Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for October 7th

Hello Dear Readers,

I did not see the shows I listed yesterday. I took a break from music. I regret nothing. But if you are curious as to what I might be attending tonight, then I suggest you read on.

Wednesday, October 7th

The Egg is having a Bitch Media Clothing Swap event. The music is by Rainy States and Southern Belle. There will be FREE CUPCAKES (no joke). Both of these bands are bands that I have been meaning check out more. If I were to write a lazy description of these bands I would say that they are both rooted in the indie pop tradition of indie rock. If I tried to go a little further and actually describe their sounds I would say that I like the solid rhythm section with bouncy bass lines and tasteful fills on the drums. Plus their use of subtle vocal interplay goes a long way. Southern Belle I feel is a bit harder to describe. From listening to their myspace page, it would seem that there is more than one songwriter. If if had to guess I would say that they three songwriters. Their sound as far as I can tell can sound kinda acoustic and twangy of "Pacific", to like the new wave groves of the organ filled "Oh Tokyo", to the rock of "Shitlist" that is really interesting because it combines all three vocalists different styles at once (again with a lot of organ/keyboard interplay). And over all I would find it difficult to stand still while watching these bands. The show is $10 but only $7 if you bring clothes to swap. It all starts at 6 PM.

Holocene is having a show with Shelly Short, Glen Moore, and The Golden Bears. This is the album release for the short lady. It is called "A Cave, A Canoe". I have only heard a little bit of it but I am really impressed with it. She and her musical partners have created a palate of sounds where Shelly's voice seems to travel through your spine and exit your chest. I love it. Plus I am glad to hear Alexis Gideon's guitar playing. He used to play in Carcrashlander and I loved his seemingly calculated madness on the guitar. As far as Glen Moore, all I could find about him is that he is a jazz bassist. That sounds fine. It seems to me that I have heard good things regarding the music of The Golden Bears, but I am really down with Shelly Short. The show is $8 and starts at 8:30 PM.

If you see me at either of these shows, please say "Hi".


Shelly Short's album release is tonight at Holocene.

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