Saturday, July 25, 2009

Animal Farm @ PDX-POP NOW '09.

Gonna keep it short and sweet.

I had fun @ the Animal Farm set. Although I did not wave my hands in the air, because I just didn't care.
A lot of people made some snide comments about the only hip-hop act of the day. Whatever though, I'm used to that. Which led me to leave early despite Soul Plane (Unrated Mile High Edition) playing on the dance party screen upstairs @ Rotture.

And upon leaving, I swear I didn't make this up, some dude approached me by the korean taco truck.

Absolute Stranger: Hey bro! You got some weed?
Me: Nah man.
AS: OK. I got some.
Me: All right. You're set then.
AS: You wanna buy some?
Me: Nah. I'm good man.
AS: You got a piece at least?
Me: Nah. Sorry. (pretends to text on my phone)
AS: That's cool. I got one. If you wanna get lit in a bit just hit me up. My car's right over there.
Me: OK. *puts headphones on and walks away awkwardly*

Looking forward to Luck-One manyana.

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