Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Fall

Well, when I titled my last post "New Era" I had no idea how portentous that would become.

However, I'm sad to report that Dykeritz is no longer a band. Or, perhaps I should rephrase that, Dykeritz is no longer playing live. For awhile. Although Jordan will hopefully be back with new songs and a new lineup circa 2010.

Don't want to get too gossipy and drag names through the mud, so let's just say we had an unfortunate incident (incidents) @ band practice last Thursday evening which caused enough damage to cancel our upcoming shows @ holocene, in seattle, and @ rotture this fall.

Apologies to those who were looking forward to those.

In the meantime, I hope you will join me in enjoying The Fall as well as continuing to be psyched about music.

Local and beyond.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

RUSH-N-DISCO Love's You Tender this Saturday Night, September 27th

Rush-N-Disco and DJ Solomon (dance tunes people!)and Fashionette Concepts
Saturday September 27th, 2008
at Branx
320 SE 2nd
Portland, OR 97214

I want ALL of you to know. If you show up to see Rush-N-Disco and you haven't seen them preform -- YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED! Bring a date and impress the pants or skirts right off of them and then YOU CAN LOVE YOUR DATE TENDER!!!

I promise.

Love Ste. Goldie

New Era

So yeah, my job isn't ideal. Which is no surprise as not very many are. That said, after 7+ years @ the same job the time has come for me to move on. And while I'm glad that this isn't my job I'm also realistic enough to realize that I probably couldn't quit tomorrow and be lucky enough to be able to pull this off as a a way to make ends meet.

Therefore, I put it to you. Shamelessly and nakedly. Are you hiring @ your place of employment? If so hit me up. Seriously. My cell = 503.267.1646.

PS - In case you missed our last show Dykeritz is playing this Monday @ Holocene with some pretty amazing other artists.

& we're also opening for our very good friends the next evening in Seattle. Sadly, due to the fact we have an 8 piece band, we will not be coordinating haircuts for either show, so hopefully that won't detract from the music.

But yeah, holla back on the job offers and/or to get on the guest list for either show.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Sorry for the last minute warning!

love goldie

Image of Adam Steinfink of AristeiA from photo by Kimba

Portland, Oregon's post rock darlings AristeiA will be playing a show tonight from Berkeley, California. It will be streamed live from Ex'presion College. Show time is NEW TIME 10:30pm to 11:30pm. You can watch it here: Watch AristeiA play live from Berkeley, CA!

Watch AristeiA from the comforts of your own bedroom:


AristeiA Streaming Live Tonight from Berkeley, California

Image of Adam Steinfink of AristeiA from photo by Kimba

Portland, Oregon's post rock darlings AristeiA will be playing a show tonight from Berkeley, California. It will be streamed live from Ex'presion College. Show time is 11:30pm to 12:30am. You can watch it here: Watch AristeiA play live from Berkeley, CA!

Watch AristeiA from the comforts of your own bedroom:


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Show Review - Failing St House, Thursday 9-18

I should admit that I am good friends with everyone who lives at "220 house" on Failing st, so I would probably have gone anyway, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show on Thursday night. Part of my enjoyment involved the copious imbibing of alcoholic beverages, so my recollections are not completely clear, but here were some highlights :
The first band, solo act Ann Mercerow (spelling, anyone? I can't find any information about her anywhere and she doesn't have an internet prescence yet) nerdy girl singer-songwriter with loud electric guitar and songs about centaurs and necrophilia, and apparently also a Misfits cover (Ok, so I've never really listened to the Misfits, and therefore didn't recognize it. Prepare rotten tomatoes now.) I believe Ghost to Falco played second, they sounded good from upstairs, unfortunately I was having a drunken conversation with my roommate about how much I love Jonathan Richman and missed them. Following that was Best Supporting Actress, one of my personal favorites, a duo of Andrea Mickelson on drums plus Jason Nickle of Chrome Wings on guitar\vocals playing stripped-down raw garage punk (if you go to their myspace, check out West Virginia Lobotomy Project) with themes like lobotomies, dislike of beer, and dislike of urinals) and the best cover of Wild Thing I've heard in a long time.
The night finished off with Father Murphy, who were on tour from Italy, with a more laid-back sound, and finally local favourites The Shaky Hands. I had somehow never managed to hear them until this show (the following day, my coworker who I'd invited asked me, "so the shaky hands were playing at a house party? really? aren't they beyond that or something?" ) fortunately in Portland, nobody gets beyond playing house shows, right? They had an excellent sound, classic but fresh. It seemed like something I could have heard in a basement anytime over the past forty years, and at that time, been like, hey, these guys are good!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for September 19th to 21st

Hello Dear Readers,

By the time you read this I will be gone. On tour. It makes sense that as soon as I am gone there will be an ungodly amount of good shows. Take for example this weekend.

Friday, September 19th

There some good shows and a great one

  • The great show is being held at the Towne Lounge and features Sabertooth, Ritchie Young (of Loch Lomond) and Heather Woods. Sabertooth is a band that will be releasing an album some time this year on Arena Rock Recording Company. I like what I have heard. Loch Lomond is great, but one thing I love about them is their arrangement of instruments and voices. It should be interesting to hear the songs stripped down. Heather Woods aka Heather Broderick is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who often lends her talents to other local bands (including Loch Lomond and Sabertooth). I was not shocking to hear how good her solo music is. And trust me it is good. This show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Artistery is having a good show with Ghosties, Breakfast Mountain, and T.K.Y.K.. I believe that all of these bands are Boy Gorrilla related. In fact This show is the official release for Ghosties new album, "Batches". I have not actually heard Ghosties, but honestly Boy Gorillas track record is so good I don't need to. They don't put out bad records. They are putting out a T.K.Y.K. single soon as well. This ALL AGES show is $6 and starts at 8 PM.

Saturday, September 20th

There are a ridiculous amount of great shows. I glad am gone so that I don't need to make and of the difficult choices you guys will have to make.

  • In the afternoon there is a Bikes-n-BBQ event were Alan Singley and Julia Dawn will be playing music as well. Alan writes quirky and sometimes Burt Baccharac-ian tunes. Julia has one of those kinda sultry voices and makes that kind of jazzy folk music. Ride your bike over there and bring your own fake meat or real meat or whatever you want to grill it will be fun, ALL AGES and FREE. It is to take place from noon to 4 PM at Welshire Park (NE skidmore and NE 33rd).
  • Then you could go over to Doug Fir to see Fir Fest which is an awesome semi-annual FREE. This time around they have Loch Lomond, Bark Hide and Horn, and Y La Bamba. All three of these bands played excellent sets at PDX Pop Now! That was free too. Some times the best things in life are free. This show starts at 5 PM.
  • Later that night at the Doug Fir, King Black Acid, Tango Alpha Tango, and Oh Captain My Captain. King Acid Black has been around for quite some time I have never seen them. I have never heard of Tango Alpa Tango. But I have heard really good things about Oh Captain My Captain. The show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Wonderball Room is having a great show with Talkdemonic, Doubledutch, and World's Greatest Ghost. Seriously, this is a killer show. Talkdemonic and Doubledutch both recently released new albums and World's Greatest Ghost is going to be recording new material soon. All the new music is really good. you should check out all of these bands music. The ALL AGES show is $10-$12 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Backspace will be having a really good show with Explode into Colors, Magic Johnson, Reporter, and Nurses. I bought a Nurses EP at PDX Pop Now! and have been loving it. I have also heard that the rest of the bands are really fun to see live. Might be worth checking out. The show is ALL AGES, $5, and starts at 8 PM.
  • Exit Only is having a show with Sub Pop's Tiny Vipers (Seattle), and Ah Holly Fam'ly. This should be a really good show of "not so normal but really good" folk music. This show didn't have a listed cover but I am sure it will be cheap. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • There is a show at Towne Lounge that I am interested in with Love Menu, Shoeshine Blue, and Audie Darling. I have had the pleasure of playing with all of these bands and found them all to be really good. The all play acoustic based music. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Coop is also having a good show with Leper (Vancouver , B.C.), Tibetan Beef Garden, White Fang, and Adelit@s. I list this show based on the fact that White Fang is playing. They were one of the highlights of PDX Pop Now! Check it out. There is a $5 cover for the touring bands. This ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.

Sunday, September 21st

There are a couple things going on Sunday. This is what they are.

  • Valentine's is having a show with White Hinterland, Ohian and Native Kin, and Davis Hooker. I have wanted see White Hinterlind for some time now. I guess I will need to wait a little long. But you don't have to. You can just head to Valentine's at 9 PM for the FREE show.
  • Rontoms is having a show with Iretsu and Hotels, and Brothers Young. I have seen the Brothers Young before and was really impressed. perhaps you could be impressed as well. All you have to do is show up to Rontoms at 9 PM (cause its FREE!).
So those are the shows for this weekend. You will not see me at any of these so you will not be able to say , "Hi". Oh well. I hope you have a great weekend.

World's Greatest Ghost will play the Wonder Ballroom on Saturday. They are so good.

photo by Jason Quigley

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


dykeritz t bigger

So yeah. I guess we're going to be opening for, critics be damned, my favorite local band at the Doug Fir this Thursday night.

DJ Beyonda spinning before us @ the 21+ show.

PS - all ages crewz = check the early show w/ Southern Belle & Guidance Counselor.

*I may or may not have some crazy stories to follow as I may or may not have rented 2 adjacent hotel rooms @ the Jupiter to coincide with said event*

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for September 15th to September 18th

Hello Dear Readers,

How are you? Really? Sorry to hear about that, but I am sure that if you slap on some of that ointment, it will clear right up. Anyway, there are loads of good shows this week. A week to be excited about for sure.

Monday, September 15th

A few musical performances that will make you say to yourself, "Gee, this is actually pretty cool".

  • The Doug Fir is having Ida play a show. They make good, albeit kind of calmer, music. They are also not from Portland. TJO (Tara Jane O'Neal) however is. She makes really good music (albeit on the calmer side as well). Actually if Ida's myspace is correct TJO might actually be a "special guest" band member. Only one way to found out if this is true. There is a $10 cover. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Rererato is having a night of ambient-ish spacey noise bands in the form of Thousand Points of Light and Synesthete Ensemble. It should be cool if you want to plop down on the floor and let the music wash over you. The ALL AGES show as a $4 suggested donation and starts at 7 PM.
  • Or if you don't feel like leaving the house, but you still want to hear live local music, then I suggest you tune into KPSU via the radio (1450 AM) or the Interweb at 10 PM. Starfucker will be doing a live set on Arya Amig's Sound Judgement. It will be good. Again the show is at 10 PM.

Tuesday, September 16th

There is some darned good stuff going on Tuesday.

  • Music Millennium is having an in-store performance by local band The Shaky Hands. I have only heard one track off of their new album, Lunglight (out on Holocene Music/ Kill Rock Stars), but I really enjoyed it. Iam going to try my hardest to see this performance because the price is right (FREE!). I am sure they will have copies of Lunglight for sale too. Nice. Plus, since it is an in-store it is also ALL AGES. Sweet! The music starts at 7 PM.
  • Speaking of Kill Rock Stars, another of their signees, Jeff Hanson (St. Paul), is playing at the Towne Lounge on Tuesday. The thing is that Martin of We're From Japan! played on the Jeff's new record, so there is a chance that he will play drums on Tuesday night as well (psst. He's a really good drummer). Krist Krueger, mostly recognized for his work as Southerely is playing a set as well. It is incredible to see Jeff Hanson sing. I have heard it described as "if Eliott Smith were an elf". I totally agree with this. The show costs $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Someday Lounge is having a show with The Double U, Experitmental Dental School, and Valediction. I am not to familiar with the bands that are not Experimental Dental School. But I love me some Experimental Dental School. They come from the same school as Deerhoof (ie The Bay Area) and in fact are about to go on a tour with them. See them now while you still can for a reasonable price which is $6. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Or you could go to the Zilla's open mic hosted by Y La Bamba every Tuesday. Sometimes good people play there. Sometimes not. It is a little like playing the lottery. There is no cover charge and it is ALL AGES. Usually things get under way at 8 PM.

Wednesday, September 17th

Here is what is going down. You Dig?

  • I believe there is an afternoon show by Carcrashlander at The University of Portland. The show is listed at starting at 12:30 PM. Since this is probably not at bar, it is most likely ALL AGES. There is no cost listed. So again, the Carcrashlander show is mostly FREE and ALL AGES and will start at 12:30 PM.
  • There is a film being made about James Chasse Jr., Alien Boy, the man who died in Portland Police custudy under some shady circumstances in 2006. This Wednesday there is a benefit for that film featuring Calvin Johnson (Olympia), Ah Holly Fam'ly, and Tender Forever as well as the filmmaker Brian Lindstrom. All of these music people are good. Plus it should be interesting to hear the film maker speak. The ALL AGES show is $12 (plus service charge so its actually closer to $15) and starts at 8 PM.
  • Holocene is having an interesting show called The Baroque Bash. It will feature Sophie Lux, part of the Portland Baroque Orchestra, and Clasical Revolution PDX. Not only will there be an abundance of Baroque and Baroque inspired music. The Audience is encouraged to come in their best Baroque outfits (thats powdered wigs and such) as there will be a costume contest as well. I will just say this now, Sophie Lux puts on a spectacular show. This show is $8 (unless you are in costume, then it is $6) and starts at 9 PM.
  • Rotture is also having a show. Theirs is more of the heavier variety with acts Shat, Shunt (Vancouver, WA), and With Eyes Abstract providing the music. I mostly remember With Eyes Abstract being pretty good when AristeiA played with them. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, September 18th

There are several above average shows happening tonight. Choose wisely.

  • Backspace is having a CD Release/Tour Kick Off show for AristeiA (a pretty awesome instrumental PDX based Post-Rock band). Nice. The best thing is that the rest of the line up is pretty incredible as well. It consists of Hockey, Nanda Devi, and Westfold.Seriously Check all of these bands. They are so good. And for the low low price of $5. You cannot lose. The ALL AGES showstarts at 8 PM.
  • The Artistery is having a pretty cool show too. There's has Seattle legends Earth. They are actually going on tour with another Seattle act Stembo who will be here as well. Experitmental Dental School will also be playing. If you missed them on Tuesday, here is you second chance. Nice. This ALL AGES show starts at 7 PM and is $8.
  • Starfucker will also be having its CD release party on Thursday at Doug Fir. Theirs is a two parter. This represents partone: The ALL AGES early show. This show has openers Southern Belle and Guidance Counselor. I still have not seen Southern Belle and I am starting to wonder if I ever will. I caught Guidance Counselor at PDX Pop and had a very good time. I have been assured by a good source that he is usally even better when their is better sound and people are actually dancing (I am not say you have to dance. I am just saying). This ALL AGES show has a $7 and and starts at 5 PM.
  • Part Two of the Starfucker release show at Doug Fir is 21 and up. This show has Dykeritz and DJ Beyonda opening. I know plenty of people who read this are and
    really down with Dykerritz (and I haven't really met anyone is isn't down with Starfucker). So this show listing is for you guys. There is a $10 cover and the show starts at 9 PM.

  • If you are one of those types that despises seeing music in a club setting, there is a good house show happening at 220 House. Ghost to Falco is playing with Father Murphy (Italy). Though admittedly I am not familiar with Father Murphy, I totally can back up Ghost to Falco as I have seen him play a few times and have enjoyed them. He sometimes plays with a band and sometimes just loops up a storm to create his dark music. Good stuff. There is no listed cover for the show, but I would imagine that the Italian band would gladly acceprt donations for gas money and what not. The show starts at 8 PM.

  • Laurelthirst Public House, a place where I have never seen a show, is having a show that I wish i could see. Leonard Mynx, Telescope Vehicle, and Michael Dean Damron (Mike. D formerly of I Can Lick any Sonofabitch in the House). I played with Leonard Mynx before where Telescope Vehicle was also supposed to play but could not due to circumstances out of their hands. Looks like they are playing this show with out me this time. But I assure you that Michael Dean Damron is way better than I would have been. This show is $4 and starts at 9 PM.

So I hope to see you. But if you see me first, come up to me and say, "Hi".

Nanda Devi will play the AristeiA CD Release/ Tour Kick off show. It will be "Rad!".

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks fo September 12th to September 14th

Hello dear readers,

How has your week been? I've been pretty busy, but man there are some good shows. So I might try to make some time in my schedule to see some of it. We'll see.

Friday, September 12th

There are a couple things going on today. Things like this:

  • Towne Lounge is having an awesome show with The Union Line, Church and Pacific UV and Local Natives. I have heard good things about Pacific UV, but I am listing this show mostly because of Church. I think these guys are great. Seriously. They are doing something interesting and I love it. Check them out. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The World Famous Kenton Club is having a show with Sad Horse. You may recall this band from my last post when they played an in-store at Mississippi Records. Plus there are some special guests. They are a two piece that make rock music that is loud and percise. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.
  • Also at Work/Space with Owl Dudes and ...worms. You might like it so give it a listen. This show is a to be determined cover, but it will start at 8 PM and I believe it is an ALL AGES space. Bonus.

Saturday, September 13th

There is just a whole lot going on on Saturday. I don't know what the best is but here is what is happening.

  • There is a seriously amazing show at Someday on Saturday as well. 31 Knots, Reporter, and Root Beer and French Fry. 31 Knots is one of Portland's finest. There new album Worried Well is really good. Reporter always put on a good show. Root Beer and French Fry played a TBA performance that I missed. This should be a really good show. The show is $8 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Rererato is having a show with White Rainbow, VxPxC (LA), Warm Climate (LA), and Saudade. This should be a cool experimental music show. I can imagine just going to Rererato and just sitting on the floor and blissing out. The ALL AGES show is a $4 donation and starts at 7 PM.
  • The Waypost is having a great show too. This one with Grey Anne, Saw Whet, and Ah Holly Fam'ly. They are all above average and totally worth checking out. I highly recommend this show. Plus its FREE and ALL AGES. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • Annie Bethancourt is playing a show at 9 Muses. She has an amazing voice and is a great song writer. I would be remiss if I didn't mention this show. She also has quite a stage presence making every performance an enjoyable one. Maria Valdez and Kelly Brightwell will also be playing. The show will be $5 and start at 7 PM.
  • Towne Lounge is having an excellent show as well. ANN, See Me River (Seattle), and Kaylee Cole (Spokane) will all be playing sets. Basically both ANN and Kaylee Cole are excellent and I would love to see both. I don't know much about See Me River. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Kelly's is having a Portland styled indie-rock show (ie all Portland indie-rock bands) featuring Deer or the Doe, Swim Swam Swum, and Junkface. It should be really good. I have seen Swim Swam Swum a couple times and have been really impressed with their music. You might want to check it out. The show is probably $5 and probably starts at 9 PM.

Sunday, September 14th

This is the only thing I found Sunday.

So if you see me at any of these say, "Hi".


Saw Whet comes out of hiding to play a show on Saturday at The Waypost.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for September 8th to 11th

Hello Dear Readers,

As I write this I am exhausted. Music Fest NW definitely hit me. HARD. And I even missed the best day (Saturday which had like a billion awesome shows at the same time). Anyway, you would think that Potland would kinda calm down after a festival like MFNW, but instead they started TBA, which often incorporates local music into the art world, directly on its heels. But I will try not to complain about too much good music.

Monday, September 8th

There are some good things going on tonight. What'll it be?

  • Just to get it out of the way, Meyercord (which is essential me and a guitar) is playing a show at Ash Street Saloon. There are two bands on tour who asked me to play. Fatigo from Phoenix and Jump Back Heart Attack! from the "The Desert". Come check it out as I don't know when I will play as Meyercord again (though I do know it will probably be months). Plus the thing will only set you back a fiver. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Au and Ethan Rose will both be performing as part of the tba festival. They both make artful music that has experimental tendencies that I am not going to try to put into words. This show will be taking place at The Leftbank. It will cost you $8-$10 if you don't have a wrist band for the festival. The performance will commence at 10:30 PM. .
  • There is also a show going down at Valentine's that features some experimental leaning music. That being the music of US Girls, Tunnels and Brian & Dana. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.
  • Also a while back I saw a show at at the Green House that had a guy named Nathan that played music under the name Purrbot. The instrumentation was mostly Nathan switching between Piano and banjo. I thought it was quite good. I even bought a CD. Anyway give it a listen, and if you are so inclined you may go see him play at The Mantle (4004 SE Grant Court, Portland, OR, 97214) with Razz m'tazz (Olympia) and Travis Sehorn (Missoula). This show is for donations and starts at 8 PM.

Tuesday, September 9th

There are a few things of note. Here they are:

  • Mississippi Records (4007 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227) is having an in-store performance by local two piece Sad Horse. Sad Horse play carefully constructed loud rock pieces, that will impress you with their noisey-ness and tightness at the same time. It should be ALL AGES and FREE at 4 PM.
  • Or you could go the tba festival route and see Reggie Watts, Joe Von Appan and Goldie approved Rush-N-Disco over at The Leftbank. Now I know that these lean a lot more towards performance art as oppsosed to music. But they have strong ties to the music community so I figures I would list it anyway. The show starts at 10:30 PM. It costs $8-$10 if you don;t have a wristband.
  • Zilla Sake is also having its open mic that occurs every Tuesday at From 8 PM to 11 PM. It is hosted by Y La Bamba. There is great sushi and sometimes great performances. It is ALL AGES and FREE.

Wednesday, September 10th

Only a couple things I saw of note.

  • Rotture is having a FREE show featuring Rabbits, Black Elk, and Chrome Wings. This is a pretty awesome line up of kind a heavier bands. Did I mention it was FREE? Cause it is. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The tba festival event for Wendsday night is Norlifur (Boise) and Root Beer and French Fry at The Leftbank. I remember a long time ago writing up a show of Root Beer and French Fry based on their name alone. I have since heard that they are actually pretty good. They will officially release a new ep on Wednesday night so bring some extra cash to pick it up if you are so inclined. The show is $8-$10 if you don't have a wristband. The show starts at 10:30 PM.

Thursday, September 11th

There are a lot of shows to choose from tonight.

  • The Doug Fir is having The Juan MacLean of DFA fame play a show. DFA actually just signed YACHT. YACHT once did a remix of other local electronic musician Copy who is also playing at Doug Fir this Thursday. Nice. DJ Joeeirwin opens. The show is $13 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Rererato is also having a show with some electronic based musicians. They have Adventure (Baltimore), Future Islands, Flaspar, and Alexis Gideon playing sets. I have only seen Alexis Gideon and it was awesome. Really great and quirky hip-hop influenced music set to a series This is an ALL AGES show that will accept $4 donations for the touring bands. The doors open at 7 PM.
  • Holocene is also having a show featuring some (but not all) electronic based music. Their show consists of sBach which is Sebastian of Hella and The Advantage (Nevada City), Breakfast Mountain, T.K.Y.K., and Guidance Counselor. I saw Guidance Counselor at PDX Pop and enjoyed it. I would like to see it again. I have a Breakfast Mountain cd-r that I got from Tender Loving Empire that I quite enjoy. A friend of mine told me that it is different live, but in a good way. I would like to see what he is talking about. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM. There is a show at a place I have not heard of until now called Airplay Cafe. It is apparently a new (opened in June) coffee house that is aimed at "music lovers of all ages". The show consists of Sam Cooper (being billed as Sam Cooper and the Providence Plantations, so I guess iut might be a band?) and Benjamin Ballinger. Basically I am curious about Sam Cooper because I have seen his name a lot. The ALL AGES show will cost $3 and starts at 8 PM.

  • Ash Street Saloon is having a full show with The Trucks (Bellingham), Von Iva (SanFran), Boy Eats Drum Machine, and Matress. A lot of these bands incorporate a good amount of electronic elements. I predict that BEDM will be big. Look for his new album to be out soon via Tender Loving Empire. The show will be at 9:30 PM. Towne Lounge is having as show with no electronic elements at all. They have two Portland indierock-pop bands instead as Pasquelle play with The Morals. I believe they are friends. I like to see shows where the bands are friends. They seem more fun that way. It is also fun to watch the Morals as they get silly drunk and perform their songs passionately as they stumble and stomp through their songs (big ups to CIMTB contributor Ben Moral). The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So I hope to see you at some of these shows. If it is the other way around and you see me (lets face facts, it will be the

other way around), pleasse come up and say "Hi". Have a good week.


The Morals doing their thing at the Towne Lounge for FREE on Thursday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

MFNW Day One

(Well, day two really, but day one for me...)

Wow. Not bad for a Thursday night, Portland! Unfortunately, I didn't have energy to brave the crowds for Norfolk and Western Wednesday night but bucked up (thanks to a tasty two hour nap) and headed out for the first REAL night of Music Fest Northwest. (Sorry MFNW, three shows on Wednesday doesn't a four-day festival make. And you know what, while I've got you, what's up with shows on Wednesday but nothing on Sunday? People have to work!)

Anyway, on to the music:

No Age @ Wonder Ballroom:

I didn't catch hardly any of this set, but what I did see was pretty rad. No Age are a raucous two piece (Guitar, and a Phil Collins style singing drummer). They looked like they were having a lot of fun on stage, which is really important to me. And as a member of a two piece band I can tell you how hard it is sometimes to really get amped when it's just you and one other person on stage. I saw three poppy punky songs and headed out to the parking lot for the kick-off party (because I am a chump, not a real music fan, and have an undying love of free booze).

The party was amazing -- catered by Holocene, whose food I have always felt is very underappreciated. Amazing brownies. Plus, did I mention free booze? I have a policy, probably the result of years of hearing from my mother about starving African children, of NEVER letting free booze go to waste, so I made sure to get my share.

But it wasn't all fun and free booze, there was also much much more awesome music, so (thanks to Michael Mannheimer limo service) it was off to:

Eskimo and Sons @ Crystal Ballroom

I really don't know what to say about this performance. I mean, I know it was amazing, but I'm really not sure exactly how amazing. Chelsea says it's possibly the greatest single performance she's ever seen. And you know what, I think I totally agree. But it's hard for me to separate the reality of the set from all the emotional baggage that I carried in the front door and up the four flights of Crystal Ballroom stairs. Maybe it's worth an effort though, even if it's hard:

Emotional reasons this was the greatest show I've seen:

  • It was Eskimo and Sons' second to last show ever. This is a band that is part of my life. Their shows have been among the most beautiful moments I've had, most recently a sunset performance atop the Hotel Deluxe parking garage.
  • They did their incredible version of "Man Of The Frontier", one of my favorite songs by the Red River (a band who I discovered at one of the aforementioned life-changing shows -- Eskimo and Sons, Red River, Per Se and Mbilly at the Green House. I shed man-tears. No joke.)
  • They also did an unbelievably moving version of Smog's "Ex Con", one of my favorite songs, period:
    Alone in my room
    I feel part
    of the community.
    But out on the street
    I feel like a robot by the river
    looking for a drink.

And now, non-emotional, objective reasons this was maybe the greatest performance I've ever seen:
  • I mean, fuck.

Right? But seriously, they were getting into this amazing 70s Bacharachian pop-jam place that just made me want to shake every part of my body and then they'd shift to a sunrise-over-the-rockies majestic group vocal that just made me want to throw my arms in the air like a Pentacostal being taken over by the Holy Spirit. I was shouting along the words I knew without knowing I was doing it. It was...revelatory.

And then it was over. They cleared the stage, the house music started, the lights came up. All around people were giving each-other the same "did you see what I just saw" look of amazement. Yes. It was that good.

But I couldn't stand being in the Crystal Ballroom any longer, so I rallied up a posse and headed down towards the river to catch the last half of

Love As Laughter @ Berbati's
Ok, so honestly I was never a big Love as Laughter fan during their late 90's heyday when they were often mentioned in the same breath with Modest Mouse and Built to Spill as part of the "indie rock" scene that was so popular with the kids. In fact, I've never really sat down with one of their albums, and couldn't name a song for you or hum a bar if pressed. But what I saw was pretty impressive. Obviously, when you've been together for 14 years you learn a thing or two about making rock music well. They banged back and forth between wiry, Television-esque guitar bits and full-throated Clashy choruses and found some ground in the middle all of their own.

Port O'Brien @ Berbati's
I wanted to see Port O'Brien because I helped set their album up on CD Baby and thus felt some sense of ownership over their success. Silly, I know, but what can you do. I also like the album pretty well and didn't really feel like fighting the crowds at the Roseland.

I've got to say, at first I was disappointed. Musically they were ok, but pretty bland and strummy. And as Casey said, the singer had the Los Angeles disheveled look down pat -- as if he walked into a high-end salon and said "make me look like shit". And he was playing a badly pickuped acoustic, which sounds worse to me than any other guitar sound. Tinny and abrasive. But about halfway through the set, he picked up a Tele and things really started to hum. They gave the lead guitarist more room to explore and he took it. He had really great, classic sounding tone. Reminded me of Forest Fire (who you must hear if you haven't). All of a sudden I was watching a foot-stomping southern-rock band tear the room apart, and I was loving it.

I stumbled out of Berbati's, sweaty but sated, and hailed a cab home. I would need to rest up for day two.

BONUS -- my plan for Friday night:

7 - Rainy States
8 - White Fang (not that I don't want to see Southern Belle, I just can't bear the thought of missing what is sure to be one of the highlights of the festival)
9 - Typhoon
9 - Eat Skull
10 - as much of Dolorean as I can manage to catch
11 - Death Vessel
12 - Crooked Fingers
1 - Explode Into Colors

I have to pick between Eat Skull and Typhoon, which is a choice I do not relish.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ben Meyercords Live Music Picks for September 3rd to September 7th

Hello Dear Readers,

So Music Fest Northwest is here. I kind of feel sick to my stomach. There are just a ton or really good shows. The only problem is that they all seem to be happening at once. Especially on Friday and Saturday. I find the whole thing to be more than a little overwhelming. This post should by no means be used as a complete guide to the festival. I will not list every show. This is a local Portland/Vancouver area blog so I will only mention the shows featuring Portland/Vancouver area bands. Whats more, I will only list the shows I am personally interested in. So here's whats what:

Wednesday, September 3rd

I will not lie to you. If I go to a show tonight, it will probably be Mogwai at Roseland (as they are totally bad ass). But there are some good local shows going on too.

  • The other show that has Portland talent is at Berbati's Pan where Norfolk and Western will be playing a set at 10 PM. Another cool thing about this show is that one the bands that I listened to non stop in high school, Old 97's, are playing this show too. A sentimental part of me wants to go to this show. The wrist gets you in or its $20 at the door. The show starts at 9 PM.

Thursday September 4th

Things start gaining momentum here.

  • The obvious local show to catch is happening at Holocene where Starfucker will be playing a set at 11 PM. But there are other non-Portland bands playing this show that should be really sweet as well. Like Oxford Collapse at 9 PM, and Deerhunter at 12 AM. This show is $12 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • But you should not over look the Cyrstal Ballroom. They are having M. Ward pay a set. Calvin Johnson of K Records fame will be playing too. But more importantly, this is the first of the two performances by Eskimo and Sons. M. Ward is so awesome. I swear it looks like he isn't trying when he plays guitar, but he never hits a bad note. Eskimo and Sons are incredible live. Go to see them. This ALL AGES show is $20 at the door if you don't have a wristband.
  • Over at Berbati's Pan, Pseudosix will be playing at 11 PM right before Nada Surf takes the stage at 12 AM. Psuedosix play really well executed pop-rock. I don't think they have played since I last saw them in October. It is about damn time they played again. Love as Laughter starts this show at 9 PM. This show is $15 without a wrist band.
  • Also Richmond Fontaine will be playing a set at Dante's at 9 PM. If you like alt-country type music you will want to check them out. There are a bunch of garage rock bands playing to that I don't really care about who are playing too. The show is $12 if you don't have a wrist band.

Friday, September 5th

Here is where it starts to get crazy. Like crazy crazy. I don't really want to list everything, so I will just post some Portland Highlights.

  • There is an AMAZING FREE show at Wonder Ballroom. Local PDX indie royalty Britt Daniel (of Spoon) will be opening up for Built to Spill playing Perfect From Now On live. If you are a Built to Spill fan, you just creamed your pants. You will need to pick up you FREE pass at Jackpot Records the day of this show, but a wristband will also get you in.
  • Backspace is having a really good ALL AGES show with The Rainy States at 9 PM, Southern Belle at 8 PM, and Typhoon at 9 PM. Typhoon is really really good live. I highly recommend you at least try to catch their set. It is ALL AGES and $10 at the door if you don't have a wristband.
  • Doug Fir has a couple of good locals playing too. Laura Gibson is playing at 9 PM. Dolorean follows soon after at 10 PM. Later at this show Death Vesel (11 PM), a newer Sub Pop artist, and Crooked Fingers will be playing too (at 12 AM). Nice. This show is $12 at the door if you don't have a wrist band.
  • Rotture has three local bands in a row that are kick ass. Swim Swam Swum at 11 PM, Hockey at 12AM, and Explode Into Colors (2nd MFNW show) at 1 AM. Seriously all three bands are great. This show is only $5 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • Satyricon is having an ALL AGES show too. They have two good Portland bands right off the bat with Colt Vista at 7 PM, and White Fang at 8 PM. There are many bands afterward they I don't particularly like (I never really got Old Time Relijun who play at 11 PM). The show is ALL AGES and $12 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • And there is also an ALL AGES show featuring Portland's favorite Menomena side project, Lackthereof at the Crystal Ballroom. He takes the stage at 8:30 PM. Lackthereof label mate John Vanderslice (SF) plays at 9:30 PM, and some band called Vampire Weekend plays at 10:30 PM. This ALL AGES show will cost $18 if you don;t have a wrist band.

Saturday, September 6th

I am out of town playing an AristeiA show and will miss all of the greatness that is the last day of Music Fest NW. The only thing that kind of comforts me is that I will not have to make any decisions that would most undoubtedly tear me apart.

  • Berbati's Pan has a couple local acts, opening for a couple of legendary (in certain circles) acts. Black Elk play at 9 PM, The Joggers play at 10 PM, Trans AM (Bethesda, Maryland) play at 11 PM, and Polvo (Chapel Hill) plays at 12 AM.

  • Doug Fir has awesome line up too. Matt Sheehy plays at 8 PM, Weinland play at 9 PM, Loch Lomond play at 10 PM, Fernando plays at 11 PM, Bobby Bare Jr. (Nashville) play at 12 AM, and (one of my favorite bands of all time) Centro-Matic play at 1 AM. These bands are so good. Did I mention that Centro-Matic is one of my favorite bands of all time? This show is $12 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • Fez Ballroom has a show with a couple of good Portland acts. Including Blind Pilot at 10 PM. It should be noted that Sir Mix-A-Lot will be playing this show at 12:30 PM. This show is $10 if you do not have a wrist band.

Sunday, September 7th

I know you had a crazy weekend but there is at least one more show you will want to attend (maybe).

  • As part of the TBA Fesitival, Parenthetical Girls are playing the entirety of their new album, Entanglements, with a Chamber Orchestra. It is taking place at Left Bank it will cost $10 and be worth it.

So if you see me at any of these show. Please feel free to come up and say "Hi".


Music Fest NW The only thing to do this week (unless you have a life or something).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ben Meyercord's live music picks for September 1st and 2nd

Hello Dear Readers,

Another week of good shows. In fact, this week is kind of a big deal because Music Fest North West is happening this week. So I will just start by listing todays and tomorrows listing before making the big MFNW post which will most likely take more time than I have today. So with out further adu:

Monday, September 1st

There are a few things going on tonight.
  • Honestly though, I think that the best thing going on tonight can be listened to from your very own home or radio or on the Internet where ever you be tonight. It is of course Arya Amig's Sound Judgement which happens every Monday night from 10 to 11 PM. Tonight he is hosting Nurses, a band that was definitely one of the highlights of PDX Pop, in my opinion. They make very catchy and interesting pop music with a penchant for excellent harmonies. And holy crap, I just learned that they are going on tour with Maps and Atlases and late Born Ruffians. They are going to be big time. I would highly recommend that you check this out. It is FREE and will be broadcast live from KPSU or 1450 am on your radio. Again, this starts at 10 PM.
  • But there is something to be siad about acutually seeing live music as well. So if your are into that you could go over to Valentine's and catch Fuck You Safari and Magic Johnson. I have not seen either of these bands, but I have been assured that Magic Johnsons are fun to see live. I have also assured myself that I like the name Fuck You Safari (a lot). They are actually feature a member from Magic Johnson and the drummer from Eat Skull. It is supposedly noise with pop capabilities. This show will be FREE and will start sometime after 9 PM.
  • There is also something to be said about live music that is played at a house (commonly known as a "house show"). Tonight Olympia's June Madrona and The Next Door Neighbors will be playing sets with Portland's Zach Fischmann and Hey, Tiger! (usually a three piece, tonight will be a one piece). It all happens at Brianna's House (5231 NE 31st). I think that this will be a kinda of folky kinda punky type show. There is a $3 to #5 suggested donation for the touring bands. It will be ALL AGES show and will stat at 7 PM sharp.

Tuesday, September 2nd

Here are a few things going on Tuesday.

  • Someday Lounge is having a show with Brooklyn's Silver Summit and Portland's aan and Whip. This looks to be a diverse show as Silver Summit claim to be pyschedelic, aan is experimental pop, and Whip is kinda folky. If you listen to the links, it will also looks to be pretty good. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Holocene is having a show with Jana Hunter (Huston/Blaltimore), Lesser Gonzales Alvarez (Baltimore), and Grouper. I know that Jana Hunter does the folk thing well. I don't know anything about Lesser Gonzales Alvarez, but I do know about Grouper. Grouper is great. I remember watching her play at PDX Pop and being amazed at how nice and good it felt to have the beatiful noise that she makes wash over me in a warm wave of sound(I realize I cannot describe music with out sounding like an ass). Seriously good stuff made from a woman who usually sits on the floor with her pedals and loops her way into your head. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Also, Zilla Sake has its open mic hosted by Y La Bamba. There is good sake and sushi and sometimes even good music. It is FREE but you are missing out if you don't try any of the goods this place has to offer. This starts at 8 PM and goes until about 11 PM.

So if you see me at any of these places, please by all means come up to me and say "Hi". And I hope that you are prepared

for the onslaught that is Music Fest North West.


Hey, Tiger! to play at Brianna's House (I beleive she is the one at the glockenspiel).