Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for September 30th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I saw the show at Ellas St. Social Club. It was kinda weird. Ocean Age who I very much wanted to see was mostly sick. In fact all but two members left early. The other band Deacon was sick too, but sick like, "Dude that's siiiiiick." It was a duo and did not feature 2 members of AAN or any members of The Author as I had written yesterday. They went through a set that was very good and seemed kinda trancey, maybe because I was so tired. The remaining members of Ocean Age spent way too long setting up but were very good once they started playing. The goal was to improv some jams, but they kept going back to songs they had already written ( a good thing). They eventually gave up the improv stuff and ended with a stripped down version of one of their songs. I really want to see them as a full band again.

Wednesday, September 30th

Rotture is having a show with The Dolly Ranchers and Tara Jane O'Neil. "Come hear some old-school mountain finger-pickin’ with gritty post-punk subject matter." That is what the Mercury says. All I know is that TJO is da bomb. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

Berbati's is having the final installment of the AAN residency in the restaurant series. This is the one of the ones where AAN has not picked the opener. Sailing, are the lucky devils who will have the honor of opening the show. I could not find any info on the band. I feel like I have seen and or heard their name before. Whatevs, I writing about he show because of how great AAN is anyway, not because of Sailing. It is FREE and starts at 10 PM.

Laurelthirst is having its final residency show of Celilo as well. I like the idea of residencies. But honestly, I find it hard to write about them. I run out of things to say about a band. Obviously I think the band is good. Otherwise I wouldn't list it every week. What to say, what to say? They are Americana. They are Portland. They are playing for FREE at 6 PM.

Laurelthirst is having a show later that night with Future Historians, Catherine Feeny, and The Woodlands. The main dude in Future Historians used to be the one of the dudes in the Crosswalks (they also had a dudette). So, it is my guess that it kinda sounds like a rootsier sounding Crosswalks. It is a guess because they currently don't have any music on their myspace player. Catherine Feeny also plays in the band Come Gather Round Us, which I have heard very positive things about. I listened to her solo stuff and it sounds nice. She has a very warm voice and her music seems like better contemporary pop. The Woodlands is a band that I feel is underrated here in Portland. The girls voice is so sweet. Their song "Can We Stay" uses double vocals that reminds me of Azure Ray. Which in my opinion is very good. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So if you see me at one of these shows, please say, "Hi". I mean it would cool if you did.


Catherine Feeny sings so pretty. Hear for yourself tonight at Laurelthirst

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