Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's hard to refuse the offer of makeup sex. A review of Burning Hank.

There is a large space in my music collection for music that makes me smile. Burning Hank makes me smile. They've got an approach to songwriting that is round, friendly and welcome at your dinner table.

"This song was the first one that we wrote together after Roger had joined us. It is about the common fear that your pet dog or cat will be abducted and used for cosmetic testing."

You see, this is what songs need to be written about. I have so many songs in my collection about the burning passion in my heart, the burning passion in my mind and the burning sensation in my pants. Bagh, I say. Give me songs about mild and rather forgettable earthquakes, socks, bisexuality and cats. I have filed these fine folks under "Awesome" genre tag. It's the same reason I am such a fan of Doctor Something. Maybe Burning Hank should write a tune about their own favorite Transit Center on a split 7"? I'd buy that to listen to on the Max.

"How many hospitals have your body parts? you are incomplete. Got your tonsils out in Tokyo and your head kicked in in Greece."

I think these people have been on tour.

"And Norma Jennings makes a damn fine cup of coffee
Take off those 3D glasses please Doctor Jacobi
And what the hell does Harry see in Josie?
And what the hell does Shelly see in Bobbie?"

A song about Twin Peaks pointed at this blog is just not fair. What's next Burning Hank? Are you going to send me a song about Bikes, Coffee Shops and Being Snooty? Alright fine, you can come play in Portland. We love you.

Musically this record is a mixed drink of jangle, rock, a touch of folk swing topped with synth trumpets on a swizzle stick. Much like their lyrics, it is simple and approachable. You could drink this record all night and not get too drunk. I keep wanting to hear more extensive instrumentation in these tunes though; that touch of swing just screams out for a lap steel. Seriously, if you guys read this review think of "Keep Digging" with a bouncy steel solo somewhere in there. It's pretty obvious that they can play their instruments but I feel like they're holding back a bit in this record. I bet their live act kicks fucking ass though. I'll put my $5 down on that.

On the balance I'll give it a 12.876 out of π. Which is pretty good. Verging on rad. I don't do numbers. Listen to their record on Bandcamp and make up your own damn mind.

Oh, and this from their Bandcamp page made me smile. I'll bet it makes you happy too.

"It was nice to see Dick Cheney in ill health and we wanted to keep the memory of that evil prick in his wheelchair alive for the next time we felt down."

Me too Burning Hank, me too.



Dr. Something said...

This album is incredibly rad, and I love their . I feel honored to be compared to Burning Hank's greatness.

I saw the email from them today and wanted to write about it until I realized you had already done so, Eriq. You're quick on the draw, sir, but still great quality writing as always!

Eriq Nelson said...

Please do write about them! I'd love to hear your thoughts on their lyrics.

Dr. Something said...

Umm... that should read 'their songs.' But I suppose forming complete sentences isn't everything. However, if I'm able to muster the strength to achieve such a feat, I may post some of my own happy indie thoughts on Burning Hank.

Dr. Something said...

...Right now I can say that I'm glad someone's musically lamenting the woes of corporate team building exercises.