Monday, July 27, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for July 27th and 28th

Hello Dear Readers,

Good lord did I see a lot of music last Weekend. PDX Pop Now! is always a good time to be Ben Meyercord. I get to see a bunch of music I love or have been meaning to check out and sometimes even some music that I have never heard of. But Over all my highlights are as follows: Chamber of Commerce (Blue Cranes and Paxselin Quartet's joint band) hands down my favorite of the first day (though Peter Broderick and his family were also very good), Church may have had the "break out set" that people are always looking for at Festivals, Being tossed about like a rag doll durning Strength's set was super fun, there was so much good music on Sunday but it was Thrones that blew my mind on the last day. Anyways, here are some shows happening very soon.

Monday, 27th

Backspace is having a show Two-Piece Fest: Panther, Casy & Brian (San Francisco), Total Bros, Magic Johnson and Nu Sensae (Vancouver, Canada). I think this is a pretty good premise for a "Fest" though it seems to me that if someone spent a little more time they could have gotten a lot more bands (Experimental Dental School seems an obvious oversight). I think it is intreresting to see what two people can do together when they put their instruments together. I have been meaning to see Panther recentlt because his newer material seems much different from what I remember him sounding like. The show is $6 and starts at 8:30 PM.

Tuesday, July 28th

Someday Lounge is having a show with Danava, Rabbits and Ripper. This is a Portland Rock show. All the bands here play actual rock music as oppesed to indie rock or folk rock or whatever. I am not familiar with two of the bands but have been assured that Danava is one of the best Rock bands that Portland has to offer. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

Ella Street Social Club is having a show with Ghosties, El Come Home and Support Force. This is a celebration of Ghosties new ep "CUFFS OFF". From what I understand the ep is free if you bring your ipod or a blank CD. The band is realated to Boy Gorrilla which has a tendency of putting out really good music. The show is $5 and starts at 8:30 PM.

Chaos Cafe is having a show with Tex Winters, Unreliable Narrator (Vancouver,Canada), Kidnap Kids! and Problems?. I got tow word for this show Quir Key. I mean it is only one word, but seriously you need that pause inbetween those letters. I do love me some Tex Winters, but his music is kinda weird. I have heard the same about Problems? So if you are looking for an alternative to the norm, come check it out. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me out at a show, say "Hi". I had the luck of having this happen over the weekend. I very much enjoyed it.


Tex Winters in all his glory. He might have even more glory at Chaos Cafe on Tuesday.


Amber Dawn said...

I feel kind of like a dork because I only came to pdx pop to see nice nice. I was at a friend's birthday the rest of the evening though so I don't feel that bad. And it was exciting to see teenage girls try to hop up on stage with them, when according to my boyfriend, when he was in highschool he tried to get high school girls to go to nice nice with him and they were like, "I dunno, that stuff's weird man."

Ben Meyercord said...

Nice Nice is sooooo mainstream now.