Monday, October 12, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, October12th

Hello Dear Readers,

Blah. It was cold last night. I did nothing. Here are my picks for today though.

Monday, October 12th

The Knife Shop is having a show with Band of Annuals (Salt Lake City), Brothers Young, and Run On Sentence. I am familiar with the name Band of Annuals, at the time when they first arrived into my consciousness Band of Horses and another band, Annuals, were pretty poplar. I couldn't tell if their name was joke or not. I guess it doesn't matter now. They have been around for a while, and they are probably here to stay. I am writing about the show because I saw RunOnSentence once and like what I saw. Dustin, the man behind the moniker lives on a relatively remote winery about an hour and a half out of Portland. It is here that he spends a lot of time by himself which allows him to write a lot of songs. They cover a lot of topics. But for a guy who is kind out of the way, he sure has a lot of collaborators here in town. He usually has a pretty good band backing him. I am not sure who it will be tonight. Or maybe he will go it alone. Brothers Young are a band that I feel will get better and better. The Young's other brother Richie is known for his band Loch Lomond. This band is write different and more often than not plays with doing three vocals in unison. It is a cool effect, though to be honest I am more a fan of three part vocals. The show is FREE (id don't know why, Columbus Day?) and starts at 9 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with John Niekrasz of Why I Must Be Careful and others. I am unsure of exactly what to expect but this is what Valentine's blog said: "Lasercave brings you a fresh new edition of the DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA. The evening's theme is SIGN LANGUAGES, so the selected works investigate and articulate some of the myriad forms language can take: as data, as physical form, as cultural signifier, as code, as sound, etc.

Expect dazzling video art and experimental film from around the world and specially commissioned performance from our own fertile backyard. Without going into too too much detail: John Niekrasz’s hot shit syllabic drumming, Oliver Laric’s Flash Grandmaster media new trickery, Diane Borsato treating a song like it's a precious breath, Catarina Simoes getting to the point, Ben Russell letting us stare at a sign and letting that sign stare back, Les Leveque re/de-coding Bill Gates, Annie Hall—one of the best comedies ever made—remade and remade and remade and more, more, more (like Stephanie Barber and Frank Zadlo, like James Whipple and Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, like, more)." I saw Why I Must Be Careful score part of "The Holy Mountain" a couple of weeks ago. It was rad. I have ever coincidence that this will be as well. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So if you see me, say "Hi". If you don't then curse the cold cold weather.


This guy plays for FREE tonight at the Knife Shop his name is Run On Sentence get it?

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