Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Thursday, Novemeber 11th

Hello Dear Readers,

It seems that I never go to shows anymore. While part of me thinks that kinda sucks (and it does). The relatively well rested part of me thinks I made some good calls (and I did). Last night instead of going to shows I did an intensive Y La Bamba practice followed by a session of stuffing envelopes full of Y La Bamba tour posters. One good thing about that is that I don't feel bad watching something while I am performing a task. I watched close to three episodes of Mad Men without feeling like I was wasting my time. Anyway, these are the shows that I want to see tonight:

Alberta Rose Theatre is having a show with Blue Giant and Bobby Bare Jr. Blue Giant is one of the two bands that Kevin and Anita Robison front. While Viva Voce is the one that put them on the scene. Blue Giant is kinda taking off. They are on the same label as Shawn "Rockabye" Mullins. The band has a bit more twang than Viva Voce. They still have a bunch of rock elements though. Enough to even tour with The Dandy Warhols (which they just did). Plus I have heard rumours that Blue Giant will serve as Bobby Bare Jr's backing band tonight. If you are not familiar with Mr. Jr.'s music, I suggest you check it out. I mean you like roots rock, right? Also, I am not sure if it is too late but advance ticket buyers also receive an unreleased Bobby Bare, Jr. acoustic EP download. The show is $15 and starts at 9 PM.

East End is having a show with Trmrs (Costa Mesa), Guantanamo Baywatch, and Sons of Huns. To me, Trmrs sound like noisy pop punk with a tinge of surf rock guitar. In a good way. Guantanamo Baywatch on the other hand are a surf rock band with a tinge of punk. They have a new tape out on Gnar Tapes it features hits such as Cum Fart Food. Sons of Hunz make dirty Rock and Roll. The name, somehow, seems like the perfect match for the band and their music. I am not always in the mood to hear the music that comprises this bill, but I recognize that it will be a fun show and that the bands are good. The show is at 9 PM.

Ella Street is having a show with Hello Electric, The We Shared Milk, and Syran. I have seen the name Hello Electric around town. It is often seen with the phase "Featuring members of Portugal The Man". For some reason I thought the band was going to be like a pop band. Instead it is kinda dark sounding. It reminds me of a place between lite Rob Zombie and Filter (early Filter). There are programed beats and guitars and aggressive vocals. There will also be music by The We Shared Milk, a band featuring a member of the excellent band World's Greatest Ghost. The band is kinda all over the place rock. My favorite track of there's is "Drag" which has guitars similar to WGG. Syran is a band I never heard of. But guess what. It has a member of a more well known band. Ford, their drummer, also plays in Sallie Ford (Perfect, I know). Syran is fronted by Emily Dalsfoist and her singing and guitar playing. Plus there will by comedy by Logan Cale. When I googled that name I found out that Logan is a fictional character on the Jessica Alba vehicle Dark Angel. The show is FREE and starts at 8:30 PM.

Camellia Lounge at the Tea Zone is having a show with Kites & Crows and Rey Villalobos. This is not exactly a Portland show, but it kinda is. Kites & Crows are actually from Ashland, OR. In an a strange happenstance the lead singer of that band befriended me on facebook today. I am assuming without the knowledge that I was going to write about his band. Hi Mysha. He seems to like or have played with a lot of Portland bands The thing that caught my eye was Rey Villalobos who lived here in Portland for a few months last year. He recorded with Cory Gray and Brian Wright (both of Carcrashlander and Graves). That ep sounds great I love it. His voice is very lite but unique and, for lack of a better word, pretty. I consider him an honorary Portlander. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". Then congratulate me on escaping my house after dark.


Blue Giant plays the Alberta Rose tonight (twice. Kinda).

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Ben Meyercord said...

Hey guys, it was pointed out to me that there are no overlaping members of Portugal the Man and Hello Electric. That was just my mind playing tricks on me.