Friday, September 25, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music for September 25th

Hello Dear Readers

Last night I went and saw the Fid de Cinema thing at Holocene where they screened The Holy Mountain with out sound except for live music by Llyas Ahmed, Why I Must Be Careful, Dash!, Ghosting, and AAN. It was so awesome. The music was pretty diverse. And there was a sense of collaboration. At one point Dash!, Ghosting, and Llyas Ahmed were all playing at once. There were many beautiful moments. Hopefully somebody recorded some of it. Hopefully the series will continue to be that cool. Here is what is happening today.

Friday, September 25th

East End is having a show with Green Lady Killers (Phoenix, AZ), Bodhi, Wampire, Diminished Men (Seattle, WA), and The Erns. This is the CD release party for Bodhi. Bodhi was one of the more memorable acts from PDX Pop Now 2008 if anything because of the drummer, Erin's stage banter. Plus I have not seen them since they added Padriac-Finbar Haggerty-Hammond joined on keyboards and guitar. He is pretty excellent on his own, I am interested to see him in this context. Wampire is pretty sweet. Their song, "Orchards" was one of my summer jams. Green Lady Killers are a group of lady rockers, who...well, they play rock music. Diminished Men are one of the last bands left who have a fairly accurate description if themselves on their myspace. Psychedelic Surf. The Erns are awesome they play instrumental indie rock music. It's like your favorite indie rock band with out any of the whiny vocals. The show might cost some money and it probably start at 9 PM.

The Woods is holding Portland Round. This month they have Whip, Saw Whet, and Sarah Winchester. This is a ridiculously good line up. I was just thinking a bout Whip the other day thinking about how he never seems to play anymore. Check him out he is good. Saw Whet is Becky from Ah Holly Fam'ly. Her voice is so strong and good. I like her just as much as Ah Holly Fam'ly, and I like them a lot. Sarah Winchester has a very soft voice and I love it. These songs are a bit quieter than her work with A Weather, and I love it. The show is $8 starts at 9 PM.

Rotture is having Supernature with Panther, White Rainbow, Copy, E*Rock, and DJBJ. Apparently Panther is going to be a solo set, which hasn't happened in years. Though I have never been to one of these events they always such good line ups. That is if you like really sweet electronic based music. For real check the links! The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Hungry Tiger Too is having a show with The Touques (Reno,NV), Almost Dark, and Air War. I wrote this in here mostly because I have been meaning to see Air War's progressive shoegazey or whatever rock music for a while. Plus I think that Almost Dark sounds like they have potential. Almost Dark seems to be influenced by some of the darker 80's new wavey stuff. The show might cost some money, but definitely starts at 9 PM.

The Artistery is having a show with White Rainbow, Stag Hare (Dreamtime,UT), Hexlove, and Silver Antlers (Bone Valley, UT). These artists are generally make pretty and ambient music, though Silver Antlers sometimes adds a good amount of drums or other percussive additions. The ALL AGES show is $6 and starts at 8 PM.

Lewis and Clark College Co-op is having a show with Ohioian, Israel Putnam El Americano, Dallas County Potential. Ohioan is pretty cool. I have only gotten to see him once, but it made me want to see more. Israel Putnam El Americano makes sample based music in the same ball park as Lucky Dragons and Panda Bear (kinda). Really cool sounding. Dallas County Potential makes indie music with a lo-fi twang to it that makes it stand out to me. The ALL AGES show is FREE or by donation and starts at 8 PM.

Say "Hi" if you see me. I would love it. You might love it too?


Air War plays at Hungry Tiger Too. Progressive music!

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