Saturday, January 23, 2010

Question of the Week: The Perils/Benefits of Social Media

Hey all, I've been considering getting a Twitter account, but I'm afraid it'll just be one more annoying thing to update all the time (one of the many reasons I deleted my facebook account a while ago).

For those of you that use it, what are the pros and cons? Do you find it's good for promoting your music? Other things?


Rachel said...

In many ways, I prefer Twitter to Facebook. There's less going on so it doesn't take up as much time but you still get to throw little bits of information out there and you also get to read what other folks are up to.

While I'm not currently in the music promoting business... as a fan I think that Twitter can certainly be useful in promotion as long is it's utilized correctly. For example, I DO want to hear about the bands upcoming shows but I'm NOT interested in one of the band members political opinions. I know I'm being picky but it's happened.

Goldie Davich said...

Hey Dr. S - If you don't like social media networking don't sweat it. You never have to update anything. I have friends on facebook who don't update their status but they can get information for other people posting.

Twitter is an art form. It is a 144 character blog post. It's information you want to give to other people (if they chose to read it or click on the link). Twitter is highly social. There are no rules. Be yourself online. It is also fun. I follow a bunch of celebs, including the Kardashians. I've tweeted with Vanity Fair, Bassnectar, W+K, Slimmoon of Kill Rock Stars... And not to kiss their asses. Keeping it real online is a blast.

Dr. Something said...

Personally, I'm okay with Bands/band members airing their personal and political views. One's public artistic persona needn't (perhaps can't) be wholly separate from their political worldview.

Twitter actually does seem appealing from what you and others have said, Goldie, like something I can look at and update when I feel like, and a way to exchange brief thoughts rather than a place like facebook where I keep getting tracked down by people I hardly remember who want to constantly "e-poke" me and send me invitations to pointless groups, etc, etc.

Goldie Davich said...

add me! @CIMTB