About Crappy Indie Music


Crappy Indie Music-- The Blog! was founded in 2007 by fierce music lover and social entrepreneur Goldie Davich.  Her dream was to have a no-holds-barred place for music bloggers to tell it like it is.  CIMTB became many people's go-to live music resource with Ben Meyercord's live music picks and Ryan Feigh's PDX rap knowledge. In 2009 Crappy acquired a crop of feisty bloggers, including Jess Gulbranson, who immediately began starting feuds with bands worldwide and interviewing some great people.  In 2011, the blog entered a transitional period, culminating in a fantastic concert at The Old Church, featuring Dr. Something's Poppin' Fresh Love Engines, Goldie's band Evil Doer, and an all-blogger supergroup doing some crazy covers!

Now in 2012, Goldie has handed the reins over to Jess, and the blog is coming back strong with a crop of new bloggers.  Here they are!

Heather- Cycle killer, qu'est-ce que c'est? 
Lee- our man in Weirdsville
Scott- desperately seeking Japanese country music.

Geoff- far too much tea.

Jess- your fearless editor.