Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ben Meyercord's live music picks for Feb. 12th to Feb. 17th

I saw some music last week. I didn't however get to see Talkdemonic, Starfucker, and Tu Fawning at the Doug Fir. Apparently I was not the only person excited to see them, because it sold out. I was kind of disappointed. Hopefully a lesson was learned.

Also for some strange reason I actually had to work at my job on Sunday and Monday. This never happens. The result of this injustice is that my live picks will actually start on Tuesday this week. So anyway, these are some shows happening in the next six days

Tuesday, Feb 12th

There are a couple of free gigs that are going on in town and one thats not.

  • Every Tuesday at Zilla Sake on Alberta, there is an open mic. Every Tuesday I attend. I have my reasons. I will now narrow them down to three. It is hosted by Y La Bamba which means I get to see her play twice. The people are really great. The curry at Zilla is top notch. Plus I usually play it as Meyercord. The sign up is at 7:30; the music starts at 8 PM.
  • Or if you happen to be down town, you should check out whats happening at Valentine's. The Morals are playing with Train to Nowhere and Randy from Junkface. I always enjoy The Morals live sets (there are no set lists and two drunken guys singing real loud, in a good way). The show is FREE. It starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you like spending money(who doesn't?), you can head over to the Doug Fir where Baby Dee will be playing with Holocombe Waller. Baby Dee is a trans gendered musician from Cleveland. Holocombe Waller is a local who blurs the lines between theater and performing musician. It should be noted that both out on quite a show. The cost is $10. The show starts at 9PM.
Wednesday, Feb. 13th

Here are some things that I might consider going to if I get out of practice early enough:
  • The Satyricon, which all though it is all ages is usually pretty lame, is actually having a decent show on Wednesday. Though I am not too familiar with any of them I have heard of The Beauty who are playing with Imaginary Airship, Air Fortress, and Dot Matrix. I have also heard of Imaginary Airship. I read that Dot Matrix is kinda like Opera. Should be interesting. The show is $6. The show starts at 8PM.
  • Or if you want to get your groove on, 8-bits of it any way, you can go to the Holocene. Portland based record label Audio Dregs is presenting "8-bit Disco" which features a documentary on chip music music, 8-bit Generation, and performances by Laromlab, Robotcowboy, DJ E*Rock (one of Audio Dregs founders), and B*Retta. All of this for $5. The event starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you like to eat pizza whilst you listen to people bearing their existence, you can check out Y La Bamba at Mississippi Pizza. She is playing with Andy Combs and the Moth. I highly recommend you check out Y La Bamba. The show is probably by donation. Music starts at 9 PM.
Thursday, Feb. 14th

Thursday is Valentine's day. There are three ways to view this holiday. Valentine's Day is a time to be with that girl or guy non-gender-specific significant other and appreciate them for all that they are for you. Or how you don't have a girl or guy or non-gender-specific significant other and how much you long for that and how your life sucks with out it. Or lastly, how Valentine's is such a joke and how you can't believe how much people buy into the BS that Hallmark has created. Regardless of you views I hope you enjoy your day.
  • Also I am playing a small show as Meyercord at CIMTB contributer Gabriel Darling's practice space along with David Evan and Myrrh Larsen. It should be fun. This comes direct from her myspace:

    anti-Valentine’s day singer/songerwriter show on 2/14 pour moi
    Current mood: fabulous

    Semler Building, Suite 411, PDX....
    SW 3rd between SW Yamhill and SW Morrison....
    near Borders...

    well, Myrrh Larsen, David Evan, and Benjamin Meyercord have confirmed for the Thursday, let's not celebrate coupledom and anti-Valentine's day singer/songwriter mellowness starting at 8PM!!!

    FYI, the elevator does not run after 6PM, so, please be aware that you must be able to climb up AND down 4 flights of stairs...
    additionally, you need to e-mail me for specific directions: gabriel.darling@gmail.com
    (cause I will have to escort you upstairs --- i'm not gonna give you the access codes!) :.P
    but please feel welcome to flash me! hahahaha

    you are more than welcome to bring a guest or guests..
    think we need to be done around 10:45PM with the loud cranking noise fest....
    BYOB... of course, a few tasty snackin's might be provided...

    Please come celebrate romance, anti-romance, or all the profanities rolled into 1!!!!

    Currently listening :
    The Fashion Focus
    By Starflyer 59
    Release date: By 06 October, 1998
Friday, Feb. 15th

So much going on Friday. I cannot decide. I will just provide you the list of shows. Perhaps you can decide for me?
  • Dante's is having a ROCK show featuring Blue Cheer, Danava, and Red Fang. All three bands look like they "bring it". I bet Brandon of AristeiA wishes he was going to this.
  • Maybe country is more your thing. Maybe you like Johnny Cash. I know I do. Well, Ash Street is having a Johnny Cash Tribute night featuring Joshua James & the Runaway Trains, Kate Mann, and Myrrh Larsen. I am not familiar with most of the acts but I know that Myrrh always has interesting interpretations of songs (I believe that he currently has one of Row Row Row Your Boat on his myspace page). It costs $7. Music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Perhaps you want to help out and attend a benefit show. The Someday Lounge is hosting a benefit show for Ethos Music Center called Cover Your Hearts. This what Someday has to say about Ethos, "Ethos Music is an organization that was established as a direct response to the budget cuts in public schools which limited music education for children. The Ethos mission is that every child has the right to learn and make music. Through Ethos, music education is available on a sliding scale so any child can participate." Sounds pretty good to me. The Charmparticles, Climber, Oh Darling, Curious Jones, Dr. Theopolis, Tango Alpha Tango, Castle, Jonah, Derby, and UHF are playing the show. Tickets are $7-$8. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you just want to kick it Nopo Style. You can check out the show thats going on at The Waypost. Paige Crater, Saw Whet, Allison Milham, and Dave are playing. I don't know anything about these people except that I really enjoyed what I heard of Saw Whet on her myspace page. The show is FREE. It starts at 8 PM.
  • If you are in NW Portland, you night swing by Slabtown cause Pay The Coyote, Ezra Carey, and Obscure Opus are playing. The first two bands listed I know of indirectly through Westfold (pay the Coyote is a top froend, and Ezra is playing a show with them on the 29th) so they are probably good. The show costs $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 16th

Locally it is a slow night. You might be tempted to check out Pinback at The Wonder Ballroom, or Bone Thugs at the Roseland though. I however, will probably go the local and cheap route:
  • The Twilight Cafe (1420 SE Powell Blvd) is hosting Magic Johnson (not the basketball player), Pegasus, We Quit, and Dragging an Ox Through Water. As you may be aware we here at CIMTB love us some Draging an Ox so go out and see what we are talking about. The show is FREE. Music starts at 9 PM (?).
Sunday, Feb. 17th

Not a whole lot going on this night either but...
  • Valentine's is having a pretty sweet show. It will feature Aan, Church, and Saw Whet (in case you missed her on Friday). All band are good. The show is FREE which makes it all good. The show starts at 9 PM.
Come out to some of these shows. Support your local bands. Saw hi to me if you see me. And have a good week.


Y La Bamba host of the Zilla Open Mic performs on Wednesday at Mississippi Pizza. Be There!


stephanie said...

yer slippin' Meyercord.

You missed a good one on WEDNESDAY:
Funky Church///
Kele Goodwin
Loch Lomond

I was so there.
Loch Lomond and Kele sing so pretty.
as you know.
Though, sadly, I missed most of Kele's set.


Ben Meyercord said...

Goddamnit! I hate it when I miss stuff like this. Please folks. If I miss things like this let me know!

Stephanie --I have never been to the Funky Church. How is it?

AristeiA said...

Hey Ben, it looks like your great American novel is coming along well. (sarcasm=there must be a way to make your weekly digest more concise)

stephanie said...

ben: the funky church is great.
very cool place, great sound...for acoustic or *lightly* amped types of things.
It's a no mic type of joint.
And you can byob.

I'm looking forward to going there again.