Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Videos - OMD

I realised recently that I haven't posted for a while. A combination of long distance relationship, early morning work hours, and graduate school have kept me away from the shows and new music. However, one thing I have been doing is sitting around at home and watching music videos. After significant research, I have come to the conclusion that music videos in the 1980's were way more awesome than almost anything else, ever. So please allow me to share some of my favourites. We'll start off today with OMD, (Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark) makers of some of the most delightfully pretentious synth-pop in the universe.

Tesla Girls

cause nobody's ever eaten toast so sexy...

Maid Of Orleans - The Waltz Joan Of Arc

Looking pretentious while reading and playing chess with a historical babe

Enola Gay : a pop song about the plane that dropped the first nuclear bomb. Does more need be said?

I really, really wanted to post the video for "If You Leave" 80's tastic awesomness involving OMD's lead singer mooning about and overacting in a tux by a brick wall. But apparently Embedding is Disabled By Request because youtube is lame. You can watch it here though.

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