Saturday, October 24, 2009

BAT COUNTRY!!! Volume 2

So after stacking the beginning of the last installment with cool new videos and degrading into sheer weirdness, I got to thinking about what exactly it was that I was trying to accomplish here. Still not having figured it out, here are some crazy-ass videos that I either found on a whim or have been pestering people with for a long time.

This one originates, as I recall, on metafilter. Heard it a long time ago but didn't know there was a video.

And in a corollary to the last Turn My Headphones Up! it's shot on location in Portland, apparently.

Hey, it's Prong's old bass player Mike Kirkland, smoking that same cigar from like 20 years ago!

The New Evils "The Way"

Soundco Records | MySpace Video

I really like this song. And band, too, I think.

This guy has the Bowie thing goin', so I was trying to portmanteau 'ninja' and 'Ziggy' but...

"Golden shining ninja light." Wait... what?

The man... the myth... the Frenchman.

That's my former bandmate Mikael there crooning and destroying lives. Je t'aime, Mik!

This is a fucking great song and video.

You may recognize MC Know One from his day job providing the McDonald's 'Sweet Tea' nostalgia theme.

And now:


This guy claims to have gone to high school with me.

I would ask for a blood test or something before I agreed with that statement, because I'm sure that song and video really sucked.

They're Canada's biggest Lovecraftean groove metal band! Now that's targeting a demographic!

Their bassist is a pretty nice guy.

You know, I forgot how much I liked this band. And those nice young man have some interesting things to say that are meaningful even today!

And that blond kid singing looks familiar...

It was really hard to resist posting every single thing I could find from this band.

Go to youtube and look up 'Ten Masked Men.' YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.


Dr. Something said...

Ziggy Ninja Star-dust?

Jess Gulbranson said...

No, I think Saul Williams pretty much already thought of it.

As for me, if you can't think of something clever to say, imply that something clever could be said.