Monday, April 11, 2011

Two women, two great voices, two videos:

Two women, two great voices, two videos:

The first is Shenandoah Davis (Right), based out of Seattle. An incomparable voice and talent who I only found out about a few weeks ago after meeting her at a show at The Ella Street where she was playing with Portland's own Adrienne Hatkin (Left) from Autopilot is for Lovers (More on Adrienne in a moment.)

Here's a video for Shenandoah's song "We; Camera"

Also, pre orders are available for "Two Cover Songs" a seven inch available soon:

The second is Adrienne Hatkin of Autopilot is for Lovers. I asked Adrienne why she likes to play songs in minor keys so much and she said it was because she's angsty as fuck! I can never tell if she's joking. . .

Here is a video for Autopilot is for Lovers song Whale Belly:


Jess Gulbranson said...

Adrienne Hatkin never ever ever jokes. She is a stone cold Wu-tang assassin.

Blaine Peters said...

Oh, I know