Monday, May 17, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, May 17th

Hello Dear Readers,

I have kinda had a rough few days. To sum it up I no longer have a laptop computer of an intact drivers side window in my van. That means that yesterday I did not make a post. I have tried to blog from my phone but it is really frustrating. I don't even now who played yesterday. I heard that maybe Alan Singley played at Valentine's? Also, my wallet was stolen, so it looks like I am limited to FREE and ALL AGES shows. Luckily Portland has many kick ass FREE shows. Here is what looks good to me tonight (they also all happen to be free):

Lola's Room is having a show with Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside and Sean Flinn. All right, we got us a good show here. I think that Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside is great. They have played a lot and are a really tight band. I think that Sallie's voice is pretty incredible. When I first saw her she seemed so awkward and then I saw her cover a Billie Holiday song and I was floored. How the hell did that voice come from that girl? Anyway, I predicted big things for her years ago and bam! She won Best New Band. Sean Flinn is a guy who not only plays in several outfits around town (like Y La Bamba and Nick Jaina) but also can write a song like nobodies business. he recently put out the Patient Heart as a digital EP an will be releasing his full length "Write Me a Novel" later this year. Oh and I sometimes play with with Sean and his band, The Royal We. He truly has a cast of rotating players. As of me writing this I am not playing the show. But who knows? The show is FREE and starts at 7 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Paschal Coeur, On The Stairs, and Mount Saint Elias. Paschal Coer is a pop band. They may have elements of a few other genres sprinkled on top, but underneath they will a pop band. Danielle Paschal Fish, the band leader, has a voice that vaguely remind me of Dirty Mitten's lead singer Chelsea but with less freak outs. Whatever. You should check the lap steel heavy song "Assuming you don't mind reading my lyric". On the Stairs is Americana outlet for Nate Clark. Though I sang on it, I don not have an actual copy of On The Stairs album. And I swear I am not being biased, but I think my favorite song is "When The Dust Comes Down" (I am singing some long oh's on this song). His voice is pretty cool. Low, but not too low. Rough, but not too rough. He recorded at Miracle Lake as did Mt. Saint Elias. I have written about Mt. Saint Elias before when it was called Jacob White. Jacob White was led by umm...Jacob White. He has a very good voice and his songs are pretty great. I am a fan for sure. I suggest you check him out. He will be recording a full length this summer so he will not be playing a whole lot of shows. The event is FREE at 9 PM.

Ripple Beach (on Swan Island) is having a show with Sailing, Million Brazilians, and Ancestral Diet. This is the show description that grabbed my attention, "SPECIAL BEACH SHOW!!! ON SWAN ISLAND TAKE GOING STREET DOWN BEHIND THE MCDONALD'S LOOK FOR THE 'BLUE VAN' ". They had me at behind the McDonalds. This show sounds super fun and slightly mysterious. Is this an acoustic show? If not how will they power stuff? Is Swan Island really an island? Will there be Swans? I have not seen any of these bands, but boy does this look like a good time. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 7:30 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say,"Hi". That would make my night.


Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside will play for FREE at Lola's Room tonight.

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