Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Wednesday, November 17th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I played a super fun show at Mississippi Studios as part of the Royal We. There were a ton of people and they all seemed to be having a good time. Then... I cut out. I am tired, you guys. I am have been working full days for over a week often followed by hours of practice, and played two shows during this long work period. I do want to complain, but rather explain. I still managed to sleep though my alarm and was late for work. Sigh. Anyway I am not working the next several days. Yay! Maybe I will even see a show tonight. That is providing that I get out of band practice at a reasonable hour. Here are the shows that look good to me tonight:

Laurelthirst is having The Parson Red Heads do their residency. Tonight they have Le Switch (LA) opening up. I must admit it is hard to write about the same band every week, but believe me when I say that this band is worth checking out. Believe me when I say that I like them. What do you really have to lose? Certainly not money. This thing doesn't require any. It's country rock. Le Switch is piano rock (not balladry). The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

Holocene is having a show with Yeah Great Fine, Blue Horns, and Onuinu. Yeah Great Fine has been around for about two years. That is crazy. I remember having to mention that some members used to be in The Newspapers. Anyway, this is the CD release show for Yeah Great Fine's first actual release. I have had the honor of listening to it. It sounds great thanks to one Paul Laxer's recording prowess. They sound like a Don Caballero were playing indie pop. Blue Horns are a great band. With band leader Brian Park playing with a new band, who knows if they are going to play less shows. They play high energy jangle pop. Onuinu is mysterious to me. Though, Yeah Great Fine is a top friend. The show is $5 and starts at 8:30 PM.

Doug Fir is having a show with Clinic (Liverpool), The Fresh & Onlys (San Francisco) , and Wax Fingers. I have never liked Clinic. I am sorry. I wanted to. I had received their first several albums for free and just couldn't ever get into them. They don't suck or whatever but, it just wasn't my cup of tea. They are on tour with The Fresh & Onlys. I cannot get the computer to work, so I don't know what they sound like. I am writing about this show because of Wax Fingers. I really like this band. I have their album and it is good. Think of really cool progressive post-Animal Collective pop. The show is $15 and starts at 9 PM.

Rotture is having a show with High Places (LA), Soft Circle (Brooklyn), White Rainbow, and Tearist. I would like to take a moment to say that I am frustrates with my___BETA. It is having a very hard time loading music players, which was the only good thing myspace had going for it. I think I am going to have to start linking to bandcamp as much as possible now. I have heard good things about High Places. They are on Thrill Jockey. I think that Thrill Jockey is a quality label that continue to put out quality records. I trust them. Soft Circle is the project fronted by the former Black Dice drummer. It sounds like Black Dice no longer need a drummer, what do you do? Get another experimental musician to join you and make tribal/electronic/ambient music using loads of looping and singing. That is kinda what White Rainbow does too, though I have never thought of it as tribal. I have seen White Rainbow before and it is cool. Tearist played on Monday and I totally missed it. The dark electronic duo from LA has one of my high school friends in it. Hi Yasmine. The show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.

The Woods is having a show with ioa, Sam Humans (ex- Modernstate), and Heligoats. ioa is the project fronted by Point Juncture Wa's Amanda Spring. She has written quite a few latin rythym based indie pop songs and arranged a great band to help her perform them. They have only had a hand full of shows, but they are great. Sam Humans makes all kinds of noisemakers. See Sam Humans is also the guy who was behind the recently retired moniker Modernstate. With that band he was all over the place. I would imagine this won't be much different. He will be putting out a split 10" on Grey Day Records. I bet they will have some at this show because the split is with Heligoats. Again I can't listen to the music, but I saw this on their myspace page and I love it, "The Heligoats’ Goodness Gracious took “dude singing with acoustic guitar and singing about feelings and shit” and gave it balls." The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say "Hi". I will say it right back.

-Ben from Matthew Ross on Vimeo.
Yeah Great Fine record release is tonight at Holocene!

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