Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stay Informed Without Trying That Hard

Kid Tyger's previous blog post has a link to a story about how kids don't watch TV or read newspapers. The story is from Wired (like the magazine) Blog Center called " How American Youth Will Screw Viacom"

This got me thinking about how uninformed most of us can be. If we aren't sitting down in our car listening to the radio or sitting down in front of the computer reading political blogs or watching Bill Moyers Journal how can we stay up to speed? It's hard enough to get to all the shows, art events, BBQ's, let alone creating all of these things.

My solution is podcasts.

One of the podcast I recommend is the Rachel Maddow podcast by Green 960. She is normally broadcast on AM620 KPOJ. Rachel Maddow is my favorite Air America talk show host. She is hella smart, quick witted, FUNNY and genuinely progressive. Her show is set up as a news magazine with various segments instead of ranting and raving with boring callers. I like to remind people without iPods, you don't have to have own one to listen to podcasts. You can play them using your iTunes. Then crank up the volume of your computer speakers. Listen while you are getting the BBQ ready.

Photo of Rachel Maddow

There are 3 hours of the show. The podcast breaks it up into 3 separate casts. The show is 5 days a week.

IF you have a favorite podcast please leave a comment and let me know! I load my iPod shuffle before I go to work and then listen while I prep the pizzas. -- Ste. Goldie

Everybody's Working For the Weekend....

onion dark knight

Was gonna post the MTV clip here, but Ste. Goldie beat me to it.

Kinda crazy right?! Especially since kids don't watch MTV anymore.

Mad props to my boy B* Meyercord, but I think I gotta get the eff outta dodge this weekend.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Listen Portland House Party Goers: RESPECT THE HOUSE

The folks at, Portland's best show guide*, have something to say to you:

Leave your garbage dumping, bad mannered friends at home!

"It's not just that one particular show. House shows in general seem to be suffering from a lack of the understanding of 'RESPECT THE HOUSE'. There was a garbage incident at The Coop (my house - which actually has a business license). The same night there were tiki torches snapped in half and thrown in the fire. I've seen houses shut down for shit like this before... DH 13th, which did house shows for SEVEN years was shut down and threatened with eviction because at one show, some dumb ass tagged their neighbors front door." --Damian of

Joe fucking Destroy 08.06.14 @ The Coop -1AM Photo From PC-PDX

Sounds like some D-bags need to be shut down, not the houses that are a main artery of Portland music life blood.


Check out what the folks at PC-PDX are saying about MTV's boner for Portland's indie music epidemic:'s response

*Best show guide besides Ben Meyercords of course.

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for July 30th and 31st

Hello Dear Readers,

More shows this week. Check it.

Wednesday, July 30th

There are some really good shows tonight. Like this:

  • Someday Lounge is having a show with former North-Westerner Pwrfl Power. I have heard many things about him, most of them good. The cool thing is that there are a couple local acts to open up. namely, Ah Holly Fam'ly and Dragging an Ox Through Water. I still have not seen Ah Holly Fam'ly, but I love Dragging an Ox Through Water. His set at PDX Pop was awesome, assuming you like really experimental folk. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Holocene is having a show with Titus Andronicus (Glen Rock, NJ), Faunts (Edmundton, CA), Sad Horse, Hot Victory, and Rob Walmart. My friend was telling me that Titus Andronicus sounds kind of like if Desaparecidos had made a second album. Sad Horse makes loud fast music with plenty of starts and stops. Hot Victory is like a drum solo if the drum solo was actually a drum duo (which is what they are). This should be a really cool show. The show is $8 and stars at 9 PM.
  • Towne Lounge is having a show with two good Seattle bands and one good Portland band. The two Seattle bands are Aqueduct and BOAT. Both make really good indie pop music. The local band is Graves who also make really good indie pop music. If you a fan of that kind of music (really good indie pop), then you should check out this show. It is $8 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, July 31st

There are some really good shows on Thursday

  • Towne Lounge is having a really cool show with three awesome Portland acts: The Friendly Skies, The Unit Breed, and Grey Anne (of Per Se). I know that both The Friendly Skies and Grey Anne both make very good use of looping pedals. Though The Friendly Skies make moody post rock, and Grey Anne makes playfully wordy songs with a amazing use of vocal layers. I don't know much about The Unit Breed but I hope to find out. The show is $5 and the doors are at 9 PM.
  • Backspace is having a show with BoomSnake, Sam Cooper, and Chase Pagan (Wynne, AS). I recently purchased the BoomSnake CD, Give and Take, and really like it. I want to se them play. I have not seen or heard much of the others, but I have seen Sam Cooper's name around. This show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.
  • The Doug Fir is having San Francisco's Or, The Whale play a show with our own Bark Hide and Horn, Power of Country (both who recently played sets at PDX Pop Now!), with Sacremento's Silver Darling. I really enjoyed Bark Hide and Horns indie pop rock set due to all of the various instruments that were utilized (including vibes!). The Power of Country didn't actually sound like country music when I saw them play, but it sounds country-ish on their myspace (hmm?). As I recall it was more similar to older punk music. Whatev's. This should be a fun show. The show costs $7. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Berbati's is having Seattle's Rocky Votolato play with Owen (Chicago) and our Michael Dean Damron. I just wanted to list this show because I am a huge Owen fan. I always have been, probably alsways will be. I should also express that I also very much enjoy Michael Dean Damron who used to play in I Can Lick any Sonofabitch in the House. This show is $10 before the day of the show and $12 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM.

So I hope to see at least a little bit of this music. If you see me at any of these, come up and day "Hi".


Bark Hide and Horn play Doug Fir on Thursday. Cool.

Dear Noah, I couldn't resist...

MTV has a boner for Portland's indie music epidemic:

I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this matter. It's been discussed at almost every other blog in town... now it's our turn.

I will go first [Super Snap Judgement]:

Fucking hipsters. Did the white belt get traded in for white sunglasses? There I said it! I SAID IT! Fucking MTV trying to make you look cool. Or even better, MTV doesn't get you so that makes you even cooler? I was talking (to my friends who may or may not want to identify themselves) about making a "Map of The Stars" of all the restaurants in town indicating the various bands represented... Do we do it now?
-- Ste. Goldie

PS -- blah, blah, blah, MTV... PDX Pop Now!...The Thermals


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CIMTB Exclusive Interview: The Great Northwest

This is a Crappy Indie Music -- The Blog! Exclusive video interview of Slow-core/Psychedelic music group The Great Northwest:

The Great Northwest's album "The Widespread Reign of" is released today by The Kora Records.

Read what other bloggers are saying about "The Widespread Reign of":
Guilt Free Pleasures
The Mark Out
Impressionable Youth
bolacha gratis
Indie Indie Lalala
The Drugs Are Working
Captains Dead

I fucking love The Great Northwest. This album reigns supreme. -- Ste. Goldie

The Great Northwest Trivia:
First Show Ever was played at Berbati's Pan in September of 2006 with post rock, shoegazers AristeiA. At that time The Great Norhwest was known as The Every Thing.


think outside the bun b

i thought that this was pretty funny.

especially since i think i know that very taxi driver.

i think this is funny too.....


Monday, July 28, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for July 28th and 29th

Hello Dear Readers,

I went to PDX Pop Now 2008! This weekend. Lord I love those things. I can't go into much detail right now (time constraints), but I want to tell you what bands stuck out in my mind. Without looking at a schedule or anything the ones that jump out at me were Nurses, Sweater!, Loch Lomond, StarFucker, Wooden Indian Burial Groud, World's Greatest Ghosts, Experimental Dental School, Grouper, Rainbow and The Kittens (guerella show), and White Fang. All of these bands played awesome sets. I you missed them, then you missed out.

This week we got a lot of good shows too.

Monday, July 28th

These are noteworthy:
  • I am playing a show in Y La Bamba with Nick Caceres and Wampire at Someday Lounge. Biased? Yes, but AI think this will be one of the better shows tonight. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Pink Widower is playing a show at Valentine's with Babydollars, and Ralf Youtz. It is a going away party for Ralf Youtz. You may remember him as the original drummer for Built to Spill. Or more likely, you remember him as the lead guy in Ape Shape. Either way, he is leaving town to educate him self in San Franscisco. But before he goes he is having this show which will have his Portland Covers album (his thank you to the city) available. The show will be FREE and start sometime after 9 PM.
  • At the Artistery, Pwrfl Power (Brooklyn), will be playing a set as will Neighborhood Stars and Why Must I Be Careful?. I have heard a lot of good things about Pwrfl Power form good people, and I enjoyed the guerella set Why Must I Be Careful Played at PDX Pop. So I would say it is pretty safe bet that this will be a good show. The show will be $6 and is ALL AGES. The music starts at 8 PM.

Tuesday, July 29th

These are noteworthy:

  • Someday Lounge is having Colt Vista, Cars & Trains, Ilyns Ahmed with Grouper,and Gay Deceivers all play a show. I have seen Colt Vista play and enjoyed their blend of post-rock and electronica. I have also seen and loved Cars and Trains beat making and melody layering skillz. And I just saw and loved grouper at PDX Pop. So I highly recommend this show. It is $5 at the door. The shows starts at 9 PM.
  • Its the last Tuesday of the month, which means its time for Pix Pattisserie's Guitar Pix with Super XX Man. This month he will have John Vecchiarelli play. Good good stuff. In other Super XX Man news, the other week at Tender Loving Emopire, I saw the art work to his forth coming album. It looks awesome. Good FREE and ALL AGES stuff. It will start at 8 PM.

So that is the first two days. I will have more later. But if you see me at these, please come and say "Hi".


Horse Feathers plays Holocene on Tuesday. Nice.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

PDX POP Fest Day 2

living proof pdx pop now fest 08
photo: Living Proof

I am so overwhelmed right now.

Swim Swam Swum! Sweater! Reporter! Nurses! Living Proof!

Too exhausted slash drunk slash lazy to go into detail of another awesome day of the festival. That said check it......
local cut

Had a blast and got some sweet footage too. More soon......

Saturday, July 26, 2008

pdx POP '08

pdx pop 08 outside dykeritz

pdx-pop fest 08.
it's hella hype.
see you there manyana?

SLEEP killed it though.

nick jaina too.

oh. and guidance counselor and his sweet ass driggedy dream catchers rocked it too.
guidance counselorpdx

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Explode Into Colors - "Sharpen The Knife"

On July 18, Explode Into Colors played a set with The New Bloods and Yellow Fever at Dekum Manor. As usual, they played an amazing set. You really need to see them. Here is a video of them performing "Sharpen The Knife".


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the cutest portland band you haven't heard of yet - tonight!

If you're looking for something to do tonight, check out Best Supporting Actress at DUNES (1905 ne mlk) Andrea plays drums and Jason (also of Chrome Wings) plays guitar and sings, it's noisy, punk rock, pure fun. If you go, you won't be sorry.
<-- look! they're clearly badass.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for July 21st to July 24th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last week I played four shows. One with each band and then another one. So, I didn't actually see any shows that I did not play. But wanted to say how much fun I had at Doug Fir on Thursday for the Y La Bamba (I play bass and sing in this band, but I was a fan before that) and Nicoluminous show. Nicoluminous, a hip-hop outfit, had a full band which included two beatboxers (Nico and Fogatron), a drummer, a percussionist, bass, guitar, piano/organ, and two horn players (9 members). They were real good (and real tight). They knew exactly how to entertain people. It all culminated for me when Luzelena (lead singer/sonwriter of Y La Bamba) joined the band to sing on a number. It was incredible. But this week will be incredible as well. Check ou twhat we have going on in our town.

Monday, July 21st

I got a couple o' shows for you.

  • Valentine's is having a show comprised of maymay, Mike Elias, and Kele Goodwin. This will be a calm folked out affair. If you like Nick Drake, I would come to this. If you are a fan of acoustic Will Oldham, come on down. If you like female folk, come check out maymay. The show is FREE. The music starts sometime after 9 PM.
  • The White Eagle is having a show with Dr. Something and the Poppin' Fresh Love Engines and The Turn Ups. Dr. Something a band that play quirky music about about quirky things. Like robots (seriously, check out her myspace page and you will find two songs about robots). They play acoustic, but acoustic like a guitar, mandolin, accordion, bass, violins, banjos and drums. Everyone in the band plays many instruments so they switch it up a bit. This The Turn Ups (get it? its a vegetable and can reference volume.) play rockabilly and newwave pop(Rockabilly New Veux?). This will be a fun and FREE show. The music starts at 8:30 PM.

Tuesday, July 22nd

I got a couple more shows for you.

  • Looks like Dekum Manor is having a kickass house show with The Shaky Hands, World's Greatest Ghosts, The Vonneguts, and Here comes a Big Black Cloud. I am not familiar with the Voneguts (I know the name, but not the music), but I totally down to see the rest of them. Rock and Roll PDX style. I could find no listed cover for this show, but I would bring some extra cash, just in case. This ALL AGES shows starts pretty early at 7 PM.
  • Valentine's is having a show with Bow Ribbons (Brooklyn), Dragging An Ox Through Water, and Garland Ray Project. I know I've said it before, but I love Dragging An Ox Through Water. This looks like it will be an artful experimental music night. There is no official cover tonight, but the traveling band will gladly accept your donations. The music starts sometime after 9 PM.

Wednesday, July 23rd

There are some good shows for Wednesday. Check 'em out.

  • Doug Fir is having A Hawk & Handsaw (Budapest?), Shearwater (Austin), and Benjamin Wetherill (Leeds, UK), play along locals Tu Fawning. I have yet to see Tu Fawing who is comprised of Joe Hage of 31 Knots and Corrina Repp and two other people, but I might just wait because they are playing PDX Pop Now! this weekend. I have heard good things about Shearwater. I also heard some not so good things. You be the judge. A Hawk & Handsaw, however is very interesteing indeed. They play balkan influenced music often several instruments at once if I am not mistaken. The show is $12 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Holocene is also having a Holocene presents show at Backspace. This one features Grand Ole Party, Hockey, and Sothern Belle. Grand Ole Party is said to be funky. I know that Hockey has some funk to their step. Check out their song "too fake for the world". It just maybe the song of the summer (according to Brandon Gordon of AristeiA). Southern Belle make jittery pop that can only be made by the young. So come check out this ALL AGES show. There is a cover of $8, but it will totally be worth it. The show starts at 9 PM (doors are at 8:30PM).
  • The Know is having a show with Stiffwiff. Stiffwiff is a super group thats members include those of Carcrashlander and Graves and many others. They have signed with Arena Rock Recording Company and should eventually release something. This show will most likely be FREE. So check it out if you like what you hear. The doors are at 8 PM.


I only found one show that I was interested in.

  • Hotel Deluxe is having Love Menu play. I think it is an actual hotel. I couldn't find any details on the show. But if you like well arranged folk pop (I do), then you might want to check it out. You can also see them later at PDX Pop Now. There is a $7 cover. The show starts at 7 PM (early show).

So that is it for now. But get ready for this weekend. There will be a ton of bands playing at the ALL AGES ALL FREE ALL LOCAL PDX Pop Now! 2008 festival. If you see me at any of these shows, come and say "Hi".


Love Menu play Hotel Deluxe on Thursday. Nice.

the sound of my soul being murdered by portlands music scene

Will someone please dump a bucket of water on me so I can have some peace?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for July 14th to 20th

Hello Dear Readers,

I want to say that last week I had fun at some shows. The reason being that I actually danced. I saw two bands that made me get up off my ass and dance around and spazz out a bit. The first was Hockey (God they made me want to shake my ass). The second was the Blue Horns (very good for flailing yourself about). Anyways, there is opportunity for that if you want to try it out this week .

Monday, July 14th

I could only few things, but rest assured they is good.
  • Ghost to Falco plays a show with Mattress and Future Phones (Seattle). I have seen Ghost to Falco a couple times now and relly like his shows. He plays kinda dark guitar looping art stuff (in the same ball park of Dragging an ox?). Matress is said to play sinister minamal syth based music. It looks like Future Phones are a punk band from Seattle. The show is FREE so I don't see any excuse as to why you shouldn't go. The music starts sometime after 9 PM.
  • Or if you don't want to go out, or you do want to hang out in a small space. You can either tune into or drop by KPSU to hear Love Menu play a live set on the radio as part of the Half & Half Hour show. They make well arranged female led folk pop. FREE and ALL AGES. It happens at 9 PM.

Tuesday, July 15th

There are some really good shows happening this Tuesday.
  • There is a show featuring a Tender Loving Empire approved indie pop rock lineup on Tuesday at the Doug Fir. It will feature Jared Mees and the Grown Children, The Morals, and The Wherewithals. I have not seen Jared Mees or his Grown Children, but I have heard their songs and they are good. I have seen the Morals and they too are good. I don't know much of the Wherewithals but I have had good people vouch for them. This show is $6 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you are feeling kinda lazy, perhaps you could just hang out all day in your pajamas all day and then head out to the Chaos Cafe where there is a Pajama Party/show happening. The line up is Mother McKensie (Las Vegas), Meyercord, Sheltered Kids, and Def Kids. All people in the audience are also encouraged to wear their pajamas as well. There are rumors of ghost stories and truth and dare. Did I mention the music? Its pretty good too. This ALL AGES show is FREE (though there is a suggested donation of $3). It will start after 8 PM
  • The other really good show is going down at Towne Lounge. Cohen (Bay Area, CA), Grey Anne (of Per Se), and NickCaceres are all playing. I can't get over how good Grey Anne's songs are (and well arranged). Nick Caceres is pretty quirky and and usually sings is little guts out. He's best when He's backed by his band which includes a stand up bass and drummer. This show is $6. The music starts promptly at 9:30 PM.
  • Zilla Sake has an open mic hosted by Y La Bamba. There are some good people who sometimes drop in. Plus there are like300 kinds of Sake stocked and fresh sushi. This is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Wednesday, July 16th

There are some good ones going on Wednesday.
  • The first one I want to mention is cool for several reasons. 1. The show is FREE 2. The show is outdoors 3. The show is ALL AGES 4. The show is early and 5. The show is All Girl Summer FunBand and Dirty Mittens. The show is part of the the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, "Music of Main Street" series. The FREE ALL AGES ALL LOCAL show takes place at 5 PM outside the Schnitz (on Main street between SW Broadway and SW Park).
  • Over at the Holocene, Ryan Dolliver is having a CD release show with Matt Sheehy, Alexis Gideon, and and DJ Honey Dripper. Apparently Ryan Dolliver makes all kinds of music (pop, jazz guitar, turntablism. etc...). Who knows what it will sound like. My hopes are that it sounds good. You can find out if you attend the show (CD is included in the cover). I have seen Matt Sheehey play and I think I like it more every time I do. Alexis Gideon has a video show that corresponds to his performance. I only saw it once and the sound did not do it justice. The Holocene knows how to do sound right, so I am looking forward to seeing it again. The show is $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • There is a show at Camellia Lounge featuring Amy Seely and Karli Fairbanks(Spokane). I keep hearing good things about Karli Fairbands so it might be worth checking out if you like female led folk pop. The show is FREE and ALL AGES. The show starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, July 17th
  • There are some really good ones on Thursday (assuming you can't drop the $35 to see the Jesus Mary Chain).
  • The Doug Fir is having a CD release show for Portland Beatboxer/singer/DJ/MC/Producer, Nicoluminous. Nicoluminous is known for his hip-hop. His new album, Unstoppable, is released on Beatwagon Records on Thursday. He will be playing with a full band. Y La Bamba, also playing with a full band, will be opening the show with a set of her unique brand of indie gypsy folk pop music which will make for a very diverse night. The show will be hosted by Fogatron. The show is $8. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Backspace will be host to Canadian MC, Busdriver, on Thursday, speaking of hip-hop. The reason I am listing the show is because local Boy Gorilla, Breakfast Mountain will be opening up along with DJ Tan't. This is one of the Holocene presents shows that occasional occur at Backspace. Both Breakfast Mountain and Tan't make kinda electronicy music. It should be a good thing if your into that. Plus Busdriver is really good (if your into kinda nerdy hip-hop). Theshow is ALL AGES and costs $8. The music starts at 9 PM.

  • Holocene is having an all local show with the likes of Dykeritz, Lakthereof, and Alan Singley and Pants Machine. It also serves as a CD release
    show for Dykeritz, the one man pop show extrodinare that is Jordan Blum. His new album, Rearrangerologyistics, is out now on Lucky Madison. Lakerthereof is Danny Siem of Menomena solo-ish project (I hear he has Paul Alcott of Dat'r on drums). And Alan Singley and Pants Machine are an indie pop band that has Burt Bacharach mentioned everytime they are brought up (see, it just happened). The show is $6. The show starts at 9 PM.

  • East End is having a show with Panther, Joggers, and DJ Magic Beans. I still have yet to see Panther as a two piece. I hear that its different. But the main reason for listing this is Joggers. They are so good and their new songs from their as yet to be released new album are so good. It is all really crazy and kind of mathy stuff disguised as perfect pop songs. The show will be FREE. The show starts sometime after 9 PM.

  • Towne Lounge is having a show on Thursday with Pony Village, Yeltsin, and The Plagiarists (Minneapolis). This looks to be a pretty solid indie rock show. The atmosphere of the Towne Lounge is a good one, I find it to be a fun place to see shows. And usually the bands they book are pretty good (sometimes very good). This show is $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
Friday, July 18th

There are somethings happening on Friday. Here are the ones that I am interested in.

  • Chaos Cafe is having St. Frankie Lee is play along with Laazarus, and Love Menu. I love watching St. Frankie Lee play their rowdy countrified songs. When I saw them play last Saturday, they had grown to a solid eight piece band. It was also at this show that St. Frankie Lee told me about Laazarus. Aparenttly, he is a mysterious man who lives in the woods and has a crazy red beard who plays his songs every so often and then retreats to his secret lair. Or at least this is what I remember them telling me. I have played with Love Menu before and they were real good like (nicely arranged folk pop). Though this show is not listed on Love Menu's Myspace page, and I am therefore uncertain of their appearance, I would still say, "Check this one out". The show is ALL AGES and FREE. The show is at 9 PM.

  • The Artistery is having a show with Ohioan & Native Kin, Jack Lewis Band, and Inside Voices. I have never seen any of these bands, but I know Artistery puts on good shows, and I know I have written about Ohioan & Kin and Inside Voices before. I would say take a chance on this show. The show is ALL AGES and costs $6. The music starts at 8 Pm.

  • PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art is turning 13 years old. Crazy teenagers. To celebrate, PICA is throwning a birthday party at Holocene. The previous link has all the information, but let me just say that Fleshtone, Mega*Church, Velella Velella (Seattle), and DJ Beyonda will providing the entertainment. St. Cupcakes will providing the treats. And you guys will provide the audience. The cost of admission is $7 (I hear there will be raffles, so there is a chance you might really get your money's worth). The party starts at 8 PM.

    Saturday, July 19th

    Shows and shows and shows and shows.

  • Let me just say this. It is crazy to me how things work sometimes. The other week (month?) I hear about this new Portland band Called Blind Pilot. I check out their page and I'm like, "That's pretty good", then last week they are itunes single of the week. Now, this Saturday they are opening a show for Amiee Mann at the Aladdin Theater charging a cover fee of $35. Insane. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.

  • Exit Only is having a show featuring The Evolutionary Jass Band. Awesome. Doug Theriault and Wally Shoup Duet will also be playing. This should be Jazztaztic! The show is $5 and ALL AGES. The music starts sometime after 8 PM.

  • Mississippi Pizza is having a pretty cool show with some bands I know and and like. St. Frankie Lee will be playing again (nice). This time they have Elliot King, Mark Iris, and Love Menu in tow (this show is on Love Menu's page). There is no listed cover for this show. It starts at 9 PM.

  • The Coop is having a show too. I still have yet to go to the Coop, but I have heard that every show there is a butt load of fun. This show is comprised of Strength, DJ Freaky Outty, and Nathan Detroit. I know that Strength knows how to make the body rock. They bring the dance rock like nobody's business. Plus it is a bubble wrap dance party (which is exactly what it sounds like). The ALL AGES show is $2 and starts at 9 PM.

Sunday, July 20th

I found two shows for you on Sunday.
  • The first is at Someday Lounge, where Boat (Seattle), Dirty Mittens, and The Winebirds are playing a show. It seems like almost everyone I know knows some in Boat or knows someone who has played with Boat. Andy from Fensepost loves Boat. I still have not seen Boat. So I am going to try to make it to this show. I have seen Dirty Mittens play and they are gooed. I don't know anything about The Winebirds, but they have good choices of top friends (for whatever thats worth). The show costs $6 and starts at 9 PM.

  • The other show is at Doug Fir and is largely not a local show. It is Earlimart (LA), Sabertooth, and The Parson Redheads (LA). I mention the show because I think that Earlimart make pleasent music. I also know people who have talked up The Parson Redheads. But more importantly I like what I have heard of Sabertooth. They are actually on a comp. CD with Meyercord called Ball of Wax. Sabertooth's album will be coming out on Arena Rock Recording Company later this year. This show is $12 and starts at 9 PM.

    So there you have another week of great shows. I hope to see you at some of them. If you see me first, come up and say,



The Evolutionary Jass Band play Exit Only on Saturday. Awesome!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks Weekend Edition: July 11th to July 13th

Hello Dear Readers,

Sorry I had to break up the post again this week. Sometimes I actually do work at work and that messes up my blogging schedule. Anyway, there are so many great shows to go to this weekend. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Friday, July 11th

I could only find a few worthy shows for you this Friday.
  • The first show I will mention is really awesome and really diverse. The Crown Room will be having Hockey, AristeiA, Locke, and The Repair all play on the same night. That line up goes new-wavey-indie-rock, kinda heavy post-rock, indie hip-hop, and acapella hip-hop. Sound Crazy? It is crazy. But is should also be be crazy awesome to see a show so diverse for so cheap. The show is $5. and starts at 9 PM.
  • Chaos Cafe is having a rock show. Specifically a PDX-power-pop-indie-rock show with The Neat, Midnight Callers, and Tiger House. This is your second chance to see Tiger House this week. The Neat describe themselves as "Jangle as fuck". Sounds good to me. The show will be ALL AGES and FREE.
  • Artistery is having an event on Friday. They will be screening three documentaries: Farewell, KabelvĂ„g (dir: Karsten Meinich, Norway), Austin Highway: Twilight of an American Street (dir: Trey Barth, USA), and Children of the Great Lake (dir: Nastia Tarasova, Russia). The theme of all three is places that out lived their glory. Afterwards, Ah Holly Fam'ly will be playing some music. Cool. The ALL AGES event has a cover of $5 and starts at 8 PM.
  • Berbatis's Pan is having a showcasing of the Oregon School of Rock on Saturday. It, as you might have guessed, will be ALL AGES. I could not find any mention of a cover charge, but the show starts at 5 PM.

Saturday, July 12

There are so many AMAZING shows on Saturday. Its ridiculous. I want to go to them all but as it turns out I can't. Sigh.

  • Artistery is having an event on Saturday too. In the interest of being lazy let me just copy and paste what they said on their website (to be fair to myself, I am adding links) ,"Come enjoy yourself at The Artistery during our truest portrayal of being an all-ages venue! Can’t guess what that could possibly be? I WILL TELL YOU! Jelly Jar Productions and The Artistery are teaming up to bring you: BENEATH THE BIG BLUE DOME: “A Creative Community Event for Families with music, theater, puppetry, craft tables, a parade, snacks from Tastebud Farms and more!” The best part? It’s totally, 100% and completely FREE! So bring yourselves and your families and join us for some good wholesome fun on Saturday, July 12, from 3-6 PM. In addition to that, there will be performances from members of awesome Portland locals like: Andy Combs and the Moth, Bark Hide and Horn, and Rainbow and the Kittens! This momentous occasion will be held, as the name suggests, under our dome in the backyard! In case you don’t quite know what I’m talking about, it’s that huge structure behind The Artistery that you all mistaken for a jungle gym and attempt to climb! The evidence is in the bent bars, my friends. No excuses! See you there! Sponsored by Tastebud Farm, SCRAP, & Trade-Up Music". So again its ALL AGES and FREE from 3 PM to 6 PM.
  • The Bagdad Theater will be hosting a showcase of the Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls. According to the Bagdas's page, "All gate proceeds will be donated to Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, a Portland non-profit whose mission is to encourage, engage and showcase the musical, artistic and individual talents of girls and young women ages 8-18, and to empower them with tools for self-reliance as a means to enhance and affirm positive self-esteem." The cover is a sliding scale of $7 to $10. The ALL AGES show starts at 5 PM.
  • The Aladdin Theater is hosting Hush Records 10th Anniversary show. It will be an amasing lineup of Laura Gibson, Loch Lommond, and Nick Jaina. All are really great in their both their sngwriting and arrangement of music. If you are not afamiliar with them, you really should give all of them a shot. This is a rare chance for the kids to see these artists who usual play 21 plus shows. The ALL AGES show will cost $10 in advance and $12 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Also there is a performance of the Portland Cello Project at Doug Fir. A PCP show (ha) is pretty cool because they perform clasical pieces, pieces of local bands arranged for cellos, pieces from modern pop radio, orignal pieces, or whatever they feel like playing. It always sounds incredible. Tonight they will be collaborating/playing with with Horse Feathers, Sophie Lux, Blue Cranes, and Point Juncture, WA. There will also be a limited edition EP available (sweet!). The show costs $10 in advance and $12 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • There is another ALL AGES show at Backspace. This one features St. Frankie Lee, Blue Horns, Nick Caceres, and Meyercord. If you read this my blog posts at all you should reckognize all of these names. At the very least the last name (my last name). St. Frankie Lee puts on a very energetic live show of county duet balladry and debauchery. I've written about Blue Horns before, they paly a mixture of punk and psychedelic rock. Nick Caceres is a gifted songwriter whose tunes sometimes have the ability to sometimes remind me of old Of Montreal and The Decemberists at the same time. Meyercord is me playing songs I wrote and awkwardly addressing the audience in between them. It should be a lot of fun. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.
  • The Waypost is having a good show too. They are having Jeevan Singh, Ah Holly Fam'ly and Sublet play. You guys know I've been meaning to see Ah Holly Fam'ly for some time so it is upsetting that I can't see this show. But I am really upset that I can't see Jeevan Singh. I have gone nuts for her songs that are on her myspace page. Check out "My Chest is Full of Spring". I don't really know anything about Sublet. The show is ALL AGES and FREE. It starts at 8 PM.
  • Work/Sound, a space I have yet to visit, will have World's Greatest Ghosts, Reporter and Panther and Root Beer & French Fry all play a show. These are all quality bands I have not seen any of them but I am somewhat familiar with all of them and would definatly consider going were I not already playing a show. It will be action packed as I hear that they all put on a high energy performances. I could find no mention of a This ALL AGES show is at 8 PM.
  • There is another good show at Chaos Cafe ( A good week for them actually). This one is comprised of KW Pluckett (Eugene), New Century Schoolbook, Patterns, and New Faces (Port Townsend). It looks like a night of diverse inide pop rock music. The show is ALL AGES and FREE (though I would bring some money for the touring bands if I were you). The music starts at 8 PM.

Sunday, July 13th

After all of the goings ons of Saturday you probably want to take it easy. Like maybe take in a show or something. Heres what's happening.

  • The Hush ( 14 NW 3rd above The Tube) is having a show featuring Breakfast Mountain, Pan De Sal (Las, Vegas), DoublePlusGood, and Love Pentagon (Las Vegas). This might not be such a hushed show. These acts are all electric and or electronic (both in most cases). It looks like it will be a good time. I saw DoublePlusGood play Church's CD release show before they went on tour and I thought it was pretty cool. I really liked what I hear on Breakfast Mountain's myspace page. There is a $3-$5 cover. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • Valentine's is having Modern Garage Movement (Brooklyn) perform a show. Contrary to what you might think, they are not a garage rock band, but rather a modern dance groupWooly Mammoth Comes to Dinner and Friends will also be performing. I am not exactly sure what they do. I believe I saw them perform before at Holocene and they were doing some kind of dance performance all climbing on each other and stealing peoples coats to wear and such. I guess they do music too, because their myspace page has songs. The "Friends" are rumored to include Tara Jane O' Neil and Theo Angell. Regardless, it looks real interesting. It will be a pass the hat sort of situation (ie donations). The show will start after 9 PM.
So there you have it. Another week's (or weekend's) worth of shows. I hope you enjoy them. And as always, if you see me at any of these shows come say, "Hi".


  • St. Frankie Lee to rip it up at Backspace on Saturday Night.

Hey Kids, I'm on Internet TV!

Yeah, I know it's been forever since I posted - extra hours at work, playing in two bands, and preparing for my birthday have kept me busy. But I wanted to stop by and belatedly let you know about an excellent website - This site, inspired by and in league with the sanfrancisco-based and worked on by the super-awesome Jim Mulhearn of the musiquarium, a great performance\recording space on NE Weidler, features 15-minute "webisodes" (I have a distate for that sort of internet-speak, bu there you have it). This is partly a self-serving post, as my band, New Century Schoolbook, is on one of the most recent episodes. The episodes involve a short interview as well as three or so songs by the featured band, and I think there have been 8 to date (although by now the 9th has probably come out.) Jim is a friendly, busy jack-of-all trades who reminds me of my dad (in a good way, my dad's awesome) bearded, casual and good at what he does. As well as producing the portland noise episodes, he does audio recording and plays in a band called bongloard.

Through, I also discovered Dr. Something and The Poppin Fresh Love Engines. Although I'm generally kind of wary of folk-with-a-twist, Dr. Something is evil, yet unabashedly nerdy, and you really can't go wrong with a song called "cheatin' on u with ur robot double". Here's to a rad lady &co doing something different in Portland music.

And while I'm here, I'd like to tell you all (well, portland ones anyway) to go see Chrome Wings at rererato tonight, and check out New Century Schoolbook's CD Release show (all ages! free!) at Chaos Cafe tomorrow (saturday the 12th) I'm not on the CD (it was all recorded before I joined the band) but I stand behind it fully, and I did help stamp and fold and glue the CD cases.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks Weekday Edition for July 7th to July 10th

Hello Dear Readers,

This past week was great for me. I actually didn't see that many shows only three in fact (one of which I played). I saw Shelby Sifers play twice this past week before she headed out on tour. She was great by herself and was super fun when she played as a band at the Green House (I would also like to add that Purrbot and Randy B and The Sarcastic Dharma Socitey also played Great sets that night). Any way, this week there are some great shows. Really hard decisions will have to be made by yours truly. Here they are:

Monday, July 7th

There is one show happening that I want to mention. And oh do I really want to mention it.
  • Valentine's where the incredible and always great live Evolutionary Jass Band will play two sets for FREE. I mean you don't really get much better than that. Hopefully they will have copies of that vinyl that was mentioned here on CIMTB a while back. Jazz for the awesome price of FREE! The show starts at 9 PM.

Tuesday, July 8th

Good God, there are five shows I want to mention on Tuesday. What the hell?

  • Okay, first off I just want to say Ratatat is Awesome (seriously, check out their remix of Bjork's Wanderlust. I have been listening to that track like crazy). Second off, they are playing Holocene on Tuesday, the same day their new album LP3 comes out. I know that they are not a Portland band, but one of the dudes, Evan Mast(E*Vax), used to live here. In fact, he co-founded a really sweet label with his brother, Eric Mast (E*Rock), and named it Audio Dregs. Audio Dregs puts out cool, usually, electronic based music. E*Rock will be opening a couple shows on the west coast. Tuesday DJ Hot Air Balloon (Steve Schroeder, founder of States Rights Records) will also be spinning. The show will probably be worth every cent of the $15 it costs to get in. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The Doug Fir is having a rock show featuring some metal type music. Portland's answer to Black Sabbath (kinda), Danava, is opening up for "Chicago cult legends" Trouble. So if you're looking for it you know where to find it on Tuesday. The show is $15 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Coop is having a show on Tuesday with Ghost Mice (Gainsville, FL), Heathers (Dublin, Ireland), Hey Tiger, Craig Salt Peters (Seattle), The Taxpayers, and a Super Special Guest. Looks like we got some punk of the electric and the acoustic variety probably some music that fits in categories between the two as well. $5 to see bands from across state lines and even oceans in Heather's case is certainly not bad at all. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • Towne Lounge is having a show of note too as Mostly Bears (Tuscon, AZ), David Kyle and The Invisibles, and Kate's Mirror play a show. I mention this mostly cause I think David Kyles music is pretty cool. He builds music out of layers of various Eastern instruments, guitars, keyboards, and a laptop to create his songs. Sometimes he has his friend Caroline Buchalter play viola too. The show is $6 at the door. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Valentine's is having New Bloods, Softboiled Eggies (LA), and Experimental Dental School play a show on Tuesday. Though I only saw Experimental Dental School once, it made quite an impression with their two piece experimental rock assault. You should check out the dude's pedal board (cause its crazy). The show is $5 for the touring band. The music will start anytime after 9 PM.
  • Not to mention open spaces (open mic sounds so passe). Zilla Sake house has one hosted by Y La Bamba. There are some good people who sometimes drop in. Plus there are like 300 kinds of Sake stocked and fresh shushi. This is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Wednesday, July 9th

There is some good stuff here.

  • I have not been at the Tonic Lounge in about a year when A Weather played there. They consistently have shows, but I guess it just isn't what I'm "feeling". On Wednesday Tiger House, Autumn Film (Boulder, CO), and BoomSnake are playing Tonic Lounge. While I am unfamiliar with the first two bands of that list, I would very much like to see BoomSnake play. I got the Boomsnake CD, Give and Take, on a whim at Tender Loving Empire and was quite impressed. I guess you could say I am "feeling" it. The show is $5. There is a listed start time of 9:15 PM.
  • Holocene is having a KPSU presented all local show with Day of Lions, Eskimo & Sons, and Norman. I have not seen Day of Lions in a long time. In the meantime it has expanded from a solo act playing sad songs to a full band playing not as sad songs that have been recorded and released as a CD for Yukon Records called Come Down From the Mountain. I have heard nothing but good things about Boy Gorilla affiliates Eskimo & Sons. It is also a rarity to see indie folk rockers Norman as their members are spread between Portland, Salem and Corvallis. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Someday Lounge is having a show with some bands I have been meaning to check out. Sam Cooper, Megafaun (Durham, NC), Achille Lauro (Denver, CO), and AAN are playing. Specifically, I have been meaning to check out Sam Cooper (recommended by a friend) and AAN (recommended by myself). A lot of folks playing all kinds of folk (and indie other kind of music they want). The show is $6 and the show starts at 9 PM.
  • Slabtown is starting to bring live music (that I care about) back to NW Portland. I confess that I have never seen a show here, but I have noticed that I have been listing a lot more shows here than I used to (used to be = never). On Wednesday they are having The Hand That Bleeds, The Quick and Easy Boys, and Strange Language. I list this show mostly because I thought The Hand That Bleeds was a fun live show. Plus its FREE. The show starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, July 10th

I have an impressive six shows that you could enjoy with 100% certainty if you are Ben Meyercord. Though it is quite possible that you would even if you are not.

  • It is a The Old Believers kind of Thursday. Which is to say that it feels like you could maybe see them more than once. Which, of course, you can. They are playing twice today. The first show you can catch this really good folk duo is at their in-store performance at Music Millennium at 5 PM. This performance is ALL AGES and FREE.
  • The White Eagle is having a show with American Nobody, Annie Bethancourt, and Hide & Go Hustle. I think that Annie Bethancourt is a great songwriter with a great voice. I have heard go things about Hide & Go Hustle. I think it would be worth seeing for myself if I were you (or me). The show is $4 and starts at 8:30 PM.
  • Chaos Cafe is having a show with Sam Cooper, Benjamin Ballinger, Ivonrose Family Jamboree, and Martyrs of the Apollo Guild (Duvall, WA). So if you missed Sam Cooper on Tuesday, here is your second chance. It sounds like fun. I guess any show that has a band called Ivonrose Family Jamboree sounds fun, right? I just looked at the Ivonrose page and it looks to be a 12 piece band including a three person Ivonrose choir. Neat. Since it is at Chaos, it will be ALL AGES and FREE. The music starts sometime after 8 PM.
  • Mississippi Pizza is having a show with Brenna Palentta and Karli Fairbanks (Spokane, WA). If you like girls singing their pretty indie-folk-pop tunes then you will like this (if you don't steer clear of this one). Brenna has assembled a band which is capable of three part harmonies (the other vocals are one girl and one boy), fiddle, glockenspiel, cello, bass , more guitar, bass, harmonica, and melodica. That sounds like there is a lot of potential for some good music. I hear that Karli Fairbanks is going to be big. The show is FREE.

So there you have the Weekday Edition of my live local music picks. As always come up and say "Hi" if you see me at any of

these shows.


BoomSnake play the Tonic Lounge on Wednesday
photo by g0analogbaby

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Myrrh Larsen podcasting tonight...

Hello, CIMTB readers.

This is a brief note to tell you about tonight's RoseDropMediaCircus podcast...

First reason to show up: the inimitable and ubiquitous Myrrh Larsen will be playing.

Do you really need another reason, you musical heathen?

Well, okay, fine. Second reason: RDMC recordings will be on hiatus for about a month and when they resume they may not be at 9 Muses anymore.

Third reason: Myrrh. Fucking. Larsen. Who doesn't love a bit of him?

Myrrh Larsen on the RoseDrop Media Podcast
July 6th at 8pm
Live at 9 Muses, 2715 SE Belmont
Streaming at
Transmitted into SecondLife at Pannies or look for Rose Drop Rust*

See you there!

* this information could be inaccurate because I don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to SL.