...March Fourth, ha) wraps up its three day Fifth Year Anniversary at the Crystal Ballroom with Gamelan X, Nanda, and Kazuma. Let me some this show up for you. Marching band, Stilts, Fire breathers, World Dance music, Acrobats, "Kung Fu acro-fighting", and more. It is $14 for this ALL AGES show. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • Gabriel Darling has The Incubator back in full effect at Someday Lounge. It is an open stage for you to incubate all sorts of creativity. Worth checking out. This FREE event starts at 9 PM.
  • Zilla Sake has an open mic every Tuesday hosted by amazing songstress Y La Bamba. Worth Checking out. The music starts at 8:30.
  • The Doug Fir is having Tilly and The Wall tap dancing through town on Tuesday. Seriously, they don't have a drummer. Instead they have a super cute lead tap dancer with two other super cute girls who sing and play instruments and will occasionally tap as well (and there is a dude playing guitar). They are on tour with fellow Omaha natives Capgun Coup. You may be asking why I am I listing this show. To that I would say that Team Love label mates and local Portland band, A Weather, is opening (officially making it a local show). The show is $12. The music starts promptly at 9 PM.
  • Rotture is hosting a regular event they call "Mancampus". This time around they have Mahjong (Chicago), Alan Singley & Pants Machine, Loose Control, and Old Time Relijun. Looks like a pretty good mixed bag of bands here. All for $7. The music starts at 9 PM.
Wednesday, March 5th

There are several shows today that have a possibility of being good. I will be the first to admit that all of the following shows feature bands whose music I do not know too well. You could call this your Wednesday Night crap shoot of shows:
So even in this shortened version of my live music picks, I seem to have written quite the post. Oh well. Let me know what you think of the new format. And say hello to me if you see me a any of these shows.


Dr. Something & The Poppin' Fresh Love Engines playing while dressed as Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem @ the Rererato photo taken directly from their myspace page
They play @ Mississippi Pizza on Wednesday