Monday, February 25, 2008

Dragging an Ox Through Water...tonight!!!!

Ankeny! Ankeny! Ankeny!…. ?!

Show starts @ 9PM at Valentine's tonight! :.>

Watcha doin???! I’m going down Ankeny Street!

Tonight, for your listening pleasure and the magic of Portland, one of CIMTB bloggers’ favorite artists in the state, Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water shall be performing tonight at Valentine’s right down Ankeny alley downtown!

Dragging an Ox Through Water is both subtle and profoundly moving. Eloquently textured with lovely delay and enigmatic sentiment that resonates with each tone and lyric uttered.

Portland is a vast and deep pool of musical talent of all shapes and sizes; multi-talented and uniquely, Mr. Mumford is incredibly gracious as he is thoughtful on stage and off… the struggles of the soul soaring reflect so much in spaces of the rising and falling cadences…

Also of note, Bird Costumes and Anni Rossi shall be on the bill for tonight as well.

What else did you have to do tonight?
Come out and enjoy a free show with a very very very filling evening of music/performance!


Ste. Goldie said...

what time?

Ben Meyercord said...

The Doors are at 9 PM, but Valentine's mostly runs on their own time.

Gabriel Darling said...

Thanks you guyz!

Gabriel Darling said...
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