Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ben Meyrcord's Live Music Picks for September 23rd

Hello Dear Readers,

There is not a whole lot going on today. As far as shows go. But be chill, there is a lot going on later in the week. And also I don't want to take away from what is happening tonight. Check it out:

Wednesday, September 23rd

Berbati's is having its final performance of AAN's residency in the restaurant this time with Brainstorm. I think the world of AAN. His music is so cool and good. For sure one of my favorites. I have never seen Brainstorm, but I have heard good things about them. Plus I have written about them before and therefore have listened to their myspace page. Cool stuff. They are a duo that makes the most of their two members. One guy plays drums, keyboard, and sings. The other guy plays guitar, tuba, and sings. An interesting array of instruments for sure. After writing this blog for a while I have realized I am not very good at writing about music. But here is some thing that somebody else wrote about Brainstorm, "Brainstorm is a high energy act that oscillates through an eclectic synthesis of styles. Skipping playfully across borders and genres, they summon old American spirituals, contemporary art-rock, Gypsy-punk, and desert blues, within a unique framework of poly-rhythms and dual vocal exchange. The result is hard to place, but undeniably engaging." The show is FREE and starts at 10 PM.

Laurelthirst is having Celilo. This is part of a residency series as well. Celilo make really nice mid-tempo indie country americana music. They are one of those really consistent bands that is never a disappointment to see live. Plus I love all the subtle psych elements that are in the mix. They have two more Wednesday night residency slots including tonight, so go check it out if you got nothing going this evening. The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

So if you see me at either of these give me a "Hi". I will give you an equivalent greeting, as I enjoy exchanging pleasantries.


Celilo are giving it up for FREE tonight at Laurelthirst


Nikki said...

Thank you! I've been threatening to write my own, but never got around to it! This is much better considering I know absolutely nothing except thumbs up or down! Oh, and taking obnoxious pictures ;)

Ben Meyercord said...

Nikki - I need to get a camera so I can take obnoxious pictures.