Monday, May 10, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, May 10th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I went to the Ah Holly Fam'ly, Tu Fawning, and Hosannas show at Mississippi Studios. It was the CD release show for Hosannas new collection of older material. Man I am glad that they had it there. It was the perfect size. Plus because of the height of the ceiling, they were able to arrange a forest looking structure on the stage made up of various plants. I was really impressed with the hecka tall ones. Ah Holly Fam'ly started the set off with a new four piece line up. It included two violins, a guy who switched between clarinet and sax, and the main dude on acoustic guitar and vocals. They set up on the floor and and had an amp for the acoustic guitar and a mic for the main dude's vocals but were otherwise acoustic. It sounded really good.I think that having less members allows listeners to focus on how awesome the songs even in a simplified form. I noticed even more than before how cool and intricate the guitar lines are. Both of the violin players added vocals. Then Tu Fawning took the stage. They have certainly tightened up over the last two years. I thougnt their set was pretty cool. The band is obviously based around the couple Joe Haege of 31 Knots and Corrina Repp. They bot took turns playing guitar and drumming. Then Hosannas played and totally killed it. Those guys practice 8 hours a day, I believe for five days a week. It certainly shows. They are constantly rearranging their songs,and are super tight. Even though they played songs from the record of compiled old songs. I only recognized a few. But I had a blast anyway. I also wanted to give a shout out to Chad, who I met last night. He said that he reads the blog. Tonight most of my band mates in AristeiA will go see Mono who is a great band to be sure, but these are the local shows that look good:

Doug Fir is having a show with Swim Swam Swum, The Shondes (Brooklyn), Hornet Leg and Cat Fancy. Who likes late 90's indie rock? I do! If you do as well you should totally check out Swim Swam Swum. They keep the tradition of guitar pop alive. Nasal vocals and uber catchy riffs abound. The Shondes are probably sick of getting compared to Sleater kenny. But I the front woman's voice does kinda recall Hornet Leg play that neo soul that many previous house show based NW punk bands end up playing. Cat Fancy is an all female lo-fi space trash band. Or at least that is the impression I get from their myspace page. Who am I to argue with that impression? I have never seen them. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

Mudai Lounge is having a show with Orca Team, Prescription Pills, and Pyschic Feline. So let me start this by saying that Mudai is not very big. I played there a while back. It is essentially just some people with good tastes in music who are using the space available. Which is awesome. Orca Team is a band that I have been meaning to see for quite some time. I believe that are somewhat related to a neo surf rock thing. But what draws my attention to them is that they straight up know how to write great pop melodies. I know I have said this before, but check out their song "And She Knows". It is so good. Prescription Pills are are a self proclaimed electro punk band. I just want call their music dirty electro. Pyschic Feline is a band who has one song available online. It sounds like early punk rock. I could be wrong though. The show is FREE and starts at 7 PM.

Mississippi Pizza is Little Czar & The Psalmist, Aaron Roche (Nashville), and Problems?. First off check this out. Pretty cool that they made that, right? Little Czar & The Psalmist makes weirdo experimental music. I kinda like it. You can go to their blog and download music here. Aaron Roche is pretty slick guy and a piano music. Problems? is pretty weird pop music. That is um...oddly likable. The show is FREE? and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say "Hi".


Problems? - The Janitor Of Mars from Chris Stamm on Vimeo.
Problems? is playing at Mississippi Pizza

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The orca team show at Mudai is at 9 not 7. Whoops.