Monday, February 4, 2008

Ben Meyercords Live Music Picks Feb. 4th to Feb. 10th

Hey everyone, guess what. I made it to some shows last week. It actually felt pretty good. You know what else? There are some shows that I will definitely attend this week as well. I think I'm back. Check it out:

Monday, Feb. 4th

There are a couple of freebies for this Monday. You what they say, "if the price is right...". Anyway, I think that the price is right.
  • Doug Fir is also having a free show on Monday. The headliner is a boy/girl rock duo from Cambridge who have brilliantly named themselves Drug Rug. The local openers are a some what collective based around Ryne Warner called Ohioan and Native Kin. In fact the myspace page states that "Native Kin is the community of musicans that exists autonomously and symbiotically" . I guess that makes Ryne "Ohioan". The show is FREE. The music starts at 9PM.
Tuesday, Feb. 5th

Pay Day! Here is what is happening.
  • Valentine's is having a show consisting of Blue Cranes, Strangers Die Every Day, and Sam Cooper. I have missed Strangers Die Everyday every single time they play. Tonight will probably be no w exception. But it does look to be a good show. The show cost a mere $5, pretty good deal considering the caliber of music. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Your other option, and an option to hear me(yercord) play music, is to go to Zilla Sake. They have a pretty good open mic hosted by friend and amazing songwriter Y La Bamba. The sign up is at 7:30. Music starts at 8PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 6th

Normally Wednesday is chock full of shows that I want to attend. That is not the case this week.
  • Holocene is having this thing called Beat Off beat battle. It is described as a live sample-based beat battle. It sounds like it coul be cool. It costs $5. Doors are at 9PM.
Thursday, Feb. 7th

Is Thursday the new Wednesday? From the list of shows below, it definitely could be a contender.

  • Kelly's Olympian is having a Portland Radio Authority presents show. It will feature Junkface and Team Evil (Skyler from Point Juncture, WA)as well as some Pirate Radio. I have heard nothing but complimentary things about Junkface and Team Evil have a pretty good name. There might be something there. It only costs $3. Show begins at 9 PM.
  • Ground Kontrol, the awesome video arcade/sometimes music venue, will be having the out-of-towner's, Glass Elevator (Olmpia, WA), along with locals Root Beer and French Fry, and Delightful Young Man. I will be honest with you, the only reason I am mentioning this show is because of the name Root Beer and French Fry. Show costs $4. Music starts at 9 PM.
  • The other day I went to an awesome store called Tender Loving Empire. It is a store I have been meaning to visit for quite some time and as I expected, it was quite cool. They also run a small music label and do custom silk screening. One of the bands that had silk screening by Tender Loving Empire is Newspapers. I noticed that they are playing on Thursday at The Ash Street Saloon along with Sea Weasels and Cereal. It might be worth checking out. The cost is $5. The show starts at 9:30 PM.
  • It is also 1st Thursday. Portland Center Stage is having LA -based songwriter Wisely perform. He did a video starring Jenna Fisher of The Office. But more importantly, Local gal Per Se will be playing as well. It is all ages and FREE. The event takes place between 5:30 and 7 PM.
Friday, Feb. 8th

There are a few shows that are good tonight but I am going to:
  • Talkdemonic is playing the Doug Fir. I love this band. They have finished recording a new record so I am guessing they will play some of it on Friday. Plus the opening acts, Tu Fawing (Corrina Repp and Joe Haige of 31 Knots plus two) and Starfucker are both local and very good. The show is $12 and is worth every cent. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • But there are other good shows. There is even an all ages show at The Modern Age, KPSU's all ages venue. Per Se will be playing, in case you didn't see her the previous night, with Swimming, The Janglies and Dhani The Champion of the World. It is a sliding scale of $3 to $5. The show starts at 8 PM.
  • The Someday Lounge is also hosting a mostly local show. Except this one is for free. Chores (featuring Lou of A Weather), Klicitat, H is For Hellgate (Seattle, WA), and Ferocious Eagle are all playing. A good time will be had by all who attend. That is four bands for FREE. Show begins at 9 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 9th

Just like Wednesday where there are usually too many shows, this Saturday has been parred down to only a small handful of shows. This is what they are:
  • Local group, The Helio Sequence, just released their new album KeepYour Eyes Ahead on Sub Pop Records. To celebrate they are playing and instore at Music Millennium. Like most instore performances it will be FREE. The music starts at 7 PM.
  • The Artistery will be having a pretty kick ass indie pop show on Saturday. We got the orchestrated arrangements of The Online Romance, the very good but not local Lake (they have a split 7 inch with locals Typhoon), and other locals World's Greatest Ghosts. I have seen two of the three and highly recommend this show. The ALL AGES show costs $6. The music starts promptly at 8 PM.
  • David Evan is a guy who writes songs and then sings them. The thing that sets him apart is that the songs he writes are quite good. I sure that he gets it all the time but his voice is reminiscent of Colin Meloy of the Decemberists except better. Anyway you can go to The Daily Planet (superman reference?) this Saturday to catch him play a FREE set. The music starts at 8 PM.
Sunday, Feb. 10th

There is only one show I see that I want to go to:
  • Cars and Trains is a guy who I found out about by making this weekly blog listing. I still haven't seen him but I really want to. I will try my darnedest to see this show. He plays with Demune at Mississippi Pizza this Sunday. There is no listed cost. The show starts at 9 PM.
So there you go dear reader. I want to remind everyone that this is by no means a comprehensive list of every show that is happening in Portland. I want to extend an invitation to comment on this post of other shows you think I left out. Or, by all means, start your own blog (and link it to this blog). Say hi to me if you see me at a show.


Talkdemonic plays Doug Fir on Friday the 8th. Sweet!


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