Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gas House Recording: 1200 bands and still going strong

I don't remember when I first met Gary Schroeder or where, maybe it was at a show, house show, or maybe Old Town Pizza. More than anything I want you to find out for yourself why Gary is a Portland, Oregon indie music institution. Give him a call. He's friendly and won't make you feel dumb. His generosity of spirit and solid attitude about helping musicians makes him approachable. If you want to record your first demo OR your epic masterpiece Gas House Recording will be there for you.

Gary A. Schroeder
333 SW Park Ave
Portland,OR 97205

Ste. Goldie: How many bands have you recorded?

G.A.S.: I've recorded over 1200 bands in the past 17 years

Ste. Goldie: How long have you been recording bands at Gas House?

G.A.S.: Gas House started in 1991 with a 4 track. I decided to build my own studio mostly because I couldn't find a job in someone else's studio, but also, I felt a strong desire to help struggling artist get a leg up.

Ste. Goldie: Do you have any advice you can give a band coming in to record?

G.A.S.: Listen to the engineer, they most always know what the best direction to take for their studio. Have decent equipment, with new strings and heads.

If you have recorded with Gary at Gas House leave a comment and tell us about your experience. If you have any questions Gary told me to tell you to feel warmly encouraged to give him a call and/or drop him a line on the myspace -- Ste. Goldie


Ben Meyercord said...

I am one of the people he has given a leg up. For that I thank him. Very cool dude.

Adam Steinfink said...

I like microphones.

Evy Metal said...

Gary has been instrumental and essential in getting my web project off the ground. I have done 3 interviews at his studio and he and his neighbor Adam have edited them for me. Not only was he generous with his studio and time but also with his knowledge; all through the process he was teaching me.


aliagrace said...

i am not a musician, but i know gary. he rocks!! he cares about the band! he cares about the little guy and will work with them to help them get their music heard!!

Anonymous said...

westfold is working with gary for their new record!