Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Saturday, January 2nd

Hello Dear Readers,

There was a bit of a slow days this week as far as shows go. Monday was dead then Tuesday and yesterday I could only find one show. But here we are in 2010 and things are finally getting back to normal. here is a list of shows that tickle my fancy so to speak:

Saturday, January 2nd

Backspace is having a show with Typhoon, Y La Bamba, Tango Alpha Tango, Eat Skull, and Zoo Girl. Potlatch Presents is presenting in part by Willamette Week this show as part of their one year anniversary. They have done some very good work in the past year working with some of the most motivated people and best bands in Portland. Just look at the lineup tonight. I am in love with the band Typhoon and have been since I saw them maybe two years ago at Mississippi Pizza. Their sound is huge. Y La Bamba is a band that I play in but was a fan of before it was a band. I will not lie. I think we are good. Lots of three part harmonies and sometimes more than three part harmonies. Plus I we also have a new member to the fold. Did I mention that this whole celebration is free? Cause it is. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

The Know is having a show with Nucularar Aminals, Magic Johnson, and Mattress. Mattress is a guy who I have come around to. He croons over his minimal electro tape cassettes and now has another person in the group in the way of a drummer. This is a record release show for Mattress' new 7" record. I have heard good things about the live show of Nucular Aminals show. The show is is $4.

Rotture is having Superfresh! Nite 1 with Glass Candy, Atole, Miracles Club, May Ling, Breakfast Mountain,Wampire, and DJ Deyonda and DJ Linoleum . This is a $18 2-day pass type situation, or $12 if you want to just attend tonight. There is a nice little article on the thing by the PSU Vanguard here. This is night two of a really great dance party/show. If you like the live dance band scene that is happening here in Portland, then check this show out. The ALL AGES show starts at 6 PM.

If you see me at these shows please say, "Hi".


Y La Bamba - Juniper from Smoke Signals on Vimeo.

Yeah that me playing bass and singing. What? Come see us at Backspace.

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