Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear bands and businesses : you don't have to pimp out your myspace profiles QUITE so hard...

Though I'll admit, I use Facebook for most of my personal networking needs anymore, I still check my Myspace page because that's where I'm more likely to hear from new bands. In my personal experience, Myspace still makes it easier for bands to create pages and connect with people, especially people that the band members themselves don't already know. (Hey Facebook, if you're listening, I would love to have you make that easier. Srsly.) Though it's come a ways.. I remember at the beginning, in order to make a "Page" you had to upload an image of your ID and all kinds of crazy crap. Sometimes security and verification goes a bit far.
I know many people prefer Myspace because it's easier to customize the look of your page. Which is all well and good. But some people take it a little too far.
I ask, what good is it to promote your band or business with a website when people visiting it can't even tell who you are or what you're about. Today I got a friend request from these people called "some bizarre" who look like they're maybe a record label, and maybe cool, but I can't read a single word on their page because they've got this image overload, and text that doesn't show up over the pictures.
So take note, bands and businesses with Myspace pages. More is not necessarily better.

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Eriq Nelson said...

"Some Bizarre" should win the ugly Myspace Page of the Year Award. Yikes!