Friday, September 25, 2009

BAT COUNTRY!!! Volume 1.

I was discussing with my good friend Tim over a delicious lunch of spinach and eggs over easy that what the world needs now is more really awesome indie band music videos. This in the wake of a discussion about the recent Kanye West debacle- because, when you think about it, even though our dear president was correct in calling him a jackass, Kanye was right about the awards. Taylor's Swift's video compilation of the worst moments of Weeds, Season 1, was not deserving of an award. So mainstream videos? Blah, of course, that's not news. We've featured some here on Crappy before, but I'd like to make BAT COUNTRY!!! a regular feature and drag some crazy shit in from all corners of the weird world.

Let's start sustainable:

What a land of fancy! And since we're in the land of fancy, let's go to see King Iron Maiden mc Dio:

Those crazy kids! And now you'll take your 1987 postapocalyptic computer game reference and eat it! In chiptune music video form.

I have no fucking clue about this next one. EH.

Well that was fun. Let's bring the mood back. Here's one for the ladies:

Oh, and he's local! Now, I don't know much about the Bollywood music scene, but I would hope that this qualifies as indie:

And since we've thoroughly descended into parody, then let's go to the experts:

Well, that's it for volume 1 of BAT COUNTRY!!! I'll see you next time!

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Amber Dawn said...

There's nothing like a Bollywood video, with or without faux-translation wackiness. Thanks!