Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hipster Runoff: A Blogger's Blog

Hipster Runoff is a music blog you can use and abuse. Hipster Runoff is doing it right. They break all of the bullshit blogger rules like "develop an online reputation"... there are tons of hilarious anonymous comments... plus they aren't BORING. The way they hate on Pitchfork is quite endearing.

Speaking of hipsters, I found another blog called The Panda Page with a blog post called: A Field Guide to Internet People: Hipsters

I'm sorry but when do the "punks" get to be called hipsters. I mean, come on. I went to the Romtom (is that what it's called?) on Sunday night and there was this small group of ugly hipster punks that made fun of me for asking if this place had Wi-Fi. You are wearing HAIR GEL and a belt made of AMMO and you think Wi-Fi is queer? I should have just taken a picture of them. I guess that is what I will do for next time.

Also from the blogosphere:
Portland institution Glass Candy has a wonderful article in Fader magazine I read an except of it on Dana Lauren Goldstien's blog . Good commentary on the creative arch of Glass Candy and their struggles with Portland media.


Ben Meyercords Live Music for April 28th to May 4th

Hello Dear Readers,

The Internet is crazy. Sometimes things disappear. But not really. Such is the case with my weekly show post for this week. I published it yesterday but then it went away. Thanks to St. Goldie and her knowledge of Google Reader. I have put a link to the original post here.



image courtesy of inventorspot

Monday, April 28, 2008


Here is a video of We're From Japan! at the Jackpot Records 10 year anniversary party. I know if you are at work you probably can't hear the QUALITY of the sound but you better just plug your ear buds into that little hole.

This awesome video is by Paper Cameras. I would like to offer up the idea: if you subscribe to this guys videos you will be delighted by the sights and sounds of awesome Portland music. Be sure to check out the Morgan Grace video. It's short, sweet and beatuiful! -- Ste. Goldie

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nick Leyva Vs. Dan Savage (CIMTB Exclusive Interview with VIDEO!)

Vancouver, WA indie music maker Nick Leyva tells his story about meeting Dan Savage of the popular advice column, blog and podcast called "Savage Love". This interview depicts the often blurry line between humor and harrasment.

Exhibit A:

Nick came to me as a friend to tell me his tale of confusion and possible legal troubles and I said "Holy Crap! This should be the first video I post on CIMTB!". This interview was filmed April 26th, 2008 very late at night. The gritty almost dark lighting reflects the "off the cuff" nature of this interview.

If this interview helps to heal the almost non existent relationship between Dan Savage (we're not worthy) and the young, delightful and talented Nick Leyva then my work as a blogger will not be in vain. -- Ste. Goldie

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gabriel Darling to DJ at Portland Radio Authority

Well she is... I just haven't found out exactly when.

" The Portland Radio Authority is a non-commercial, listener supported radio station. As a free form community media source, we are committed to bringing independent artistry and marginalized viewpoints into regional and international view. We aim to become a trusted source of current and historical music education, while serving as a reflection of the Portland Arts Community." - PRA Myspace

Wanna listen to some cool music while you are sitting at your computer?
Portland Radio Authority is streaming LIVE right now!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Indie Music Marketing: Blogs and Online Press Kits (and a plea for love)

The Joggers are on tour check out there blog and look at how awesome their Portland indie music blog is.

By the way if you are in a band and want to have a sweet online press kit check out the one AristeiA did posted on their blog...

Death and The Maiden by Egon Schiele

Dear Real and Imagined Readers of This Blog,

What I really wanted to blog about is:
We are not getting paid nor does this blog drive traffic to a business website (I wish there was a Crappy Indie Music Industries that would be hilarious). We drive traffic to other blogs and MUSICIANS AND BANDS...

If you blog about Portland Music and you are reading this blog please leave a comment. I would like to strongly encourage those of you who blog for local newspapers (ie; The Mercury or Willamette Week) to introduce yourself.

And if you leave a comment please feel strongly encouraged to use your name and add the url that would direct us to your blog. We love you. Why don't you love us?

-- Ste. Goldie

PS do it for the kids man

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for April 21st - 27th

Dear Readers,

Last Week I think that my favorite show was the Why?/Starfucker/Fall of Snow/Joe Von Appen thing last Friday at Holocene. All the bands played really well but honestly I think it was the inclusion of spoken word artist Joe Von Appen that pushed it over into a great show into an awesome show. It was a nice change from just music. Plus the guy was hilarious.

Any ways, there are incredible amounts of shows this week. Check out as many as you can. Y'know...if you want.

Monday, April 21st

Truth be known there is a non-Portland/'Couve show that I am tempted today. The Caribou and Fuck Buttons show at Doug Fir appeals to me. However if you want to keep it real (local). Peep these:
  • Valentine's is having a experimental music show featuring Inca Ore, Grouper, and Grandfather Claws. The darned thing is FREE. The Show Starts at 9 PM.
  • Tube is having a show featuring ultra-fun-to -watch Here Comes a Big Black Cloud. Though I have only seen them once at PDX Pop Now! 2007, it made a big enough impact to want to see them again. It will be interesting to see the band, who list eight members, in such a small space. They are playing with like minded New Thrill Parade (SF, CA). The show cost $3. The music starts at 9:30 PM
  • Or you could stay at home and let the show come to you via your radio or computer. Arya Imig's Sound Judgment show on KPSU is having Southern Belle play Live on the airwaves. You can listen on 1450 AM or online right here. The show is form 10 PM to 11 PM.
Tuesday, April 22nd

There are quite a few good ones on Tuesday. Choose wisely:
  • Mississippi Studios is having a show featuring David Karsten Daniels and Bennie Morrison. Why should you care? Because Justin Ringle (of Horse Feathers) is playing a solo set at the Show too. Plus I hear that Bennie Morrison plays sax in March Fourth, so it should be interesting to see what that will be like. The show costs $7-$8. The music starts at 8 PM.
  • Valentine's is having a good show on Tuesday. Graves, The Blank Tapes (Oakland), and Aidan Coughlan are all playing. I can vouch for Graves being good. I can also vouch for Valentine's shows also being consistently good. The show is FREE. The music starts sometime after 9 PM.
  • City Council candidate, Charles Lewis, is having throwing a show at Someday Lounge. It is called The Charles Lewis Concert. If features Alan Singley and Pants Machine, Mishka, Trio Subtronic, andQuivah. In addition to the music, he will be speaking and taking questions from the audience. Plus its FREE. The event starts at 8 PM.
  • Backspace is having a noise/experimental show on Tuesday. Excepter and Yellow Swans are both playing the show. Again, if you like Yellow Swans, this is one of their last shows as they are breaking up (later this summer). The show costs$8. The show is ALL AGES and starts at 7 PM.
Wednesday, April 23rd

One big show and a couple smaller shows:
  • The big show is Mirah and Spectratone International playing with Danbert Nobacon at The Mission Theater. Let me first say that I love me some Mirah music. Let me say secondly say that I have been a bit of a bad fan and have not listened to the album she is supporting for this. Apparently the songs are about the lives of bugs. There will be a multimedia show including stop motion films accompanying the performance. Sounds cool. The tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. The show starts at 7 PM (music to start at 8 PM).
  • Mississippi Pizza is having a pretty good show too. This one features Audie Darling, Leonard Mynx and Tom Thumb (Cape Cod). I have written about Both Audie and Leonard before and they both make lovely music (sometimes together). The interesting thing is that I randomly bought a Tom Thumb cd two weeks ago having never heard of him. Now he is playing in my town. He also writes good tunes, by the way. There is no listed cover (FREE?). The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The other smaller but good show is taking place at Tonic Lounge. Novels a French band will share the stage with Childlike Empress, and Air War. Novels have grunge as one of their listed genres. So does Childlike Empress. Match. Air War has Shoegaze as one of their listed genres. So does Childlike Empress. Match. If any of this sounds like you would enjoy it, then I would suggest you rally up some $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Thursday, April 24th

Good shows for you Portland area people:
  • David Dondero is a singer and a songwriter. You can make judgments from that statement or from the following one. He also is on Conor "Bright Eyes" Obert's imprint Team Love and is playing Holocene. He is also playing with a band backing him. Some very good Portland bands, A Weather (also on Team Love) and Aan are playing as well. The show will run you $7. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The Towne Lounge is having a good show. This one consists of The Friendly Skies, Pacific UV and Joust. I have seen and really enjoyed The Friendly Skies. I have heard good things regarding Pacific UV. And I liked the one song Joust has on their my space page. I predict an enjoyable evening for any one who attends. The show cost $5. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • However, if you wanted to grab a slice of pizza while you watched good music, I would suggest heading out to Mississippi Pizza. They have Gatos, The Bicycats (NY), and Love Menu (the only non-cat related band who is also the only band I had heard of). It should be good and is probably free (minus the pizza you order). The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The Know is a bar on Alberta St. They sometimes have bands play there. Thursday is one of those times. Check out the pop stylings of the caps! I am pretty sure that there is no cover at the Know. The show is listed as starting at 8 PM.
Friday, April 25th

Many shows to choose from:
  • KPSU is having a live performance by Nick Carceres as part of their show called The Hour Long. My guess is that is is an hour long. It is on you radio at 1450 AM or here. The show starts at 6PM.
  • If you like what you hear from that radio performance, or if you missed that radio performance, then you can see Nick Carceres perform at Clinton St. Pub with Will Carpenter and Mr. Free and The Satellite Freakout! (Tuscon). This apropriately enough is FREE. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • The Artistery is having a benefit for Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls. They have lined up LKN, Xpodntocolrs, and Sick Sick Sister. Admittedly, I have only heard LKN. But it is for a very good cause, so you should check it out. The ALL AGES show is has a sliding scale price of $5-$10. The music starts at 8 PM.
  • Ground Kontrol is the location in the latest KPSU related awesome show. This one celebrates issue #3 of the KPSU magazine/program guide. The show offers the music of Strangers Die Every Day, New Century School Book, Dance Terror, and The Buttfrenchers. Interesting fact: AristeiA bought a guitar amp and cabinet from The Buttfuckers just months ago. The cover is $5. The music starts at 8:30 PM.
  • Backspace has been getting some pretty hot shows lately (see Tuesday). Friday they have BARR (LA), Pwrfl Power (Seattle), Alexis Gideon, and Over the Atlantic (Brooklyn). We have some major cities represented at the show. I guess you can sort of think of it as a sampler of what is going on in popular music on a nation wide scale. I have seen Alexis play in Carcrashlander but this apparently is very different (rumors of stop motion films abound). All for just $8. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • Kelly's Olympian is having a show with Tractor Operator, Excellence, and Yeltsin. I like me some Tractor Operator. Maybe you will also. I just listened to the other bands. They sound good too (Indie-Rock!). This is the Portland cd release show for their album A Closer Walk with Yeltsin. The show is $5 . The show starts at 10 PM.
  • East End is having a pop night on Friday. Their show includes the pop numbers of Soft Tags, The Vulturines, and The Fall Colors. Also there is supposedly a super famous guest appearing. Might be worth checking out. The show is $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Saturday, April 26th

Too many shows to choose from:
  • The show I am going to for sure is the early Loch Lomond show at Mississippi Studios. Y La Bamba will be opening up and debuting her new band which includes drums, glockenspiel, accordion, two guitars, bass, and three part harmonies. It will be awesome. There is also a late show for Loch Lomond where Holcombe Waller will open. If you have not seen Loch Lomond live, you are missing out. It is truly incredible to see their music recreated in a live setting. Both shows are $10-$12. The early show is at 7 PM. The late show is at 10 PM.
  • Also in North Portland, The Waypost is having a really cool show. Sweeping Exits, Museum, and Church are all playing as part of a series of shows that Arya Imig puts on at The Waypost on the last Friday of every month (at least I think thats the deal). Also I want to express again that I really like Church. The show is ALL AGES and FREE. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • Boy Gorilla, the very talented and young musician label/collective(?) is having a showcase at the Towne Lounge on Friday. Ghosties, Southern Belle, and The Black Black Black are all playing. It is as they used to say, "all good". The show will only set you back $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Kelly's Olympian has a show worth checking out too. It involves Michael the Blind, Thanks Kipp, and Ladies & Gentlemen. I have saw Michael the Blind at one of the WWeek's Lounge series and was rather impressed. The show costs $5. It begins at 10 PM.
  • Someday Lounge is having a pretty quality show on Friday with Jackie-O Motherfucker, Indian Jewelry (they claim Afgahnistan but I don't believe them), Ill Ease (Brooklyn), and Cexfucx. Check out this quote from Liz Armstrong of the Chicago Reader, "Indian Jewelry plays the kind of music I want to hear in my head during sex". Sold. The show is $8. The music starts at 9 :30 PM.
  • The Doug Fir is having Point Juncture, WA play with The Lymbyc System (Austin/Phoenix) and Head Like a Kite. Point Juncture is real good like. I have no idea about the other bands, but the Doug Fir claims all to be Dream-core. The cover is $8. The start time is 9 PM.
  • The Artistery is hosting a diverse show with Late Night Curly, D Numbers, and Gejius. All of the acts are of the "doing their own thing" variety of music. It should be pretty enjoyable. The ALL AGES show is $6. The music starts at 8 PM.
  • East End is hosting Pre (UK), The Mae Shi (LA), Panther, and Fist Fite. I could find nothing on Pre . But I really enjoyed the sound of Mae Shi. Most shows at East End are $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Sunday, April 27th

I found three shows. But they are all really good shows. I do not know which I should go to. They are both so appealing. If you are under 21, the choice is easy. Go to the ALL AGES on. But I'm 26. I could go to either of the other two. I keep swinging from one show to the other and then to the other in my mind. I guess I will leave it up to fate.
So there you have your good shows list. I hope you make it to some. I already know that I am going to miss several great shows this week, so help a guy and see the ones I don't. As always, if you see me at any of these shows come up and say hi. Have a great week.


Y La Bamba plays the early Loch Lomond Show at Mississippi Studios on Saturday. Nice.
photo from Y La Bamba's Myspace.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

P.I.M.P. featuring music by George Turner

Friday night I went to Hollywood Theater and saw Portland Instant Movie Project (P.I.M.P.) ,formally called the Netrino Project, a comedy improv/live film by Curious Productions.

Why then, was I not surprised to see George Turner sitting in the corner playing music? Comedy + film scoring + live accompaniment = George Turner. This guys is EVERYWHERE!!! Here is a list of bands that George is in, but there are many more (if you know of anything else he is currently doing please be sure to leave a comment!):

Sketchy Ted
My Fellow Traveller
Dead Beetles
David Bryan Wilson

photo credit: Tricia Beck took it at Dante's in February

You might also recognize him from shows he played with AristeiA! -- Ste. Goldie

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blogs We Love: Gaycondo does Portland band Chores

I found a great Portland music blog post about the Portland band called Chores.
(sorry Ben Meyercord but I never heard of them and then I did a CIMTB search *yay new Google custom search bar* and realized you totally know who they are, once again proving if i actually read all of your posts i would be beyond well informed...) Anyway it's a great blog post with a very nice interview from Chores and I want to share it with y'all. -- Ste. Goldie


An excerpt from GAYCONDO (that's the name of the blog):

CHORES are fun. Or at least the band, Chores, attempts to transform the mediocre aspects of everyday life into a elated indie rock sound that will hopefully make your day a little easier. Portland, Oregon brought the four members together from various pinpoints of the States. Chores have an eclectic sound that ranges from working class jam band to art rock funk nostalgic to Television or Yo La Tengo. The past year has been quite successful as they self released a 5 song EP, Life Is Hard, have gained a noteworthy collection of local press clips, ventured out of lush Oregon into California and most importantly, have inspired people to dance! Lucky for us, Chores hasn’t let all the excitement inflate their ego and spent a great deal of time providing tragic answers to tragic questions. Click here to read Interview ...

**image from GAYCONDO

Attention Vantucky: All Ages Show Friday April 18th, 2008

Free Music Delivery in Salmon Creek, WA

Peet's Coffee
13307 NE Highway 99 # 115
Vancouver, WA
(360) 576-9052

This Friday April 18th, 2008

Vancouver musicians Pearl District, The Promise Hold, and Red Spades

Red Spades, image from their myspace page

Ben says there is an all ages Portland music show on Saturday night.

Know of more all ages shows happening this week leave a comment and tell us about it. Please besure to post a link with more info if you can :-) -- Ste. Goldie

Re: Ben Meyercord's live picks for Saturday 19th aka Rererato Not Closed!

Hello dear reader,

I just received an email from The Online Romance (I am on their email list). In the email I read two very good things that I would like to share with everyone.

  1. Rererato is not closed despite the recent press.

  2. The Online Romance is playing on Saturday for Rererato's Greand re-Opening!

There are two other bands playing as well, Whispering Pines, and The Rainy States (Southern Belle will not be playing despite what Rererato's website might indicate). The show is $4 and is ALL AGES. There will also be a gallery of art by the owners of the space Adam Keller and Stephanie Simek. It all starts at 7 PM sharp. This because they only have until 10 PM to have shows.

Okay. See you later,


The Online Romance play on Saturday!
Photo by Sam Brosnan.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for April 14th -20th

Hello dear readers,

Last week was great wasn't it. I went to three of the 30 something shows I listed. They were all fantastic. Especially the 31 Knots, Joggers, and Experimental Dental School show. They were all fantastic. But guess what. There are even more cool shows this week. Some of them will be, dare I say, fantastic. Check it:

Monday, April 14th

You want local music? You got it:
  • Yellow Swans have announced that they are breaking up. Luckily they have a lot of shows booked, so you can still catch their brand of oddly gorgeous Noise music. Tonight they are playing Branx with Sissy Spacek (LA), Knelt Rote, Verlatin, and Superbad. I guessing these are noise bands too. I can't seem to find any info. on them so, whatev's. It will be LOUD. Like, LOL, ridiculous, LOUD. The shows is $6 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Valentine's is consistently having good shows. It seems like I am consistently missing them. Do not make my mistakes. Tonight they are having Ohioan play. I think. If not then I am sure somebody is. Probably Free. Probably after 9 PM.
  • Chaos Cafe is having a show tonight featuring Mr. Fredrick (featuring a member of Starfucker). This should be pretty cool. It is also pretty FREE and pretty ALL AGES. The show is listed as starting at 8 PM.
  • Or if you just want to stay in and get your local music, you can tune into Arya Imig's Sound Judgment on KPSU either on the Internet here or on 1450 AM on your radio. There will be an on-air performance by Hutch and Kathy (of The Thermals). The show starts at 10 PM and will last one hour.
Tuesday, April 15th

There are a ridiculously good shows happening simultaneously on Tuesday:
Wednesday, April 16th

This is the haps:
Thursday, April 17th

David Bazan (Pedro The Lion) and Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters and Sun Kill Moon) are playing the Aladdin Theater. It is not a local show but I thought some people might be interested. There are only a couple local shows I am interested in on Thursday:
  • Doug Fir is having pretty one of the more popular rock surf garage bands, Southern Culture on the Skids (Chapel Hill) play here in town. I am not a huge fan. But I am interested in the openers Bark Hide and Horn. They have a new album that just came out and will be selling at this show. The show costs $15.
  • Speaking of Southern things (check out this sweet segue), Southern Belle will be performing at Dunes on Thursday. I am unsure if anyone else will be playing. Actually, Dunes doesn't even have them listed. But shows at Dunes are always FREE, so whats the harm? The show will or will not be happening at 11 PM.
Friday, April 18th

Lots of great shows are happening on Friday:
  • The one I am going to and have been anticipating for many months is the Why? show at Holocene. All of the opening acts are from Porltand: Starfucker, Fall of Snow, and Jon Von Appen (performance artist). All acts are really diverse which will make for a really entertaining show. The cost is $8. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • There is also an amazing gathering of Portland musicians at The Modern Age (PSU's ALL AGES venue). Hutch and Kathy (of The Thermals), Strength, Reporter, Typhoon, and The Vonneguts are all playing. This is a lot of talent for one show. It only costs $3-$6 to enter. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • Some of you all may have heard of the Wordless Music Series (NY). Well, it looks like they are having some West Coast shows here in Portland. Friday night has Eluvium and chamber music ensemble Third Angle performing at The Old Church in cordination with the series. I have only seen Eluvium once and it was the almost the loudest thing I have ever witnessed (second only to Yellow Swans at PDX Pop last year). It really turned me off. But he makes such beautiful music that I am more than willing to give him another chance.
  • Exit Only is also having a show on Friday. I want to check out this venue. All I know about it so far is that it is ALL AGES and is in a wherehouse. It sounds awesome. Alexis Gideon will be playing with Travis Wiggins (of Please Step Out of The Vehicle) and Bombs Into You. This should be a fun show. There is no mention of a cover. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • There is a show at Artistery too. They have Team Evil (members of Point Juncture, WA), Swim Swam Swum, and target=_blankPatterns. I have seen Swim Swam Swum before and I dug it. Which is why I am suggesting it. The show costs $6 and is ALL AGES. The music begins at 8 PM.
  • Friday is also your second chance to see Daniel Johnston and Gregory Miles Harris. This show is ALL AGES at the Wonder Ballroom. I think it is SOLD OUT. So unless you are savvy enough to deal with ticket scalpers (I am not), I suggest going to one of the shows that I listed above.
Saturday, April 19th

It is kind of slim pickings as far as shows I am interested in (again if I am missing something please feel free to comment):
Sunday, April 20th

There is some shows going on to wind out weekend. Check them out maybe?:
  • KPSU is having Pledge Drive stuff all this week (check here for details). As part that push, they are putting on some pretty good shows. Like at Someday, they are having Soriah, Metal, Eet, and Childhood Friends play. While I have only seen Metal (they were good and ambient with projection of films over them), I can say that it will probably be good. Plus KPSU is very supportive of local music. So, if you are supportive of them, you are supportive of local music. Are you following me? The show costs $5. the show starts at 9 PM.
  • KPSU is also putting a show at Town Lounge featuring Souterly, Yoyodine, and William Carpenter's Towering Trees. Southerly is pretty good, and is a busy guy. This will be the last time you can see him perform before he goes on a European tour. This show is also $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Or you could not support them and see a show at Valentine's. This show features Oregon Painting Society, Pixie Storm and the Stand-up Shaman, and Plastic Pussy. All fantastic band names. All FREE. The show starts at 9 PM.
So that is what looks good to me this week. If you can make it to even just a fraction of these shows, you will most likely be in a good place in your life. Right? Anyway, if you see me at any of these shows, please say hello. Have a great week.


Fall of Snow plays with Why? and Starfucker on Friday. Kick Ass.
photo from the Fall of Snow myspace page

Attention CIMTB Peeps! Google Reader is my best friend!

Google Reader allows me to find out when people are blogging about all kinds of things. I've always wanted this community of bloggers to stay in the loop. But you don't have to. I just want you to know how easy it is to be the most informed Portland music blog.

On the right hand side of this page I've posted a sweet widget of some feeds I think you might be interested in . If you have a couple minutes to read someone else's music blog you should totally do it. Especially try to check out our friends at Northwest Noise. I've conveniently listed a bunch of links to other Portland music bloggers.

Click on one of the links and it will redirect you to a new page. If you use "tabs" you can right click and "open in a new tab". You can also click on "read more" and be redirected to the full page.

Remember if you are going to leave a comment on another blog, you are a guest in their home. For example Northwest Noise doesn't like it when you tell them their favorite song is shitty... They won't publish your comment. Try being nice first and then if someone has posted something you really can't stand I guess just ignore it.

CIMTB peeps. Let's get tight with our PDX brothers and sisters and show them that it's OKAY to have an online community of bloggers. That it will actually help everyone and we will all end up with better content.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blogging LIVE from "Hollow Scene"

Aristeia is so frickin' ssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyy and hot.

Deal with it.

So like where the hell are you? (yeah you bitch)

You're not here because this place is near empty. But that's cool because it's "hump day".

Ste. Goldie

PS -- I'm pretty sure there are many of you out there who can post a better blog than this so why don't you blog with us? You know you are the bomb... why don't you prove it?!?!??!??!?!?

starfucker's pickin up the slack....


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Log Love Part 3

photo: Starfucker?

OK, so it looks like this final installment of the Dykeritz/Dat'r/Starfucker show will be a bit underwhelming/anti-climactic. Upon revisiting the rest of my footage it seems I can only blame myself the good people @ Dewar's whiskey.

So yeah, due to recently making a valiant attempt to quit smoking I have been limiting my social interactions considerably lately. That said, I played in Dykeritz for 5 years, up until this very show, so there was no way I was going to miss it. Particularly as I remain great friends with everyone in the band. Although it might not be a bad idea to create some fake drama to sell more records? Nah. Scratch that noise.

However, note to self: Just because Dewar's is promoting the show does not mean that you must partake in said libations until you are no longer able to operate a camera properly. I think it was Tommy D himself who said, "If you get to the top on your own - who'll take the picture?" And the answer in this case is drunken me, and not well enough to post any of it. Which is a shame as the Starfucker set was truly the highlight of my night. So the next time they play I will be there to capture their set properly. As I did @ their last set @ pdx-pop.But my boy Tommy D also said, "Making a mistake is also an achievement" so I got his back on that.

I also learned that the correct pronunciation of the whiskey is "Doo-erz" and not "Duh-warz" much to my embarrassment. Upon ordering my first I was greeted by a sad shake of the head and a look of pity as the bartender corrected me. But I didn't sweat the attitude at all. I think it's funny when people at my work order the "holy mole" burrito (it rhymes people) as the holy MOLE (like the animal). Maybe if they had a similar rhyming scheme in place (shot of Dewar's with a back of Coors perhaps?), I wouldn't have got it twisted.

Ok lastly, I saw on the Doug Fir website the day of the show that Dykeritz was listed as "a cross between the Beach Boys and the Junior Boys." And I had never heard of the latter band until I did some research.

So I posed the question backstage to Alex and Jordan.....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for April 7th -13th

Hello Dear readers,

First off, I would like to apologize for omitting a pretty kick ass show that occurred on Friday. Some of you may have been there. I was not. I am of course referencing the FREE Kill Rock Stars Showcase that went down at Holocene. It featured Panther, New Bloods, and Horse Feathers (all of whom recently signed to the label). Do not fret I am sure they will play again soon (this week for Panther).

But enough dwelling in the past, let us look forward. There are a lot of ridiculously good shows this week, so look alive!

Monday, April 7th

Here is some of the good stuff:
  • Exit Only has only been open a short time, but it has already, in my book, developed itself as one of the more notable ALL AGES venues. Tonight they having some really good bands play. Carcrashlander, Ohioan & Circleville Squaring Co. (formerly Ohioan & Kin), Down South Sallie, and Nadine Mooney all perform. I have heard good things about Ohioan & Circleville Squaring Co., and I have been a very gracious witness to both Carcrashlander and Down South Sallie. Trust me. This is a very good show. The cover is $5 for the ALL AGES show. It starts at 8 PM.
  • Holocene is having a pretty sweet show tonight, that is if you like rock music (let's be honest, some of you don't). Danava, Portland's answer to Black Sabbath, is opening for Acid Mothers Temple who apparently is a Japanese psychedelic noise freak group. Sound good? There is a $10 cover. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Also, Valentines is having a show by Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! an experimental post-punk group who have likened their sound to "God Screaming". Better Homes and Gardens (indie Jazz improv group with members of Blue Cranes, The Decemberists and The Evolutionary Jass Band) and Tunnels are also on the bill. Does this interest you? The show is FREE and starts sometime after 9 PM.
  • Tube is putting on one of its super crammed but usually good shows tonight. This one features Modernstate and Bodhi. Local Portland indie-rock. The FREE show starts at 10 PM.
Tuesday, April 8th

Here is some more goodness for you ears and eyes (if applicable):
  • The can't miss show for Tuesday night is taking place at the Artistery in the form of a Parenthetical Girls/Pwrfl Power bill (get it, power bill...Ah, I kill me). The two bands are both have albums out on Slendor Means Society label and appear to be going on tour together in May. This should be a good preview. AAN and Dominique Leone (San Fran) also play. Parenthetical Girls are hands down one of the best bands in Portland and they do not play too often. Maybe that would change if more people went to their shows. I have friends say that Pwrfl Power from Seattle is really good. They are playing later this week, but this is when you should catch them. The Show is $6 and ALL AGES. The doors are at 7:30PM.
  • Also in the group that doesn't play to often, is Corrina Repp. To be fair it is because of her new band Tu Fawning ( with Joe Haege 0f 31 Knots) who does play a fair amount of shows. Regardles she is playing a show with David Karsten (Seatlle) and Matt Sheehy at Mississippi Studios. The cover is $7-$8. The show begins at 8 PM.
  • Valentines has some good bands playing on Tuesday too. Ora Cogan (Vancouver, B.C.), Ah Holly Fam'ly, Gabriel Soloman and Aja Rose (San Fran?), and Matress are playing. FREE? The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The Portland Center Stage is having an after Party for their production of Sometime a Greta Notion at The Gerding Theater Armory. They were kind enough to ask Bark Hide & Horn to play too. Basically the the Theater is doing a bundled deal where you pay $20 and get to see the play and attend the after party with the previously mentioned music plus cocktails and d’oeuvres and such. Very good deal. The play starts at 7:30. The music is at 9 PM.
  • Plus there is the Open Mic that occurs every Tuesday at Zilla Sake on Alberta. Y La Bamba hosts and plays. It is worth it just to see her. The sign-up is at 7:30 PM; music starts at 8 PM.
Wednesday, April 9th

There are so many good shows on Wednesday:
  • The best show for your money (bias alert!) is going to be at Holocene. We're From Japan!, and AristeiA are some of Portland's finest. They are playing with touring Silian Rail from San Francisco. The music will be beautiful and epic and largely instrumental. Warning: it will also rock HARD at times too. The cover is $5. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Doug Fir also has pretty good line up too. Scout Niblett is playing with Holy Sons (Emil of Grails, OM, and Dolorean fame) and Oregon Painting Society. Holy Sons doesn't play out very often, so it is kinda of a special occasion. Turns out Holy Sons is going to be touring with Scout for a bit. The cover is $10. The music starts promptly at 9 PM.
  • The Chaos Cafe has a good show to offer as well. David Evan's New Band will be playing along with a few of their friends Julie Rose and The Hand That Bleeds. They should all put on exceptional performances. And its FREE. The ALL AGES show is scheduled to start at 8 PM.
  • I will darned if Mississippi Pizza doesn't also have a good local line up. This one consists of Barons in Trees, Miwa Gemini, Shelby Sifers, and Nathan Moomaw. Though I can only vouch for Shelby Sifers, she is good enough to check out the whole show. There is no cover that I am aware of, but you should bring some money anyway to buy cds from those who have them available. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Someday Lounge has some good music they you may have already seen this week. They will reprise the Pwrfl Power (Seattle) and Dominique Leone (San Fran) pairing along with local staple Modernstate and New Zealand's Bachelorette. If you did not see Modernstate earlier in the week, nows your second chance. There is a $6 cover. The show starts at 9 PM.
Thursday, April 10th

This is whats the what for Thursday:

Friday, April 11th

Fridays have been full of good shows lately. Take for example the seven shows (that is one weeks worth of shows in one night, folks) I want to attend this Friday:
  • The one I will end up going to, I am very pleased to say, is the Grails/31 Knots show at Doug Fir. Both of these Portland bands are amazing. When I first learned of this show forever ago the excitement started. I am unsure if I will make it to Friday before I lose my shit. But if I do then I most assuredly will lose my shit at the show. Experimental Dental School, a portland band who I had never heard of until now is opening up the show. The cover is $10. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • It kinda sucks though, because there are some benefits that I would like to support. Like the MF Magazine show at Red Room that will benefit abused women. CIMTB mastermind, Ste. Goldie made a post about this a little while back. The bands playing are Hymns For The Drowning, ROLLERBALL, and Abigail Adams. There is no cover, so you should drink your ass off for the cause. Or just order a lot of Food again, for the cause.
  • The other benefit tonight is taking place at Someday Lounge and benefits The Portland Rescue Mission who in turn benefit the homeless of Portland. The bands scheduled to play tonight are OHIOAN, TRACTOR OPERATOR, THE MORALS, ZETAMAN, and more. There is a $5 cover. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • There are also some ALL AGES shows happening tonight. For instance, The Portland Cello Project is performing at The Aladdin Theater. As per usual they have several Portland songwriters/bands in tow. This time around they will be backing Stephanie Schneiderman, Rick Emerson, Weindland, and The Builders and The Butchers. The tickets are $10-$12. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • The other ALL AGES show is at Backspace in Old Town. Panther, Starfucker, and White Fang will all be playing. This will in all likelihood be awesome. Just so you know. There is a $7 cover. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • East End also has a show brewing on Friday. It involves King Brothers (Japan), Shellshag (NYC), and local rocker LKN. The show probably has a cover, though it is not listed. The show time is 9 PM.
Saturday, April 12th

Another day another list of shows. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? (so many good shows, rejoice the fact that you live in a town with good music):
  • The show I will attend if I get that opportunity is most definitely the A Weather/Carcrashlander show. I most likey will not be able to catch Carcrashlander on Monday, so the chance to see them on Saturday excites me. As does the fact that they are playing with A Weather. I listen to their album, Cove, a lot (because its so good). This is the official album release show for them. It will be a blast. The show is happening at Mississippi Studios. There will be a $7-$8 cover. The music starts at 10 PM.
  • Another undoubtedly good show is taking place at The Aladdin Theater as they host another installment of the OPB broadcast Live Wire! radio program. This one is headlined by Portland's own Laura Veirs and has Seattle's Grand Archives performing as well as other things non-musical (for instance FREDERICK SHILLING - Founder of Dagoba Chocolates from Ashland). You can click on the webpage for all of the details. To be in the audience will cost you $15. Otherwise just tune in on your radio or computer. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • There is a more energetic show occurring at Towne Lounge, if that is more your thing. Reporter, Vanashing Kids, and Fist Fite will be rocking the joint. There is a $5 cover. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • While there are no benefit shows on Saturday, I know of at least one fund raising show. I am referencing the show at Someday Lounge. Bark Hide & Horn are playing with Andy Combs and the Moth in order to raise money for Belmont, The Movie. It is a feature length narrative that is set somewhere in Portland (Belmont?). I have heard good things about Bark Hide & Horn's live show. I know for a fact that Andy Combs and the Moth are really fun to watch and hear play in a live setting. There is a $7 cover, with the show starting at 9 PM.
Sunday, April 13th

Most of you will probably want to to go to the Cat Power show at The Roseland (I know I will want to go). But, there is always the chance that the show might sell out. Or that you might not like Cat Power. Either way, these are the local shows for Sunday:
  • Shelly Short is playing her CD release party at Someday Lounge. She makes good folk-pop music, which probably means that the CD she is releasing (or that Hush is releasing on the 22nd) will also be good. Two Sheds (CA) and Minmae open. The show costs $6. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • It looks like East End is having a pretty good show involving Ah Holly Fam'ly and Justin Power. Both make folk influenced music of the good variety. There is no indication of a cover fee. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Or you could go to Valentines for the Cassette release party for Hammer of Hathor. They will be playing as well as Problems? and Why Must I be Careful. It is refreshing for someone to have a cassette release (or is that just my nostalgia for cassettes?). Regardless, the show is FREE. It will get started some time after 9 PM.

So there you go. Another Awesome week of shows. I hope to make some. I hope you have a good week regardless of how many shows you do or do not attend. But if you do go to a show and you see me there, make sure you say hi.


31 Knots play the Doug Fir on Friday with Grails and Experimental Dental School. Sweet.
Photo by Bagelradio

Log Love Part 2

Yes Yes Y'all.

I finally figured out the video conversion.

That said, it's almost 3am and I'm a notorious sleep slut

So the final Part 3 will be up manyana.

In the meantime, stay fresh like vegetables.

The final song of the Dykeritz set.................

Log Love Part 1


photo: Dat'r

Saturday night I attended the all-local band showcase of Dykeritz/Dat'r/Starfucker @ the Doug Fir and had a blast. I was also able to capture some video snippets, which I was hoping to post links to here tonight. However it's been a while since I've worked out the camera->imovie->youtube transition. So I've still got a little bit of work to do before I can get that up here. (Insert imaginary video of me here. Shaking a dramatic fist to the Heavens that contain the Gods of Love/Hate Relationships With Technology).

Without giving too much away re: the post that is to follow, Dykeritz impressed with a solid art pop set of brand new material and their first show with the new 3-piece lineup, Dat'r got people moving with their high-energy freakout, and Starfucker batted cleanup and knocked it out the park.

Backstage in the green room, it was the friendliest atmosphere I've ever witnessed. Usually there's a slightly passive/aggressive "Hey nice to meet you." (but our band is gonna blow you away) competitive vibe in which the bands say little to each other because they really don't know each other and frankly don't want to. And sometimes even more awkward is the too friendly end of the spectrum.

But more on all of that soon.

P.S. Anyone know who the secret guest @ the Towne Lounge show was that night? If only I could've been two places at once....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for April 28th to May 4th

Hello dear Readers,

Last week I only ended up making it to like three shows. But they were all good. Really Good. Friday I caught the end of Strangers Die Everyday (Gorgeous music) at Ground Control and stayed for Dance Terror (Fun music). Sadly I missed New Century Schoolbook (features CIMTB contributor Amber Dawn), but I had a nice conversation with Steve of that band and I am assured they will play again. Soon.

Enough of the pas though. Lets focus on whats happening this week:

Monday, April 28th:

I got two good ones for you to check out:
  • Valentine's,the undisputed King of free awesome music, is having a really good show tonight. William Holley and Tex Winters The Holy Mountain Band are playing. I have wanted to see William Holley since I first checked out his myspace page some time ago. He makes that oh-so-good kind of folk-pop. Tex Winters has his own enjoyable take on pop music too. 'Cept now that he has a band it might be more rocking. The show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM.
  • Towne Lounge is also having a good show. Theirs features We Vs. The Shark (Athens), Alexis Gideon, and The Escapists. A diverse show for those with a diverse musical tastes. We vs. The Shark is kind of spazzy punk, Alexis makes kinda weird hip-hop, and The Escapists make spaghetti western type of instrumental rock. Nice. The show is $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
Tuesday, April 29th

There is a lot going on for a Tuesday. In fact, there is even a out of town act that is very tempting too (Nina Nastasia at Mississippi Studios). But here is whats happening with the local acts:
  • Rotture has some good shows this week. They kick off the week with D Numbers (Santa Fe), Strangers Die Everyday, and Blue Cranes. This is part of the Mancampus series of shows held at Rotture. You may have seen D Numbers last week at Artistery as I listed it there. As I said earlier I caught the end of Strangers Die Everyday at Ground Control las Friday and it was gorgeous (2 violas, on cello, drums and bass=awesome). And the Blue Cranes play the kind of jazz that is suitable for rock clubs. This isn't loungey cocktail singing fair. In fact there is no singing at all. All three bands for $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Did you know that Pix Patissere (North) sometimes has shows? Well, they do. They call the series of shows Guitar Pix (get it?). On tuesday, they have both Super XX Man and Ali Wesley playing sets. Super XX Man is Scott Garred's band which plays endearing soft-pop music. Looks like Super XX Man will be playing this every Last Tuesday of the month for the foreseeable future. It is FREE too. The music is scheduled to last from 8 PM until 10 PM.
  • Towne Lounge is hosting Ferocious Eagle as they play a show with His Mischief (St. Paul), Low Red Land (San Francisco), and Wax Fingers. All of these bands have different interpretations of Rock. I do not have the vocabulary to describe them all, but they are all valid. The show is $5. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Of course, there is also the Incubator at Someday Lounge (hosted by CIMTB contributer Gabriel Darling). This get started at 9-ish and goes until 12-ish. So get your open stage on.
  • And don't forget Zilla Sake if you want a variety of music in a pretty chilled atmosphere. Their open mic is every Tuesday and is hosted by Y La Bamba. Sign up at 7:30, music at 8 PM.
Wednesday, April 30th

Only a few things of note. But they are certainly worth noting:
  • Rotture is having a benefit for Darcy Davidson featuring Reporter, Sukey Tawdry, Dragging an Ox Through Water,and Luis Soto. I looked into who Darcy Davidson and I found out that she is battling cancer for the second time. Report urges people to "please support this cause even if you don’t know Darcy because she is a sweetheart and this is all for her." Fair enough. Especially with that lineup. I have heard nothing but amazing things about all of these bands except Luis Soto whom I have never heard of. He seems to keep good company though. The benefit cost only $6. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • It looks as though there is going to be a show in one of Portland's recording studios on Wednesday. Vampire Hands (Minneapolis), Experimental Dental School, William Carpenter's Towering Trees, and Cotillion play at The Color Lab (NW 19th and Lovejoy). I have not been inside Color Lab and I don't think all that many people have. This is the first show I have heard of being held at the studio. You may have read about how I enjoyed Experimental Denatl School when they opened up for 31 Knots a while back. They play kind of Deerhoofy music. The guitar guys has like six pickups in a guitar bass hybrid that appears to be homemade from a Gibson SG. It is crazy. The show is ALL AGES and FREE. It starts at 8 PM.
Thursday, May 1st

There is some quality stuff happening tonight:
  • The big show that is happening on Thursday is Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks. This is awesome. But there is more awesome because Joggers are opening the show. Although there are only two bands I can safely say that they will bring enough rock for like... I don't know, ten bands. Plus Joggers have a tour only ep full of rarities and such. They will play at the Wonder Ballroom. The ALL AGES show costs $17 (plus service charge?). The show starts at 8 PM.
  • Towne Lounge also has a choice show of Fall of Snow, Morose Ghost, and Hide & Go Hustle. This marks the end of the FOS/Morose Ghost tour. She started the tour off hot (with Starfucker, and so it will end hot (with Hide & Go Hustle). Well done Fall of Snow. Well Done indeed. The show is $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Something that you might have noticed about Thursday is that it is the first one of the month. That means a bunch of crazy art stuff is going on. For example at the Tender Loving Empire store, there will be live performances by The Online Romance and Electric Blanket (I think this is the correct band). It should be interesting to see how they will fit TOR in the store (last I checked the store was kinda small and there were six people in the band). There will also be prints and comics by the Robopocalypse Collective. This ALL AGES event is FREE. The music is scheduled to start at 8 PM.
  • Other First Thursday events include a bit of Portlantronica (a word I just made up to describe music that is both local to Portland and electronic in nature) via Strategy at Ground Kontrol. This event is FREE. The music starts at 7 PM.
  • There is more Portlantronica at Holocene. Since The Field (Sweden) canceled their performance (USA did want them), Holocene has decided to put on a FREE show full of Portlantronica. Arohan (half of mori), Atole, and DJ Philip Sherburne. Come get your dance on. Its FREE. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Rotture has a good show too. They have Crypticize (CA) playing along side The Dead Science (Seattle), and Ghost to Falco. Let me just break this show down like this. Cyptocize has Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof and current of The Curtains) and Ghost to Falco just about rules it. This show is $7. The show starts at 9 PM.
Friday, May 2nd

There is music to hear. Here it is:
  • Folk phenomenon, Vetiver (San Francisco), is having a show here in Portland. Kelly Stoltz (San Fransisco) and The Battle of Land andSea are opening. I saw The Battle of Land and Sea play along side Y La Bamba and Kele Goodwin just before they moved here. They were really good. I glad things seem to be going well for them. They are all playing at the Roseland Grill. The show will cost $13 (possibly a service charge as well). It is an ALL AGES show, so it starts at 8 PM.
  • The Doug Fir is having the indie-rock orchestra, Dark Meat (Athens), play with local Folk Rock outfit Musee Mecanique. I have been wanting to see Musee Mecanique for probably a year now. Who knows may be I will make it this time. The show is $8. The music starts at $8 sharp.
  • Guess what. There is another Portlantronica (i love making up words) show at Holocene on Friday too. This one is features Strength, Flaspar, Hard Place, and Linger and Quiet. Long live Portlantronica! The show is $5. It starts at 8 PM.
  • The Know is having a really good show on Friday. Dragging an Ox Through Water, Jippedo, and The Steven Lasombres. I say that having only hear Dragging an Ox Through Water. But seriously, the last I heard he was creating his own instruments. How cool is that? The show is probably FREE. It starts at 7:30 PM.
Saturday, May 3rd

Tons of shows and hard decisions = my life:
Sunday, May 4th

After all those shows you went to, or tried to go to, or didn't go to, it would probably be nice to take it easy. But I will say that:

So I hope you make it to at least a fraction of the shows I have listed. And please say hi if you see me at any of these shows. Have a good week.


Dragging an Ox Through water plays twice this week. Nice.
photo courtesy of urbanhonking