Thursday, February 7, 2008

WFJ! New Album Finished!

Straight From Portland, Oregon's own We're From Japan!'s myspace mouth:

It's true, after a good few years the follow up to "48 minutes, 07 seconds, then the open air" is just about here. No release date has been decided yet but it should be out in May or June on Zankyo Records in Japan and around the same time in the states. We are currently looking for a home in the U.S. but will release it vigilante style if we don't find anything that makes sense. This record, like the last, will consist of 7 tracks, one under 3 minutes, one over 12 and the rest in between. It promises to be a much different album than it's predecessor as we've opted not to include the strings and piano that graced our first record but tried to keep it representative of our live core. We're all really happy with "48 minutes" and love what Andy and Kristen did with those songs but we felt that these songs needed to be heard in the same context in which they were composed. What does this mean? A darker, heavier, more aggressive WFJ!. -- Written by We're From Japan!

I don't know who took this photo of JRD from WFJ!. I look forward to hearing new WFJ! songs... it's weird to say 'i look forward to hearing'. Whatever, it's gonna be dope! -- Ste. Goldie


Amber Dawn said...

I still haven't heard these guys, but I've heard of them a lot.. I ought to check em out!

Ben Meyercord said...

amber-- have you checked them out now? If not, then get on with it. If you have checked them out now, awesome right?