Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"I've got Fanne Fox and Wilbur Mills..."

Hope everyone likes the new look.  I was... inspired, when coming up with a new banner image for the blog, to look up that perverted old Italian street fighter, Caravaggio.  And look what I dug up!
She gives neither a shit nor a fuck.
So yeah.  Also in the news, we should have some new bloggers on board soon... cynics, skeptics, mods, rockers, tea maniacs, people I went to high school with... the possibilities are endless.  And of course, if YOU want to blog for Crappy, let me know!  Glory awaits!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, while we're waiting for Goldie's big announcement, here's some more stuff going on around town-ish!

This is who I think of when someone mentions "DIY".  What does that say about me?
Unfortunately, when I went to cover last month's OMSI After Dark, I was stricken with a terrible migraine and was unable to stay for the music, which I heard was excellent.  I did get to talk to some interesting vendors and museum staff, and while I think my expectations for the theme were a little high, this month's theme seems not only more grounded, but probably right up many readers' collective alley.

OMSI After Dark Offers Music and Science for 21+ Crowd
Join us in August for “Chic Geeks: Fashion, Music, and the Science of Style “
In Concert: Lost Lander, Voted One of the Top Three Best New Bands
Wednesday, Aug. 29
7 to 11 p.m.; concerts will be at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Local bands have been the newest summer feature of the popular adult event OMSI After Dark, known for kid-free, brain-building science fun for the 21+ crowd!

August Local Bands in Concert:
Lost Lander, voted #3 in the Willamette Week best new band poll, and Blue Skies for Black Hearts

August Science Theme: “Chic Geeks: Fashion, Music, and the Science of Style “
Is Style “art” or “science?” It can be both! Come flaunt your thick-framed glasses and peg-legged hipster jeans! Check out the future of fashion with local designers and go old-school with music on the Gameboy with chiptunes.

Fashion Forward Gets a Whole New Meaning with Interactive Demos and Activities:
  *   Duct Tape Wallets: Is there anything duct tape can't do? Come make one of these practical and oh-so-stylish accessories.
  *   Gimme Distortion!: Ever wonder how a guitar pedal gives you that fuzzed out sound? Play some instruments, crank up the distortion and discover the secret!
  *   Paper Plate Speaker: Though they probably won't replace your home entertainment system, these little speakers can pack a punch, not to mention teach you something about electromagnets and sound while you build them.
  *   Oobleck Monster: See what curious forms a sub woofer can coax from Oobleck - the non-Newtonian fluid!
  *   What's the Frequency?: Do you know the range of frequencies the average human can hear? Test your ears and find out how they stack up.
  *   ChipTunes Music Show: Did you know that the Game Boy relegated to your closet is a versatile musical instrument? Have you ever considered replacing your flaky bass player with a Commodore 64? Watch local musicians repurpose obsolete video game and computer hardware to rock the Planetarium Hall.
Paul Mitchell the School, Portland: Get all glammed up and go strut your stuff!

OMSI, inside and out!

Regular tickets will be $15 and include OMSI After Dark and the concert
$9 for OMSI members
FREE for OMSI After Dark members

Visit http://www.omsi.edu/afterdark to learn more about the current exhibitions on display, local artisans and services featured at the event, and the evening’s themed food and drink menu.

Chiptunes?  DIY speakers?  Hells yeah!

Yes, that's Geoff with his good buddies Hall & Oates.  Really.
Geoff Byrd, friend of the blog and friend of aspiring child musicians everywhere, is gearing up to record a new album.  "Yellowjacket" sounds like it's going to be a very directly Motown-inspired cut, as opposed to his more contemporary pop.  Geoff is a solid guy and super nice- he's recently moved from Portland to Oly- so let's help him make something awesome.  Check out the Kickstarter here.

Not pictured- a baby.
I met Jenny so many years ago that I'm sure the actual details are shrouded in... well, let's say mystery.  Senility is not a pretty word.  She was a slinkster cool chick off to college, and I was an urbane young high school lad.  We didn't hit it off romantically or anything, but you know how you meet someone once and know they are unique- it was like that.  Anyway over the years she has become a great quirky folk artist on Bicycle and K Records- in fact, featured on one of my very first posts on the blog.  Jenny had a baby girl not too long ago, and lucky for us she has bounced back from the miracle of life and is playing a show on the 31st up in Oly.  Show details here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hey everybody- just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates recently.  We're undergoing some life changes (no, not THAT ONE) and the blog will be having a bit of a restructure.  Expect a formal announcement soon, and then we'll be back to providing the quality/quantity of posts that you know and love!