Sunday, November 8, 2009

Music Video - The Younger Lovers

Today I logged into my Myspace and performed the dreaded task of slogging through all the band friend invites.... being a musician and music reviewer myself I feel compelled to actually give every band that offers me an invite a listen, and so I usually put this off until there are at least 10 lined up so I can take a quiet 20 minutes investigating them all. Tonight I found a total gem : The Younger Lovers, from Oakland, CA. There is minimal information on the website, but Retard Disco, their record label, informs us that The Younger Lovers is the solo project of Brontez Purnell from Gravy Train!!!, a band I will admit that I have heard of but never listened to. At any rate, it's totally adorable, totally punk, totally catchy, and totally gay (Which I mean, of course, literally rather than perjoratively.). Enjoy.
(yes, the first video has a very long intro. wait it out, it's worth it. trust me.)


Ron Trembath said...

Damn! I didn't think they made music this fun anymore! Beautiful stuff!


Ron "Severaly confused about his sexuality now that i've seen the Young Lovers" Trembath

Jess Gulbranson said...

Ha! Very cute. Why are all the songs about calling people on landlines?

Dr. Something said...

Actually, one's about kissing on the bus. There's not much else to discuss in life beyond lusty landlines and sexy mass transit.

Jess Gulbranson said...

Actually, there is. My grandmother's lapskaus recipe:

1 lb potatoes
1 lb beef
1 lb onions
1 lb butter
1 lb flour
(some carrots are optional)

Chop everything into chunks. Brown beef with butter and flour in bottom of stew pot. Add everything else and cook the hell out of it all day. Add small amounts of water as needed, until all ingredients are soft and it is a thick delicious stew. Eat with black bread. If you are a vegetarian there is no alternate recipe, go listen to Ani Difranco and weep.

Dr. Something said...

Well, I hope you're covering this important thematic ground in one of your NaSoAlMo songs.