Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Best Bands You Didn't See at COTR

Last Saturday, the 5th, was the first day of the Children of the Revolution festival at Audiocinema. Although I find warehouse-type spaces to be aesthetically unappealing, one big plus is that there was plenty of room for all kinds of things to be going on. Unfortunately, when I arrived just before 5:30, almost nobody was there.
Yes Portland, I know, we think nothing's happening before 10:30 at least. And yeah, it did cost a whole twelve dollars. But that's twelve dollars for a whole lot of awesome. And sometimes, shows save the best for first. Reviews tend to focus on the big-name bands or those that closed out the night - but here's what I liked best.
There was art everywhere. Some of it I liked, some of it I didn't. And that's about as much as I know about art, and this is a music blog anyway. There was a bar and cafe, but I only partook in one drink, because that gin and ginger cost me a whopping five dollars and was (fortunately or unfortunately?) way too stiff.
The festival opened promptly at 5:30 with a set by Chrome Wings. If you haven't heard the sounds of these three handsome young Portland fellows, you're missing out. Jon Jurow and Matt Spencer play guitar and keyboards, respectively, and several gadgets and pedals. Their music is primarily instrumental, and manages to be both catchy and experimental, moving between melodic and atmospheric, but always held together with a beat provided by Jason Nickle. There's plenty of loud and feedbacky, without sacrificing musicality. (photo to your left)
Second, on the small stage, was Death Songs, about whom, unfortunately, I can find no information. (If you know about it, please let me know.) Lots of drums, guitaring, folksy singing.
Thirdly, and most delightful, was Starfucker. I'll be completely honest and admit that I went a long time hearing their name and not listening to them because I thought "Starfucker? What a silly name, they're probably not good." Boy, was I making a mistake. These guys are one of the best bands to come out of Portland, and honestly, I can't understand why they're not completely famous all over everywhere. Catchy songs, musically sound, lots of wonderful keyboard noises, good vocal arrangements, and every song is danceable. Plus, they're nice to look at, too. --> (proof)
Support local music, kids, and have a great weekend!
<3 Amber Dawn


Ste. Goldie said...

Amber Dawn! I love this post. You should always post a comment on my myspace when you post something -- only link to your post. then all of my friends will go "what do we have here..." also I just made a joke but you don't know it yet. "Link to the blog!"... (<--click the link for your pleasure)

Ben said...

Amber--I wanted to go so bad, but I had stupid work. Then I had awesome band practice but still...Damn. Damn Damn Damn.

Nilina said...

You're right - I didn't see either of those bands

Gabriel Darling said...
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Gabriel Darling said...

Starfucker makes the entire room dance dance dance and shake!

I highly recommend the experience!