Thursday, January 14, 2010

Question of the Week: The New Melodica

D'oh, I missed another week of questioning last week. Sorry folks.

But this week, I have something to ask!

What do you think will be the hot new wacky instrument in Portland indie music?

I think it's about time for the harpsichord to make a comeback. I'm not looking forward to it, though. I wish it could be the tubular bells instead.

Or maybe I should pre-order tickets for the big Portland Shamisen Project concert.


Ben Meyercord said...

In all seriousness it is the uke.

Dr. Something said...

Well, the bright-toned and cheerful ukulele is the current silly instrument du jour, but the harpsichord is coming soon. Beware!

Jess Gulbranson said...

I've always been a nose flute proponent.

Goldie Davich said...

I thought of the uke... I know there are people I like who dig the uke, but it kills my soul.

Where does one get a harpsichord?

I wish it was the butt trumpet.

Dr. Something said...

At your friendly neighborhood harpsichord, clavichord, viola da gamba and powdered wig shoppe!

Dr. Something said...

Actually, scratch the harpsichord hypothesis, I think you're onto something Jess and Goldie. I think butt trumpet and noseflute duos are going to be big in 2K10. Anatomy-related instruments are the wave of the future!

Amber Dawn said...