Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live Music Review: Brighblack Morning Light (Greensboro, NC) 2/25/09

The back story was just as hazy as Brightblack Morning Light’s brand of psychedelia. Something had fallen through on their tour and Guilford College’s WQFS had picked it up and they would be playing Square One- the bombshelteresque practice space and sometimes venue for Greensboro’s very small (but very alive) indie and underground scene.

The hype had been building throughout the week leading to the show (“Dude, these guys are huge.”). Which had me wondering: how exactly to you measure the popularity of a mysterious indie psych band of non-static size from New Mexico whose songs have been described as moving at “glacial” speeds?

I had heard the split EP they had done with Will Oldham a few years ago and though (I hate to admit) I found their songs a little boring, the buzz and the mystery were too much for me to pass up.

The crowd was impressive- especially for a show tucked so much out of sight. However, by the third 10 minute song consisting of breathy vocals whispered behind clouds of foggy instrumentation that while maybe not glacial, certainly demanded patience, the crowd had thinned considerably.

As the undergrad scenesters filtered out, leaving behind the very stoned and the more committed music junkies (the two, by no means, being mutually exclusive) my skepticism trailed at their heels.

There’s no shortage of shoegaze dealers or slow-psych groups out there, red-eyed and kinda hungry, noodling for an audience in about the same shape. What makes BBML exceptional is the fact that most groups float the trippiness out at you in thin sheets- at some point you realize that, yeah, if you put that much reverb on the drums or use whatever kind of pedal the guitar player has, shit will sound waaay groovy.

This band, however, really architects what appears (at first) just to be tripped out mumbling. The two vocalists’ barely audible whispers floated and bobbed along a wonderfully crunchy wah guitar which just barely flitted about the swelling Fender Rhodes organ. Ebbing and flowing, the organ and guitar were moved by a bass tone that I couldn’t quite distinguish (presumably the second keyboard) and a liquid drum that didn’t so much beat out a rhythm as massage one.

Instead of the rhythm section keeping a beat which the guitars and keys moved around, the pulses and beats shifted in and out from under the gossamer tones, moving them around and along until the lengthy frequency tones of a trombone (?!) coalesced it all into the closest thing that passed for resolution or climax with this group…until it all slid back down to lap and swirl around the deeper and slower rhythmic units again. You would never have noticed the vibraphone, mistaking it’s ringing for tonal anomalies, if it wasn’t such a huge instrument.

Don’t get me wrong: BBML may have been playing the same song over and over again, all night. But, all presumable caveats standing, I really couldn’t help but think of “Miles In the Sky” era Miles Davis while soaking in their incredibly patient, incredibly gauzy arrangement and movement.

While a Godspeed You Black Emperor may live and die with epochal loud and quiet dynamics and a Sigur Ros may butter their bread with dewy-eyed Romanticism, BBML was playing lysergic chess.

And even though I knew they were aiming for the queen the whole time, I had usually forgotten by the time they got to it, immersed as I was in their movement across the board. And each time they captured her, I was equally delighted.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for February 27th to March 1st

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I went to the Laurelthirst for the first time. I saw an awesome set by Audie Darling, Tchotchkes and Sam Cooper. It was awesome. I mean there were some PA issues, but once that was solved the music was great. Though, Audie had to cut her set short due to the technical difficulties. Sam busted out a couple of covers including by the Shins, and one by Wilco. Cool stuff. Here's what the week has in store show wise.

Friday, February 27th

This is what I'm talking about.

  • Slabtown is having a pretty sweet show with Ferocious Eagle, Root Beer & French Fry and The Morals. Ferocious Eagle play rock that definately might be considered ferocious to some. I mean it isn't hard core, but it surely isn't pop. Root Beer is a band that I will now officially vow to see before the year is over. I love the music that I have heard , but for some stupid reason I haven't seen them live yet. And it has been forever since I have seen The Morals play. Are they passionate? Yes. Sloppy? Maybe. Great? No doubt. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • East End is having a show with Oh Captain My Captain, Army Navy, Blue Skies for Black Hearts and Si Claro (San Francisco). Oh Captain My Captain is, if you are unaware, the bomb. Yes, the lead singer sounds a lot like David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, but is that a bad thing? Also, I think the music might be better than Pedro the Lion. Blue Skies for Black Hearts is awesome in their retro-jangle numbers. I think that Army Navy is a good fit for them as they also make jangley music , thought theirs sounds more like it was made in the 90's (I guess that's retro). The show is $8 is 9 PM.
  • Camp Rainbow is having Cool Jesus ( a band too cool for a myspace page), Breakfast Mountain, Jizz Wisard, May Ling, Air Jordan ft. bone arrow. It is a house show. But it is a dance house show. So I anticipate dancing sweaty kids having a good time. All of the music is pretty good. I would totally dance to this. I mean I am not the best dancer in the world, but I got some moves. Check out the post about Breakfast Mountain This show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Saturday, February 28th

There are some crazy shows.

  • Backspace is having a show with Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Blue Horns, Altspeak(Seattle) and Little Penguins (Seattle). Jared Mees and company pretty much rule it as far as playing a show with energy and getting the crowd, or at least me, into it. And the Blue Horns are pretty great live too. I am not to familiar with the out of towners. This show is ALL AGES and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Coop is having a show with Quixotic, AristeiA, and Elitist. This is a wildly diverse show. Quixotic is a hip hop group. AristeiA is the really sweet instrumental post-rock group that I play bass in. We have some new songs to share. Elitist is a grindcore? band. When it comes to heavier music, I am not too good with all the different "core's". The show will be ALL AGES and only $2. It starts at 8 PM.
  • Tiger Bar is having a show with Team Evil, Patterns, Deer or the Doe. I have been to Tiger Bar once and I didn't see where a band could even play. I am curious. But really I want to see Team Evil. I missed them at Rontoms last Sunday, and know I am going to miss them again. Sigh. The other two bands are supposed to be good and kinda poppy. I could not find a cover charge listed. The show starts at 10 PM.

Sunday, March 1st

These shows are looking good.

  • Bossanova (722 E. Burnside St ) is having an ALL AGES show with March Fourth Marching Band. I think that March Fourth is a super fun band to see live. And if you want so see a spectacle pretty early in the day. This is the show for you. The show is $10 and starts at 1 PM.
  • Rontom's is having a show with Dirty Mittens and Church. Church is one of the best bands in Portland. Hands down. Dirty Mittens is good too, but Church is just awesome. I have not seen them since they became a four piece, but I am sure it is great. Their sound is pretty epic and full of textures and cool tones. The show is FREE and starts at 9:30 PM.
  • The Coop is having a show with The Taxpayers, Gruk (Chico, CA), Trends (Southern, CA) and One More. I am not sure who the other band is. I have not seen The Taxpayers. But I heard that they are awesome live. The show is $4-5and ALL AGES and 8 PM.
  • Holocene is having a show with Shelly Short, Alexis Gideon, and Roy Tinsel. Shelly Short is great. Her voice is great. Her songs are great. She is one of those Hush type people. Alexis Gideon often plays guitar with her. His stuff however is totally different, but totally awesome. He does some mc'ing. That's right Alexis has a mad flow. Plus he made some animations to go with his live performance, so Holocene is perfect for him. I don't know much about Roy Tinsel. I clicked on his myspace and listened to the first song on the player and thought to myself, "This sounds like the dude from Television, if he were in a country band." I am not sure if that is some weird first reaction thing and I am way off, but that was my first thought. The show is $7 with doors at 8:30 PM.

If I see you at any of these I will have no idea. Therefore I suggest you come and say "Hi" to me. I the dude with the beard.


Explode into Colors Play Saturday at The Hush.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Y La Bamba newz: We are making a record!

Hey folks,

I am just excited to no end that one of the bands I play in, Y La Bamba is recording a record. It is tentatively titled Lupon. We got Chris Funk (of The Decemberists) producing and Mike Anzalone engineering (he did work for The Builders and The Butchers and Oh Captain My Captain). Local Cut recently did a piece on us. There are some pictures by Jason Quigley on that post. But there a lot more at Jason's blog.


p.s. there is now a Y La Bamba blog too.

Photo by Jason Quigley

Extra Golden- "Thank You Very Quickly": You're Goddam Welcome

I have to just put it out there: I'm sorry, Phil. I don't like Vampire Weekend.

I didn't like them when they were the Clash, either. I know you said that since I liked Peter Gabriel, I would like the VW, but I just don't hear it. I hear more of PG in the intro to that "Wannabe" song by the band whose name I won't mention, because they don't deserve a moniker so cool. It isn't just that I'm disappointed by how little I like the band after such a glowing recommendation, but that I began seeing so many trite descriptions of how Vampire Weekend fused indie rock with world music. Like it's never been fucking done before! Come on, people.

And then part of it is mindfulness of my own tendency to Exoticism, which I've discussed before. So, with that in mind, I had a bit of trouble readying myself to listen to Extra Golden's forthcoming album, which promised to be... yes, you guessed it, a fusion of rock and world music.

Only, not. It's the real deal. Now, if you read me enough, you know that I hate redundancy. There's an excellent article on Extra Golden here. The basic bio about them you need to know, though, is that they're not some hipster kid bedroom project concocted after listening to "Security." It's a couple of American musician/ethnologists and a couple of dudes from Kenya. Read the NPR article.

Musically, they rip it up, very elementally. It's not the angular stuff you'd expect from this modern era, either. My first impression was... The Doors, post-Morrison, hooking up with Fela Kuti and being revitalized instead of trailing into slick mediocrity. After a repeated listen, the hyperactive percussion flourishes made me think of The Police at their jammiest. Now, I think these are apt comparisons, but Extra Golden has a highly cohesive group sound, that lacks the musical tension or singular personalities that arose from those groups. They're never going to have a hit single, not in our western world. I think, though, that their musical tension, and artistic success, arises in part from their tenuous existence as an entity.

This is a little bit of why Vampire Weekend doesn't seem so authentic to me. Sure, even people in good situations can fuel their art with internal conflict, but I just don't see it as having the same gravity, as Adorno has suggested. Extra Golden is always wondering when they'll be able to get together again, and if some of their member will have been shot in the head in the meantime. You might think my Doors comparison breaks down there too, but I think it's the same. The sixties were a different time. Manzarek and the boys never really could sleep well wondering when Jim was going to munch down a bag of acid, whip out his wiener, and then everyone gets the nightstick. It's a recipe for urgency, for immediacy, and in the case of Extra Golden, a feeling of musical rejoicing that's immediatly apparent. Put this record on at a party- it's music to share.

"Thank You Very Quickly" is out March 10th.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inadequately content

Ha and Ha!
I thought I would begin via an introduction. My name is Mr. Fiore, and yes, I in fact have no idea what this music thing is people keep talking about. At any rate, due to a fusion of language barriers and living in the delectable NE of the city that is Portland, I will be posting a column once a week, reviewing anything from local gigs and bands to music from all over.

Olafur Eliasson is a Big Danish Daddy!

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Feb. 25th and 26th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night the show at Valentine's was so good. Heatherwoods aka Heather Broderick played a set joined by her brother Peter Broderick in a very good set of very well arranged hushed songs. Then came Sarah Winchester (y'know the gal from A Weather) then played her songs which are so pretty and delicately played. She announced at the show that Team Love, the label that is home to A Weather will be having her EP that she just finished recording available through their store. Cool. These are the shows for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, February 25th

  • Holocene is having day two of the Fourth Annual Minigolf Art Invitational. Again I will post what the Holocene said about the event because it makes it seem way more fun than I could make it sound. "Garden golf. Gofstacle. Putt-putt. That fine pastime of synthetically crafted miniature wonderlands has had a lot of names over the past century, but for those mini-putters in the know, Holocene is the only one worth remembering. We're proud to announce the much-anticipated arrival of The Fourth Annual Holocene Minigolf Art Invitational on Tuesday February 24th and Wednesday February 25th, 2009. Maybe you've heard tales of past courses: the Labyrinth hole, the whale with a live blowhole, or the Lightbox Theatre's reality hole, where the putter was faced with an array of improvised distractions. Naturally, this is considered by many to be Holocene's raddest recurring event. This year, we're continuing to bring a plethora of Portland's finest artistic talents together, to design a course so bold that'll you'll putt, hope, and sink your way into aesthetic euphoria. Our town is chock full of overwhelming artistic camaraderie, and we're taking that local sensibility to crazy new realms as a slew of artists, waffle makers, architects, gallery collectives and minigolf lovers galore create a night that will impress even the World Minigolf Sport Federation. And you get to decide which of the fabulous designers goes home with $1000. What exactly can you expect at this year's tourney, you ask? You'll be navigating your way through giant mushroom forests, maneuvering into a wooden tiger, and puzzling quantum physics with Schrodingers Cat. And just in case a night with Heaven, Hell, and the Willamette River doesn't impress you: there's gonna be pancakes." Tonight they have Guidance Counselor, Ronin Roc, DJ Hostile Tapeover, DJ Not Too Soon, J. Domont. Sweet. The dudes in Guidance Counselor know how to make a place get up and move. This event is $8 and starts at 6 PM.

  • Dante's is having a show with Richmond Fontaine, Two Cow Garage (Columbus, OH) and Thee Loyal Bastards. This is a fine example of Portland's country rock scene. Though it should be noted I am not sure if there is actual scene. I do know that Richmond Fontaine is pretty good as are Thee Loyal Bastards. Richard Fontaine is one of the Portland bands I heard of before I moved to Portland. I also know that the show is $8-10 and starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, February 26th

  • Laurel Thirst Public House is having a show with Tchotchkes, Audie Darling and Sam Cooper . I think Audie Darling has a wonderful voice. Next month she is going on tour with her frequent collaborator Leonard Mynx . So see her now before the rest of America does. And Sam Cooper, what a guy. He plays in like a million bands and is very good at playing multiple instruments. I saw him play a show they other day and was very impressed. His songs are as good as his playing. The show is $4 and starts at 9:30 PM.

  • East End is having a show with The Passengers and Hello Loneliness . I really don't know what The Passengers sound like but they are claim that "Tequila and spliff riffs not optional" and suggest to "Turn the bass up as loud as it can go and dance dance dance". Hello Lonliness is Justin Fowler's of Wooden Burial Ground new project. I have yet to see them but want to pretty badly. East End never lists any information about time or cover. It's kinda annoying, but whatev's. Show up at show O' clock.

  • Fez Ballroom is having Very International Love, Oh and Gejius. Very International Love makes dance music that are also pop songs. It's a neat trick. Oh is a woman of many projects. She also performs under the name Don't Forget I Love you, Ahnli (the project that I wrote about last week), and Lactacious. They are really cool sounding. I really like Gejius and his laptop creations. It is so good. Anyway, the show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

So those are the shows that I have a desire to see for the next few days. I hope to make them. I hope you make them. If you we both make them , then you should say "Hi".


Sophe Lux plays Thursday at Rotture. It will be kinda like this.

Music Review: M. Ward - Hold Time

M. Ward - Hold Time Merge Records Feb. 2009

Hold Time is music from an alternate history where Chet Atkins started taking psychedelics with Tom Waits on a farm in the middle of the desert and cutting records. These are the radio broadcasts from a parallel universe where AM radio is king and vacuum tubes are driving the information revolution. It is hand crafted, natural and deeply poetic music. "One Hundred Million Years" is Ward in classic form, riding the steam train of Americana between the easy flow of the West Coast and the stomp of the Mississippi shores. This is one more in a series of fantastic albums from M. Ward and includes an appearance from Lucinda Williams on "Oh Lonesome Me", a Don Gibson Cover that showcases his ability to update a classic tune without missing the soul of a song. The album ends with an aching and heartbroken instrumental composition of starlight and lonely highway signs stretching out into the horizon, begging you to just start it all over again.

Samples available at Merge

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christian Bale vs Wesley Willis

This means more to me then any of you will EVER know. Thank you to Sean Gothman for loving me enough to share the very best.


An Introduction By Way Of A Lesson

Hello everybody, I'm Eriq Nelson

For seven years I worked at the Tower Records here in Richmond VA and I loved damn near every minute of it. It paid my bills (kind of) and it introduced me to some incredible people (very true!). More than anything, it broadened my mind to an unspeakable variety of music. For the area I grew up in, the decaying working class suburbs of Richmond, I had a pretty catholic taste in music. Ani Difranco, Rancid and Tool were my favorite bands coming out of high school and I knew jazz. I thought I knew jazz. I thought I had a broad taste in music. Wow, was I wrong.

Well, I wasn't totally wrong. For the time and place I had been, I was a pretty broad minded dude. The fact that I had a woman singer in my CD collection was pretty outlandish. The first weeks at Tower proved to me how narrow my tastes really were. I met people with knowledge and experience in music so far beyond.......

Read the rest of this post on my blog: The Temple of the Forbidden Beat.

I'll be moving to Portland this year, either late August or early September and I can't wait to get there. The strength of Portland's music scene has a lot to do with my moving, being a music nerd and musician myself but there's a lot more about Portland that's dragging me across the country. Currently I reside in Richmond, VA and have recently begun opining about music in our monthly culture mag, RVA Magazine. I look forward to getting to know you all, and I'll see you in the fall.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Feb. 23rd and 24th

Hello Dear Readers,

Good times this weekend? I had a blast at Mississippi Pizza on Saturday. Lots of friends. Lots of good music. On the downside I missed a very good show. Sorry Goldie :(

Monday, February 23rd

I couldn't find any local shows to list but, Doug Fir is having a show with Annuals, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and What Laura Thinks. I like a few of the songs from the Annuals first album so this peaks my interest. I have heard that their second album is different. I do not have the ability to confirm or deny this claim. The show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.

Tuesday, February 24th

There are loads of good shows happening on Tuesday. I think I have narrowed it down to the cream of the crop.

  • Music Millenium is having a Laura Gibson release show thing on Tuesday evening. Lord know I like Laura Gibson's music. But here is the best part: because this is an in-store, it means it is not only FREE but it is also ALL AGES. Her new album, Beasts of Seasons, will be available at the store (Hopefully in both CD and Vinyl formats). This event starts at 7 PM.
  • Holocene is having a two day event called: Minigolf Art Invitational. It looks like A LOT of fun. This is what the Holocene website had to say about it "Garden golf. Gofstacle. Putt-putt. That fine pastime of synthetically crafted miniature wonderlands has had a lot of names over the past century, but for those mini-putters in the know, Holocene is the only one worth remembering. We're proud to announce the much-anticipated arrival of The Fourth Annual Holocene Minigolf Art Invitational on Tuesday February 24th and Wednesday February 25th, 2009. Maybe you've heard tales of past courses: the Labyrinth hole, the whale with a live blowhole, or the Lightbox Theater's reality hole, where the putter was faced with an array of improvised distractions. Naturally, this is considered by many to be Holocene's raddest recurring event. This year, we're continuing to bring a plethora of Portland's finest artistic talents together, to design a course so bold that'll you'll putt, hope, and sink your way into aesthetic euphoria. Our town is chock full of overwhelming artistic camaraderie, and we're taking that local sensibility to crazy new realms as a slew of artists, waffle makers, architects, gallery collectives and minigolf lovers galore create a night that will impress even the World Minigolf Sport Federation. And you get to decide which of the fabulous designers goes home with $1000. What exactly can you expect at this year's tourney, you ask? You'll be navigating your way through giant mushroom forests, maneuvering into a wooden tiger, and puzzling quantum physics with Schrodinger's Cat. And just in case a night with Heaven, Hell, and the Willamette River doesn't impress you: there's gonna be pancakes." Crazy. If you want a list of all the sponsors with some links and stuff click here. The fist day will feature music by Tender Forever everybody's favorite sometimes Portlander sometimes French songwriter. The show is $8 and starts at 6 PM.
  • The Know is having two very good, but very different pop bands play in the form of Gnomenclature and New Century Schoolbook. Having played shows with both of these bands, I feel qualified in saying that neither disappoint and I danced to both of their music. This is FREE and starts at 8 PM?
  • Valentine's is having Heatherwoods, Ora Cogan (Vancouver, BC) and Sarah Winchester play. I think this might be the best line up all night. But if you are not a fan of hushed music then maybe it is not for you. This is totally for me. It is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So if you see me at these shows, then say "Hi". Conversation just might follow.


Laura Gibson plays a FREE instore on Tuesday. Nice.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for February 20th to 22nd

Hello Dear Readers,

I love the Roadside Attraction! I had such a good time, the other night. when I played there. Goldie even made i out. I want to go back. I thought it was the perfect size for a small show. There are too few places like this in town. I mean there is Valentine's and ummm.... That is the only that comes to mind now. Please let me know if there are other places like this.

Here are the shows for this weekend.

Friday, February 20th

Here the shows I am interested in.

  • KPSU is having Cars & Trains perform on air as part of Live Fridays at 5 PM. I think Cars and Trains is bomb. It don't cost nothing to listen, so why not?
  • Slabtown is having a show with Jackie-O Motherfucker, E*Rock and Sad Horse. Jackie-O is one those experimental type bands with a lot of members that sound different every time you see them. I have never seen E*Rock, but I like pretty much everything he touches. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Laurel Thirst Public House is having a great show with Leonard Mynx, Mbilly and Jacob White. All of these dudes play really good (americana? folky?) music that sounds good on acoustic guitar. Though it should be noted that Leonard is playing with a full band (and dude knows some good players). The show is $5 and starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Backspace is having a cool show with Panther, Ghost to Falco, and Ohioan. Panther is supposed to be very good. Ghost to Falco is very good. I have seen him a couple times. He said that he sometimes plays as a band. I would love see that. This ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Disjecta is having a pretty good show. Deelay Ceelay, Chrome Wings and Mannequinhead are playing a show. This is a show that was scheduled was December but was delayed due to the "Artic Blast" of 2008. It is $5 and starts at 8 PM.
Saturday, February 21st

Good stuff:

  • Disjecta Tin House release. Tin House is a literary journal based out of Portland. Matthew Dickman and Arthur Bradford two of the authors will be doing some readings and there will be a performance The Old Believers. You can read about the event here The Old Believers are very good. They are essentially a duo, but sometimes add more players. I am still kicking myself for missing their show at Aladdin theater were they were 12 members strong. This show is $6. It starts at 7 PM.
  • Mississippi Pizza is have an amazing show with Down South Sallie, Meyercord (Me!)and Kelli Schaefer. If you have not heard Down South Sallie or Kell Schaefer, then you have to see this show. They are both fantastic and have very strong voices. Sallie to me sounds Billie Holiday-esque which is cray because you would never guess it by looking at her. It must be seen. Kelli on the other hand just sounds perfect. Her songs are great. You might have heard her on last year's PDX POP NOW! compilation. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Airplay Cafe is having a show with Super XX Man. I like the Super XX Man. I really want to check out this venue. It is ALL AGES and a good location (it is where the old Ozone Records used to be). I have not heard wether there food is good or not but, really I just want to check out the place. The ALL AGES show is $5-10 and starts at the very reasonable hour of 5 PM.
  • Chaos Cafe is having a show with Colin Jones, Travis Wiggins, and Ahnli (Sleepyhead and Oh). This show most surely be beat heavy and a lot of fun. Colin Jones knows how to spit. I have seen him do his stuff acapella, I have heard his recorded stuff too and he is good. I have not seen Travis Wiggins in a long time (what's up Travis?), but I know his performances are always fun. And I have heard nothing but great things about both Sleepyhead and Oh. THey seem to make a team worth checking out. The best part about the Chaos Cafe is that is usually FREE and always ALL AGES. It begins at 7:30 PM.

Sunday, February 22nd

Sunday has become a pretty viable day to check out shows thanks to places like Rontoms and Valentine's. Good on you both of you.

  • Rontoms is having one of their famous Sunday Nights shows. This time they have Experimental Dental School and Team Evil. I know that Experimental Dental School is awesome. I have seen them several times and love it each time. I have wanted to see Team Evil from when I first that Team Evil existed. Admittedly, I was interested in the team when i found out it was Point Junture, WA related. But seriously, I would be into this anyway. There music kinda reminds me of the 90's. This show is FREE and starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Valentine's is having a show with Yonderlow (Seattle) , Autopilot Is for Lovers and Travis Wiggins. Incase you missed Travis the previous night, this is your second chance. Also, I swear that Yonderlow was just here the other week. I wonder what their relationship with Portland is. Autopilot is pretty sweet. This a FREE show. Again, Sweet.
  • Backspace is having a show with Damiera (not from here?), Ley Lines, Spinning Wheels. Ley Lines played earlier this week, so it is another second chance opportunity. I had not heard mush about Spinning Wheels, but I like what I heard on their myspace. This is am ALL AGES show with a cover of $6. It starts at 8 PM.

So If you see me at any of these shows, please say "Hi". I am almost certain that no harm will come of it.


Blue Cranes play for FOOD FREE! Tonight!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Modern English

The end of Paul Westerberg’s 49:00, the thorny issues of intellectual property and the intrinsic renegade spirit of rock n’ roll were still swimming uneasily in my brain when I headed downtown to see Workday /Schoolnight at Greensboro’s The Green Bean Friday evening.

Westerberg paints the back end of the album with a smattering of covers, flipping through them like someone’s spinning the dial of a radio, all laid out in his impeccably rough-hewn style (from “It’s Alright, Ma” to “I Think I Love You”). The thing collapses into “You want a law suit/ I got a swim suit” (it’s hard for me not to think of it as some sort of bigger picture, punk rock curmudgeon “Get In The Ring”).

Did Westerberg get sued? I don’t know. Should he have? I’m not really sure. Am I on his side? Almost as a rule.

Bart Trotman, the progenitor of the one-man Workday/ Schoolnight makes beats with equipment culled from his past employment at a public high school, mixes in audio from found answering machine cassettes and self help audio books as well as his own looped vocals and keyboard melodies. It’s great stuff: intelligent, accessible experimental music that distinctly dispatches with a lot of the pretension that usually accompanies “electronic” or “experimental” music.

On a certain level everything about Bart’s work is borrowed (and I don’t believe, on any level, that impinges on the amount of creativity) and in a tertiary burg with a tiny, unnoticed scene, it’s a given that this is just fine. Is this a reason to celebrate a scenester’s ghetto? How can we ignore the fact that, whether you’re Bart or Paul, the real issue isn’t “sampling” or illegal covers. The issue is “sampling” or playing songs by artists whose back catalogue is protected by phalanxes of lawyers.

And we’ve all had this conversation. I remember a friendly waiter in Portland complaining to me and a friend about the recently installed satellite radio at his café. It seems they had been told to stop rocking CDs or suffer the consequences. It all hurts my head a bit, honestly.

However, as I stepped outside the joint that night, I couldn’t figure out when Bart had slipped into such a compelling and haunting version of “Melt With You”. Then I realized that the bar next door was enjoying music by two dudes playing Top 40 songs on acoustic guitars. Their cliché cover was sliding over W/ S’s keyboard and drum machine which were grooving at about half the tempo.

Like the big DJ upstairs was doing some mixing of his own on a Friday night in a way no lawyer in the land could touch.

*photo by Jessica Trotman

Live Music Review: Meyercord @ Roadside Attraction 02/18/09

Meyercord played for a comfortably full room at the cozy Roadside Attraction. David Kyle played along for a bit and was well received. Both sounded beautiful and relaxed. That place is cool! I love the colors, the painting and the outside fire pit. I will go again. Ben Meyercord said something about they only book shows on Wednesday night... Is that true? Anyway if you are a singer/songwriter type book a show there.

All photo's by Ste. Goldie's phone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for February 18th and 19th

Hello Dear Readers,

What's up? Did you got some shows? I went and saw Secret Codes first show the other day at Valentine's. It was pretty cool. I love me some David Kyle music. He started the set with a very cool and very cool drone thing made with his taishokoto with the use of an ebow and a lot of delay. It was sweet. Solyoni followed with some very 90's influenced rock. I especially liked their short instrumental numbers. The night ended with Greenladies who impressed me by throwing a cover of "Mil Anos", a song I am not familiar with and is in spanish, but seemed very pretty despite me not understanding it. Anyway, I was unable to attend any shows last night. But here are some shows that are not to be missed.

Wednesday, February 18th

There are a lot of good things to see and hear tonight. I have my decision made for me, but you make yours carefully.

  • Roadside Attraction (1000 SE 12th) is having a show with Meyercord (me!) and Black Heart Moon. I think I am pretty good. Black Heart Moon are good. And if they have the Lap Steel Guitarist they had play with them last time, then they are super good. This show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM.

  • Holocene is having an event called At Pop Shots. It is basically a rock photography show with some pretty kick ass music. Boy Eats Drum Machine, Lovers, Ley Lines and DJ Kev (Kevin of Talkdemonic) will provding the music. The photos are being provided by Nilina Mason-Campbell, Miliken Gardner, Megan Holmes, Liza Lubell, Jason Quigley, Minh Tran, and Jeff Mawer. You should note that both Nilina and BEDM contributed to our very sexy calender. As for the music. I can't believe I have not heard more about Lovers. I just listened to their music today and really like it. The first song on their myspace, "Igloos for Ojos", is really good kind of synth based pop. I was really impressed and then surprised when the rest of the songs on the player were not like that at all, but rather slower but were just as lovely. I like what I have heard of Ley Lines, so hopefully I will catch them live someday (check later this week). Any, I guess I am a new fan. The show is $6 and starts at 8 PM?

  • Dunes is having Bird Costumes with some guests. It is part of the Tight Hug shows. I am curious as who these guests are and how "tight" they can be if they have yet to be confirmed. Whatevs, I like Bird Costume's sounds. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Backspace is having "Old Time in Old Town". It will feature the following acts: Charlie Sutton, Ivonrose Family Jamboree, Shoeshine Blue and Spider & Fly. That is a lot of bands. A lot of good bands which is why it is surprising that the show is a mere $5. It is also ALL AGES. As you might have gathered from the name of the show, it is a lot of Old Timey based or influenced music. It starts at 8 PM.

Thursday, February 19th

There are some really good shows on Thursday too. Man, I think I might be in the neighborhood of some of these as well. I think I will have to catch at least one of these.

  • Holocene is having a reiduclously cool show with Au, Nurses, and White Hinterland. Au is really cool with the way they experiment with the pop genre (kinda like Animal Collective does). Actually Nurses somewhat does that as well. White Hinterland too. I guess what I am saying is that this is an experimental-pop show. I live Nurses music. I can't get enough. I saw White Hinterland the other week and could not really tell what was going on. Hopefully their sound is better at a place that is used to more intricate set ups. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Doug Fir is having a show with Heroes and Villians, Chris Robley and The Fear of Heights, Juan Prophet Organization. I have never seen Heroes and Villians, but I have talked to people who have and have been assured that it is really cool. I saw the lead guy, play a solo set last week armed only with a banjo and was pretty impressed. I caught a very solid set of Chris Robley at PDX Pop last year. I have never heard of Juan Prophet Organization. The show is $8 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Artistery is having a show with Karl Blau (Anacortes), LAKE (Olympia), and Bognar. Though two of the acts are not from the immediate area, these are all Pacific NW based artists. They are also all pretty good. Karl Blau is somewhat of a big deal in certain circles. He has been in a lot of bands and recorded even more. I believe he is an unofficial (official?) member of LAKE. I have seen LAKE play a few times and really like the well arranged pop music which they perform. They are one of those bands in which every member is a songwriter. Bognor is Luke from Artistery's some what solo indie-folk project. It is good. The show is $6 and starts at 8 PM.

  • Backspace is having ashow with Egadz!, Restiform Bodies (Oakland), Ninth Cloud and Cars & Trains. This show is comprised of a lot of electronic based music. Though when talking about Cars and Trains, calling his music would be an injustice. It sounds like it, but if you have ever seen him, then you know all the songs are made before you r very eyes using a series of looping technology. The dude plays his own instruments, and it is cool. This ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Slabtown is a Geographer (San Francisco), Yeah Great Fine and Late Night Curly. All of these bands are very good and play pop based music. Yeah Great Fine features ex-members of the late great Newspapers. I saw them a few weeks ago and loved it. They play music that has a touch of math-rock to it, but also contains some sweet harmonies and other pop elements. This is a good show. It is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Dekum Manor Experimental Dental School, Magic Johnson, Pete Swanson (he was in the group Yellow Swans, and Foot Village. I love Experimental Dental School and their two person spaz rock attacks that are delivered with a skill that should make all bands a little bit jealous. I am not sure what the cover will be on this show, but it will be cheap. The ALL AGES show will start sometime after 8 PM.

  • CD Forge/Cravedog is having a Merger Party because they are well...mergeing. This will be happening at 412 NW Couch 203. Carcrashlander will play. I am unsure if it is open to the public or not. Whatevs.

So those are some pretty amazing choices I have presented to you. I hope you go to these. I am planning on seeing some of them. If you see me, say "Hi". It will be fun.


Nurses play Thursday at Holocene! Hello Nurse!

Highway to RAWK

Valentine's Day, Kayla and I went for a romantic evening at the Hawthorne Theater, for the Autism Awareness concert. To prevent this sensitive issue from blowing up all over the face of CIMTB, I've decided to move my more critical and reflective observations to my personal blog. If you're interested in being provoked, go there in a day or two.

Instead, I wanted to discuss the more topical issue of what's going on in the world of RAWK!

One of the first things I noticed- and Kayla noticed it independently- were the sheer number of songs, between all of the bands involved, that have been featured in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. We literally could not keep track of how many. Mind you, a lot of these songs, whether they fall in the category of classic rock, butt rock, hard rock, metal, or what have you, have already been staples of shitty karaoke and drunken air guitar flail-fests for decades, even when the music was fresh. Here, though, you've got one of Portland's middlin' size venues hosting a bunch of cover/tribute bands, with the most exuberant part of its audience being under 18. Were these kids jazzed about hearing "Hot For Teacher" because of their quest to achieve five stars on expert in "World Tour," or because of the smokin' hot redhead singer from Fat Bottomed Girls' pencil-stroking performance? Regardless, it's a testimony to the phenomenon that not only could such a show happen, but that we're talking about it seriously.

Indeed, that might be the most difficult part of the whole business, figuring out what to take seriously. For every indie musician who cut their teeth on Metallica songs, there is a tight-pantsed hipster with an ironic Iron Maiden shirt. For every shitty, faddy Darkness there is an earnest Answer. The RAWK! is so ripe for mockery because of its bombast and self-seriousness, its hard-living yang palare. It's too easy of a target, and has been for so long that the lines have begun to blur. Tenacious D, case in point. And then Jack Black's appearance on the hidden track on the Probot CD. What's what?

I've seen it for a long time- people who were too young, or too cool and should have known better, professing to like RAWK! bands. Hip young models listing Judas Priest and Venom as their favorite bands, then going on to pose nude with Klingon replica swords. The message there is clear, but I don't think we'll ever really figure out where the line is drawn between ironic appreciation and actual appreciation, not this late in the pomo game. Not in the Age of the Mashup.

And why should we? One of the greatest things that ever happened to me, as a lover of the arts and citizen of the world, was to realize that I truly, without irony and without reserve, loved the music of Foreigner. The first four albums, at least. Once I realized that, and tapped it into some good ol' rugged Buddhist mindfulness, it freed me up to actually enjoy a lot more music than I ever could before. I think some of that mojo is working for the FB Girls and the Bon Scott-era mostly-all-girl AC/DC tribute band American Thighs. They're just out there doing their thing and having fun. Not caring whether its meaningful, whether there's a deeper significance to their contribution to the RAWK! At the end of the day, the kids are allright.




Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for February 16th and 17th

Hello Dear Readers,

Did you have a good weekend? Did you see any shows? I played a Valentine's show at The Waypost (as Meyercord) where Woodwinds (featuring Megan of Jared Mees and the Grown Children) played their first show ever. It was pretty fun. For their last number they all put on dark sun glasses and covered Roy Orbisons "Anything you want". Sam Cooper (also of Jared Mees and the Grown Children) palyed a set too. I was just blown away. He is so good. He plays in like a million bands because he can play like any instrument. Which means his solo shows are rare-ish and should be charished. Then Sunday there were some freat shows like Horse Featers (featuring Sam Cooper) and The Old Beleivers at Doug Fir and Alela Diane at Holocene, but I chose to see my friend's band Make Nice (FREE shows with your friends is where its at). It was pretty cool because at that show I ran into a lot of other people from bands. Represented was David Kyle (Secret Codes), Tom from Dear Ether, Johnny from New Century Schoolbook, and Matt Sheey. I had to leave before Patterns played because my ride wanted to leave. Oh wells, next time. In the mean time, you should maybe check these shows out.

Monday, February 16th

Valentine's is having a show with Greenladies, Solyoni, and Secret Codes (used to be called David Kyle and the Invisibles). FREE at 9 PM.

Satyricon is having Appleseed Cast (Lawrence, KS), Leaving the Scene and Letdown. ALL AGES $11-13 7:30 PM.

East End is having Mattress Monday with the following line up: Sad Horse, Hungry Ghost, Golden Bears and Evolutionary Jass Band $6 9 PM.

Biddy McGraw's (what an awful name for a venue) is having a show with the sometimes rapper sometimes other artist Gavin Casteton. I have told you to check out his song "Coffeelocks" before. I will imply here that you should do it again. This show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Tuesday, February 17th

Valentine's is hosting a healthful night of curveball comedy music by MSG (the alter ego of Tim Wenzel of Shicky Gnarowitz), and Hutch of The Thermals will be along to guest on a few songs. Graves is playing too! free 9 PM

Berbati's is having a show with a bunch of folks. Lance Andrew Leonnig, Hoyt Emerson, Ezza Rose, Shoeshine Blue and Leonard Mynx are all set to perform. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Mississippi Pizza is having a show with Brian Bixler, Kelli Schaefer and Luke Simpson. The show is probably FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So there are some shows for the first two days of the week. If you see me say "Hi". If I see you I will say "Hi".


Secret Codes! Tonight! Valentine's!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Feb. 13th

Hello Dear Readers,

So we finished with basic recording for Y La Bamba today. So that means I can possibly see a show tonight, though I am somewhat exhausted. Here is what today has to offer.

Friday, February 12th

A bunch of stuff to catch tonight.

  • The Waypost is having a show with Ricci Swift, Grey Anne, and Adam Raitano (of Hereos and Villains. As anyone who reads this blog knows that I said like a million times, I think Grey Anne is one of Portland's finest. Her songs are top notch and her performances are always entertaining. I don't really know mush about the other performers. I know that Heroes and Villians is supposed to be good. This show is FREE and ALL AGES and starts at 8 PM.

  • Dekum Manor is having a house show that is sure to make you dance liek crazy. They have lined up Atole, Breakfast Mountain, Thunder Quest, and Cool Jesus (members of ). All of these bands make what I call indie-dance music. That often is somewhat lo-fi and electronic based. I thing they are all pretty awesome too (except for Cool Jesus who I have not heard, but Guidance Counselor is awesome). This is an ALL AGES show with no cover listed. The show starts at 9 PM.

  • Dunes is having a great indie-pop show with New Century Schoolbooks, Shake Speake and Best Supporting Actress. Except Best Supporting Actrees is not indie-pop. But whatevs, they have a song called "Hipsters, stop getting jobs in advertising". Ha. Anyway I have seen New Century Schoolbook and really liked it (What's up Amber Dawn?). And I have been meaning to check out Shake Speake for quite some time. This show is $5 and starts at 10 PM.

  • Ghost Realm is a house venue in North Portland. Tonight they are having the head bobing inducing (sometime even dance inciting) Reporter, Whatís Up?, and World's Greatest Ghosts (I believe that some members live at Ghost Realm). Lord do I love WGG. I think they are the cat's meow (that's good, right?). Plus they have a cover charge of cookies? That's what the myspace says. The Myspace does not lie. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • The Couch house (a house show venue, which I have never heard of) is having a show with Autopilot is for Lovers, Yonderlow (Seatlle), and Why I must Be Careful. I have listed Autopilot (loacal interesting folk) and Why I must be Careful (jazzy/spazzy rock) before on this blog. I know next to nothing about Yonderlow except that they hail from Seattle and play kinda countyish music. This show is FREE and ALL AGES (though Captured by porches will be there too, so you can get your drank on). There is a vegan potluck at 8 PM and the music starts at 9 PM.
  • The Blood Bank (SE 52nd and Bybee) is having a show with The Taxpayers, We Play Quiet, lets Cross The Sea, The Intolerants. It is a "Benefit For the Vancouver Burrito Project". Apparently there will be Free bean & rice burritos for the first 25 folks. There is a $2 to $5 cover. It is an ALL AGES show and it starts 9 PM.

So are the shows that are today. I hope you enjoy. If you see me say "Hi".


World's Greatest Ghosts! Tonight at their home.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Feb. 12th

Hello Dear Readers,

I am still recording. I am still loving it. But it also means I am still missing shows. I hope that you guys have been going to shows in my absence. Anyway her are the shows I am going to miss today.

Thursday, February 12th

  • Backspace is having a show with Chris Lay, The Kris Special (LA), Little Czar and The Psalmist, and Church. Okay so I initially listed this show because I think Church is fantastic. They don't have this show listed on their myspace page, so I am not certain they are playing this show. However, I really liked what I heard of Little Czar and The Psalmist. So it might be worth the $5 to see this show. It is ALL AGES and starts at 8 PM.

  • Kelly's Olympian is having a show with Leigh Marble, Felina's Arrow and Shoeshine Blue. I feel like I keep seeing Leigh Marble's named on bills with people I want to see. His page alludes to a sound of mixing Tom Waits and Fugazi. That is an absurd claim, but also kinda interesting. Anyway, the reason I am listing this show is because Shoeshine Blue is just awesome, if you like that whole bluesy folk thing. The show is $5 and starts at 10 PM.

  • The Artistery is having what they are billing "Bloodfest: a beautiful act of absolute sympathy and attention, a continuous evidence of perfect compassion". THis is not some sort of vampire thing or whatever. This is an event in the celebration of Marraige RecordsWhite Fang, Tom Blood (Poet), Golden Boots (Tucson), Davis Hooker, Mercedez, and Birdie Busch. This is a truly diverse group of artists, but I'll be darned if they aren't all really good (Seriously). This show is ALL AGES and will cost $6. The music gets started at 8 PM.

  • The Fez is having a show with Caught in Motion, Water & Bodies and The Jezebel Spirit. I list this show, because I think The instrumental post-rock music that Jezebel Spirit makes is pretty sweet. AristeiA, the post rock band I play bass in once played a show with them it was pretty cool. Caught in Motion are really different, instead of instrumental they focus on honesty in their lyrics. Any way this show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

So those are the shows I cannot attend. But would have loved for you to have said "Hi" to me if I were there.


Shoeshine Blue will be ripping it up and laying it down tonight at Kelly's Olympian.

Building a bridge! Well, shit, an imaginary landbridge. Nevermind, Jess Gulbranson's live music pick for February 19th.

I know Goldie said wait on the Oly connection thing, but since when have I ever listened to Goldie? Besides, it's a Portland show. Jenny Jenkins is embarking on a whirlwind national tour starting in PDX, then off to Redding (my goodness!) and many other ports of call. She plays the Dunes on February 19th, at 6pm, with other bands TBA.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live music picks for February 11th

Hello Dear Readers.

Yesterday Y La Bamba started recording our new album (which I am totally stoked about, I mean Chris Funk of the Decemberists is producing. Crazy). That means I missed all the sweet shows yesterday. It also means I am going to miss the shows today and tomorrow. It also means my bloggin' time is scarce. That being said:

Wednesday, February 11th

Please check out one of these shows. I want our readership representing.

  • Lola's Room is having an Aladdin Theater presented show with Juana Molina and Laura Gibson. I have heard good things about this Juana Molina (who I have often wondered as to wether or not she is related to Jason Molina). Her fist song on myspace is nothing like what I heard from her before. It's crazy. I think you guys know how I feel about Laura Gibson. So I will spare you. Anyway this show is $20 and starts at 8 PM.

  • Berbati's is having a show with Reclinerland, Spinning Wheels and Anne Vergnetti. It seems to me that Reclinerland has been having a lot of shoes lately, which is great because he is good, but where has he been for the last several years? Anyway this show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Goodfoot is having a show with Marmits, Rollerball, Party Killer and Inside Voices. As you may know from Goldie, Rollerball is kinda awesome. I have been meaning to see Inside Voices for a while because their myspace songs are really good. An I have seen the David Hasselhoff-centric sticker of Party Killer and been pretty curious. I did not see a cover listed for this show, but I know it starts at 9 PM.

So those are the shows for today. Check back with me tomorrow when I will have the rest of the weekend planned out for you. You won't see me at any of these show, but if you did I would have wanted you to say "Hi".


For whatever reason Inside Voices linked as their website. It's pretty cute. You can see them play tonight at the Goodfoot.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hard Way

The Green Bean coffee shop in Greensboro, North Carolina is where I first saw Talk Demonic play. There was a good crowd and their pleasant post-rock was a great match for the unpretentious artiness of the place. This past Saturday night I saw the local Tiger Bear Wolf take the same stage.

It’s been ages since they’ve played out. The easy guess why would be that Jonathan is now married and talking about a family while he also records his own stuff and makes noise with The Subjective Collective’s Kaleidoscope Death. Matt’s about to get married himself and is wrapping up a post-grad degree while Noah has recently come off of tour with Des Ark. Larry, aside from his other band, has been spending time on his print work.

The news that David Berman is hanging up his spurs hit recently. Reading between the lines, Berman may be saying something about indie rock being time (maybe even age) senstitive. If the Silver Jews, on an esteemed label and with no small clout are bowing out, it’s not hard to understand why TBW aren’t exactly loading up the van.

But the show at the Green Bean was fantastic. The crowd was huge (Kemp, barista for the evening and honcho of Lookalive Booking made uneasy jokes about the Fire Marshal) and it was young (in the promising way, not the annoying way).

It was one of those nights that drew them out with the promise of a great live band and those expectations being met (in the form of effortless, heavy, post-core meets cock rock sonics) sent electric currents through the room. At risk of being a small-time nostalgia fest, the evening instead felt like a celebration of a town’s secret ace-in-the-whole. A secret all the better kept between a couple hundred people.

Tiger Bear Wolf practices in a space in the Glenwood neighborhood of Greensboro called Square One. It is the same place, in fact, where I saw Talk Demonic play for the second (and most recent) time. It’s essentially a concrete box. What it lacks in ambience was not made up that night by the few people there for the show. However, even without the scent of lattes and red wine in the air, without the sizeable crowd smugly pleased that they knew the difference between a violin and a viola, TD played a great set.

Being the guy who just goes to the shows, maybe writes about them, certainly chats about them; I can’t imagine how hard it is to get in the van, let alone find out you’re playing a vacant bomb shelter when the last time you played in town (not too long ago) you played a hip, downtown coffee shop. For those about to indie rock or who have been indie rocking or are wondering how much longer they can possibly indie rock- I salute you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks For Feb. 9th and 10th

Hello Dear Readers,

Wait...did I miss the Grammy's? Did I win? Actually I know this because an older woman (late 50's) in the building where I work asked if I had caught the Grammys. I told her that I didn't know it was on and asked her what I missed. she replied, "I like Coldplay , but I don't like that Li'l Wayne fellow." Anyways, I did see a cool show on Saturday night. That was a night when there were several good shows. I chose the folk show at Backspace, because I was not prepared mentally to be rocked, so I figured a folky show would ease my mind (plus Backspace is right next to my bus stop). I am very glad that I did. I hadn't seen either of Spokane's Karli Fairbanks or Kaylee Cole and they both pretty great (especially when Karli joined Kaylee for a few numbers their voices are beautiful together). I always get these two mixed up because they have fairly similar names and both come from Spokane and (up until recently both had blond hair). Then I saw Adam Shearer of Weinland do a set with a very pleasant surprise Doug Jenkins (sometimes Weinland member and full time member of the Portland Cello Project) adding some sweet cello parts in the mix. Also there was a cameo of Laura Gibson with vocals on "sick as a gun". Sweet. White Hinterland also played and I wanted to like here but here sound was really muddy. I suspect that she was doing it on purpose because the other acts sounded fine. I am not sure. A friend of mine says that she sounds different every time he sees her play, so it might be worth checking her out again. Anyways, here are some good shows happening this week.

Monday, February 9th

I could only one show I am interested in. Check it!

  • Valentine's is having a show with Late Night Curly and Fuck Mountain, and Dramedy. I know that I have listed Late Night Curly before, though I have not seen them. I am not familiar with Fuck Mountain (though I know you must have some balls to name your band Fuck Mountain), the band or the place (is there a place called Fuck Mountain? Man, you'd have to have some balls to name your mountain that). And I have not seen Dramedy, but I know that it is a duo with members of Rollerball and Narwhal Vs. Narwhal et all. Besides, this is a FREE show. Things start at 9 PM.

Tuesday, February 10th

There are a lot of great shows happening. Due to my schedule, I will be able to see zero of them. But you should try to see all of them (I realize that due to the shows schedule this will not work either. Blast!).

  • Music Millennium is having a sweet in store on Tuesday. Point Juncture, WA will doing a set. They are awesome. In stores are awesome. I mean they always ALL AGES and FREE. This one starts at 7 PM which give you plenty of time to check out any other show.

  • Holy crap! Rotture is having a sweet show with 31 Knots, Hot Victory and Guidance Counselor. All of these bands are super good. Ever since I saw 31 knots for the first time at PDX Pop 2005, I have had a policy of buying anything they have released. I have yet to be disappointed (if anything they tend to get better). Plus they totally rip when they play live. Check out the youtube videos on the Hot Victory myspace page for a good time. And get geared to dance during Guidance Counselor's set. This is apparently the European tour kick off. So see them now, because who knows what will happen on their tour. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

  • The Hush is having a show with No Go Know, Gratitillium, and Genldick. Gratitillium is the kinda experimental kinda folk project of the otherwise straight up folk artist Nick Caceres. I can relate to a musician doing different projects in order to get out all the music they want to make. Gratitillium's album will be out later this year on Tender Loving Empire. It should be pretty cool. ALL AGES 7 PM $5

  • The Wail (formerly known as rererato)is having a show with Tatsuya Nakatani (Easton, PENN), Mouthpieces and Dash!. The show sounds interesting. I have heard good things about Dash! It is an ALL AGES affair that will cost you $6 and starts at 7 PM.
So there are the first couple of days of the week for you. I will have some more for you tomorrow so keep an eye out. And if you see me at any of these shows, Say "Hi" (like Chris from A Cautionary Tale did last week).


Point Juncture to play for FREE on Tuesday (leaves time and money to see other shows too)