Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar Portland/Vantucky Rockers

In the Clark Community College production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar there are many rockers. There are 4 that I want to tell you about.

On Lead Guitar: Nick O'Donnell from A Cautionary Tale

photo of A Cautionary Tale taken from their myspace

On Lead Bass: Will Amend from Echo Helstrom

photo of Echo Helstrom taken from their myspace

On Lead Jesus: Nick Krieg from The Experimental Earth

photo of The Experimental Earth taken from their myspace

On Lead Understudy For Judas: Lon LaBrache

photo of Lon LeBrache taken from his myspace

I am proud to report that all of these hard working musicians are working under the hardest working man in school band rentals and beloved Vancouver, Washington institution conductor Dale Beacock!


Ste. Goldie said...


I unintentionally left out the lascivious, lyrical Nick Leyva!

I can't past an image in the comments otherwise you would be looking at heaven pie serving talent. Raw and untamed.

Leyva Leyv said...

And I'm going to be a professional soon, too!

Amber Dawn said...

Ohhh man, Dale Beacock conducted West Side Story when I played in the orchestra at VSAA in 10th grade. That was like.. 9 years ago. Wow.