Monday, November 30, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, November 30th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I had the first AristeiA band practice in a week (an eternity in AristeiA time). Though a bit rusty at first but I know that we are gonna be on tomorrow at Doug Fir (hint hint). Here are the shows that look good to me tonight.

Monday, November 30th

Valentine's is having a show with Pony Village, Trial Balloons, and Meyercord (my band). I have been meaning to catch a Pony Village show for quite a while. They play melodic indie-rock that I do not find quite indie pop (but maybe I'm wrong). Trial Balloons only have one song up but it it is a really well recorded piece of indie-pop music. Some people have said that Meyercord songs are sad. I prefer to think of them as bittersweet. I guess if I were to describe my own music I would say that it is based in singer-songwriter genre but has more dynamics than just an acoustic guitar. I add a lot of pauses and phrase things carefully to create tension. Also I have help now in the form of Perry Pfister on Upright bass and glockenspiel and Holland Andrews on clarinet, vocals, and sometimes glockenspiel. This show should be fun. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

There is a show at Fleetwood Shack is having a show with Guantanamo Baywatch and Shannon and The Clams (Oakland). Neo-surf rock! Kinda. I mean Guantanamo Baywatch is surf rock for sure, but viewed through the eyes of a punk rocker. And while you would think that Shannon and the Clams would be the same, they are not. Shannon and Co. make 50s style rock and roll. I love it. I want more bands to do this. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts art 8 PM-ish.

If you see me at my show please say, "Hi". If you do I will mose certainly dedicate a song to you if not the whole set.


Pony Village will be bringing it to Valentine's tonight. I might bring it back.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Sunday, November 29th

Hello Dear Readers,

Okay I will level with you. I didn't tell you about the best show last night. I will be honest I thought it would get too crowded if I let you know about it. I know I know, I am a jerk. But Last night there was a house show with Meyercord (with me), Oh Captain My Captain, Sean Flinn and the Royal We (with me), Y La Bamba (with me), Jared Mees & The Grown Children, and Typhoon. Another reason I did not want to list it was because Jared Mees and Meyercord both have shows coming up, Jared tonight and me tomorrow night respectively, and I did not want to take away from those. It was so much fun and the music was so good. Oh Captain My Captain is so good. I think I have said before, but I will say it again Pedro the Lion + Dr. Dog = Oh Captain My Captain. I LOVE Typhoon. You MUST see them. Any ways, here are the shows that look good to me.

Sunday, November 29th

There is the second installment of You Who, the children's indie rock event at Kennedy School. This time they have Quasi, Portland Ukulele Project, and Vursatyl & DJ Anjali. This is an event for kids and their Indie-rock parents to both get a whole lot of pleasure. There will be a couple things for the kids and then bam. Quasi one of Portland's finest. And then bam. Portland Ukulele Project, the little brother to PCP. I think they have only played out once. But they play cover songs arranged on several of said quirky instrument. The ALL AGES show is $10-$15 at 1 PM.

Rontoms is having an Early show with Jared Mees & The Grown Children. I think Jared Mees & The Grown Children are one of the most fun bands to see live in Portland. My experience last night reaffirmed it, They give off such a positive vibe I cannot help but beam during a performance. This is a special show though. Jared's mom is in town and it is her Birthday. So he is having a birthday party for her. He said that there will be a special guest and rumor has it that Alan Singley and his Pants Machine is that guest. Alan is also fun and usually has wonderful people backing him playing Alan's arrangements. The show is FREE and starts at 7 PM.

The Know is having the Fantasy Quest After party with Palo Verde, Order of the Gash and Disemballerina. Fantasy Quest maybe the first queer/fantasy/magic/DnD/Metal fest ever. This is wind down of it all. But I believe that it won't wind down softly. Palo Verde is the heavy and improvised duo that sounds anything but improvised. Oder of the Gash is a metal band with one of the coolest names I have seen in a while. Disemaballerina has no recordings but are apparently an acoustic goth band with guitar, cello and violin. The show is $7 and starts at 8 PM.

AshStreet Saloon is having a show with The Woolen Men, Cement Season, Jack Ruby Presents (McMinnville), and Pine Language (Corvallis). I like The Woolen Men despite never having seen them. Their recordings remind me of something that might be in Matador circa 1996. The recordings are lo-fi, the guitars are somewhat jangle and it is catchy with indie/nasally vocals. What's not to like? Cement Season sound like a band that would be on the alternative radio station in 1996. Jack Ruby Presents are a decent Folk Rock band. Pine Language is a really good Indie-rock band that has really good melodies and a good sense of dynamics and a lead singer whose voice is the sweet tenor that I am a sucker for. It is really good. I am surprised I have not heard more about this band. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM

Cinema 21 is having Eat Skull score some movies. Eat Skull is hard to pinpoint. I am not sure they have a sound. Though they are very good and seem to have their lo-fi recordings down to a science. They are not the first band I would turn to in order to score a film, but hey...why not? Plus if you are into it, I have read that there will be free booze provided. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi".


Come say hi to Jared Mees's mom who I guess is the grandmother of his Grown Children?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Saturday, November 28th

Hello Dear Readers,

What happened? I was doing so good. But then last night winter laziness struck. Hard. Which is to say I stayed at home and watched a Netflix. Have you seen Tim Burton's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? It is weird. Anyway here are some shows that are happening tonight that look good:

Saturday, November 28th

Doug Fir is having a show with Explode into Colors, May Ling, Breakfast Mountain, and DJ Hanukkah Miracle. If you are into making your caboose get loose, then this is the show you should choose. Explode Into Colors is Portland's favorite band. They are a totally rhythm centric band that have a loads of reverb on the vocals and use of guitar and melodic that flirt with dub sounds with their proto-rock energy. May Ling is the Reporter off shoot that allows them to drop the rock from that bands electro-rock and just be electro. Or maybe they are just trading rock for pop to become electro-pop. Whatever it is, it is fun. It is also good. The beats are consistently fresh. It is my opinion that fragile voices sounds most at home atop a sweet beat. Speaking of beats Breakfast Mountain has them as well, though I think his are a bit dirtier. His music touches on the Crunk genre of music with a lo-fi bump. They actually did not bill this as a show, but as a party. Just saying. The show/party is $10 and starts at 9 PM.

Ella Street Social Club is having a show with Massive Moth (Salem), Yeah Great Fine, and Pep Assembly. Massive Moth is a peppy pop band that lives up to the sound of a band that would name its album "The Heavy Hand of Whimsy". Yeah Great Fine is a bubbly math-pop band. They are awesome they incorporate crazy guitars, crazy keys, crazy drumming and catchy melodies and sugar sweet vocals. And they do it well. Pep Assembly is a post-punk pop band. I have been meaning to see them for quite a while. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Prairie, Rauelsson, and John Vecchiarelli. Prairie are relatively new to the scene, but I assure you they are good. They are an indie-rock band with a tinge of twang. Imagine Arcade Fire with pedal steel. Or something like that. I am not saying that they sound like that exactly, but it has a similar feel to what that sounds like in my head. Rauelesson is a Spaniard that spends his time here in Portland writing pretty folk songs in a language I don't understand. He has aligned himself with the Hush Records family and therefore has access to many great musicians which he has used to beautifully flesh out his songs. John Vecchiarelli plays drums in like a million bands. I personally have only seen him play with Run On Sentence. He rarely plays his music which is a shame because it is very good. It looks like he is starting to do it more though. He clearly falls in the Indie-folk genre. He kinda makes me feel the way I feel when I listen to The Red House Painters. The show is $5 with 9 PM.

Crystal Ballroom is having a show with The Helio Sequence, Panther, and Ramona Falls. I was never really that into to Helio Sequence, I think they are good, but do not understand why they are huge. They are huge, right? I do like Panther though. I like the hyperactive energy and the showman ship of Charlie Salas wins me over every time. And Ramona Falls just kills me. I love 'em. It sounds similar to Memomena, which of course it should, but is different at the same time. I can't put my finger on how, though. Brent Knopf can write the crap out of an arrangement and writes good songs to boot, Lord bless him. The show is $16 and starts at 8 PM.

Plan B is having a show with Lethe (Seattle), Diesto, Tenspeed Warlock, and Nanda Devi. Heavy Show! I am not familiar with these bands save my buddies in Nanda Devi who just rule it. They mix Doom and Black Metal and maybe some other heavy genres to create a unique sound that is just epic. The show is at 8 PM.

The Waypost is having a show with That Instrument, +CNCTD, and Dash!. That Instrument is very impressive. It is instrumental music made by one person on one instrument with out effects or loops. And it's not even a guitar. That Instrument is a bass. The music reminds me a bit of a more chill Pele. +CNCTD is also pretty unconventional and also a one man band. It is psychedelic indie rock that uses a series of vocal ooo's aah's and la's as another instrument as opposed to conveying words. Dash! makes is a one man band that does make use of looping and effects. A lot of them. Though I am pretty sure he only uses one instrument, the violin. He creates very beautiful music that might be described as ambient, but I find far to appealing to suggest an ambience. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". Because a good bye would make no sense.


John Vecchiarelli will play tonight at The Woods. Check it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, November 27th

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you had a good Holiday. Did you take some naps? How many Pumpkin Pies did you try? How was the Tofurkey/Turkey? Did you actually go out and see Peaches after that Meal (she was one of the only ones playing last night)?

Friday, November 27th

There is a house show at 43rd and Clinton with Jizz Wizard, Why I Must Be Careful, Sustentacula, Mensroom, The BBQ Boys. This looks to be a good house show. You have probably seen me write many good things about Why I Must Be Careful, all of them true. They are a Rhodes and drums duo that bring it. Their songs are very tight and crazy that take a listener many places. It is vaguely jazzy. Sustentacula is also a duo. Though I am not sure what their set up will be like. Listening to their myspace is interesting. They mostly use an acoustic guitar and some vocals to make post-Animal Collective acoustic pop music. Though they sometimes through in an instrumental number or a drone piece. Overall I would say that I like what they are doing. I could not find any info on the other bands. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Virgo & Pieces is having a show with Diner Pelonca. Dinner Pelonca is a piano man. But he probably has more in common with with Paul McCartney on the piano than Billy Joel. Which is to say that he is Pop. His arrangements often include drums and bass. Sometimes though, he includes a choir or even some brass. And his voice is quite good. He actually sings. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

The Parlour is having a show called Our Bright Lights! with Ghosties, Glass Teeth, Sweeping Exits, and Andrew Drew & Jesus. It is presented by Potlatch Presents (this sort of thing is what they do). Ghosties consists mainly of Devin of Typhoon. He plays many guitars, bass, drums, and has a tendency to use doubled vocals. I really like it. The music seems like something that a person who grew up with Pacific NW indie rock like Modest Mouse and Microphones would sound like. Which is to say it sounds lo-fi but in a really cool way where he can get sounds that you probably couldn't get other wise. Glass Teeth is what I would like to call authentic indie girl blues. He voice is strong and full of sadness and she strums her acoustic guitar like she can get it all out if she tries. She sings of things and stories that sound like they could be real, but I hope are not. Sweeping Exits is the music of Sean Archer. It sounds like a indie boy that writes songs in his bedroom and then records them into his computer but doesn't really suck. Which might very well be the case. He has played with a band before, but I belief it is mostly a solo affair. I could not find any info on Andrew Drew, but found some disturbing info about that Jesus guy. The ALL AGES show is $3-$5 and starts at 7 PM.

If you see me at any of this show, please say "Hi". You won't be rewarded, but Wait. Can I start over?


Ghosties will probably not be able to reproduce this line up, but you can see them try tonight at The Parlour. It just might be off the chain.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Wednesday 25th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I checked out the Carcrashlander and Rey Villalobos show at Valentines. It was a really good show. The opener was a band called Grandchildren from Phily. They were pretty cool. They had I think five members who all played many instruments. Four of the five guys played drums sometimes they would switch the drummer several times during a song. One guy played drums, bass, trombone, and sang in one song. I was glad that I caught Rey. I saw him a couple weeks ago at Rontoms but the audience was really loud and I couldn't hear him. The crowd at Valentine's was much more respectful. I could hear clearly. This guy has an amazing voice. It is very smooth. He also writes great songs. He was joined at times by Cory Gray and Brian Wright of Carcrashlander. I gotta say I love Brian Wright's drumming. I can't put my finger on why, but I love it. He is always on and fills the drums with subtle and tasteful flourishes. They played a couple songs that I had not heard before including two reggae influenced numbers. Normally I would say that reggae is not the way to go, but they pulled it off.

Wednesday, November 25th

Roadside Attraction is having a show with Tom Thumb (Hinterlands, MN), Leonard Mynx, and Audie Darling. This is a folk show. Tom Thumb is a guy, Andy Arch, who I have heard and liked before. The music slower and well arranged. If I didn't know any better I would have thought they were a Portland band (cause that's we roll here). The show is FREE and starts 9 PM. The show is FREE and starts 9 PM.

If you see me at any of this show, please say "Hi". Cause it is not a big room and it would be awkward if you didn't.


Leonard Mynx plays Roadside Attraction tonight.

Question of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

If you could have Thanksgiving dinner with any band, which would it be, and why?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Tuesday, November 24th

Hello Dear Readers,

No show for me yesterday. But I see some potential for show going in my immediate future. I see...

Tuesday, November 24th

Valentine's is having a show with Carcrashlander, Rey Villalobos, and Grandchildren (Philadelphia). Carcrashlander is a very good band. They play rock music that sometimes has a quietness to it, while at other times has a total groove thing (they have an exceptional rhythm section) going and for the most part uses a lot of minor chords. I wouldn't describe their music as being particularly cheerful. They have consistently writing and recording and putting our releases for almost a couple years now. It is mostly the brainchild of Cory Gray a man who has played with just about every band in Portland he specializes in keys and trumpet (which he plays both in the band as well as being the main singer in the band). Rey Villalobos is a relatively new person to Portland. He relocated from California and apparently knows a lot of Portland people from there. Including the Carcrashlander folk. I saw him play Rontoms the other week and was really impressed. His quiet and very pretty folk songs hit the spot as he played his acoustic and sang backed only the always spot on Brian Wright (Carcrashlander) on drums. Unfortunately there was a talkative bunch that night. Grandchildren is a pop band from Phily. Phily knows how to make pop music, this band is no exception. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Berbati's is having a show with Leather Tom & The Dirty Dudes and Guantanamo Baywatch. Leather Tom and The Dirty Dudes is a band that I have yet to see and at this point may never see. They are changing their name to Lyfestyles. They play very good and, for lack of a better word, flamboyant music. It is the place where early 80's newwave and disco meet. Guantanamo Baywatch is a band that successfully plays punk influenced surf rock music. The music reminds me of the Dead Kennedys, kinda. The show is $2 and starts at 10 PM.

Abyssal Behemoth is having a show with Wet Hair (Iowa City), Eternal Tapestry, Pete Swanson, and Chrome Wings. Hooray for the blanketing genre we call experimental rock. That title is just as bad if not worse than the term indie rock in its ability to describe music. That being said, if you self identify as a person who enjoys experimental music then I think you would be into this show. Wet Hair makes music that sounds kinda spacey and incorporates drums and a whole lot of analog synths and old drum machines and tapes. Eternal Tapestry plays "face-melting psych-out guitar-slaying over mighty motorik chugs" (Art For Spastics). Which is to say play music to take drugs to. Pete Swanson used to play in the noise rock group Yellow Swans. I bet his stuff is noisy and awesome. Chrome Wings makes shoegaze influenced drone pop music. It is often very melodic and pretty while not being sissy at all. I recommend you check it out. The ALL AGES show is $3-$5 and starts at 8 PM

So if you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi". And then hit the palm of your hand against the palm of my hand. It looks, sounds, and feels awesome. Trust me.


Chrome Wings at The Stud from Jordan Bernier on Vimeo.

Chromes Wings play the Abyssal Behmoth house tonight. Its gonna be a good time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, November 23rd

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I played yet another show I did not write about. This time it was as Meyercord and a potluck. There were some other people who played as well. But one guy in particular caught my ear. He apparently moved here from Nashville and calls himself Tenderbear. I liked it. But any who, if I go to a show tonight, it will be one of these:

Monday, November 23rd

Valentine's is having a show with Furure Historians and Pablo (NY). Future Historians is the newish project of former Crosswalks, Dave Shur. It, like Crosswalks, has a foot firmly in a tradition of strong vocal melodies that get stuck in your head. But Unlike Crosswalks this band has added a little something into the mix. A taste of the old folk/country vibe. It works really well. Pablo is a band from New York who make modern pop-rock music. They appear legit, and my man Matt Brown vouches for them, so...whatevs. Nick Jaina is also rumored to play the show. I think he is really good at writing songs, and has assembled a mighty fine band as well that usually includes stand up bass, drums/percussion, violin, vibraphone, trumpet, and clarinet. He falls onto the well orchestrated folk-pop that Portland is famous for. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Ellas St. Social Club is having a show with Hexlove, Moodring, Pregnant (Sacremento), and Cruiser. Hexlove is totally experimental. Not a whole lot of melody happening, but there are a whole lot of interesting textures and even some singing that is kinda pretty. But mostly crazy drumming with pieces of sound juxtaposed with it. Moodring is a Rollerball side project. They sound kind post-jazz (I got that word straight from their myspace). I like it. Pregnant is Daniel Trudeau (it feels weird to say it the other way around). He seems like a ridiculously talented guy. The music he makes sometimes reminds me of old Yacht (y'know when he was all glitched out) and his artwork is amazing. Cruiser is a two piece that play trance inducing hyperactive instrumental math pop music.

So if you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi". Cause I told you to?


Cruiser is the second band that plays (skip to 3:37). They are also playing tonight at Ella St.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Album Review : Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun "Heavyweight Champions" EP

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun hail from Atlanta, Georgia. They are a four-piece electro pop band, and their most recent EP, “Heavyweight Champions” was released in October of this year.

This record is definitely catchy. Nearly every song has me moving a bit and singing along while it plays. Lead singer Lauren Gibson has a great voice; in turns sweet, powerful, pained, and sinister. The band is also quite versatile. Each song has a distinct personality. Track one, “Bones” is strong, opening with an explosive feedback sound and continuing with fuzzed guitars and a solid beat all the way through. Two, “Apologia” continues Bones’ strength – a little slower, but just as in-charge, guitar and drum driven with a few well-placed space-age electric sounds. The third and title track, “Heavyweight Champions” changes the mood – starting with electronic sounds and piano, the body of the song has a slower, shuffled beat and sultry, noirish tone that would be well at home in a divey lounge of the Blade Runner future. Tracks 4 and 5, “The Atlantan” and “Faster Than Some” share a more acoustic, stripped down sound with less drums; in case you need a rest and an intimate chat after all that dancing.

The final three tracks are the weakest. “Like it (remix a)” and “Or Not (remix b)” are two different versions of the same song. Both have more processed vocals, drum machine sounds and layered vocal samples. The first one is busier, very clubby, lots of electronic breaks; the second a bit gentler, with an echo-y a cappella intro and synth strings. The final track, “Never. Always. Good” continues the theme with handclaps, X-files-soundtrack type synth sounds over a heavy beat which sounds like a mix of drum machine and acoustic, processed robot-style vocals and electronically produced stutter echo.

Now, the last three tracks are by no means bad. They are decent songs, and well done dance club remixes. I may be an unfair judge, since I don’t listen to dance music. However, after the individuality and quality of the first five tracks, a dance club remix that sounds like any other dance club remix is a letdown. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun is a great band, and Lauren Gibson a great singer. I’d like to hear them do more of what makes them great and forget about trying to sound like everybody else – they’re better than that.

From their myspace page "Southeast Performer Magazine Shoot ("

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Sunday, Novmber 22nd

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I ended up doing two performances. The first doing some backing vocals for Sean Flinn at Press Club. Who I totally did not even mention though I listed the show (I drop the ball sometimes). The other was a house show as Y La Bamba that I was told I could not write about for fear of too many people showing up. We played with a band Jen Moon who had assembled a band that includes members of the current Oh Captain My Captain lineup. But the best, in my opinion, was a band called Strange Holiday. I predict very good things for this band. They were so good and apparently this was their first show ever. They are lead by Alison Ables. They have a sound that is at times like oldies and but completely drenched in reverb. Other times it reminded me Broadcast or something. Anyway, I am in love with the band. They will be releasing an EP in the coming months so keep your ear open for that. Anyway here are some shows that look good to me:

Sunday, November 22nd

Rontoms is having a show with Rabbits, The Ax, and Fist Fite. Rabbits are a heavy rock band that consists of two guitars drums and some vocals that sound make my throat hurt just listening to it. I have seen The Ax a few times and I think they are rad. It is a two piece rawk band that totally rips. I recommend this band to anyone who like rock music with sick guitar tones and cool riffs. I have seen Fist Fite a couple times as well and thought they were pretty fun to see. They are a dark wave band that is actually a rock band. Just listen to them and you will see what I mean. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Them Hills (Nevada City) and Neal Morgan. Neal Morgan is a person that I have been trying to catch for sometime. He mostly plays the drums and sings. Often at the same time. Often incorporating looping of those vocals. I have seen videos of him and been very impressed. His latest release is appropriately titled "Drums and Voice". Them Hills is a really good indie rock band that I had previously never heard of. They sound good and in a way that is familiar yet hard to actually describe. Click their link! That's what it is there for. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi". Cause then we won't be strangers.

Fist Fite plays Rontoms tonight for FREE.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ben Meyercor's Live Music Picks for Saturday, November 21st

Hello Dear Readers,

I know that lately I have not been going to a lot of shows. But they are always there and I will keep writing about them because, in my heart of hearts, I wish I was at all of them. Music is awesome and shows are one of the best ways to experience it. There are so many good shows tonight. Here are some example of what looks to be a good experience in music:

Saturday, November 21st

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Don of Division St., Celilo, The Very Foundation, The Maldives (Seattle). The main reason I am writing this show is because it is the first Celilo show with out the recently deceased drummer Kip Crawford. This is a band that I have written up consistently because I think they are a good Americana band ( and I like good Americana). I imagine this will be a very weird if not very sad show for those guys. Don of Division Street is the project of a drummer turned main songwriter/lead man, Matt Cadenelli. He makes nice enough pop-folk. He also used to drum for Celilo and he lists band members of Celilo in his band, my guess is that he will be playing drums with the band tonight. The Very Foundation are also releasing their new album "The Restless Enterprise". They make rock music. The kind that has organ doing the job of the the rhythm guitar. I don't know, they play rock music not particularly hard or soft. The show was $8 and starts at 9 PM.

Backspace is having a Homeless Benefit called Give 2009 with Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls and Menomena, Jason Weebly (Seattle), and Calvin Johnson (Olympia). This looks an amazing show regardless of the fact that you will be doing good by attending. I had the pleasure of opening up for Brent Knopf's Ramona Falls a few times this year (as part of Y La Bamba). Those songs are really good but what got me every time was the opening number "Diamond Shovel" which he performed solo on an acoustic guitar. It kills me every time. So pretty. From what I understand this will be a special all acoustic show with Brent so I would imagine a lot of cool moments like the ones I have experienced previously. Jason Weebly plays music that treads somewhere between gypsy folk and punk. Not too dissimilar to, but not near as good as, Tom Waits. Oh and he also sounds nothing like Tom Waits, and I regret making the comparison in the first place, but listen to his song "Dance While the Sky Crashes" and you will see where I got it. Calvin Johnson, co-founder of K Records and Beat Happening, males goofy and fun music with a very low voice. He is a very charming fellow and has some really cool dance moves which I have yet to see him shy away from. The show is $8 and starts 9 PM.

The Knife Shop is having a show with Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, The Ocean Floor, and Invisible River (Olympia/Portland). I love me the throw back pop of Sallie Ford and her excellent band, The Sound Outside. The songs are well written and catchy and her voice. Oh my god her voice. You just have to see and hear it for yourself. The Ocean Floor is the project of Lane, the drummer of Church. He has been doing this project a lot longer and it is a bit different. I really like it though as a fan of people who make pop music interesting or really good. Lane does both. I don't really know anything about Invisible River. The show is $5 and starts 9:30 PM.

The Press Club is having a show with Billygoat and Tahoe Jackson. Billygoat is hands down one of the most impressive new bands I have seen in a long time. They make cinematic instrumental music as a duo that involves a lot of instrument switching and programmed drums and various keyboards and stringed instruments. The music builds and you can just imagine different scenes taking place in your mind, or just point your peepers at the animations that they provide for you that syncs up very accurately with their music. A billygoat show is an audio visual experience spectacle. Tahoe Jackson is someone whose name I heard around but did not see until recently when Y La Bamba played Live Wire with her. Her voice is incredible. Listening to her and the band she had assembled was like seeing an old soul record come to life in front of your very eyes. So smooth, and so soulful. The show is FREE and starts at 8:30 PM.

Virgo & Pisces is having a show with Dinner Pelonca. I first met Dinner, yes that is his real name, at a Meyercord show he told me that he wanted to play a show with me. I went home and took a listen. Good stuff ( I still want to play show with you Dinner btw). it is Piano based indie-pop. My friend Sean Flinn also vouched for him as he caught a Dinner Pelonca show at the Waypost a few months ago and scored a CD. I was over at his place one and he played it for me. It was very good. Plus if you want to see something very ompressive check out the video I found of him with some collaborators at the bottom of the post. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

The Green House is having a show with Reporter, Jeffrey Jerusalem, Doubleplusgood, and a special guest. Nothing like a good house show. And this looks like a good house show. I seen a few shows at The Green House and have yet to be disappointed. All the bands listed as playing tonight are very easy to dance or generally get your groove on to. Reporter is has in recent years turned into an excellent electro-rock band full of cool triggered drums and keyboards and cool guitar lines. Jeffrey Jerusalem is an awesome one man Disco Inferno. Or at least a dance inferno. He is good at what he does which is dance around his keyboard/laptop/drum set up. It is fun to see him because it is obvious that he is having a good time (he also really entertaining to watch play drums in Inside Voices). DoublePlusGood is someone who I haven't seen in years but as I recall makes homemade ghetto beats and croons atop them with great pleasure for both him and the audience. I have no idea who the special guest is. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi". But if you don't see me, please don't be mad.


This is an example of what a Dinner Pelonca show could be like. He plays at Virgo & Pisces tonight.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, November 20th

Hello Dear Readers,

Yeah, I still have very little funds. That means if it isn't free, I probably won't be able to make it to the show. However, there are a couple shows that cost some money that I would not mind catching:

Friday, November 20th

Jupiter Hotel is having a p:ear benefit show with Derby, Drew Grow & Pastors' Wives, and Wester Daywick. p:ear is an organization that works with homeless kids to kinda help them out. Derby make near perfect 3 to 4 minute indie-pop nuggets with airy vocals and really strong vocal melodies. Drew Grow and Co. create music that lifts you up. And it is filled a lot of cool musical parts that I find irresistible. So if you want to see these good bands, and you should, and also help out your fellow man, and you should, then you should check this show out. The show is $10-$15 and starts at 5 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Bark Hide & Horn, Shoeshine Blue, and Winterhaven. This is a folktastic bill filled with many variations of what some consider folk music. It seems like it has been a really long time since I have heard about anything that Bark Hide and Horn has been doing. They are a Folk rock band that is filled with multi-instrumentalists. Their last album was based on stories from the pages of National Geographic. They are a cool bands to see live due to all the instruments being played and switched about. Shoeshine Blue has always been a favorite of mine since I fist saw him, Mike Apinyakul, a couple years ago. He takes his many influences which include blues, folk, and gospel and blend them together seamlessly. His songs are really well written as well. On the bio I read about him it said that Shoeshine Blue was originally started as a "literary blues act". Winterhaven is a band that I have yet to see but have had the pleasure of meeting. They are a three piece with three songwriters and three people that play more than one instrument. They also have a love, like me, of three part harmony. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

The Knife Shop is having a show with Soft Tags, Mr. Gnome (Cleveland, OH), and The Subterranean Howl. Soft Tags are a band that are totally DIY. They write, record, mix, screenprint, and manufacture their own records. Impressive. They are also good to boot. I find it difficult to describe them. They have been described as indie-shoegaze. Which is a description I could get behind. But I think it important to mention that these songs are based upon band leader Richard Shrink's weird experiences, dreams and obsessions which have included ghosts, UFO's and Nikola Tesla. Mr. Gmome us a band that I have never heard of but play female led indie music that was clearly influenced by some heavier music as well. I found a description by Philip Gaudette of the Mercury that I agreed with, "Infusing traditional garage rock melodies with gritty electro-punk, the Subterranean Howl have conveniently placed themselves in uncharted Portland music territory. Fronted by Simon Milliman, whose vocals toe the line between Win Butler and Spencer Krug, the band has recently emerged as a formidable ensemble—swiftly changing tone and pace as they deem fit. Like the beat writers from which their name borrows, the Subterranean Howl leave style as an afterthought and spontaneously create music that is both catchy and surprisingly fresh." The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Ella Street Social Club is having a show Secret Codes, Kelli Frances Corrado (Seattle), and Geist & The Sacred Ensembe (Seattle). Secret Codes is David Kyle and company. He writes post-rock that is influenced by Eastern musical influences. It has been made solo for a while, but tonight I think he will unveil an actual band. I have heard a demo of some of their live practice and it sounds awesome. It is impressive to hear music that was made meticulously on a computer actually be able to be played by a band. Kelly Frances makes music that is firmly footed in both an electronic and actual instrument playing. It is a general chill vibe. She too seems to have gathered many to help her play as well. Geist & The Sacred Ensemble is weird. It does at times seems like a religious ceremony that has been recorded. I imagine that the live show would recreate it. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi".


Imagine this with better sound, and you have an idea of What Drew Grow and Pastors' Wives will sound like this evening.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Thursday, November 19th

Hello Dear Readers,

What up? You see any shows last night. Let me know. Comment. I missed shows because I had to drop my friend off at the airport this morning. So I was responsible and didn't go to any shows. Plus I have very little money. Luckily there are some cheap shows. All the shows I am listing today are less than $10.

Thursday, November 19th

East End is having a show with Lovvers (UK), Nice Boys, Meercaz (Cobraland, OR), and Orca Team. Post-punk international style. The Lovvers are apparently from various areas of the UK. They make pretty catchy music that has both a old school punk feel and a very good pop sensibility. The Nice Boys make psychedelic rock music music reminiscent of the 60's. Or at least reminiscent of the rock from the 90's that were reminiscent of the 60's. Meercaz seems kinda all over the place. They list themselves as Glam, Rock, and Punk. I could see all of these fitting. I really like what I heard on their myspace page. Especially this song called "Moving Up At The Speed of Sound". It sounds so cool. It has an early punk sound but also has a trippy solo thing the middle that is really awesome. And then their is Orca Team, who I really want to see. I have fallen in love with their song called "And She Knows". It has a oldies kinda feel but the same way it sounds like when Atlas Sound covers an oldie song. The show is $8 and starts at 9 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Team Evil, ioa, and Quiet Countries. This is a great show and plus two of the bands are related. Team Evil and ioa both have several members of Point Juncture, WA. All three are great bands. I got to catch ioa play at Mississippi Studios last month and it was very impressive. I have never seen Team Evil. I have wanted to for a while. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Bombs Into You,Fast Computers, and Double Plus Good. This is the CD release show for Metaphorically Yours Volume Two. They are also doing the "Radiohead Thing" with it. Meaning you can download it for free or make a donation, here. Bombs Into You play electro-pop rock. Heavy on the synths but kinda in a Filter way before they got all soft. I didn't really know that Portland had electro-pop music. But I am hard pressed to come up with another way to describe them. I have a soft spot in my heart for electro-pop. Doubleplusgood makes homemade ghetto tech beats and then sings atop them..The show is $8 and starts at 9 PM.

The Know is having a show with My Dads and Pigeons. Last night I met a girl who seemed to have very good taste in music tell me that My Dad's were awesome. I remember writing about this band before and thinking they had potential. The girl I met said that she was not that impressed with their myspace but was blown away by their live show. Check it out if you like instrumental post-rock. Pigeons is a band of a few different songwriters that make rock music that has a very vaguely folk tinge to it. Both Justin Ready and Angie Kuzma, the lead singers, have a bit vibrato or quaver in their vocals that I kinda like. You should also check out Angie's other band Petoskey. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi".


Team Evil at the Doug Fir from IAVIDEO on Vimeo.

Team Evil will prevail at The Woods tonight. Yay!

Question of the Week: Showdown

Which one of these videos would win in a fight?

Hooliganship: Adventure(excerpt)?


VonHummer's Childhood Depression PSA?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Wednesday November 18th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last Night I saw the Young Widows and Russian Circles. Good lord it was so good. I wish you were there. These shows look good to me.

Wednesday, November 18th

Mississippi Studios is having a having a Paul McCartney tribute with Nick Jaina, Matt Sheehy, Jim Brunberg, Amelia Buoy la Rue, and Corin Tucker (Sleater Kinney), Dirty Mittens etc... Paul McCartney was in the freaking Beatles. I know I lot of people hate on him. Yes, he is not John Lennon. But who is? Plus these are some the best Portland's music. The show is $7 and starts at 8 PM.

Dunes is having a show with Palo Verde, Vibrato, and Stag Bitten. Palo Verde is so rad. They are heavy and loud and awesome. I don't really know the others. The show is $3 and starts at 9 PM.

Ella Street Social Club is having a show with Jesse Meade (Eugene), Leonard Mynx, Mike Midlo (of Pancake Breakfast), and Lindsay Clark. This will be a great and folky show. I have written about Leonard Mynx a million times I think is a damn fine songwriter. Mike from Pancake Breakfast is pretty cool. And Lindsay Clark is really great. I played a show with recently with her and it was great. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Dekum Manor is having a show with Protect Me (LA), Total Bros, Cat Stalks Bird, and Orca Team. The way I see this show is that there are a lot of punk kind of bands which are totally fun and then there is Orca Team. I really like what I have heard of them. They kind of have a surf rock indie-pop sound. The ALL AGES show is by donation and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi".


Nick Jaina will be singing a Paul McCartney song. Tonight at Mississippi Studios.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Muisc Picks for Tuesday, November 17th

Hello Dear Readers,

I will be honest with you folks. yes, there are a few local shows that look interesting today. But the one I will probably attend is not local but I am all about it. Doug Fir is having Russian Circles and Young Widows play a show. Holy crap. I really like Russian Circles ability to balance pretty instrumental post rock with awesome quasi-metal post-rock. But I really really really want to see Young Widows. They are so bad ass. They make post-rock that actually rocks. Check this out. Any here are the local shows that look interesting:

Tuesday, November 17th

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Neon Indian (Brooklyn/Austin), Guidance Counselor, Tigercity (Brooklyn,NY), and Remy The Restless. Neon Indian appears to make dance music. There is claim of a live band that includes both "skins" and "strings", which I assume is drums and guitar. Guidance Counselor, the reason I am listing the show, is super fun. They totally make dance music with a live band. But it is a very dirty lo-fi sounding kind of dance music with actual songs with singing and such. They also have drums and a guitar. Tigercity seems to make rock music from like the 70s when it could be really poppy. There are some elements to dance thrown in the mix occasionally. You know, a keyboard here, a disco beat there, but over all I feel they are more of a pop-rock band. The show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.

Valentine's is having Romancing, Dramady, and Sad Horse. This is a show consisting exclusively of male/female duos. I am not sure if this was done intentionally or not. Regardless this looks pretty cool. Romancing is made of Charlie Salsa Humara and Maggie Vail, who coincidentally also play together in the band Leti Angel with Joe kelly, who incidentally is the other half of Panther with Charlie Salsa Humara. Did you see that fun circle I just did. Anyway Romancing seems to be more an experiment in vocals and delays and drumming. Dramady is a duo that is the product of two musicians being in love. But this is no Mates of State. Okay, I mean yes, they do sing together and there is organ/keyboards and drums, but in this band the drummer, Amanda Mason Wiles (Rollerball), actually plays both. Zac Stanley (of Narwhal vs. Narwhal) fills out the duo on guitar and vocals. But yeah it is kinda dancey and up beat. Sad Horse they I mean I am sure it is more than that, but it seems that way in my memory. Sad Horse does not sound like a sad horse. To me, they sound like a punky Pacific NW band. That being said, people tend to go ape over punky Pacific NW bands. Let me know what you think. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So if you see me at any of these shows, please say, "Hi". And you might get a "High-five" in return.


Guidance Counselor to get down at Mississippi Studios tonight.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, November 16th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I finally made it out to a show. I don't want pat myself on the back or anything, but yeah (pats self on the back). It was a tough decision, but I ended up choosing the show over at Rontoms. It was really good. I felt really bad for Rey Villalobos, the opening act. His songs sounded really nice, but were of a hushed nature and there fore people talked really loudly making it difficult to hear. Also I was surprised to find that Brian Wright of Carcrashlander and Graves was drumming for Rey. Good guy, great drummer. Then came Polka Dot Dot Dot, a band that I have been meaning to see live for probably a few years now. They sounded so good. So many beautiful three part harmonies, so many instrument changes. They were a three piece, but utilized guitar, harp, ukulele, banjo, and saw. But honestly that didn't even need instruments. They did a few accapella numbers that were awesome largely do due to the intricate claps, snaps, and stomps that they had arranged. And then there was Church who were absolutely great. They even played a few new songs tonight. I was talking to Christof, the synth guy of the band, before the played and he told me that they were looking to record again in March. I am stoked. So anyway I could only find one show that I am interested in seeing tonight (unless of course you count the Anti-Pop Consortium at Doug Fir). Here it is:

Monday, November 16th

Valentine's is having a show with The Old Light, Kelly Blair Bauman, and Hungry Ghost. I am still undecided on Old Light. I cannot find anything bad about it, but nothing really great jumps out about them. Maybe the live show will help me fall on one side of the fence that I currently find myself on. I do like Kelly Blair Bauman's music. It is in the Americana-pop vein of music that is admittedly saturating a lot of the "scene" here, but also admittedly that I love. The guy knows how to craft a song. Oh and Hungry Ghost is the new band from Unwound's drummer Sara Lund. Unwound was like one of the best bands ever. I am still very much impressed with the last album "Leaves Turn Inside You" and listen to it every couple of months and it still blows my mind. That being said this new band doesn't sound like Unwound. It sounds like a an Post-blues-rock band. I like it, especially the drumming and the cool start/stop rhythms. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So if you see me at the show, please say, "Hi". Because I find greetings to be better than fair wells.


Hungary Ghost (ex-Unwound) play tonight at Valentine's for FREE y'all!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Sunday, November 15th

Hello Dear Readers,

Whoops! As it turns out sometimes it is better to stay home. I regret nothing except maybe missing Design.Drift.Destination They will play again. But Tonight there are a couple shows tonight that I will for sure make it out to (at least one of them). For real these are really good.

Sunday, November 15th

Rontoms is having a show with Church, Polka Dot Dot Dot (Olympia), and Rey Villalobos. Lord I love Church (the band, not to be confused with The Church or the place of worship or whatever). They are really good at what they do, which is create very dynamic music that builds like water pressure against a dam until it spills over the edge and then flows and floods the valley below and eventually settles in new calm. Or at least it seems that way to me. Olympia's Polka Dot Dot Dot is a band I have been trying to catch for a while. They apparently met and formed in New Zealand or some crazy place like that. Each member makes music on their own, but together their voices come together to create the vocal equivalent to Voltron (i.e. very impressive). That being said, I don't think there are many indie-pop bands that are as vocally focused as this group which is a shame. I had never heard if Rey Villalobos before but he seems to have his stuff together. He recorded at Type Foundry and it sounds good (duh, great studio). I also see that he plays out with Carcrashlander. Any friend of theirs is a friend of mine. No idea if he will have band, but I am guessing not. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with White Hinterland, Threads of Grass, and Justin Power. White Hinterland can be described as such: A girl with a pretty voice plays songs on a Fender Rhodes. But that is just an awful description for the band because it is not your typical girl on keys sort of outfit. They play dark music that has a faint Francophone feel (I think she sometimes sings in French which adds to this) and has a dude add textual sounds and cool percussive elements, often by candle light. I have never heard of Threads of Grass before, but they list 13 members. That is crazy for a place like Valentine's. I recognize some of the band members names as good players. I also see that they are a Folk-rock band (surprise). But I think it will probably be one of the better ones. Plus they released their record on record (vinyl). Nice. Justin Power is great. I remember finding out about because other musicians that I like would have him in their "top friends". I kept seeing him and eventually took a listen. It was one of those rare times when you find something and you kinda stop what you are doing and listen. He has been getting more exposure lately because he is on the new Portland Cello Project album. It has a rendition of one of my favorite songs by Justin, "Travel". His usually plays on a bass that has been outfitted with various non-bass and bass strings to make a very versatile instrument. He also sometimes switches over to a uke. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi". Because there is hell in hello.


Church plays tonight at Rontoms for FREE. Why would you miss this?

I Wanna Context You Up (All Night)

No one will argue that context is important. No one! But how important is it exactly, and to what extent is context necessary to fully appreciate a work of art? Let's talk about it, shall we.

It's a constant issue in critical circles and I doubt it will every really be resolved. The ur example is Ezra Pound- does his fascism trump the excellence of his poetry? A similar but less cliche example, if you want to not be a generic blowhard at snooty parties, is Knut Hamson. Want to be more topical? Let's talk Polanski. These are all great examples of infamy, and while they may not seem to be directly related to the production of the creators' art, it can easily be argued that the two are inseparable. Your mileage may vary as to how well you can filter the product from the producer.

Stepping away from that crucial and obvious issue, is a more subtle one that is particularly germane to our little game, the critical review of music, especially at the album level. Most albums, as individual entities, undergo a 'life span' of sorts, with the artist as parent, and producers, writers et al. as extended family. Just like a child, an album is conceived, gestated, birthed, and then presented to the world, and I'd like to make consideration of this process a crucial part of our understanding. That's the context I'd like to take into consideration while looking at some new albums, and one old.

I've been on a bit of a Neil Young bender lately. Now, I've been a fan since I discovered "Rust Never Sleeps" on vinyl when I was a freshman in high school, but I'm really hitting the material hard lately. There are a number of Neil Young albums that until recently have been out of print on CD, but one remains that is out of print in all media, the first of his so-called 'Ditch Trilogy:'

Without context, "Time Fades Away" is still one of Neil Young's best albums, a raw live set that sounds awesome even despite its terrible production values. It's unfortunate that it's out of print, and probably always will be, for two reasons. One, it was directly mastered off of one of the first digital mixing boards, so there are no 'master tapes,' per se. Second, Neil himself has stated that it will never be released again, because it's not a good album. This is just flat wrong, and Mr. Young is lying to himself, though for good reason. To protect himself from the pain. Are you ready, kids? Context time, and it will make listening to this album an emotional experience. Even if you're not Neil Young.

After the rampant success of "Harvest," which was recorded with a band other than Crazy Horse, Young was pressured by his record company to go out on tour. His Crazy Horse bandmate and best friend Danny Whitten had hoped to come with, but Whitten's heroin habit had degenerated so far that he couldn't play anymore, and he was given a plane ticket back to LA, and $50. Whitten took the plane to LA, plunked the $50 down on some smack and promptly OD'd. Young was devastated, but contractually obligated to continue the tour. A host of problems ensued on all fronts: roadie troubles, drinking, grieving, and a throat infection. Young was forced to call in help from an unlikely quarter: his former CSNY bandmates David Crosby and Graham Nash, who assisted with vocals and guitar.

This all sounds like a recipe for a disc of complete shite trainwreck. The proof is in the pudding, though, and the already awesome disc is revealed to be one of the most profound statements of grief ever put down in music. Take a look at the verses of "L.A.":

In a matter of time,
There'll be a friend of mine
Gonna come to the coast,
You're gonna see him
Up close for a minute or two
While the ground cracks under you.

By the look in your eyes
You'd think that it was a surprise
But you seem to forget
Something somebody said
About the bubbles in the sea
And an ocean full of trees

Well, it's hard to believe
So you get up to leave
And you laugh at the door
That you heard it all before
Oh it's so good to know
That it's all just a show for you.

But when the suppers are planned
And the freeways are crammed
And the mountains erupt
And the valley is sucked
Into cracks in the earth
Well I finally been hurt by you

If that doesn't break your heart knowing the story behind it, you are a soulless lead singer for the Decemberists or something.

What else can we find? Remember that historical data is not the only thing that can form context for an album. If you are an artist, your intentional actions need to be putting a best foot forward. When you think of how your album came to be, and where you would like to see it, think about whether your explanation will make you seem like a slavering goon. Especially to members of a group who are traditionally know for being jaded and quick to pick up on any weakness. Why yes, Army of Me, I am talking about you!

Their new EP "Make Yourself Naked", without context, just sits there and does nothing. Singer-songwriter stuff, low-key heartfelt singing about stuff that no one will listen to, acoustic strumming, some keys here and there. Coffee shop background noise. According to Army of Me, these songs were just demos. Wait, what? Also according to Army of Me, they were never intended to be heard. Huh? But, and I must quote their press release, this album is "an unexpected image of a naked man." No, '' is an unexpected image of a naked man. This is a five song acoustic blorp from the lead singer of an indie-pop band, who are releasing it- opportunistically, perhaps?- and claiming attributes such as 'rawness' and 'intimacy' that simply are not there. Maybe some people like pablum, but not me. The context only makes it unignorable.

Okay, let's clear the taste of that out of our mouths. Who will rescue us? A release from Thrill Jockey? Oh, there's one ready? Thanks, TJ!

This is another five song EP, this time from Javelin. They're an electro-whatever duo, and what they duo they duo well. The songs have something that you don't get a whole lot these days- tasteful sampling, which combined with the general layered cleanliness of their grooves makes for a surprisingly versatile set of songs. The one thing about Javelin is that I don't really picture this music existing outside of the bedroom project sphere, or if live pretty much the DJ realm. Here's where I am wrong, and context comes to the rescue. Or does it, ultimately?

Javelin have done something pretty cool. Here I quote their press release: "In performance, Javelin use colorfully painted boomboxes that form large speaker totems (“boombaatas”) which can hang from the ceiling or stack up on the floor like pyramids. The signal from the show is broadcast via FM transmitter, thereby fostering audience participation (B.Y.O.Boombox) or fueling battery-powered, mobile parties. The duo has played venues as diverse as the children’s branch of the Olneyville Public Library (RI), to the Museum of Modern Art (NY), both of which happened in the same week." Well kiss my grits! That's awesome, so I understand that for them the performance bit is probably more important than just the music proper. Here is also where I ponder- you didn't think I wouldn't leave well enough alone, did you?

The music is good, but I don't know that it stands head and shoulders above what a lot of people are doing at any given moment- Gasoline Monk locally, ferinstance. Adding in their boombox towers and pomo album covers and all, makes for a more complete experience, and that is probably what they will be known for. This holds true for plenty of acts- GWAR, Lightning Bolt... and just so you know I'm not keeping any cows sacred, perhaps Kid Beyond? So long as the experience is fun and satisfying for both producer and consumer, all is well, and it is only overthinking hypercritics infected with some nasty recursive memes who lose sleep/burn unnecessary brain power over it.

Well, jokes on you with the recursive meme thing, constant reader. Tag. You're it.