Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ben Meyercord's live music picks for Feb. 19th to Feb. 24th

Hello dear readers, how are you?

Last week I kind of fell behind. I missed one entire day (Monday)* and I neglected a really cool show at the Funky Church (Paleo, Kele Goodwin and Loch Lommond). I will do better this week.

Also I thought that maybe this weekly post should have a name. However, I can't really think of anything write now. Perhaps you guys could come up with something better than Ben Meyercord's live music picks. Anyway here are some shows:

Tuesday, Feb. 19th

There is not much happening that I am interested in but what is happening is good.
  • Every Tuesday, Zilla Sake has a really good open mic. It is hosted by the amazing Y La Bamba. You should come out. I will play a few songs as Meyercord. The sign up starts at 7:30. The music starts at 8 PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 20th

Here are two shows worth seeing (I think).
  • The White Eagle Saloon is having an "Unfiltered: Indie-Rock Showcase" featuring Quaker Gun, Jared Mees, and Andrew Gorny. Basically I want to check out Jared Mees cause I haven't yet. The show is FREE. Music starts at 8:30 PM.
  • The other thing happening tonight is at Mississippi Pizza where Barons in Trees is playing an early show. Their Bio includes this paragraph which makes me want to see them. "Barons in Trees creates a nostalgic blend of indie, folk, and classical music. With influences that conjure Paul Simon, a hint of Sufjan Stevens and a dash of DeVotchKa, their unique polyphonic sound is just the kind of performance for which Portland’s musical palette yearns." The show is FREE. The music starts at 6 PM.
Thursday, Feb. 21st

There is some good shows happening on Thursday. They look like this:
  • There is a show going on at a place that, if I am not mistaken, is called Extreme Cowboy Tennis (14 NW 3rd Ave). It will feature Caves, Gejius, Disgustitron, and Dance Terror. I don't know most of this music, but I do enjoy Gejius' music quite a bit. The she is $8. The doors are at 9 PM which is weird for an ALL-AGES show.
  • Lola's Room is having a (kinda) Metal Show on Thursday night. Danava is playing with SubArachnoid Space, Dark Black, and Torn to Pieces. I am not that into metal, but I figured that some people (Brandon) are so I listed it. The show is listed as $6-$8. The Music starts at 9 PM.
  • Rererato, the super awesome art space that sometimes has music, is having music on Thursday. On the bill are Fields at Night, Church, and The Newspapers. I saw Church play at Valentine's last Sunday and was really impressed with their arrangements produced y the three piece. Should be pretty cool. I believe donations are excepted. The music starts at 8 PM because it is ALL-AGES.
Friday, Feb. 22nd

There is a lot going on Friday. Some hard decisions must be made. Fortunately, I won't have to make any decisions because:
  • I am playing a show as Meyercord with Y La Bamba and Mimi Naja at Zilla Sake (fitting becasue we all met via the Zillas Sake open mic). This will be a good show (I realize that it is hard to lend this show any credibility because I am playing it, but Y La Bamba is so good and Mimi is really good too). All I 'm saying is that there will be guitars and a banjo and a lot of singing. This show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM and is ALL-AGES.
  • There are a two shows (one early and one late) at The Mississippi Studios tonight both of which feature Nick Jaina. The early show features Karli Fairbanks and Kaylee Cole opening up. They are both female songwriters from Spokane, WA. This show costs $8-$10. The start time of the early show is 7 PM.
  • The late Nick Jaina show at The Mississippi Studios will have Pancake Breakfast of White Salmon, WA (that is the Washington bands in one night. Say WA?) and Portland's own Au (pronounced Aay You). This show also costs $8-$10. The show starts at 10 PM.
  • Another good show is going down at the Funky Church. The line up is Ohioan & Native Kin, The Ocean Floor, Adam Gnade, and Johanna Wright. The show seems kind of mysterious, as there is no other listed inform (like cost, or time or if its all ages or not). My guess would be to show up at around 9 PM.
  • Another good show is at the Urban Grind (on the Eastside). They will be having Starfucker, Rature (France), Doubledutch, and Breakfast Mountian. This is part of the Meow Meow presents series put on at the Urban Grind. The show will most likely be FREE. The show starts at 8 PM because it is ALL-AGES.
  • Or there is another cool show that is happening at Kelly's Olympian. I am referencing The Rainy States CD release show (their debut album is called Basement Air). The show will have performances by The Rainy States and Church (who I have already mention in this blog). The show probably costs $5. The music starts at 10 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 23rd

There are a lot of shows on Saturday as well. Except this time I don't have the luxury of playing a show and not having to make a decision. At least I have band practice. That will probably weed out a few of the shows. Here they are:
  • The one that I am most likely to attend is the final show at Brainstains a house show venue that has become quite popular on the house show circuit. Check out this little thing that David Evan posted: john brains, the man who has hosted so many amazing shows at his home/venue, brainstains, is leaving us! he needs money to move, so we are throwing him a benefit to say "thank you" for all he’s done for this community....also, i’ll be debuting my new band! dusty richards on bass, emillie rose currin on violin and keys, joshua polk on drums...all ages!...$5 (all proceeds go directly to john’s sweet ass pocket)...the line-up is as follows: Julie Rose 3pm...Bob Moricz 3:45...betacrack 4:30...autry 5:15...Sleepwalkers R.I.P. 6...advisory 6:45...gulls 7:30...LKN 8:15...hand that bleeds 9...david evan with his new band 9:45...jonny x and the groadies 10:30...shitfit 11:15...taxpayers 12...then bubble wrap dance party :)...this will be a night to remember. All of this for a measly $5. It is advertised as entertainment from 2 PM to 2 AM ALL-AGES.
  • Speaking of house shows, The Artristery puts on shows in their basement. On Saturday they will be having a show that will most certainly reach capacity. Fast. Pitchfork aprroved and Sup Pop signed band Blitzen Traper are playing with Starfucker (who also played on Friday Night). You can order tickets here. The Show starts at 8 PM.
  • Or there is an excellent folk show at Towne Lounge. Justin Ringle of Horse Feathers will be playing with Ryan Sollee of Builders and Butchers, Justin Power, and Nic Delffs of The Shaky Hands. With Horse Feathers recently signed to Kill Rock Stars this might be one of your last times to see those songs in an intimate setting. The show costs $6. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
Sunday, Feb. 24th

I could only find one show that I want to see on Sunday. But it actually looks to be a really good show. This is it:
  • The Towne Lounge has a Portland Lounge Series ( yeah, I didn't know either). This Sunday will be the 16th on if I read my roman numerals correctly. From what I can tell the Portland Lounge Series entails getting some really good musicians to play the Towne Lounge for free (also, I learned that the bands are interviewed). This edition includes Nick Jaina (which is great cause I can't see either of his shows on Friday), Michael Apinyakul (of Shoeshine Blue), and Michael The Blind. This show is FREE. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the shows. I know I will. Please come up to me and say hi if you see me at a show.

-Ben Meyercord

Nick Jaina on Friday and Sunday photo by Melani Brown

*it happened again

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