Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kil Ripkin - Aftermath Part 1

What's good people? Just wanted to share with you the newest link off of Kil Ripkin's much awaited solo full-length The Balancing Act via Soulspazm Records.
Kil Ripkin was nice enough to e-mail me with this newest leak so I could share it with you all. This track was produced by Eric G who has also been doing some nice production for Skyzoo recently. Kil's e-mail also leads me to believe the new record has some beats by the up and coming producer The Exceptionalist from the Chi-Boogie. I can't believe dude is only 18! But being that Kil Ripkin is a noted producer in his own right, this find of his doesn't surprise me.

I'm not gonna lie, Kil Ripkin never crossed my radar during his producing days. It wasn't until he joined forces with Torae to create the duo The Coalescence that I became aware of him. Particularly the single Promises which you can buy on itunes after you peep it on their MySpace. I remember the first thing that really made my ears perk up was the line, "It's Hip-Hop/The Low End Theory mixed with 36 Chambers/It's just a collective of sick bangers." Instantly I was transfixed. Someone combining the grittiness of Wu-Tang with the consciousness of A Tribe Called Quest?! Yes Yes Y'all! He then went on to allude to Nas and Public Enemy and I was sold that this MC was someone coming from somewhere close to my heart. Intelligent and conscious without being corny or preachy. Street-wise and gritty without succumbing to unnecessary levels of materialistic pomposity.

So, anyway, keep your head up for the new record when it drops. I'll be keeping you all updated as that transpires. In the meantime, check out the leak...


Kid Tyger said...


the track Mind Free is Hype as Hell too!

Kid Tyger said...

yo i finally got it

Kid Tyger said...

It took me a minute to figure the html style but i got it now. Click right in, no need to copy/paste you lazy ass motherfuckas.