Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Wednesday, April 20th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I did not go out. I actually official starts the Y La Bamba West Coast tour with Dark Dark Dark, Why Are We Building a Ship So Big?. That means I may not be blogging as much I usually do. I guess we will see. Anyways, here are the shows that look good to me tonight:

Laurelthirst is having a show with Norman, Old Light, and Evan Way. It is Wednesday which means that Norman is playing again. I used to think that 6 PM would be the perfect time for a show. I then realized that I have been able to make any of these shows, yet. Norman make music that is kinda country rock. In my high school years I discovered what was then called insurgent country. But basically it was folk or country music for a rock audience. Think Uncle Tupelo or early Wilco. I feel that Norman is keeping with that tradition. Their bio says that they "embodies Harvest-era Neil Young". I could see that. Old Light is an interesting band. They are clearly a rock band, but the thing is that often the main instrument is auto harp. Mind you it is fed through an array of effects pedals. The most notable thing about the band I think with be the southern rock type harmonies. Think of when Iron & Wine rock things up. Evean Way is one of the main dudes from The Parson Red Heads. When he plays under his own name it is different than his other band. Of the three songs on myspace two deal with trains and are mostly acoustic affairs. The other sounds like it could be a piece from one of the early Beta Band EPs. I would imagine he will be playing mostly solo tonight. But who knows, Charlie (also of The Parson Red Heads), plays in Old Light and might join him for a number. The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

Branx is having Nightshift with Chicharones (Vancouver, B.C.), Yeah Great Fine, Elle Nino (San Francisco) , Vivivi (Missouri), DJ Wizski, and DJ Zone. If I am listing the correct Chicharones, it is a collaboration of Josh Martinez and Sleep. I am pretty sure it is because Josh Martinez used to live here in Portland. The Sleep lives in Portland. Sleep is a great emcee. I have never seen him, but I remember getting a promo CD a while back and being impressed. I saw that Josh played a last minute show at Mt. Tabor last night, which is a good sign that this is indeed what I think it is. I first heard Josh Martinez way bay around 2001 when he was on tour with a bunch of the Anticon people. He was great. I guess he has since grown beyond the indie hip hop and is now also pretty good at the pop music. That is what people do (look at Why? also related to Anticon). Check out "The Put Out". It is straight surf rock with quasi singing quasi rapping. The first thing that drew me to the show though, was Yeah Great Fine. I think that they are great. Their self titled self released debut was great. It is a mix of sweet vocals atop catchy yet very "math" rhythms and array of cool keyboards. They have a very fun vibe. It was recorded by Paul Laxer. I actually was just over at Jake's house of Yeah Great Fine and he had just come back from a new session with Paul. He played me what he had and it was sounding great. I am excited for more Yeah Great Fine tunes. Elle NiƱo is a electro-funk band from San Francisco. The energy is high. The lyrics are super cheesy. Which is perfect for the kind of music it is. The beat is four to the floor and super danceable. You can get their ep for FREE if you want. The link I provided takes you to their bandcamp. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Holocene is having a show with Onuinu, Gulls, Breakfast Mountain, and DJ Sgt. Forker. This is a show in celebration of 4/20. Some people treat it like a holiday, y'know. This show is a "PDX showcase of eclectic electronic sounds. Sequenced knowledge and Subb - body treatments." Onuinu is hard to describe, but beats are a big part. The music is chill but hard to describe as minimal. It is cool. I could not find much on Gulls. I have seen them live before. I really like it. I even bought a CD (which I seem to have lost). I remember it being looped based and having cool beats and dub elements. Flute? It is a hazy memory. Breakfast Mountain is Zack Osterlund messing around with all of his gear. Mostly synths and stuff. I know that he usually gets the taller of Typhoon's drummers, Peter, to play with him live. Aside from that, the music can be chill to very "crunk" sounding. DJ Sgt. Forkner is most assuredly Adam Forkner aka White Rainbow.The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". But you won't as will be three hours North of you.


Gulls will bass you out tonight at Holocene.

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