Friday, January 15, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, January 15th

Hello Dear Readers,

Sometimes I just don't want to go out. Yesterday at about 8 PM, I was done for the day. I knew that there were a number of really good shows, but I was just finished. I ended up doing somethings that I have been meaning to get done and I felt accomplished and everything which was good. I heard that the Fin de Cinema was packed. I couldn't have handled packed last night so I am glad I stayed in.

Friday, January 15th

Tea Chai Te is having a show with Padriac Findbar Haggerty-Hammond and Maggie Morris (San Francisco). Padriac Finbar Haggerty-Hammond has quite a name. He also has quite an ability to pen that can be silly sweet and kinda sad at the same time. His voice fits his songs perfectly they hit all the notes but is a little quirky. I really like it. He will have his friend (friends?) of Sarcastic Dharma Society back him tonight. I like Maggie Morris too. Apparently she knows Fin ( aka PFHH) from when he lived in the Bay. In fact the show I saw her play, he was there. At that show she managed to get Typhoon to act as her backing band. Sweet. I bought her CD that Boy Gorilla put out and enjoyed it as well. It is indie pop that sometimes has a bit of twang thrown in. I think you should check it out because a) it will be good and and b) the ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 7 PM (plenty o' time to check out other shows).

The Knife Shop is having a show with Andy Combs and The Moth (Talent, OR) and Team Evil. Andy Comb and Co. used to be a Portland band. Then Andy went to New York then he went to Southern Oregon where I believe he still resides. Either way it is nice to see him play Portland again. Most of the last incarnation of his lively bunch of cohorts were of the PDX band Point Juncture, WA. His music ranges from carnival-esque to to above average indie-pop to a song that sounds like Tom Waits. One of the members of Point Juncture that sometimes played in The Moth also fronts the band Team Evil. Team Evil reminds me of Chicago bands from the mid to late 90's that had really cool guitar lines but the quieter moments. The drums seemed to be brushed most of the time. There also some vibes and trumpet action (which is also used in Point Juncture) that, maybe unjustly, remind me of Chicago bands. I haven't seen them, but would really like to. The show is $5 and starts at 10 PM.

Berbati's is having a Willamette Week Give!Guide sponsored show with Deelay Ceelay, Weinland, and Matt Sheehy. The Give!Guide helped raise a lot of money for a lot of non-profit organizations and programs. This show is a celebration of that and, as you might have guessed another chance to donate. And why not? This is a FREE show. Deelay Ceelay is the double drumming duo that lays down some beats to prerecorded bleeps and spacey guitars that in coordination with trippy films provided by the band themselves create a danceable psychedelic experience even with out the drugs. Weinland does the Americana folk rock thing like they invented it. Which is to say they know what they are doing. Matt Sheehy sounds vaguely like Sufjan and not at all in a bad way. Just in that he has a very sweet voice and an ear for arrangements that involve many people. Except I feel that Matt has a larger tendency to create tension in his songs often with the use of effective backing vocals and interesting percussion. Last time I saw him he had a french horn player whose playing just melted me. Again the show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Guidance Counselor, Vella Vella (Seattle), and The Old Church is hosting an Oregon Food Bank benefit with Dolorean and Derby. Another good benefit. They also have a very good Americana band, Dolorean. It seems that American and canned goods go hand and hand. Dolorean are a bit slower than Weinland usually, but they too have very good arrangements. Al James can write the pants off of a song. Derby on the other hand is not so slow. They make lite indie rock with very sweet vocals and melodies (or some might saw power pop). Also it should be noted that upon clicking on their myspace page you will hear the rap stylings of Lo Kee Money (apparently Derby does not check it's comments otherwise they might remove Mr Money's music player) which is a little confusing at first. But their songs are really catchy and would be a blast to see performed live. The show is $10 (or $5 with a can of food or pair of socks).

If you see me at these shows please say, "Hi". I current sport a beard a chubby for Portland music.


Padriac Finbar Haggery-Hammond heckles his audience, not the other way around. He plays Tea Chia Te for FREE

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