Friday, November 27, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, November 27th

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you had a good Holiday. Did you take some naps? How many Pumpkin Pies did you try? How was the Tofurkey/Turkey? Did you actually go out and see Peaches after that Meal (she was one of the only ones playing last night)?

Friday, November 27th

There is a house show at 43rd and Clinton with Jizz Wizard, Why I Must Be Careful, Sustentacula, Mensroom, The BBQ Boys. This looks to be a good house show. You have probably seen me write many good things about Why I Must Be Careful, all of them true. They are a Rhodes and drums duo that bring it. Their songs are very tight and crazy that take a listener many places. It is vaguely jazzy. Sustentacula is also a duo. Though I am not sure what their set up will be like. Listening to their myspace is interesting. They mostly use an acoustic guitar and some vocals to make post-Animal Collective acoustic pop music. Though they sometimes through in an instrumental number or a drone piece. Overall I would say that I like what they are doing. I could not find any info on the other bands. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Virgo & Pieces is having a show with Diner Pelonca. Dinner Pelonca is a piano man. But he probably has more in common with with Paul McCartney on the piano than Billy Joel. Which is to say that he is Pop. His arrangements often include drums and bass. Sometimes though, he includes a choir or even some brass. And his voice is quite good. He actually sings. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

The Parlour is having a show called Our Bright Lights! with Ghosties, Glass Teeth, Sweeping Exits, and Andrew Drew & Jesus. It is presented by Potlatch Presents (this sort of thing is what they do). Ghosties consists mainly of Devin of Typhoon. He plays many guitars, bass, drums, and has a tendency to use doubled vocals. I really like it. The music seems like something that a person who grew up with Pacific NW indie rock like Modest Mouse and Microphones would sound like. Which is to say it sounds lo-fi but in a really cool way where he can get sounds that you probably couldn't get other wise. Glass Teeth is what I would like to call authentic indie girl blues. He voice is strong and full of sadness and she strums her acoustic guitar like she can get it all out if she tries. She sings of things and stories that sound like they could be real, but I hope are not. Sweeping Exits is the music of Sean Archer. It sounds like a indie boy that writes songs in his bedroom and then records them into his computer but doesn't really suck. Which might very well be the case. He has played with a band before, but I belief it is mostly a solo affair. I could not find any info on Andrew Drew, but found some disturbing info about that Jesus guy. The ALL AGES show is $3-$5 and starts at 7 PM.

If you see me at any of this show, please say "Hi". You won't be rewarded, but Wait. Can I start over?


Ghosties will probably not be able to reproduce this line up, but you can see them try tonight at The Parlour. It just might be off the chain.

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