Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Coming of Tartufi

Tartufi "Fleet Week" from JH Lucas on Vimeo.

When a press release refers to a band as "the most powerful duo since thunder and lightning" and a "indie rock juggernaut" I am immediately struck by this vision:

Astride their golden chariots pulled by ten thousand dragons, the Tartufi rode down from the clouds where they make their home. As the creaking of a ship in the storm did one of their sandles alight upon the mortal ground and shake the birds from the trees atop the mountain ridges for miles around. The people of the nearby village fell to their knees and offered up the lambs, burned on the altars of their ancestors and sang their greeting songs high and proud.

The village elders approached the juggernauts feet with humility and offerings of wine and flowers.

"Why have you come, o Tartufi? Our humble valley quakes at the mere presence of your feet!"

Booming out of the heavens the Tartufi reply.

"We have come bringing beautiful explosions of song and sound to your temples."

The cheering of the villagers filled the empty spaces left by the fleeing birds. Tears filled the valley and as one they cried out:

"Tartufi, Tartufi lords of thunder and lightning! Bring us the power of the Indie Rock!"

Or maybe I just spend too much time reading.

It's not too far off the mark, I think Tartufi has tamed a sentient explosion of beautiful sounds and rides it as their primary conveyance. It must make some waves, a band just floating down the street on a cloud of beautiful and powerful music. They should come live in Portland, we're used to weird shit being perpetrated. Oh hell, they're San Francisco based. Never mind.

Their latest album entitled "The Goodwill of the Scar" is one 27 minute long track entitled "The Butterless Man". What balls! What giant, clanking brass balls I said. I will be reviewing this later and will post a link here when I'm done. I cannot fit this much radness into one post. Physical laws must be obeyed and all. You know...

This post is to inform you that we are the people in the valley. Tartufi will be playing in Portland on May 26th at Backspace supporting their mad vision of a record. I will be there, most likely engaging in some form of mouth breathing fandom. I'd like you to come along and dive into this pool of interdimensional sonic fuckery with me.

Please bring gifts of wine and flowers.

May 26th at an UNKNOWN TIME
Tartufi w/ Yeah Great Fine & O Bruxo
Backspace // 115 Northwest 5th Avenue // Portland, OR 97209 // (503) 248-2900


Jess Gulbranson said...

A couple of notes:

You're back, sir, and I am glad. You are in fine form- or as my lovely wife would say, "in full effect."

Tartufi- wow. Wowee wow. Damn, I guess I do need to get on the guest list too.

finn riggins said...

yes yes yes. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!! Tartufi are ridiculously amazing.