Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Updated List of Portland, Oregon Music

Happy Super Tuesday (not Fat Tuesday drunkie)!

Here is a list of 99 Portland, Oregon bands and musicians. We've mainly linked to their myspace pages. The reason we did that is because you can add bands as your friends and then find out when they are playing shows and stuff without ever having to dirty your hands with a Willamette Week or Mercury. Click on a band and it will open in a different window (or tab). If you think we've missed a Portland band that is playing shows and getting press or whatever -- leave a comment. -- Ste. Goldie

1. 3 Leg Torso
2. 31 Knots
3. A Weather
4. Alan Singley and PANTS MACHINE
5. Alexis Gideon
6. Annie Bethancourt
7. Antlerand
8. AristeiA
9. Auto Pilot is for Lovers
10. The Awful Din
11. Big Sky
12. the black black black
13. Black Elk
14. Blitzen Trapper
15. The Blow
16. cars and trains
17. carcrashlander
18. Castle
19. cexfucx
20. Charmparticles
21. Chin Up Little Dragon
22. Chris Walla
23. Chrome Wings
24. Clifford Libby
25. Classical Revolution PDX
26. David Evans
27. Deerhoof
28. The Dimes
29. Dolorean
30. Dory Hylton
31. Dragging An Ox Thru Water
32. DRATS!!!
33. Echo Helstrom
34. Eliza Jane
35. Eskimo & Sons
36. Eux Autres
37. Evolutionary Jass Band
38. Exploration Team
39. Fall Of Snow
40. The Fix
41. Gejius
42. Gifford Pinchot
43. Glass Candy
44. Go Fever
45. Grails
46. Graves
47. The Harvey Girls
48. Helio Sequence
49. Holy Sons
50. Horse Feathers
51. Jackie-O Motherfucker
52. Joggers
53. Jonah
54. junkface
55. The Lark
56. Laura Gibson
57. letdown
58. Leviethan
59. Loch Lomond
62. The Morals
63. Meyercord
64. Morgan Grace
65. My Fellow Traveller
66. Nick Leyva
67. Nick Jaina
68. nire
69. Norfolk & Western
70. Not Yeti
71. The Online Romance
72. Peter Broderick
73. Purple Rhinestone Eagle
74. Reporter
75. Rick Bain
77. Sarah Dougher
78. Saw Whet
79. Senor Frio
80. The Soda Pop Kids
81. The Shaky Hands
82. The Shitty Beatles
83. Starfucker
84. Storm Large and The Balls
85. Sundown Machine
86. Synchroniscity Frequency
87. talkdemonic
88. The Thermals
89. Trick Sensei
90. Tu Fawning
91. The Upsidedown
92. Weinland
93. We're From Japan!
94. Westfold
95. Wet Confetti
96. White Rainbow
97. Wounded Moth
98. Yatch
99. Y La Bamba

link to the list... copy and paste, i find you, you die xxoo ste. goldie


Leyva Leyv said...

cool. i don't understand why i'm not number one though...?

ohhh, alphabetical.

fuck the olcc!

Ste. Goldie said...

Your Nick Leyva!

Anonymous said...

know that you got me here what are you going to do with me?

Ste. Goldie said...

Anonymous --
Is this Josh? Or is this a certain Dave Allen playing games with my heart?

Whomever you are, now that you are here I 'm going to call in sick and make sweet... sweet coffee... god it's too early in the morning for me to to be publishing comments like this.

Errant Kohl said...

This-A-Way Records will be releasing four full-length records by Portland bands before the year is over starting with LooKBooK "The Look And Feel". LooKBooK is the only group in PDX that I have seen capable of getting an entire room dancing. Other forthcoming records on TAW will be from The Prids, Soft Tags, and We Miss The Earth. Here are some links.


Sloop said...

How about Timber Carnival Records band Hello Morning - http://www.myspace.com/hellomorningband

mike rosales said...

Nope! All bands in Oregon has been listed in your list. That is just great to hear from you. Is there concert in Oregon this March?

Reality Bytes said...

There ARE other Genre's BESIDES Indie, but the fact that "Indie" dominates "Portland" EXPLAINS why the Portland music scene SUCKS so bad !!!

Reality Bytes said...

You left out the Portland band; Hellasucks !!!

Jess Gulbranson said...

We also forgot the bands UNNECESSARY CAPITALIZATION, The Out Of Place Apostrophe's, and The "You" ARE A FUCKING MORON, "Reality" Byte's.

sorinel said...

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Reality Bytes said...

Go to "ReverbNation" and that list grows into the thousands.
But the music scene really is not "That" rich
Numbers can be very deceiving, it's "Cool" to say you are in a band in Portland, so thanks to "Technology" anyone with access to a PC thinks their "In" a band.

Reality Bytes said...

Eat SHIT Jess Gulbranson,

Reality Bytes said...

Eat SHIT Jess Gulbranson,