Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Tuesday, October 27th

Hello Dear Readers,

One thing I have learned about myself, is that I cannot bring myself to go to a show that has already started. The thought of missing part of the show kills me. I would rather not see any of the show than miss part of it. The only time I go to a show late is if I do not know that I am late or it is an all day festival type thing. That being said last night I got home from AristeiA practice at 10:30 PM. All shows had started. I did not go to any of them. But tonight we start practice earlier so there is a chance of getting out earlier. Here are some shows I am interested in seeing:

Tuesday, October 27th

The Doug Fir has a show with Shonen Knife (Osaka, Japan), Explode into Colors, and Panther. This looks like a very fun show. Shonen Knife is an all female Japanese pop-punk band. I first heard of them because one of my favorite pop-punk bands, The Mr. T Experience, covered them. They write cute and cathchy songs. Explode into to Colors is a band that I have only seen once but because they are every one's radar, they are on my radar. From what I recall there was a lot of cool rhythmic stuff going on and a ridiculous amount of reverb and some dubby delay. They are also an all female band. The thing that I find most impressive though is the amount of creative outlets each member seems to have outside of the band. Check out their myspace for a full list of what these ladies are up to when they are performing. Panther is an all male band. A two man band, if you will. They do not have a "Panther Sound". They are constantly changing and mixing it up. Last time I listened in there was a lot of piano involved. They have a new 12" out that I have yet to listen to (though I read that it comes with 8 bonus mp3s, which I think is pretty cool). The show is $13 and starts at 9 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Southern Belle, Birds & Batteries (San Francisco), and Ravishers. I have never seen Southern Belle proper. I have seen a show where is was mostly acoustic and not at all what they usually sound like. However, over time I have managed to write about them and listen to them online an like what I have heard. There are three distinct Voices in the band. One of which I and probably everybody else will compare to Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade, because honestly he sounds a lot like him. They do the very vague tag of indie rock proud. Birds and Batteries are a band that I played with last time ArtisteiA played in Oakland. I remember thinking they were all right, though a weird fit for us. Speaking of all right, Ravishers are all right. They seem to make the pop-rock music and uh...Well they are not bad at all. But I am not sure if I would recomend them on a weaker bill. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

Rotture is having a show with Struck by Lightning (ex-Mouth of the Architect), Nanda Devi, and Dopesmoker. Over the past couple of years my AristeiA band mates have started listening to heavier music. Over the past year it has started to grow on me. Now I don't claim to like this whole line up, I do really think that Nanda Devi is a really cool band. They make a DOOM/Metal kind of music that is both really dark and epic. I am a fan of any kind of epic music. Quite honestly, I don't to much care for the other acts on this bill, but for real Nanda is really good. They just recorded an album (they are also very prolific) and I bet they will play mostly music off of that tonight. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Why I Must Be Careful, Sedan (Olympia), and A Very Dead Horse (Joe Haege of 31 Knots). This is a no brainer for me. I really like the very organized madness that the drums and Rhodes create in Why I Must Be Careful. It is, dare I say, Genius. Sedan is a band based out of Olympia that has strong ties with many other NW bands. They are also a drum and piano based duo. I want to say that they are heavier, but that is mostly because I see that they have played with Thrones a few times. A Very Dead Horse is the solo piano project of Joe Haege. I think I mentioned his name earlier. Anyway this is his justification for this project, "it’s like classical piano is so ridiculously played out in this day and age, but for me to go and do it in this day and age at an all-ages space that mostly has punk bands, I dress in a suit and play a digital piano through a guitar amp, really loud. I’m trying to capture the magic that I hear, and I feel like a lot of people will hear the intensity and really like it. It’s just more of a contextual thing that keeps people from liking it.” Piano and piano like instruments all around. The show is FREE and starts sometime after 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say "Hi". Specifically to me. We will have a moment.

Panter is playing tonight at Doug Fir. It will be kinda like this.

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