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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Weather gets national attenion via SPIN

A Weather is one of my favorite local bands. So when they national press, I get a sense of pride (perhaps irrationally). Portland Pride! Nothing against any of the rest of the NW but Portland is what I rep. Any way the point of this is that's artist of the day is A Weather. See what they have to say about the band here.

The new album Cove is available for pre-order via Team Love Records.

The Grind: An All Ages Venue in Downtown Vancouver

Todays beautiful sun breaks spark thoughts of seeing shows this summer. The Grind Coffeehouse is a place for you to play a show!

Here is a view of the outdoor stage.

The Grind Coffeehouse
611 West 11th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 696-0206

Here is the view of the indoor stage.

The owners of The Grind are wonderful supportive people who want to increase the traffic to their delicious coffee shop by opening their space up to musicians. If you have any interest in putting on a show please contact them or visit their website.

Both photo's are from their myspace.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks Feb.25th to March. 2nd

Hello dear Readers,

How are you? I would like again to beg of your help for a better name that Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks. Maybe I can raise the stakes a little. If you come up with the new name of my weekly post, then I will make it worth your while (I am unsure of what this entails at this point, but it will be good). In the meantime, you might garner some inspiration by attending some of the many shows that are going down this week:

Monday, Feb. 25th

Usually Valentine's is the only place with something happening on Monday, but I'll be darned if there aren't three shows happening this evening.
  • I have never been to McMenamins Edgefield as it seems like it is really far away, but guess what. I am going to go on Monday. Because Fall of Snow is playing a special acoustic set with the aid of two cellist courtesy of The Portland Cello Project. Edgefield looks like it has a lot to offer. Plus it has been a while since I have hung out in a stately Manor. Best part of the whole thing is that it is FREE. There will be two sets between 7 PM and 9 PM.
  • Valentine's has what looks to be a very promising show featuring Dragging an Ox Through Water, Anni Rossi(LA/Chicago) , Bird Costumes, and Mad Gregs(LA). If you have read this column at all, you know that I highly recommend Dragging An Ox. But I also find that Bird Costumes looks and sounds really interesting (from the looks of it, he sometimes actually wears a bird costume). The show is FREE. The thing starts at 9 PM.
  • Or the Someday Lounge seems to have a cool show that night too. Calabi Yau (North Carolina), Alexis Gideon, and Night Wounds will all be playing I am unfamiliar with two of them, but Alexis Gideon has been on my radar. He makes cool music that draws from a variety of influences. Plus he told me that he had made claymation videos for all of his new songs (and I know Someday has a good screen. I'm just saying). This will cost you $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Tuesday, Feb. 26th

Traditionally show goers options are limited on Tueday nights. Not this Tuesday look at all of these shows:
  • I first want to mention the open mic at Zilla Sake. I know open mics are supposed to be wretched. Y La Bamaba apparently didn't get the memo because she runs on of the most talent drenched open mics I have ever seen or heard (she is also is one of my favorite people making music right now). Check out Open Mic Scout for a preview. The sign up starts at 7:30 PM. The music starts at 8 PM.
  • The other Open Mic that actually has talent is of course CIMTB contribuer Gabriel Darling's own Incubator hosted at the Someday Lounge. Not really fair to call it an open mic though. It is really more of an open stage (most anything goes). There is no price of admission for this event. Things will get going at 9 PM.
  • Valentine's is having a pretty awesome show tonight as well. Castanets, who recently taped a Blogotheque show (if you have not seen the Take Away Show series you are in for a treat), and Death Songs will be playing. The price is FREE. The doors are at 9PM.
  • Over at the Towne Lounge, Pop Tomorrow! (not to be confused with PDX Pop Now!) is presenting a show featuring Natural Bridges, Raise the Roof Beams, and Sunshine. The price is right (FREE). The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Do you like the place where blues and gospel and bluegrass meet? Don't laugh, some people do. If you are in that crowd, you might want to check out the Chaos Cafe on Tuesday. Mimi Naja (you may recognize them name as I played a show with her last week) will be playing a free set starting at 8 PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 27th

There are only a couple show I find interesting for Wednesday.
  • So there is a great show at the Chaos Cafe (I am playing it but honest to goodness it is a great show). It will feature myself as Meyercord, Y La Bamba, and David Evan. If you have read this blog at all you know that I think that Y La Bamba is the Bomb (say that aloud, its fun). Also I believe I have spoken about how great David Evan is (he is great). He is great and also he is now playing with a full band which he debuted on Saturday. Check out what Local Cut said about him here. The show is FREE; though you should bring some money for CDs as both Y La Bamba and David Evan will have some available (I have both and think they would make a fine addition to anyone's music library). It is also ALL AGES. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • The other show going on Wednesday is at the Holocene where Ethan Rose, Yellow Swans (quite possibly the loudest band in Portland), Unrecognizable Now, Very Stereo, Linger and Quiet will be playing as part of the "Landmarks" event. "Landmarks" is a multimedia portrait of Portland's landmarks and is presented by Vision+Hearing project. The show will be $6 at the door. The show will start at 9 PM.
Thursday, Feb. 28th

Quite a few shows are going down on Thursday though:
Friday, Feb. 29th

Did you see that date? That means its a leap year! Why no celebrate by going to a local show tonight? You have options. Maybe too many of them (all really good).
  • The Alberta Street Pub is having Ezra Carey play with one of my favorite locals, Westfold. Westfold puts on a hell of a show. I highly recommend this show.
  • And yet over at the Someday Lounge, Strangers Die Everyday (who I have been meaning to see forever), are having a CD release party form their new album Autopilot is for Lovers are playing with one of my other favorite bands to see, We're From Japan! What the hell. Thats a tough decision.
  • And theres more at the Fine Grind Coffee House (2035 SE 39th Ave Portland, OR 97214) is having a fine show that includes the like of The Ocean Floor, Jambo Land, Down South Sallie, and Y La Bamba. If you have heard Down South Sallie it is incredible. Her speaks like a normal person, but when she sings it is very hard not to stare. She sounds like Billie Holiday I swear. The show is FREE and ALL AGES. The thing starts at 8PM.
  • Or there is a show at a place I have not heard of before called Work/Sound. They are having a CD release show for Gulls. It will feature them and friend Michael Bruce of Sonic Lozenge with instillations by Erik Blad. A price is not listed. The thing starts at 10 PM.
Saturday, March 1st

Happy New month! Empty your bank accounts for rent and then spend the rest on either of these shows:
  • The Doug Fir is having an sponsered CD release show for Weinland who have a new record out, La Lamentor, on the Badman Label. Death Songs and Musee Mecanique will also be playing sets. The show costs $10. It begins at 9 PM.
  • Slabtown is having Soft Tags, So Many Dynamos(MO), and Wax Fingers play a show. I have not heard of any of these bands but...the description of Wax Fingers list their "Musical Cues: Akron/Family, Animal Collective, Mogwai, Slint, Don Cab, Battles, etc..". Those are the kind of musical cues I like to see. The show is $6. The doors ar at 9 PM.
Sunday, March 2nd

There are some big shows going on tonight:
  • The first big show is not big in the number of bands playing(there are only two), but rather for the size of the bands playing . I am of course talking about The March Forth Marching Band and Kazum(acrobats?) show that is happening at the Crystal Ballroom on Sunday Afternoon. It is part of the big-ass celebration of a big-ass band (3 days of celebration). Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for ages 5-12 and free if you are younger than that. The doors are at 1 PM. The show begins at 2:30 PM. ALL AGES.
  • The other big show just has a shit-ton of bands. The Holocene is having, "An evening of music, dance, theater, tiny stages, regular size stages, no stages. It's a party, dudes,
    with some party dudes. Some of our favorite bands/collaborators will be in the backroom:Tara Jane O'Neil, Cex Fucx, Evolutionary Jass Band, Starfucker, Bryce Panic (Mirah's awesomelydancing/rapping drummer)--interspersed with a special
    presentation of Ten Tiny Dances (4 Tiny Dances) in thefront room. On the Tiny Stage will be Fever Theater,Rush-N-Disco, local heroes Linda Austin and KarenNelson presenting The Tuning Score (whose originator, Lisa Nelson, will be in residency in Portland at the
    time of this event!), and dear little Woolly Mammoth(that's us). We hope Fred Nemo shows up, but we can't get through at the phone number we have for him. In asilent auction you can place bids on gift certificates galore from places such as Tiga, Podnah's, Lovely Hula
    Hands, Hi iH Gallery, The Fresh Pot, and items such as delicious wine, massages, a Gyrotonic session, and yoga classes, just to start." While I am not exactly sure why Wolly needs the benefit, I think with that line up they will get my help. The show costs $10. The thing begins at 7 PM.
So that is it. A whole mess of shows. Do yourself a favor check some of them out. And if you see me at a show, please say hi.


Woolly Mammoth play with many many bands on Sunday.
photos: Chris Mullikan; costumes: Diana Lang

Dragging an Ox Through Water...tonight!!!!

Ankeny! Ankeny! Ankeny!…. ?!

Show starts @ 9PM at Valentine's tonight! :.>

Watcha doin???! I’m going down Ankeny Street!

Tonight, for your listening pleasure and the magic of Portland, one of CIMTB bloggers’ favorite artists in the state, Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water shall be performing tonight at Valentine’s right down Ankeny alley downtown!

Dragging an Ox Through Water is both subtle and profoundly moving. Eloquently textured with lovely delay and enigmatic sentiment that resonates with each tone and lyric uttered.

Portland is a vast and deep pool of musical talent of all shapes and sizes; multi-talented and uniquely, Mr. Mumford is incredibly gracious as he is thoughtful on stage and off… the struggles of the soul soaring reflect so much in spaces of the rising and falling cadences…

Also of note, Bird Costumes and Anni Rossi shall be on the bill for tonight as well.

What else did you have to do tonight?
Come out and enjoy a free show with a very very very filling evening of music/performance!

Friday, February 22, 2008

PDX Pop Now! is taking requests for the 2008 line up. Now!

The good people of PDX Pop Now! have begun taking requests for bands you, the people, would like to see play this years festival. All you have to do is type in the band's name in the box here. Feel free to check out the CIMTB master list of Portland bands if you can't remember all the bands you wish to see play this year.

Also while on the PDX Pop Now! website you should go here to write a letter to the OLLC.

And if you are in a band, you still have some time to submit a track for consideration for the CD complition. Just download this form and send it in by Friday the 29th of February.

Art created by EMEK

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Does PC-PDX know punk rock?

You be the judge. Talk amongst yourself.

The following is directly from PC-PDX with love and reposted with permission:

Punk Rock isn't a website or MUSIC or anything else but community and something close to a way of thinking. Punk is the ability to think for yourself and realizing that you don't have to accept the crap that's fed to you. Punk is the reasoning that you can make you own choices and that you can make it happen for yourself (DIY) and those around you (DIT!). Punk is about accepting and creating something new.
Whille PR is music, Punk is freedom, liberation of the mind from garbage that people give you. The music is one of many ways we express ourselves in this manor, but, there is much more then just the music.

When i talk about music it's THE music, not a style.

As far as the website goes..

It's not MY website, It's always referred to as THE Guide and it's operations are ALWAYS a 'WE', because it's about the musical community and building that community.
I don't give a shit about google hits either. It doesn't rate as a ego boost to me. I do state this stuff because i'm trying to communicate that people want this info but can't get it from anywhere else. People are interested, and this site is the somehow they use to get the info. In case you aren't aware, this scene that we are in now, amazing as it is, is very clicky and very exclusionary - which is the farthest thing from punk. Those are two adjectives which mean the opposite of punk. As awesome as the Portland PR scene is, it's difficult to get into because people are, knowingly or not, very exclusionary about letting outsiders in and that sucks.

The website is not a business, there never has been and NEVER will be one ad. I reap no benefit, the only benefit anyone receives is that we have a stronger scene.

If we really want to get into business and show promotion, and just how much "punk" kids hate business, let's all sit down and ask how we think it's acceptable to promote shows on myspace. Myspace; A cooperate entity withheld by Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. -How many ads a day do you see while posting flyers on your friends myspaces. -How "punk" is that? -How much money are they making off you -right now-?
How many NEW people do you reach by posting bulletins to people that have already added you to their friends?

We're never going to get anywhere if we can't communicate and build this scene for ourselves. There sure as hell isn't anybody else going to do it for us. The scene is what -we- make it, let work together and make it something good.

Being Punk doesn't mean you have to fight innovation and new ways of doing things. The whole purpose and birth of 'Punk' is about fighting the crap of the old, thinking for ourselves and starting something new that we control, something for us by us because we know we are smarter than the crap that they're feeding us.

Be open to innovation and ideas,
we are all in this for the music and the community that comes from this amazing scene we've all built together. This scene, right now, is on the brink of something huge and revolutionary. Think NY '77, DC '82 ... I've never seen anything anywhere, in all the places i've been throughout the states, like the amazing scene that Portland has right now. I know you're playing your part... we're doing ours. Let's Do It Together (DIT!) and make this something grand.

Much Love Portland, PC-PDX, all of us.

PC-PDX.COM | Portland Show Guide

Click here to view PC-PDX Myspace
Click here to view PC-PDX website

I don't care. I like it when anyone anywhere talks about revolution. I like it when anyone anywhere talks real talk (thanks V. for my new favorite played out phrase for 2008 hugs). -- Ste. Goldie

Portland - the City of music and films!

Good morning Portland peeps and pops!

It’s in the middle of the sizzle of the world renowned and the (in)famous Portland Jazz Festival. So, perhaps you might have missed the truly dazzling artists that are visiting the Rose City this past weekend! Fear not, the PDX Jazz Fest continues on with an event almost every day till February 24th!

Have very little pocket change, or just can’t be bothered with the “Schnitz” – that is the Arlene Schnitzer Hall, then rally those Sallies, the schedule includes a wide variety of small and intimate venues, or large and overwhelming spaces to access the music…

Additionally, education and late night Jam Sessions at the the Ace Hotel are scheduled. Many activities and very innovative and talented local musicians are definitely involved to make your head burst with bubbles and excitement!

Portland’s own independent jazz label Diatic Records , founded by Dusty York , is a treasure trove of imaginative and talented forces: Ben Darwish Trio, Chris Mosely, Andrew Oliver , David Ornette Cherry…just to name a few…

This past Friday evening at the Paramount Hotel, I took advantage of experiencing some fabulous jazz improvisation of Organic Roots with David Ornette Cherry… abstract painting, spoken word, percussionist from Benin (or so I was told….) and dancing by Lizzie Karr … hotel lobbies will never be the same!

Later in the week other events for the Portland Jazz Festival are also at swanky places: the Heathman, the Embassy Suites , the Hotel de Luxe , plus many many many others…
Jimmy Mak’s, Jax, Wilf’s, the Someday Lounge, the Old Church

Also of interest for jazz enthusiasts: the Dusty York Trio & Paxselin Quartet are playing at the Design Counsel’s studio on NW 18th this Friday night 8PM to midnight (February 22nd)!

The Design Counsel Group is headed by registered architect Paul Ries and the Design Counsel shares the space with refreshing and determined musicians and visual artists!

Such an exciting February 2008! The PIFF (Portland International Film Festival), the PDX Jazz Festival, the Chinese New Year, a lunar eclipse this evening, AND 5 Fridays for this special Leap Year! --- the month is not even done!

Were From Japan! New album Title and Track Listing!

The new WFJ! album has been christened, "Now Breathe". Which I think is a great follow up name to "48 minutes 07 seconds". It is as if that whole last album was in anticipation of this album. Or something, I don' know. Here is the track listing I stole from their myspace page:

1. Black Bag Work

2. Bleed

3. Climb Mountain, O Snail

4. There Are Horses In The Streets

5. In Every Hive, A Queen

6. Run Shoot Don't Panic

7. September 13, 1848

What is your favorite song title? Mine is "There are Horses in the Streets".

Image probably created by John Dunn of WFJ!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ben Meyercord's live music picks for Feb. 19th to Feb. 24th

Hello dear readers, how are you?

Last week I kind of fell behind. I missed one entire day (Monday)* and I neglected a really cool show at the Funky Church (Paleo, Kele Goodwin and Loch Lommond). I will do better this week.

Also I thought that maybe this weekly post should have a name. However, I can't really think of anything write now. Perhaps you guys could come up with something better than Ben Meyercord's live music picks. Anyway here are some shows:

Tuesday, Feb. 19th

There is not much happening that I am interested in but what is happening is good.
  • Every Tuesday, Zilla Sake has a really good open mic. It is hosted by the amazing Y La Bamba. You should come out. I will play a few songs as Meyercord. The sign up starts at 7:30. The music starts at 8 PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 20th

Here are two shows worth seeing (I think).
  • The White Eagle Saloon is having an "Unfiltered: Indie-Rock Showcase" featuring Quaker Gun, Jared Mees, and Andrew Gorny. Basically I want to check out Jared Mees cause I haven't yet. The show is FREE. Music starts at 8:30 PM.
  • The other thing happening tonight is at Mississippi Pizza where Barons in Trees is playing an early show. Their Bio includes this paragraph which makes me want to see them. "Barons in Trees creates a nostalgic blend of indie, folk, and classical music. With influences that conjure Paul Simon, a hint of Sufjan Stevens and a dash of DeVotchKa, their unique polyphonic sound is just the kind of performance for which Portland’s musical palette yearns." The show is FREE. The music starts at 6 PM.
Thursday, Feb. 21st

There is some good shows happening on Thursday. They look like this:
  • There is a show going on at a place that, if I am not mistaken, is called Extreme Cowboy Tennis (14 NW 3rd Ave). It will feature Caves, Gejius, Disgustitron, and Dance Terror. I don't know most of this music, but I do enjoy Gejius' music quite a bit. The she is $8. The doors are at 9 PM which is weird for an ALL-AGES show.
  • Lola's Room is having a (kinda) Metal Show on Thursday night. Danava is playing with SubArachnoid Space, Dark Black, and Torn to Pieces. I am not that into metal, but I figured that some people (Brandon) are so I listed it. The show is listed as $6-$8. The Music starts at 9 PM.
  • Rererato, the super awesome art space that sometimes has music, is having music on Thursday. On the bill are Fields at Night, Church, and The Newspapers. I saw Church play at Valentine's last Sunday and was really impressed with their arrangements produced y the three piece. Should be pretty cool. I believe donations are excepted. The music starts at 8 PM because it is ALL-AGES.
Friday, Feb. 22nd

There is a lot going on Friday. Some hard decisions must be made. Fortunately, I won't have to make any decisions because:
  • I am playing a show as Meyercord with Y La Bamba and Mimi Naja at Zilla Sake (fitting becasue we all met via the Zillas Sake open mic). This will be a good show (I realize that it is hard to lend this show any credibility because I am playing it, but Y La Bamba is so good and Mimi is really good too). All I 'm saying is that there will be guitars and a banjo and a lot of singing. This show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM and is ALL-AGES.
  • There are a two shows (one early and one late) at The Mississippi Studios tonight both of which feature Nick Jaina. The early show features Karli Fairbanks and Kaylee Cole opening up. They are both female songwriters from Spokane, WA. This show costs $8-$10. The start time of the early show is 7 PM.
  • The late Nick Jaina show at The Mississippi Studios will have Pancake Breakfast of White Salmon, WA (that is the Washington bands in one night. Say WA?) and Portland's own Au (pronounced Aay You). This show also costs $8-$10. The show starts at 10 PM.
  • Another good show is going down at the Funky Church. The line up is Ohioan & Native Kin, The Ocean Floor, Adam Gnade, and Johanna Wright. The show seems kind of mysterious, as there is no other listed inform (like cost, or time or if its all ages or not). My guess would be to show up at around 9 PM.
  • Another good show is at the Urban Grind (on the Eastside). They will be having Starfucker, Rature (France), Doubledutch, and Breakfast Mountian. This is part of the Meow Meow presents series put on at the Urban Grind. The show will most likely be FREE. The show starts at 8 PM because it is ALL-AGES.
  • Or there is another cool show that is happening at Kelly's Olympian. I am referencing The Rainy States CD release show (their debut album is called Basement Air). The show will have performances by The Rainy States and Church (who I have already mention in this blog). The show probably costs $5. The music starts at 10 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 23rd

There are a lot of shows on Saturday as well. Except this time I don't have the luxury of playing a show and not having to make a decision. At least I have band practice. That will probably weed out a few of the shows. Here they are:
  • The one that I am most likely to attend is the final show at Brainstains a house show venue that has become quite popular on the house show circuit. Check out this little thing that David Evan posted: john brains, the man who has hosted so many amazing shows at his home/venue, brainstains, is leaving us! he needs money to move, so we are throwing him a benefit to say "thank you" for all he’s done for this community....also, i’ll be debuting my new band! dusty richards on bass, emillie rose currin on violin and keys, joshua polk on drums...all ages!...$5 (all proceeds go directly to john’s sweet ass pocket)...the line-up is as follows: Julie Rose 3pm...Bob Moricz 3:45...betacrack 4:30...autry 5:15...Sleepwalkers R.I.P. 6...advisory 6:45...gulls 7:30...LKN 8:15...hand that bleeds 9...david evan with his new band 9:45...jonny x and the groadies 10:30...shitfit 11:15...taxpayers 12...then bubble wrap dance party :)...this will be a night to remember. All of this for a measly $5. It is advertised as entertainment from 2 PM to 2 AM ALL-AGES.
  • Speaking of house shows, The Artristery puts on shows in their basement. On Saturday they will be having a show that will most certainly reach capacity. Fast. Pitchfork aprroved and Sup Pop signed band Blitzen Traper are playing with Starfucker (who also played on Friday Night). You can order tickets here. The Show starts at 8 PM.
  • Or there is an excellent folk show at Towne Lounge. Justin Ringle of Horse Feathers will be playing with Ryan Sollee of Builders and Butchers, Justin Power, and Nic Delffs of The Shaky Hands. With Horse Feathers recently signed to Kill Rock Stars this might be one of your last times to see those songs in an intimate setting. The show costs $6. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
Sunday, Feb. 24th

I could only find one show that I want to see on Sunday. But it actually looks to be a really good show. This is it:
  • The Towne Lounge has a Portland Lounge Series ( yeah, I didn't know either). This Sunday will be the 16th on if I read my roman numerals correctly. From what I can tell the Portland Lounge Series entails getting some really good musicians to play the Towne Lounge for free (also, I learned that the bands are interviewed). This edition includes Nick Jaina (which is great cause I can't see either of his shows on Friday), Michael Apinyakul (of Shoeshine Blue), and Michael The Blind. This show is FREE. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the shows. I know I will. Please come up to me and say hi if you see me at a show.

-Ben Meyercord

Nick Jaina on Friday and Sunday photo by Melani Brown

*it happened again

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chrome Wings This Week

Hey there, faithful CIMTB readers - remember back in January when I told you about one of my favourite Portland bands, Chrome Wings? (You forgot?!? I forgive you. click here.) Anyhow, my story's short and sweet, and the moral is, you have no excuse not to see them, because they're playing tomorrow night at the Chaos Cafe, 2620 SE Division. (I'm pretty sure it's all ages, early show.) They're also playing a north Portland house party on Saturday, but I don't have the address. (It might be a small-scale affair) and have dates coming up in March and April. Come on down and show some love!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Email Now In Support of All-Ages Music

Support the OLCC’s plans to allow music venues to admit people under 21 by writing an email before Friday, March 7, 2008.

PDX Pop Now! image by EMEK

PDX Pop Now has reposted their awesome boilerplate email that you can send to the OLCC commissioners. Read more...

I would like to strongly encourage you to email the OLCC and tell everyone you know to do so as well. -- Ste. Goldie


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They blogged it so hard!

Here is an example of a great band blog. And the band is not horrible.

....Linking to the blog.
End Blog Post

-- Ste. Goldie

Jesus Christ Superstar Portland/Vantucky Rockers

In the Clark Community College production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar there are many rockers. There are 4 that I want to tell you about.

On Lead Guitar: Nick O'Donnell from A Cautionary Tale

photo of A Cautionary Tale taken from their myspace

On Lead Bass: Will Amend from Echo Helstrom

photo of Echo Helstrom taken from their myspace

On Lead Jesus: Nick Krieg from The Experimental Earth

photo of The Experimental Earth taken from their myspace

On Lead Understudy For Judas: Lon LaBrache

photo of Lon LeBrache taken from his myspace

I am proud to report that all of these hard working musicians are working under the hardest working man in school band rentals and beloved Vancouver, Washington institution conductor Dale Beacock!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gas House Recording: 1200 bands and still going strong

I don't remember when I first met Gary Schroeder or where, maybe it was at a show, house show, or maybe Old Town Pizza. More than anything I want you to find out for yourself why Gary is a Portland, Oregon indie music institution. Give him a call. He's friendly and won't make you feel dumb. His generosity of spirit and solid attitude about helping musicians makes him approachable. If you want to record your first demo OR your epic masterpiece Gas House Recording will be there for you.

Gary A. Schroeder
333 SW Park Ave
Portland,OR 97205

Ste. Goldie: How many bands have you recorded?

G.A.S.: I've recorded over 1200 bands in the past 17 years

Ste. Goldie: How long have you been recording bands at Gas House?

G.A.S.: Gas House started in 1991 with a 4 track. I decided to build my own studio mostly because I couldn't find a job in someone else's studio, but also, I felt a strong desire to help struggling artist get a leg up.

Ste. Goldie: Do you have any advice you can give a band coming in to record?

G.A.S.: Listen to the engineer, they most always know what the best direction to take for their studio. Have decent equipment, with new strings and heads.

If you have recorded with Gary at Gas House leave a comment and tell us about your experience. If you have any questions Gary told me to tell you to feel warmly encouraged to give him a call and/or drop him a line on the myspace -- Ste. Goldie

Ben Meyercord's live music picks for Feb. 12th to Feb. 17th

I saw some music last week. I didn't however get to see Talkdemonic, Starfucker, and Tu Fawning at the Doug Fir. Apparently I was not the only person excited to see them, because it sold out. I was kind of disappointed. Hopefully a lesson was learned.

Also for some strange reason I actually had to work at my job on Sunday and Monday. This never happens. The result of this injustice is that my live picks will actually start on Tuesday this week. So anyway, these are some shows happening in the next six days

Tuesday, Feb 12th

There are a couple of free gigs that are going on in town and one thats not.

  • Every Tuesday at Zilla Sake on Alberta, there is an open mic. Every Tuesday I attend. I have my reasons. I will now narrow them down to three. It is hosted by Y La Bamba which means I get to see her play twice. The people are really great. The curry at Zilla is top notch. Plus I usually play it as Meyercord. The sign up is at 7:30; the music starts at 8 PM.
  • Or if you happen to be down town, you should check out whats happening at Valentine's. The Morals are playing with Train to Nowhere and Randy from Junkface. I always enjoy The Morals live sets (there are no set lists and two drunken guys singing real loud, in a good way). The show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you like spending money(who doesn't?), you can head over to the Doug Fir where Baby Dee will be playing with Holocombe Waller. Baby Dee is a trans gendered musician from Cleveland. Holocombe Waller is a local who blurs the lines between theater and performing musician. It should be noted that both out on quite a show. The cost is $10. The show starts at 9PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 13th

Here are some things that I might consider going to if I get out of practice early enough:
  • The Satyricon, which all though it is all ages is usually pretty lame, is actually having a decent show on Wednesday. Though I am not too familiar with any of them I have heard of The Beauty who are playing with Imaginary Airship, Air Fortress, and Dot Matrix. I have also heard of Imaginary Airship. I read that Dot Matrix is kinda like Opera. Should be interesting. The show is $6. The show starts at 8PM.
  • Or if you want to get your groove on, 8-bits of it any way, you can go to the Holocene. Portland based record label Audio Dregs is presenting "8-bit Disco" which features a documentary on chip music music, 8-bit Generation, and performances by Laromlab, Robotcowboy, DJ E*Rock (one of Audio Dregs founders), and B*Retta. All of this for $5. The event starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you like to eat pizza whilst you listen to people bearing their existence, you can check out Y La Bamba at Mississippi Pizza. She is playing with Andy Combs and the Moth. I highly recommend you check out Y La Bamba. The show is probably by donation. Music starts at 9 PM.
Thursday, Feb. 14th

Thursday is Valentine's day. There are three ways to view this holiday. Valentine's Day is a time to be with that girl or guy non-gender-specific significant other and appreciate them for all that they are for you. Or how you don't have a girl or guy or non-gender-specific significant other and how much you long for that and how your life sucks with out it. Or lastly, how Valentine's is such a joke and how you can't believe how much people buy into the BS that Hallmark has created. Regardless of you views I hope you enjoy your day.
  • Also I am playing a small show as Meyercord at CIMTB contributer Gabriel Darling's practice space along with David Evan and Myrrh Larsen. It should be fun. This comes direct from her myspace:

    anti-Valentine’s day singer/songerwriter show on 2/14 pour moi
    Current mood: fabulous

    Semler Building, Suite 411, PDX....
    SW 3rd between SW Yamhill and SW Morrison....
    near Borders...

    well, Myrrh Larsen, David Evan, and Benjamin Meyercord have confirmed for the Thursday, let's not celebrate coupledom and anti-Valentine's day singer/songwriter mellowness starting at 8PM!!!

    FYI, the elevator does not run after 6PM, so, please be aware that you must be able to climb up AND down 4 flights of stairs...
    additionally, you need to e-mail me for specific directions:
    (cause I will have to escort you upstairs --- i'm not gonna give you the access codes!) :.P
    but please feel welcome to flash me! hahahaha

    you are more than welcome to bring a guest or guests..
    think we need to be done around 10:45PM with the loud cranking noise fest....
    BYOB... of course, a few tasty snackin's might be provided...

    Please come celebrate romance, anti-romance, or all the profanities rolled into 1!!!!

    Currently listening :
    The Fashion Focus
    By Starflyer 59
    Release date: By 06 October, 1998
Friday, Feb. 15th

So much going on Friday. I cannot decide. I will just provide you the list of shows. Perhaps you can decide for me?
  • Dante's is having a ROCK show featuring Blue Cheer, Danava, and Red Fang. All three bands look like they "bring it". I bet Brandon of AristeiA wishes he was going to this.
  • Maybe country is more your thing. Maybe you like Johnny Cash. I know I do. Well, Ash Street is having a Johnny Cash Tribute night featuring Joshua James & the Runaway Trains, Kate Mann, and Myrrh Larsen. I am not familiar with most of the acts but I know that Myrrh always has interesting interpretations of songs (I believe that he currently has one of Row Row Row Your Boat on his myspace page). It costs $7. Music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Perhaps you want to help out and attend a benefit show. The Someday Lounge is hosting a benefit show for Ethos Music Center called Cover Your Hearts. This what Someday has to say about Ethos, "Ethos Music is an organization that was established as a direct response to the budget cuts in public schools which limited music education for children. The Ethos mission is that every child has the right to learn and make music. Through Ethos, music education is available on a sliding scale so any child can participate." Sounds pretty good to me. The Charmparticles, Climber, Oh Darling, Curious Jones, Dr. Theopolis, Tango Alpha Tango, Castle, Jonah, Derby, and UHF are playing the show. Tickets are $7-$8. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you just want to kick it Nopo Style. You can check out the show thats going on at The Waypost. Paige Crater, Saw Whet, Allison Milham, and Dave are playing. I don't know anything about these people except that I really enjoyed what I heard of Saw Whet on her myspace page. The show is FREE. It starts at 8 PM.
  • If you are in NW Portland, you night swing by Slabtown cause Pay The Coyote, Ezra Carey, and Obscure Opus are playing. The first two bands listed I know of indirectly through Westfold (pay the Coyote is a top froend, and Ezra is playing a show with them on the 29th) so they are probably good. The show costs $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 16th

Locally it is a slow night. You might be tempted to check out Pinback at The Wonder Ballroom, or Bone Thugs at the Roseland though. I however, will probably go the local and cheap route:
  • The Twilight Cafe (1420 SE Powell Blvd) is hosting Magic Johnson (not the basketball player), Pegasus, We Quit, and Dragging an Ox Through Water. As you may be aware we here at CIMTB love us some Draging an Ox so go out and see what we are talking about. The show is FREE. Music starts at 9 PM (?).
Sunday, Feb. 17th

Not a whole lot going on this night either but...
  • Valentine's is having a pretty sweet show. It will feature Aan, Church, and Saw Whet (in case you missed her on Friday). All band are good. The show is FREE which makes it all good. The show starts at 9 PM.
Come out to some of these shows. Support your local bands. Saw hi to me if you see me. And have a good week.


Y La Bamba host of the Zilla Open Mic performs on Wednesday at Mississippi Pizza. Be There!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Important OLCC info From PC-PDX.COM and

If you are interested All Ages Shows
in Portland, Oregon

please consider attending:

The StumpClub Meeting
Sunday February 10th, 2008 at 7pm
7pm Sunday, February 10th
3752 NE Roselawn
It's a potluck so bring something to share!

Yay for Reposting from Myspace:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Portland Show Guide
Date: Feb 9, 2008 2:06 PM

PC-PDX.COM | Portland Show Guide


Remember the OLCC letter witting campaign from last fall and the possibility of opening up some of the venues to be able to serve the All Ages music community? Well it failed with a vote of 3-2 against accepting the amendments that would allow for such a change. The counsel did however say they would be open to another round of discussion about the changes. They way they voted pretty mush stated "We don't understand us now, so we';ll vote no to look professional since everybody is watching. Get back to us in a bit when we can look it over again." Well, that time is now!

This is a very big opportunity to allow for an expansion of All Ages rights in the musical community so we need to do all we can to ensure that this happens.

Unfortunately, all of the -hundreds & hundreds- of letters that were sent in during the last round cannot be taken into consideration this time around. Please take a few minutes and show your support for the right of accessible music for everybody.

STEP #1: Educate yourself and the issue! Cary Clarke, Local Musicians 99, PC-PDX and will be posting all the info and developments over the next few months. None of the New proposed changes are publicly posted other than paper form, we will let you know as soon as these are available electronically.

Step #2: Once you have a solid opinion and strong + smart argument, write the commission and let them know what you think about the changes. Every bit of input will help. (we'll post the address' along with the proposals as soon as they are released!)

I know a lot of you were disappointed the last time round because of the inability to become part of the face to face process by attending the public meetings + hearings. It does suck that all the meetings are scheduled in such an inconvenient area of town and during school hours. We're looking into the possibility of having a meeting with the -voting commissioners- in a centralized location (like Backspace) so that they may directly hear your concerns and passion for this issue. Note that the meetings at OLCC headquarters are with the commissioners staff members and they are all pretty much on board with this idea. They are also the ones that receive your letters so even if you cannot attend any of the public meetings with the staff, your letters are -equally important- and the medium by which you contact them is no less important than another.

There will be a lot of great people and organizations working on ensuring the success of these proposed changes. This process needs all the support we can give -let's shine the public spotlight on the OLCC, let them know we care about this issue and that people are watching and that they should make the right choice this time.

Keep tuned as we will be posting the info on any and all developments between now and the final vote mid April.

--- PC-PDX.COM : Portland Show Guide.

PC-PDX.COM | Portland Show Guide

spread the word -- ste. goldie

Thursday, February 7, 2008

WFJ! New Album Finished!

Straight From Portland, Oregon's own We're From Japan!'s myspace mouth:

It's true, after a good few years the follow up to "48 minutes, 07 seconds, then the open air" is just about here. No release date has been decided yet but it should be out in May or June on Zankyo Records in Japan and around the same time in the states. We are currently looking for a home in the U.S. but will release it vigilante style if we don't find anything that makes sense. This record, like the last, will consist of 7 tracks, one under 3 minutes, one over 12 and the rest in between. It promises to be a much different album than it's predecessor as we've opted not to include the strings and piano that graced our first record but tried to keep it representative of our live core. We're all really happy with "48 minutes" and love what Andy and Kristen did with those songs but we felt that these songs needed to be heard in the same context in which they were composed. What does this mean? A darker, heavier, more aggressive WFJ!. -- Written by We're From Japan!

I don't know who took this photo of JRD from WFJ!. I look forward to hearing new WFJ! songs... it's weird to say 'i look forward to hearing'. Whatever, it's gonna be dope! -- Ste. Goldie

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


When Goldie sent me the link to "OLCC says No", informing me that the proposal to allow underage kids into clubs for shows (but not allowed to drink) had been voted down, I was disappointed, but not all that surprised. I think we all know that it's time for the OLCC to unlace their Victorian corsets and step into the real, modern world, but that they've got no plans to.
Though it may not matter in any practical sense now, here's my take on the subject, a paraphrase of the long, impassioned letter I sent to the OLCC and, unfortunately, can no longer find.

The bottom line is, there's just no good reason not to let kids go to shows. Unlike the author of the blog I linked to, I didn't grow up in a state where I could go to a show with X's on my hands and be refused alcohol. I grew up in Vancouver, Washington, and could go to shows at the Crystal Ballroom and that's pretty much it, because I wasn't in to crust punk or hardcore. If I wanted to drink, I would have stayed at home and coerced some over-21 friend into buying me beers. If I wanted to go to a bar, it was to see a show. It's not like kids don't get into bar shows now; there were plenty of times I snuck in as a friend of a band, and plenty of kids get fake ID's and just go anyway. If under-21ers were allowed to go to shows, but with some mark, like those famous x's, to keep them from getting drinks, I predict we'd have LESS underage kids drinking at shows, not more. And the added benefit of those kids who don't want to try and break the rules getting to see the bands they want to see. Plus, hello, IT WORKS ALL KINDS OF OTHER PLACES. I did a quick search to find out about states where minors are allowed in bars for concerts, and came up with the website for several venues in Texas and Maryland, ads for shows, over 21 $5, under 21 $9. That's right, more people coming to the shows, and paying more money - they can get away with charging kids a little bit extra because they can't drink. Apart from the occasional jackass who thinks kids shouldn't be able to come to shows because they can't remember what it was like for them six years ago, under-21ers coming to shows would mean - kids getting a better musical experience, under-21 band members not having to feel like pariahs sitting outside while the rest of their band hangs out in the bar before the show, bars getting more money, and less kids trying to sneak in to shows or use fake ID's. So who's the loser? The OLCC, for making a lousy decision.

Updated List of Portland, Oregon Music

Happy Super Tuesday (not Fat Tuesday drunkie)!

Here is a list of 99 Portland, Oregon bands and musicians. We've mainly linked to their myspace pages. The reason we did that is because you can add bands as your friends and then find out when they are playing shows and stuff without ever having to dirty your hands with a Willamette Week or Mercury. Click on a band and it will open in a different window (or tab). If you think we've missed a Portland band that is playing shows and getting press or whatever -- leave a comment. -- Ste. Goldie

1. 3 Leg Torso
2. 31 Knots
3. A Weather
4. Alan Singley and PANTS MACHINE
5. Alexis Gideon
6. Annie Bethancourt
7. Antlerand
8. AristeiA
9. Auto Pilot is for Lovers
10. The Awful Din
11. Big Sky
12. the black black black
13. Black Elk
14. Blitzen Trapper
15. The Blow
16. cars and trains
17. carcrashlander
18. Castle
19. cexfucx
20. Charmparticles
21. Chin Up Little Dragon
22. Chris Walla
23. Chrome Wings
24. Clifford Libby
25. Classical Revolution PDX
26. David Evans
27. Deerhoof
28. The Dimes
29. Dolorean
30. Dory Hylton
31. Dragging An Ox Thru Water
32. DRATS!!!
33. Echo Helstrom
34. Eliza Jane
35. Eskimo & Sons
36. Eux Autres
37. Evolutionary Jass Band
38. Exploration Team
39. Fall Of Snow
40. The Fix
41. Gejius
42. Gifford Pinchot
43. Glass Candy
44. Go Fever
45. Grails
46. Graves
47. The Harvey Girls
48. Helio Sequence
49. Holy Sons
50. Horse Feathers
51. Jackie-O Motherfucker
52. Joggers
53. Jonah
54. junkface
55. The Lark
56. Laura Gibson
57. letdown
58. Leviethan
59. Loch Lomond
62. The Morals
63. Meyercord
64. Morgan Grace
65. My Fellow Traveller
66. Nick Leyva
67. Nick Jaina
68. nire
69. Norfolk & Western
70. Not Yeti
71. The Online Romance
72. Peter Broderick
73. Purple Rhinestone Eagle
74. Reporter
75. Rick Bain
77. Sarah Dougher
78. Saw Whet
79. Senor Frio
80. The Soda Pop Kids
81. The Shaky Hands
82. The Shitty Beatles
83. Starfucker
84. Storm Large and The Balls
85. Sundown Machine
86. Synchroniscity Frequency
87. talkdemonic
88. The Thermals
89. Trick Sensei
90. Tu Fawning
91. The Upsidedown
92. Weinland
93. We're From Japan!
94. Westfold
95. Wet Confetti
96. White Rainbow
97. Wounded Moth
98. Yatch
99. Y La Bamba

link to the list... copy and paste, i find you, you die xxoo ste. goldie

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Widespread Reign Of The Great Northwest

Brian Coates, Randall Crush, Josh from Big Sky and some other people, Photo by kingpinphoto

The group formally known as The Every Thing, the Widespread Reign of the Great Northwest, is going on Tour...

  • Fresno February 4th @ Club Fred
  • L.A. February 5th @ Echoplex
  • San Diego February 6th @ Casbah
  • Tuscon February 7th @ Solar Gallery
  • Phoenix February 8th @ Modified

Ben Meyercords Live Music Picks Feb. 4th to Feb. 10th

Hey everyone, guess what. I made it to some shows last week. It actually felt pretty good. You know what else? There are some shows that I will definitely attend this week as well. I think I'm back. Check it out:

Monday, Feb. 4th

There are a couple of freebies for this Monday. You what they say, "if the price is right...". Anyway, I think that the price is right.
  • Doug Fir is also having a free show on Monday. The headliner is a boy/girl rock duo from Cambridge who have brilliantly named themselves Drug Rug. The local openers are a some what collective based around Ryne Warner called Ohioan and Native Kin. In fact the myspace page states that "Native Kin is the community of musicans that exists autonomously and symbiotically" . I guess that makes Ryne "Ohioan". The show is FREE. The music starts at 9PM.
Tuesday, Feb. 5th

Pay Day! Here is what is happening.
  • Valentine's is having a show consisting of Blue Cranes, Strangers Die Every Day, and Sam Cooper. I have missed Strangers Die Everyday every single time they play. Tonight will probably be no w exception. But it does look to be a good show. The show cost a mere $5, pretty good deal considering the caliber of music. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Your other option, and an option to hear me(yercord) play music, is to go to Zilla Sake. They have a pretty good open mic hosted by friend and amazing songwriter Y La Bamba. The sign up is at 7:30. Music starts at 8PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 6th

Normally Wednesday is chock full of shows that I want to attend. That is not the case this week.
  • Holocene is having this thing called Beat Off beat battle. It is described as a live sample-based beat battle. It sounds like it coul be cool. It costs $5. Doors are at 9PM.
Thursday, Feb. 7th

Is Thursday the new Wednesday? From the list of shows below, it definitely could be a contender.

  • Kelly's Olympian is having a Portland Radio Authority presents show. It will feature Junkface and Team Evil (Skyler from Point Juncture, WA)as well as some Pirate Radio. I have heard nothing but complimentary things about Junkface and Team Evil have a pretty good name. There might be something there. It only costs $3. Show begins at 9 PM.
  • Ground Kontrol, the awesome video arcade/sometimes music venue, will be having the out-of-towner's, Glass Elevator (Olmpia, WA), along with locals Root Beer and French Fry, and Delightful Young Man. I will be honest with you, the only reason I am mentioning this show is because of the name Root Beer and French Fry. Show costs $4. Music starts at 9 PM.
  • The other day I went to an awesome store called Tender Loving Empire. It is a store I have been meaning to visit for quite some time and as I expected, it was quite cool. They also run a small music label and do custom silk screening. One of the bands that had silk screening by Tender Loving Empire is Newspapers. I noticed that they are playing on Thursday at The Ash Street Saloon along with Sea Weasels and Cereal. It might be worth checking out. The cost is $5. The show starts at 9:30 PM.
  • It is also 1st Thursday. Portland Center Stage is having LA -based songwriter Wisely perform. He did a video starring Jenna Fisher of The Office. But more importantly, Local gal Per Se will be playing as well. It is all ages and FREE. The event takes place between 5:30 and 7 PM.
Friday, Feb. 8th

There are a few shows that are good tonight but I am going to:
  • Talkdemonic is playing the Doug Fir. I love this band. They have finished recording a new record so I am guessing they will play some of it on Friday. Plus the opening acts, Tu Fawing (Corrina Repp and Joe Haige of 31 Knots plus two) and Starfucker are both local and very good. The show is $12 and is worth every cent. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • But there are other good shows. There is even an all ages show at The Modern Age, KPSU's all ages venue. Per Se will be playing, in case you didn't see her the previous night, with Swimming, The Janglies and Dhani The Champion of the World. It is a sliding scale of $3 to $5. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • The Someday Lounge is also hosting a mostly local show. Except this one is for free. Chores (featuring Lou of A Weather), Klicitat, H is For Hellgate (Seattle, WA), and Ferocious Eagle are all playing. A good time will be had by all who attend. That is four bands for FREE. Show begins at 9 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 9th

Just like Wednesday where there are usually too many shows, this Saturday has been parred down to only a small handful of shows. This is what they are:
  • Local group, The Helio Sequence, just released their new album KeepYour Eyes Ahead on Sub Pop Records. To celebrate they are playing and instore at Music Millennium. Like most instore performances it will be FREE. The music starts at 7 PM.
  • The Artistery will be having a pretty kick ass indie pop show on Saturday. We got the orchestrated arrangements of The Online Romance, the very good but not local Lake (they have a split 7 inch with locals Typhoon), and other locals World's Greatest Ghosts. I have seen two of the three and highly recommend this show. The ALL AGES show costs $6. The music starts promptly at 8 PM.
  • David Evan is a guy who writes songs and then sings them. The thing that sets him apart is that the songs he writes are quite good. I sure that he gets it all the time but his voice is reminiscent of Colin Meloy of the Decemberists except better. Anyway you can go to The Daily Planet (superman reference?) this Saturday to catch him play a FREE set. The music starts at 8 PM.
Sunday, Feb. 10th

There is only one show I see that I want to go to:
  • Cars and Trains is a guy who I found out about by making this weekly blog listing. I still haven't seen him but I really want to. I will try my darnedest to see this show. He plays with Demune at Mississippi Pizza this Sunday. There is no listed cost. The show starts at 9 PM.
So there you go dear reader. I want to remind everyone that this is by no means a comprehensive list of every show that is happening in Portland. I want to extend an invitation to comment on this post of other shows you think I left out. Or, by all means, start your own blog (and link it to this blog). Say hi to me if you see me at a show.


Talkdemonic plays Doug Fir on Friday the 8th. Sweet!